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* kmp_omp.h -- OpenMP definition for kmp_omp_struct_info_t.
* This is for information about runtime library structures.
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.txt for details.
* It should instead be modified in the OpenMP runtime and copied
* to the interface library code. This way we can minimize the
* problems that this is sure to cause having two copies of the
* same file.
* files live in libomp and libomp_db/src/include
* Before we release this to a customer, please don't change this value. After it is released and
* stable, then any new updates to the structures or data structure traversal algorithms need to
* change this value.
typedef struct {
kmp_int32 offset;
kmp_int32 size;
} offset_and_size_t;
typedef struct {
kmp_uint64 addr;
kmp_int32 size;
kmp_int32 padding;
} addr_and_size_t;
typedef struct {
kmp_uint64 flags; // Flags for future extensions.
kmp_uint64 file; // Pointer to name of source file where the parallel region is.
kmp_uint64 func; // Pointer to name of routine where the parallel region is.
kmp_int32 begin; // Beginning of source line range.
kmp_int32 end; // End of source line range.
kmp_int32 num_threads; // Specified number of threads.
} kmp_omp_nthr_item_t;
typedef struct {
kmp_int32 num; // Number of items in the arrray.
kmp_uint64 array; // Address of array of kmp_omp_num_threads_item_t.
} kmp_omp_nthr_info_t;
/* This structure is known to the idb interface library */
typedef struct {
/* Change this only if you make a fundamental data structure change here */
kmp_int32 lib_version;
/* sanity check. Only should be checked if versions are identical
* This is also used for backward compatibility to get the runtime
* structure size if it the runtime is older than the interface */
kmp_int32 sizeof_this_structure;
/* OpenMP RTL version info. */
addr_and_size_t major;
addr_and_size_t minor;
addr_and_size_t build;
addr_and_size_t openmp_version;
addr_and_size_t banner;
/* Various globals. */
addr_and_size_t threads; // Pointer to __kmp_threads.
addr_and_size_t roots; // Pointer to __kmp_root.
addr_and_size_t capacity; // Pointer to __kmp_threads_capacity.
addr_and_size_t monitor; // Pointer to __kmp_monitor.
addr_and_size_t lock_table; // Pointer to __kmp_lock_table.
addr_and_size_t func_microtask;
addr_and_size_t func_fork;
addr_and_size_t func_fork_teams;
addr_and_size_t team_counter;
addr_and_size_t task_counter;
addr_and_size_t nthr_info;
kmp_int32 address_width;
kmp_int32 indexed_locks;
kmp_int32 last_barrier; // The end in enum barrier_type
kmp_int32 deque_size; // TASK_DEQUE_SIZE
/* thread structure information. */
kmp_int32 th_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t th_info; // descriptor for thread
offset_and_size_t th_team; // team for this thread
offset_and_size_t th_root; // root for this thread
offset_and_size_t th_serial_team; // serial team under this thread
offset_and_size_t th_ident; // location for this thread (if available)
offset_and_size_t th_spin_here; // is thread waiting for lock (if available)
offset_and_size_t th_next_waiting; // next thread waiting for lock (if available)
offset_and_size_t th_task_team; // task team struct
offset_and_size_t th_current_task; // innermost task being executed
offset_and_size_t th_task_state; // alternating 0/1 for task team identification
offset_and_size_t th_bar;
offset_and_size_t th_b_worker_arrived; // the worker increases it by 1 when it arrives to the barrier
/* teams information */
offset_and_size_t th_teams_microtask;// entry address for teams construct
offset_and_size_t th_teams_level; // initial level of teams construct
offset_and_size_t th_teams_nteams; // number of teams in a league
offset_and_size_t th_teams_nth; // number of threads in each team of the league
/* kmp_desc structure (for info field above) */
kmp_int32 ds_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t ds_tid; // team thread id
offset_and_size_t ds_gtid; // global thread id
offset_and_size_t ds_thread; // native thread id
/* team structure information */
kmp_int32 t_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t t_master_tid; // tid of master in parent team
offset_and_size_t t_ident; // location of parallel region
offset_and_size_t t_parent; // parent team
offset_and_size_t t_nproc; // # team threads
offset_and_size_t t_threads; // array of threads
offset_and_size_t t_serialized; // # levels of serialized teams
offset_and_size_t t_id; // unique team id
offset_and_size_t t_pkfn;
offset_and_size_t t_task_team; // task team structure
offset_and_size_t t_implicit_task; // taskdata for the thread's implicit task
offset_and_size_t t_cancel_request;
offset_and_size_t t_bar;
offset_and_size_t t_b_master_arrived; // increased by 1 when master arrives to a barrier
offset_and_size_t t_b_team_arrived; // increased by one when all the threads arrived
/* root structure information */
kmp_int32 r_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t r_root_team; // team at root
offset_and_size_t r_hot_team; // hot team for this root
offset_and_size_t r_uber_thread; // root thread
offset_and_size_t r_root_id; // unique root id (if available)
/* ident structure information */
kmp_int32 id_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t id_psource; /* address of string ";file;func;line1;line2;;". */
offset_and_size_t id_flags;
/* lock structure information */
kmp_int32 lk_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t lk_initialized;
offset_and_size_t lk_location;
offset_and_size_t lk_tail_id;
offset_and_size_t lk_head_id;
offset_and_size_t lk_next_ticket;
offset_and_size_t lk_now_serving;
offset_and_size_t lk_owner_id;
offset_and_size_t lk_depth_locked;
offset_and_size_t lk_lock_flags;
/* lock_table_t */
kmp_int32 lt_size_of_struct; /* Size and layout of kmp_lock_table_t. */
offset_and_size_t lt_used;
offset_and_size_t lt_allocated;
offset_and_size_t lt_table;
/* task_team_t */
kmp_int32 tt_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t tt_threads_data;
offset_and_size_t tt_found_tasks;
offset_and_size_t tt_nproc;
offset_and_size_t tt_unfinished_threads;
offset_and_size_t tt_active;
/* kmp_taskdata_t */
kmp_int32 td_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t td_task_id; // task id
offset_and_size_t td_flags; // task flags
offset_and_size_t td_team; // team for this task
offset_and_size_t td_parent; // parent task
offset_and_size_t td_level; // task testing level
offset_and_size_t td_ident; // task identifier
offset_and_size_t td_allocated_child_tasks; // child tasks (+ current task) not yet deallocated
offset_and_size_t td_incomplete_child_tasks; // child tasks not yet complete
/* Taskwait */
offset_and_size_t td_taskwait_ident;
offset_and_size_t td_taskwait_counter;
offset_and_size_t td_taskwait_thread; // gtid + 1 of thread encountered taskwait
/* Taskgroup */
offset_and_size_t td_taskgroup; // pointer to the current taskgroup
offset_and_size_t td_task_count; // number of allocated and not yet complete tasks
offset_and_size_t td_cancel; // request for cancellation of this taskgroup
/* Task dependency */
offset_and_size_t td_depnode; // pointer to graph node if the task has dependencies
offset_and_size_t dn_node;
offset_and_size_t dn_next;
offset_and_size_t dn_successors;
offset_and_size_t dn_task;
offset_and_size_t dn_npredecessors;
offset_and_size_t dn_nrefs;
offset_and_size_t dn_routine;
/* kmp_thread_data_t */
kmp_int32 hd_sizeof_struct;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque_size;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque_head;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque_tail;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque_ntasks;
offset_and_size_t hd_deque_last_stolen;
// The last field of stable version.
kmp_uint64 last_field;
} kmp_omp_struct_info_t;
#endif /* USE_DEBUGGER */
/* end of file */