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#// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
#// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
#// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.txt for details.
include $(omp_root)/tools/
.PHONY: default all omp
default: omp
all: omp stubs
omp: info mkdir
@echo $(omp_root)/tools/ $(build_args) --arch=$(arch) --mode=$(mode) lib inc common -- -j$(jobs)
$(omp_root)/tools/ $(build_args) --arch=$(arch) --mode=$(mode) lib inc common -- -j$(jobs)
stubs: mkdir
@echo $(omp_root)/tools/ $(build_args) --arch=$(arch) --mode=$(mode) --stubs lib inc common -- -j$(jobs)
$(omp_root)/tools/ $(build_args) --arch=$(arch) --mode=$(mode) --stubs lib inc common -- -j$(jobs)
.PHONY: clean info
$(shell $(RM) -rf $(omp_root)$(SLASH)tmp)
@echo clean done
$(shell $(MD) $(omp_root)$(SLASH)tmp >$(NUL) 2>$(NUL))
@echo Created $(omp_root)$(SLASH)tmp directory
@echo omp_root=$(omp_root)
@echo omp_os=$(omp_os)
@echo arch=$(arch)
ifeq "$(arch)" "mic"
@echo mic_arch=$(mic_arch)
@echo compiler=$(compiler)
@echo mic=$(mic)
@echo mode=$(mode)
@echo jobs=$(jobs)
libomp_path=$(shell $(omp_root)/tools/
test_path=$(shell $(omp_root)/tools/
# Please do not change this rule.
# -------------------------------
# Intentionally changing directory into "testsuite" in order to generate output results and errors
# over there and keep this directory clean.
test: omp
@$(Verb) if which llvm-lit &> /dev/null; then \
if [ -d "$(omp_root)$(SLASH)..$(SLASH)testsuite$(SLASH)LLVM-IR" ] ; then \
export TESTSUITE_TEMP=$(realpath $(omp_root))$(SLASH)tmp ; \
export LIBRARY_PATH=$(libomp_path):$(LIBRARY_PATH) ; \
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$(libomp_path)$(SLASH)..$(SLASH)..$(SLASH)common$(SLASH)include:$(C_INCLUDE_PATH) ; \
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(libomp_path):$(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) ; \
export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(libomp_path):$(DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH) ; \
cd $(omp_root)$(SLASH)..$(SLASH)testsuite ; \
make ctest ; \
python ; \
llvm-lit -j 1 $(realpath $(omp_root))$(SLASH)..$(SLASH)testsuite$(SLASH)LLVM-IR$(SLASH)$(test_path) -v ; \
else \
echo "No test directory" ; exit 1; \
fi; else echo "No llvm-lit in $(PATH)"; exit 1; fi
make -C ..$(SLASH)testsuite cleanall