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size_t qemu_fd_getpagesize(int fd);
size_t qemu_mempath_getpagesize(const char *mem_path);
* qemu_ram_mmap: mmap the specified file or device.
* Parameters:
* @fd: the file or the device to mmap
* @size: the number of bytes to be mmaped
* @align: if not zero, specify the alignment of the starting mapping address;
* otherwise, the alignment in use will be determined by QEMU.
* @shared: map has RAM_SHARED flag.
* @is_pmem: map has RAM_PMEM flag.
* Return:
* On success, return a pointer to the mapped area.
* On failure, return MAP_FAILED.
void *qemu_ram_mmap(int fd,
size_t size,
size_t align,
bool shared,
bool is_pmem);
void qemu_ram_munmap(int fd, void *ptr, size_t size);