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#ifndef PM_SMBUS_H
#define PM_SMBUS_H
#include "exec/memory.h"
#include "hw/i2c/smbus_master.h"
typedef struct PMSMBus {
I2CBus *smbus;
MemoryRegion io;
uint8_t smb_stat;
uint8_t smb_ctl;
uint8_t smb_cmd;
uint8_t smb_addr;
uint8_t smb_data0;
uint8_t smb_data1;
uint8_t smb_data[PM_SMBUS_MAX_MSG_SIZE];
uint8_t smb_blkdata;
uint8_t smb_auxctl;
uint32_t smb_index;
/* Set by pm_smbus.c */
void (*reset)(struct PMSMBus *s);
/* Set by the user. */
bool i2c_enable;
void (*set_irq)(struct PMSMBus *s, bool enabled);
void *opaque;
/* Internally used by pm_smbus. */
/* Set on block transfers after the last byte has been read, so the
INTR bit can be set at the right time. */
bool op_done;
/* Set during an I2C block read, so we know how to handle data. */
bool in_i2c_block_read;
/* Used to work around a bug in AMIBIOS, see smb_transaction_start() */
bool start_transaction_on_status_read;
} PMSMBus;
void pm_smbus_init(DeviceState *parent, PMSMBus *smb, bool force_aux_blk);
* For backwards compatibility on migration, older versions don't have
* working migration for pm_smbus, this lets us ignore the migrations
* for older machine versions.
bool pm_smbus_vmstate_needed(void);
extern const VMStateDescription pmsmb_vmstate;
#endif /* PM_SMBUS_H */