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#ifndef QEMU_PCI_BUS_H
#define QEMU_PCI_BUS_H
#include "hw/pci/pci.h"
* PCI Bus datastructures.
* Do not access the following members directly;
* use accessor functions in pci.h
typedef struct PCIBusClass {
/*< private >*/
BusClass parent_class;
/*< public >*/
int (*bus_num)(PCIBus *bus);
uint16_t (*numa_node)(PCIBus *bus);
} PCIBusClass;
enum PCIBusFlags {
/* This bus is the root of a PCI domain */
PCI_BUS_IS_ROOT = 0x0001,
/* PCIe extended configuration space is accessible on this bus */
struct PCIBus {
BusState qbus;
enum PCIBusFlags flags;
PCIIOMMUFunc iommu_fn;
void *iommu_opaque;
uint8_t devfn_min;
uint32_t slot_reserved_mask;
pci_set_irq_fn set_irq;
pci_map_irq_fn map_irq;
pci_route_irq_fn route_intx_to_irq;
void *irq_opaque;
PCIDevice *devices[PCI_SLOT_MAX * PCI_FUNC_MAX];
PCIDevice *parent_dev;
MemoryRegion *address_space_mem;
MemoryRegion *address_space_io;
QLIST_HEAD(, PCIBus) child; /* this will be replaced by qdev later */
QLIST_ENTRY(PCIBus) sibling;/* this will be replaced by qdev later */
/* The bus IRQ state is the logical OR of the connected devices.
Keep a count of the number of devices with raised IRQs. */
int nirq;
int *irq_count;
Notifier machine_done;
static inline bool pci_bus_is_root(PCIBus *bus)
return !!(bus->flags & PCI_BUS_IS_ROOT);
static inline bool pci_bus_allows_extended_config_space(PCIBus *bus)
return !!(bus->flags & PCI_BUS_EXTENDED_CONFIG_SPACE);
#endif /* QEMU_PCI_BUS_H */