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// wsmid_identify_data.h
// This file is intended to be eventually generated by a codegen tool
#ifndef __IDENTIFY_H__
#define __IDENTIFY_H__
#include "wsman-declarations.h"
#include "wsman-xml-serializer.h"
// The resource is modeled as a struct
struct __wsmid_identify
char* ProtocolVersion;
char* ProductVendor;
char* ProductVersion;
typedef struct __wsmid_identify wsmid_identify;
// Service endpoint declaration
wsmid_identify* wsmid_identify_Identify_EP (WsContextH cntx);
// Two macro below will declare
// Serialization type info declaration for the resource
// extern struct __XmlSerializerInfo wsmid_identify_TypeInfo[];
// End point array declaration for the resource
// extern WsDispatchEndPointInfo wsmid_identify_EndPoints[];
void get_endpoints(void *self, void **data);
int init (void *self, void **data );
void cleanup( void *self, void *data );
void set_config( void *self, dictionary *config );