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* Copyright (C) 2016, Emilio G. Cota <>
* License: GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef QEMU_QDIST_H
#define QEMU_QDIST_H
#include "qemu/bitops.h"
* Samples with the same 'x value' end up in the same qdist_entry,
* e.g. inc(0.1) and inc(0.1) end up as {x=0.1, count=2}.
* Binning happens only at print time, so that we retain the flexibility to
* choose the binning. This might not be ideal for workloads that do not care
* much about precision and insert many samples all with different x values;
* in that case, pre-binning (e.g. entering both 0.115 and 0.097 as 0.1)
* should be considered.
struct qdist_entry {
double x;
unsigned long count;
struct qdist {
struct qdist_entry *entries;
size_t n;
size_t size;
/* the remaining options only work if PR_LABELS is set */
#define QDIST_PR_100X BIT(4)
void qdist_init(struct qdist *dist);
void qdist_destroy(struct qdist *dist);
void qdist_add(struct qdist *dist, double x, long count);
void qdist_inc(struct qdist *dist, double x);
double qdist_xmin(const struct qdist *dist);
double qdist_xmax(const struct qdist *dist);
double qdist_avg(const struct qdist *dist);
unsigned long qdist_sample_count(const struct qdist *dist);
size_t qdist_unique_entries(const struct qdist *dist);
/* callers must free the returned string with g_free() */
char *qdist_pr_plain(const struct qdist *dist, size_t n_groups);
/* callers must free the returned string with g_free() */
char *qdist_pr(const struct qdist *dist, size_t n_groups, uint32_t opt);
/* Only qdist code and test code should ever call this function */
void qdist_bin__internal(struct qdist *to, const struct qdist *from, size_t n);
#endif /* QEMU_QDIST_H */