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// The OpenMP standard defines 3 ways of providing ompt_start_tool:
// 1. "statically-linking the tool’s definition of ompt_start_tool into an OpenMP application"
// RUN: %libomp-compile -DCODE -DTOOL && %libomp-run | FileCheck %s
// Note: We should compile the tool without -fopenmp as other tools developer
// would do. Otherwise this test may pass for the wrong reasons on Darwin.
// RUN: %clang %flags -DTOOL -shared -fPIC %s -o %T/
// 2. "introducing a dynamically-linked library that includes the tool’s definition of ompt_start_tool into the application’s address space"
// 2.1 Link with tool during compilation
// RUN: %libomp-compile -DCODE %no-as-needed-flag %T/ && %libomp-run | FileCheck %s
// 2.2 Link with tool during compilation, but AFTER the runtime
// RUN: %libomp-compile -DCODE -lomp %no-as-needed-flag %T/ && %libomp-run | FileCheck %s
// 2.3 Inject tool via the dynamic loader
// RUN: %libomp-compile -DCODE && %preload-tool %libomp-run | FileCheck %s
// 3. "providing the name of a dynamically-linked library appropriate for the architecture and operating system used by the application in the tool-libraries-var ICV"
// RUN: %libomp-compile -DCODE && env OMP_TOOL_LIBRARIES=%T/ %libomp-run | FileCheck %s
// REQUIRES: ompt
* This file contains code for an OMPT shared library tool to be
* loaded and the code for the OpenMP executable.
* -DTOOL enables the code for the tool during compilation
* -DCODE enables the code for the executable during compilation
#ifdef CODE
#include "omp.h"
int main()
#pragma omp parallel num_threads(2)
// Check if libomp supports the callbacks for this test.
// CHECK-NOT: {{^}}0: Could not register callback
// CHECK: {{^}}0: NULL_POINTER=[[NULL:.*$]]
// CHECK: {{^}}0: ompt_event_runtime_shutdown
return 0;
#endif /* CODE */
#ifdef TOOL
#include <stdio.h>
#include <omp-tools.h>
int ompt_initialize(
ompt_function_lookup_t lookup,
ompt_data_t* tool_data)
printf("0: NULL_POINTER=%p\n", (void*)NULL);
return 1; //success
void ompt_finalize(ompt_data_t* tool_data)
printf("0: ompt_event_runtime_shutdown\n");
ompt_start_tool_result_t* ompt_start_tool(
unsigned int omp_version,
const char *runtime_version)
static ompt_start_tool_result_t ompt_start_tool_result = {&ompt_initialize,&ompt_finalize, 0};
return &ompt_start_tool_result;
#endif /* TOOL */