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# See docs/devel/tracing.txt for syntax documentation.
# rdma_backend.c
rdma_check_dev_attr(const char *name, int max_bk, int max_fe) "%s: be=%d, fe=%d"
rdma_create_ah_cache_hit(uint64_t subnet, uint64_t if_id) "subnet=0x%"PRIx64",if_id=0x%"PRIx64
rdma_create_ah_cache_miss(uint64_t subnet, uint64_t if_id) "subnet=0x%"PRIx64",if_id=0x%"PRIx64
rdma_poll_cq(int ne, void *ibcq) "Got %d completion(s) from cq %p"
rdmacm_mux(const char *title, int msg_type, int op_code) "%s: msg_type=%d, op_code=%d"
rdmacm_mux_check_op_status(int msg_type, int op_code, int err_code) "resp: msg_type=%d, op_code=%d, err_code=%d"
rdma_mad_message(const char *title, int len, char *data) "mad %s (%d): %s"
rdma_backend_rc_qp_state_init(uint32_t qpn) "RC QP 0x%x switch to INIT"
rdma_backend_ud_qp_state_init(uint32_t qpn, uint32_t qkey) "UD QP 0x%x switch to INIT, qkey=0x%x"
rdma_backend_rc_qp_state_rtr(uint32_t qpn, uint64_t subnet, uint64_t ifid, uint8_t sgid_idx, uint32_t dqpn, uint32_t rq_psn) "RC QP 0x%x switch to RTR, subnet = 0x%"PRIx64", ifid = 0x%"PRIx64 ", sgid_idx=%d, dqpn=0x%x, rq_psn=0x%x"
rdma_backend_ud_qp_state_rtr(uint32_t qpn, uint32_t qkey) "UD QP 0x%x switch to RTR, qkey=0x%x"
rdma_backend_rc_qp_state_rts(uint32_t qpn, uint32_t sq_psn) "RC QP 0x%x switch to RTS, sq_psn=0x%x, "
rdma_backend_ud_qp_state_rts(uint32_t qpn, uint32_t sq_psn, uint32_t qkey) "UD QP 0x%x switch to RTS, sq_psn=0x%x, qkey=0x%x"
rdma_backend_get_gid_index(uint64_t subnet, uint64_t ifid, int gid_idx) "subnet=0x%"PRIx64", ifid=0x%"PRIx64 ", gid_idx=%d"
rdma_backend_gid_change(const char *op, uint64_t subnet, uint64_t ifid) "%s subnet=0x%"PRIx64", ifid=0x%"PRIx64
# rdma_rm.c
rdma_res_tbl_get(char *name, uint32_t handle) "tbl %s, handle %d"
rdma_res_tbl_alloc(char *name, uint32_t handle) "tbl %s, handle %d"
rdma_res_tbl_dealloc(char *name, uint32_t handle) "tbl %s, handle %d"
rdma_rm_alloc_mr(uint32_t mr_handle, void *host_virt, uint64_t guest_start, uint64_t guest_length, int access_flags) "mr_handle=%d, host_virt=%p, guest_start=0x%"PRIx64", length=%" PRId64", access_flags=0x%x"
rdma_rm_dealloc_mr(uint32_t mr_handle, uint64_t guest_start) "mr_handle=%d, guest_start=0x%"PRIx64
rdma_rm_alloc_qp(uint32_t rm_qpn, uint32_t backend_qpn, uint8_t qp_type) "rm_qpn=%d, backend_qpn=0x%x, qp_type=%d"
rdma_rm_modify_qp(uint32_t qpn, uint32_t attr_mask, int qp_state, uint8_t sgid_idx) "qpn=0x%x, attr_mask=0x%x, qp_state=%d, sgid_idx=%d"
# rdma_utils.c
rdma_pci_dma_map(uint64_t addr, void *vaddr, uint64_t len) "0x%"PRIx64" -> %p (len=%" PRId64")"
rdma_pci_dma_unmap(void *vaddr) "%p"