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* "Unimplemented" device
* Copyright Linaro Limited, 2017
* Written by Peter Maydell
#include "hw/qdev-properties.h"
#include "hw/sysbus.h"
#define TYPE_UNIMPLEMENTED_DEVICE "unimplemented-device"
typedef struct {
SysBusDevice parent_obj;
MemoryRegion iomem;
char *name;
uint64_t size;
} UnimplementedDeviceState;
* create_unimplemented_device: create and map a dummy device
* @name: name of the device for debug logging
* @base: base address of the device's MMIO region
* @size: size of the device's MMIO region
* This utility function creates and maps an instance of unimplemented-device,
* which is a dummy device which simply logs all guest accesses to
* it via the qemu_log LOG_UNIMP debug log.
* The device is mapped at priority -1000, which means that you can
* use it to cover a large region and then map other devices on top of it
* if necessary.
static inline void create_unimplemented_device(const char *name,
hwaddr base,
hwaddr size)
DeviceState *dev = qdev_create(NULL, TYPE_UNIMPLEMENTED_DEVICE);
qdev_prop_set_string(dev, "name", name);
qdev_prop_set_uint64(dev, "size", size);
sysbus_mmio_map_overlap(SYS_BUS_DEVICE(dev), 0, base, -1000);