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// Copyright (C) Intel Corporation, 2003 - 2007.
// File: WsmanClient.h
// Contents: A WS-MAN client interface
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include "Exception.h"
#include "WsmanFilter.h"
using namespace std;
using namespace WsmanExceptionNamespace;
namespace WsmanClientNamespace
// WS-MAN Client exceptions
// Exception thrown when server error occurs
class WsmanClientException : public GeneralWsmanException
WsmanClientException(const char* message,
unsigned int err = WSMAN_GENERAL_ERROR)
:GeneralWsmanException(message, err){}
virtual ~WsmanClientException() throw() {}
// Exception thrown if the server returned a soap fault
class WsmanSoapFault : public WsmanClientException
string soapCodeValue;
string soapSubcodeValue;
string soapReason;
string soapDetail;
WsmanSoapFault(const char* message,
const string& faultCode = "",
const string& faultSubcode = "",
const string& faultReason = "",
const string& faultDetail = "")
:WsmanClientException(message, WSMAN_SOAP_FAULT)
SetWsmanFaultFields(faultCode, faultSubcode, faultReason, faultDetail);
virtual ~WsmanSoapFault() throw() {}
void SetWsmanFaultFields(const string& faultCode,
const string& faultSubcode,
const string& faultReason,
const string& faultDetail) throw()
soapCodeValue = faultCode;
soapSubcodeValue = faultSubcode;
soapReason = faultReason;
soapDetail = faultDetail;
string GetFaultCode() const throw() {return soapCodeValue;}
string GetFaultSubcode() const throw() {return soapSubcodeValue;}
string GetFaultReason() const throw() {return soapReason;}
string GetFaultDetail() const throw() {return soapDetail;}
typedef enum {
typedef struct __SubscribeInfo{
string filter;
string dialect;
string delivery_uri;
string refenceParam;
NotificationDeliveryMode delivery_mode;
NameValuePairs *selectorset;
float heartbeat_interval;
float expires;
// Wsman Client Interface class
class WsmanClient
// Destructor.
virtual ~WsmanClient(){}
// Identify
virtual string Identify() const = 0;
// Creates a new instance of a resource.
virtual string Create(const string &resourceUri, const string &xmlData) const = 0;
// Delete a resource.
virtual void Delete(const string &resourceUri, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
// Enumerate a resource.
virtual void Enumerate(const string &resourceUri, vector<string> &enumRes, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
virtual void Enumerate(const string &resourceUri, WsmanFilter &filter, vector<string> &enumRes) const = 0;
// Retrieve a resource.
virtual string Get(const string &resourceUri, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
// Update a resource.
virtual string Put(const string &resourceUri, const string &content, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
// Invokes a method and returns the results of the method call.
virtual string Invoke(const string &resourceUri, const string &methodName, const string &content, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
// Submit a subscription
virtual string Subscribe(const string &resourceUri, const SubscribeInfo &info, string &subsContext) const = 0;
// Renew a subscription
virtual string Renew(const string &resourceUri, const string &subsContext, float expire, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
// Terminate a subscription
virtual void Unsubscribe(const string &resourceUri, const string &subsContext, const NameValuePairs *s = NULL) const = 0;
} // namespace WsmanClientNamespace