version: bump minor version number

  - add workarounds for SKD007, SKD010 (SKD014), SKD022, SKD024 (BDM70)
  - detect errata for 6/71, 6/78, 6/79, 6/86
  - document how to decode trace recorded by the Linux perf tool
  - add scripts to support perf-recorded trace decode
  - add man pages for API functions
  - add install support
  - fix instruction decode bugs
  - add support for decoding EVEX instructions
  - improve instruction decode performance
  - image performance improvements
  - add separate cmake enables for each component
  - add cmake testing support
  - fix binding of TIP.PGD with suppressed IP
  - fix return compression for zero-displacement calls
  - wrap API in extern "C" for improved C++ support
  - improve error reporting
  - allow the instruction decoder to be resumed after an error
  - enable FEATURE_THREADS by default
  - ptdump:
    - add --no-timingn to skip timing packets
    - add --no-cyc to skip CYC packets
    - fix a crash when an option argument is omitted
  - ptxed:
    - support 32-bit ELF
    - add timing related options
    - add --raw-insn to print the raw instruction bytes
    - fix a crash when an option argument is omitted

Change-Id: I8f81249caeb96a76e346b678a66138802f49f9e8
Signed-off-by: Markus Metzger <>
1 file changed