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#!/bin/sh -e
LLFILE=`echo $1 | sed -e 's/\.c/.ll/g'`
# The number of lines to cut of the LLVM-IR file clang produces.
clang -c -S -emit-llvm -O0 $1 -o ${LLFILE}
opt -correlated-propagation -mem2reg -instcombine -loop-simplify -indvars \
-instnamer ${LLFILE} -S -o ${LLFILE_TMP}
# Insert a header into the new testcase containing a sample RUN line a FIXME and
# an XFAIL. Then insert the formated C code and finally the LLVM-IR without
# attributes, the module ID or the target triple.
echo '; RUN: opt %loadPolly -analyze < %s | FileCheck %s' > ${LLFILE}
echo ';' >> ${LLFILE}
echo '; FIXME: Edit the run line and add checks!' >> ${LLFILE}
echo ';' >> ${LLFILE}
echo '; XFAIL: *' >> ${LLFILE}
echo ';' >> ${LLFILE}
clang-format $1 | sed -e 's/^/; /' >> ${LLFILE}
echo ';' >> ${LLFILE}
cat ${LLFILE_TMP} | sed -e 's/ \#0//' >> ${LLFILE}
sed -i".tmp" '/; Function Attrs:/d' ${LLFILE}
sed -i".tmp" '/; ModuleID =/d' ${LLFILE}
sed -i".tmp" '/target triple/d' ${LLFILE}
head --lines=-${CUT_N_LINES} ${LLFILE} > ${LLFILE_TMP}