version: bump minor version number

  - add a new block decoder layer
  - add a new image section cache and image section identifiers
  - add version macros to intel-pt.h
  - shrink or split existing image sections on overlap
  - add decoder-specific configuration flags
  - classify INT, INT1, INT3, and INTO as far calls
  - classify VMLAUNCH/VMRESUME as far call and VMCALL as far return
  - improve instruction length decode performance
  - fix an issue with instructions overlapping image section boundaries
  - fix an off-by-one end of trace indication
  - fix a bug with TMA for low MTC frequencies
  - ptunit:
    - avoid using mktempname
    - fix leaking of temporary files
  - ptdump:
    - fix an issue with ':' in filenames
  - ptxed:
    - allow an offset or range for raw binary files (--raw)
    - add --stat:insn and --stat:block to count instructions and blocks
    - add --block:show-blocks to print blocks
    - add --time to print the estimated TSC at each instruction
    - add --check to check instruction decode and classification against XED
    - fix an issue with ':' in filenames
    - fix a bug with --stat without --quiet
  - pttc:
    - fix a few memory leaks

Change-Id: Ie810479b6a73fb8743efec56b686a53d8b4bec7d
Signed-off-by: Markus Metzger <>
1 file changed