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  1. cmsis/
  2. dependencies/
  3. drivers/
  4. libraries/
  5. nrfx/
  6. segger_rtt/
  7. softdevice/

Description: This folder consists of selected components from the nRF5 SDK, that are used in process of building the OpenThread's nRF528xx platform.

Directory consists of following folders:

  • /cmsis - Core Peripheral Access Layer Headers files
  • /dependencies - Dependencies for drivers and libraries from nRF5 SDK
  • /drivers - Drivers for the nRF528xx platform
  • /libraries - Libraries for the nRF528xx platform
  • /nrfx - Standalone drivers for peripherals present in Nordic SoCs (
  • /segger_rtt - Configuration files for RTT communication
  • /softdevice - SoftDevice s140 headers

The following changes comparing to the nRF5 SDK 16.0 have been incorporated:

  • modified nrf_log module files in order to remove unused backend logging functions