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* RDMA device: Definitions of Resource Manager structures
* Copyright (C) 2018 Oracle
* Copyright (C) 2018 Red Hat Inc
* Authors:
* Yuval Shaia <>
* Marcel Apfelbaum <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef RDMA_RM_DEFS_H
#define RDMA_RM_DEFS_H
#include "rdma_backend_defs.h"
#define MAX_PORTS 1 /* Do not change - we support only one port */
#define MAX_PORT_GIDS 255
#define MAX_PORT_PKEYS 1
#define MAX_UCS 512
#define MAX_MR_SIZE (1UL << 27)
#define MAX_QP 1024
#define MAX_SGE 4
#define MAX_CQ 2048
#define MAX_MR 1024
#define MAX_PD 1024
#define MAX_QP_RD_ATOM 16
#define MAX_QP_INIT_RD_ATOM 16
#define MAX_AH 64
#define MAX_SRQ 512
#define MAX_RM_TBL_NAME 16
#define MAX_CONSEQ_EMPTY_POLL_CQ 4096 /* considered as error above this */
typedef struct RdmaRmResTbl {
char name[MAX_RM_TBL_NAME];
QemuMutex lock;
unsigned long *bitmap;
size_t tbl_sz;
size_t res_sz;
void *tbl;
uint32_t used; /* number of used entries in the table */
} RdmaRmResTbl;
typedef struct RdmaRmPD {
RdmaBackendPD backend_pd;
uint32_t ctx_handle;
} RdmaRmPD;
typedef enum CQNotificationType {
} CQNotificationType;
typedef struct RdmaRmCQ {
RdmaBackendCQ backend_cq;
void *opaque;
CQNotificationType notify;
} RdmaRmCQ;
/* MR (DMA region) */
typedef struct RdmaRmMR {
RdmaBackendMR backend_mr;
void *virt;
uint64_t start;
size_t length;
uint32_t pd_handle;
uint32_t lkey;
uint32_t rkey;
} RdmaRmMR;
typedef struct RdmaRmUC {
uint64_t uc_handle;
} RdmaRmUC;
typedef struct RdmaRmQP {
RdmaBackendQP backend_qp;
void *opaque;
uint32_t qp_type;
uint32_t qpn;
uint32_t send_cq_handle;
uint32_t recv_cq_handle;
enum ibv_qp_state qp_state;
uint8_t is_srq;
} RdmaRmQP;
typedef struct RdmaRmSRQ {
RdmaBackendSRQ backend_srq;
uint32_t recv_cq_handle;
void *opaque;
} RdmaRmSRQ;
typedef struct RdmaRmGid {
union ibv_gid gid;
int backend_gid_index;
} RdmaRmGid;
typedef struct RdmaRmPort {
RdmaRmGid gid_tbl[MAX_PORT_GIDS];
enum ibv_port_state state;
} RdmaRmPort;
typedef struct RdmaRmStats {
uint64_t tx;
uint64_t tx_len;
uint64_t tx_err;
uint64_t rx_bufs;
uint64_t rx_bufs_len;
uint64_t rx_bufs_err;
uint64_t rx_srq;
uint64_t completions;
uint64_t mad_tx;
uint64_t mad_tx_err;
uint64_t mad_rx;
uint64_t mad_rx_err;
uint64_t mad_rx_bufs;
uint64_t mad_rx_bufs_err;
uint64_t poll_cq_from_bk;
uint64_t poll_cq_from_guest;
uint64_t poll_cq_from_guest_empty;
uint64_t poll_cq_ppoll_to;
uint32_t missing_cqe;
} RdmaRmStats;
struct RdmaDeviceResources {
RdmaRmPort port;
RdmaRmResTbl pd_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl mr_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl uc_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl qp_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl cq_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl cqe_ctx_tbl;
RdmaRmResTbl srq_tbl;
GHashTable *qp_hash; /* Keeps mapping between real and emulated */
QemuMutex lock;
RdmaRmStats stats;