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#ifndef __OMPT_INTERNAL_H__
#define __OMPT_INTERNAL_H__
#include "ompt.h"
#include "ompt-event-specific.h"
#define OMPT_VERSION 1
#define _OMP_EXTERN extern "C"
#define ompt_callback(e) e ## _callback
/* track and track_callback share a bit so that one can test whether either is
* set by anding a bit.
typedef enum {
ompt_status_disabled = 0x0,
ompt_status_ready = 0x1,
ompt_status_track = 0x2,
ompt_status_track_callback = 0x6,
} ompt_status_t;
typedef struct ompt_callbacks_s {
#define ompt_event_macro(event, callback, eventid) callback ompt_callback(event);
#undef ompt_event_macro
} ompt_callbacks_t;
typedef struct {
ompt_frame_t frame;
void* function;
ompt_task_id_t task_id;
} ompt_task_info_t;
typedef struct {
ompt_parallel_id_t parallel_id;
void *microtask;
} ompt_team_info_t;
typedef struct ompt_lw_taskteam_s {
ompt_team_info_t ompt_team_info;
ompt_task_info_t ompt_task_info;
struct ompt_lw_taskteam_s *parent;
} ompt_lw_taskteam_t;
typedef struct ompt_parallel_info_s {
ompt_task_id_t parent_task_id; /* id of parent task */
ompt_parallel_id_t parallel_id; /* id of parallel region */
ompt_frame_t *parent_task_frame; /* frame data of parent task */
void *parallel_function; /* pointer to outlined function */
} ompt_parallel_info_t;
typedef struct {
ompt_state_t state;
ompt_wait_id_t wait_id;
void *idle_frame;
} ompt_thread_info_t;
extern ompt_status_t ompt_status;
extern ompt_callbacks_t ompt_callbacks;
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
void ompt_init(void);
void ompt_fini(void);
#ifdef __cplusplus