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* ARMv7M NVIC object
* Copyright (c) 2017 Linaro Ltd
* Written by Peter Maydell <>
* This code is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later.
#include "target/arm/cpu.h"
#include "hw/sysbus.h"
#include "hw/timer/armv7m_systick.h"
#define TYPE_NVIC "armv7m_nvic"
#define NVIC(obj) \
/* Highest permitted number of exceptions (architectural limit) */
#define NVIC_MAX_VECTORS 512
/* Number of internal exceptions */
typedef struct VecInfo {
/* Exception priorities can range from -3 to 255; only the unmodifiable
* priority values for RESET, NMI and HardFault can be negative.
int16_t prio;
uint8_t enabled;
uint8_t pending;
uint8_t active;
uint8_t level; /* exceptions <=15 never set level */
} VecInfo;
typedef struct NVICState {
/*< private >*/
SysBusDevice parent_obj;
/*< public >*/
ARMCPU *cpu;
VecInfo vectors[NVIC_MAX_VECTORS];
/* If the v8M security extension is implemented, some of the internal
* exceptions are banked between security states (ie there exists both
* a Secure and a NonSecure version of the exception and its state):
* HardFault, MemManage, UsageFault, SVCall, PendSV, SysTick (R_PJHV)
* The rest (including all the external exceptions) are not banked, though
* they may be configurable to target either Secure or NonSecure state.
* We store the secure exception state in sec_vectors[] for the banked
* exceptions, and otherwise use only vectors[] (including for exceptions
* like SecureFault that unconditionally target Secure state).
* Entries in sec_vectors[] for non-banked exception numbers are unused.
VecInfo sec_vectors[NVIC_INTERNAL_VECTORS];
/* The PRIGROUP field in AIRCR is banked */
uint32_t prigroup[M_REG_NUM_BANKS];
uint8_t num_prio_bits;
/* v8M NVIC_ITNS state (stored as a bool per bit) */
bool itns[NVIC_MAX_VECTORS];
/* The following fields are all cached state that can be recalculated
* from the vectors[] and sec_vectors[] arrays and the prigroup field:
* - vectpending
* - vectpending_is_secure
* - exception_prio
* - vectpending_prio
unsigned int vectpending; /* highest prio pending enabled exception */
/* true if vectpending is a banked secure exception, ie it is in
* sec_vectors[] rather than vectors[]
bool vectpending_is_s_banked;
int exception_prio; /* group prio of the highest prio active exception */
int vectpending_prio; /* group prio of the exeception in vectpending */
MemoryRegion sysregmem;
MemoryRegion sysreg_ns_mem;
MemoryRegion systickmem;
MemoryRegion systick_ns_mem;
MemoryRegion container;
uint32_t num_irq;
qemu_irq excpout;
qemu_irq sysresetreq;
SysTickState systick[M_REG_NUM_BANKS];
} NVICState;