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* nRF51 Random Number Generator
* QEMU interface:
* + Property "period_unfiltered_us": Time between two biased values in
* microseconds.
* + Property "period_filtered_us": Time between two unbiased values in
* microseconds.
* + sysbus MMIO regions 0: Memory Region with tasks, events and registers
* to be mapped to the peripherals instance address by the SOC.
* + Named GPIO output "irq": Interrupt line of the peripheral. Must be
* connected to the associated peripheral interrupt line of the NVIC.
* + Named GPIO output "eep_valrdy": Event set when new random value is ready
* to be read.
* + Named GPIO input "tep_start": Task that triggers start of continuous
* generation of random values.
* + Named GPIO input "tep_stop": Task that ends continuous generation of
* random values.
* Accuracy of the peripheral model:
* + Stochastic properties of different configurations of the random source
* are not modeled.
* + Generation of unfiltered and filtered random values take at least the
* average generation time stated in the production specification;
* non-deterministic generation times are not modeled.
* Copyright 2018 Steffen Görtz <>
* This code is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. See
* the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef NRF51_RNG_H
#define NRF51_RNG_H
#include "hw/sysbus.h"
#include "qemu/timer.h"
#define TYPE_NRF51_RNG "nrf51_soc.rng"
#define NRF51_RNG(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(NRF51RNGState, (obj), TYPE_NRF51_RNG)
#define NRF51_RNG_SIZE 0x1000
#define NRF51_RNG_TASK_START 0x000
#define NRF51_RNG_TASK_STOP 0x004
#define NRF51_RNG_EVENT_VALRDY 0x100
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_SHORTS 0x200
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_INTEN 0x300
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_INTENSET 0x304
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_INTENCLR 0x308
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_CONFIG 0x504
#define NRF51_RNG_REG_VALUE 0x508
typedef struct {
SysBusDevice parent_obj;
MemoryRegion mmio;
qemu_irq irq;
/* Event End Points */
qemu_irq eep_valrdy;
QEMUTimer timer;
/* Time between generation of successive unfiltered values in us */
uint16_t period_unfiltered_us;
/* Time between generation of successive filtered values in us */
uint16_t period_filtered_us;
uint8_t value;
uint32_t active;
uint32_t event_valrdy;
uint32_t shortcut_stop_on_valrdy;
uint32_t interrupt_enabled;
uint32_t filter_enabled;
} NRF51RNGState;
#endif /* NRF51_RNG_H */