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This module will contain a port of TCPlp for OpenThread. Currently, it only contains part of the implementation; the rest will be added in future pull requests.


Based on


BSD 3-Clause

TCPlp is derived from the TCP stack in the FreeBSD Operating System. Files taken from FreeBSD retain their original copyright notices and licenses (which are BSD-like licenses). New code contributed as part of TCPlp is provided under the BSD 3-Clause License.


TCPlp is a full-scale TCP stack for low-power wireless networks and resource-constrained embedded systems. It is designed to support performant and efficient TCP operation over IEEE 802.15.4 networks. It is based on the TCP stack in the FreeBSD operating system.

TCPlp is a software artifact that accompanies an NSDI 2020 paper:

Sam Kumar, Michael P Andersen, Hyung-Sin Kim, and David E. Culler. Performant TCP for Low-Power Wireless Networks. NSDI 2020.

The paper is available at the following locations: