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* RDMA device: Definitions of Backend Device functions
* Copyright (C) 2018 Oracle
* Copyright (C) 2018 Red Hat Inc
* Authors:
* Yuval Shaia <>
* Marcel Apfelbaum <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "qapi/error.h"
#include "chardev/char-fe.h"
#include "rdma_rm_defs.h"
#include "rdma_backend_defs.h"
/* Vendor Errors */
#define VENDOR_ERR_NOMEM 0x203
#define VENDOR_ERR_QP0 0x204
#define VENDOR_ERR_INV_NUM_SGE 0x205
#define VENDOR_ERR_MAD_SEND 0x206
#define VENDOR_ERR_INVLKEY 0x207
#define VENDOR_ERR_MR_SMALL 0x208
#define VENDOR_ERR_INV_GID_IDX 0x210
/* Add definition for QP0 and QP1 as there is no userspace enums for them */
enum ibv_special_qp_type {
static inline uint32_t rdma_backend_qpn(const RdmaBackendQP *qp)
return qp->ibqp ? qp->ibqp->qp_num : 1;
static inline uint32_t rdma_backend_mr_lkey(const RdmaBackendMR *mr)
return mr->ibmr ? mr->ibmr->lkey : 0;
static inline uint32_t rdma_backend_mr_rkey(const RdmaBackendMR *mr)
return mr->ibmr ? mr->ibmr->rkey : 0;
int rdma_backend_init(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, PCIDevice *pdev,
RdmaDeviceResources *rdma_dev_res,
const char *backend_device_name, uint8_t port_num,
struct ibv_device_attr *dev_attr,
CharBackend *mad_chr_be);
void rdma_backend_fini(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev);
int rdma_backend_add_gid(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, const char *ifname,
union ibv_gid *gid);
int rdma_backend_del_gid(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, const char *ifname,
union ibv_gid *gid);
int rdma_backend_get_gid_index(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev,
union ibv_gid *gid);
void rdma_backend_start(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev);
void rdma_backend_stop(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev);
void rdma_backend_register_comp_handler(void (*handler)(void *ctx,
struct ibv_wc *wc));
void rdma_backend_unregister_comp_handler(void);
int rdma_backend_query_port(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev,
struct ibv_port_attr *port_attr);
int rdma_backend_create_pd(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, RdmaBackendPD *pd);
void rdma_backend_destroy_pd(RdmaBackendPD *pd);
int rdma_backend_create_mr(RdmaBackendMR *mr, RdmaBackendPD *pd, void *addr,
size_t length, uint64_t guest_start, int access);
void rdma_backend_destroy_mr(RdmaBackendMR *mr);
int rdma_backend_create_cq(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, RdmaBackendCQ *cq,
int cqe);
void rdma_backend_destroy_cq(RdmaBackendCQ *cq);
void rdma_backend_poll_cq(RdmaDeviceResources *rdma_dev_res, RdmaBackendCQ *cq);
int rdma_backend_create_qp(RdmaBackendQP *qp, uint8_t qp_type,
RdmaBackendPD *pd, RdmaBackendCQ *scq,
RdmaBackendCQ *rcq, RdmaBackendSRQ *srq,
uint32_t max_send_wr, uint32_t max_recv_wr,
uint32_t max_send_sge, uint32_t max_recv_sge);
int rdma_backend_qp_state_init(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, RdmaBackendQP *qp,
uint8_t qp_type, uint32_t qkey);
int rdma_backend_qp_state_rtr(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev, RdmaBackendQP *qp,
uint8_t qp_type, uint8_t sgid_idx,
union ibv_gid *dgid, uint32_t dqpn,
uint32_t rq_psn, uint32_t qkey, bool use_qkey);
int rdma_backend_qp_state_rts(RdmaBackendQP *qp, uint8_t qp_type,
uint32_t sq_psn, uint32_t qkey, bool use_qkey);
int rdma_backend_query_qp(RdmaBackendQP *qp, struct ibv_qp_attr *attr,
int attr_mask, struct ibv_qp_init_attr *init_attr);
void rdma_backend_destroy_qp(RdmaBackendQP *qp, RdmaDeviceResources *dev_res);
void rdma_backend_post_send(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev,
RdmaBackendQP *qp, uint8_t qp_type,
struct ibv_sge *sge, uint32_t num_sge,
uint8_t sgid_idx, union ibv_gid *sgid,
union ibv_gid *dgid, uint32_t dqpn, uint32_t dqkey,
void *ctx);
void rdma_backend_post_recv(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev,
RdmaBackendQP *qp, uint8_t qp_type,
struct ibv_sge *sge, uint32_t num_sge, void *ctx);
int rdma_backend_create_srq(RdmaBackendSRQ *srq, RdmaBackendPD *pd,
uint32_t max_wr, uint32_t max_sge,
uint32_t srq_limit);
int rdma_backend_query_srq(RdmaBackendSRQ *srq, struct ibv_srq_attr *srq_attr);
int rdma_backend_modify_srq(RdmaBackendSRQ *srq, struct ibv_srq_attr *srq_attr,
int srq_attr_mask);
void rdma_backend_destroy_srq(RdmaBackendSRQ *srq,
RdmaDeviceResources *dev_res);
void rdma_backend_post_srq_recv(RdmaBackendDev *backend_dev,
RdmaBackendSRQ *srq, struct ibv_sge *sge,
uint32_t num_sge, void *ctx);