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Harness Automation Tool
This is a tool to automate testing openthread with GRL Thread-Test-Harness1.1-Alpha v1.0-Release_40.0.
Get Started
To get started, follow the `Automation Setup Guide <>`.
./ [-h] [--pattern PATTERN] [--delete-blacklist] [--skip SKIP]
[--dry-run] [--result-file RESULT_FILE]
[--list-file LIST_FILE] [--continue-from CONTINUE_FROM]
[--auto-reboot] [--manual-reset] [--list-devices]
[NAME [NAME ...]]
If ``-l`` is given, ``NAME`` is the serial port device name. Otherwise ``NAME`` is test case name. This enables running single or multiple test cases directly.
Use ``./ --help`` for a full list of options.