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//===----------- device.h - Target independent OpenMP target RTL ----------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Declarations for managing devices that are handled by RTL plugins.
#include <cstddef>
#include <climits>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <mutex>
#include <vector>
// Forward declarations.
struct RTLInfoTy;
struct __tgt_bin_desc;
struct __tgt_target_table;
#define INF_REF_CNT (LONG_MAX>>1) // leave room for additions/subtractions
#define CONSIDERED_INF(x) (x > (INF_REF_CNT>>1))
/// Map between host data and target data.
struct HostDataToTargetTy {
uintptr_t HstPtrBase; // host info.
uintptr_t HstPtrBegin;
uintptr_t HstPtrEnd; // non-inclusive.
uintptr_t TgtPtrBegin; // target info.
long RefCount;
: HstPtrBase(0), HstPtrBegin(0), HstPtrEnd(0),
TgtPtrBegin(0), RefCount(0) {}
HostDataToTargetTy(uintptr_t BP, uintptr_t B, uintptr_t E, uintptr_t TB)
: HstPtrBase(BP), HstPtrBegin(B), HstPtrEnd(E),
TgtPtrBegin(TB), RefCount(1) {}
HostDataToTargetTy(uintptr_t BP, uintptr_t B, uintptr_t E, uintptr_t TB,
long RF)
: HstPtrBase(BP), HstPtrBegin(B), HstPtrEnd(E),
TgtPtrBegin(TB), RefCount(RF) {}
typedef std::list<HostDataToTargetTy> HostDataToTargetListTy;
struct LookupResult {
struct {
unsigned IsContained : 1;
unsigned ExtendsBefore : 1;
unsigned ExtendsAfter : 1;
} Flags;
HostDataToTargetListTy::iterator Entry;
LookupResult() : Flags({0,0,0}), Entry() {}
/// Map for shadow pointers
struct ShadowPtrValTy {
void *HstPtrVal;
void *TgtPtrAddr;
void *TgtPtrVal;
typedef std::map<void *, ShadowPtrValTy> ShadowPtrListTy;
struct PendingCtorDtorListsTy {
std::list<void *> PendingCtors;
std::list<void *> PendingDtors;
typedef std::map<__tgt_bin_desc *, PendingCtorDtorListsTy>
struct DeviceTy {
int32_t DeviceID;
int32_t RTLDeviceID;
bool IsInit;
std::once_flag InitFlag;
bool HasPendingGlobals;
HostDataToTargetListTy HostDataToTargetMap;
PendingCtorsDtorsPerLibrary PendingCtorsDtors;
ShadowPtrListTy ShadowPtrMap;
std::mutex DataMapMtx, PendingGlobalsMtx, ShadowMtx;
// NOTE: Once libomp gains full target-task support, this state should be
// moved into the target task in libomp.
std::map<int32_t, uint64_t> LoopTripCnt;
DeviceTy(RTLInfoTy *RTL)
: DeviceID(-1), RTL(RTL), RTLDeviceID(-1), IsInit(false), InitFlag(),
HasPendingGlobals(false), HostDataToTargetMap(), PendingCtorsDtors(),
ShadowPtrMap(), DataMapMtx(), PendingGlobalsMtx(), ShadowMtx() {}
// The existence of mutexes makes DeviceTy non-copyable. We need to
// provide a copy constructor and an assignment operator explicitly.
DeviceTy(const DeviceTy &d)
: DeviceID(d.DeviceID), RTL(d.RTL), RTLDeviceID(d.RTLDeviceID),
IsInit(d.IsInit), InitFlag(), HasPendingGlobals(d.HasPendingGlobals),
PendingCtorsDtors(d.PendingCtorsDtors), ShadowPtrMap(d.ShadowPtrMap),
DataMapMtx(), PendingGlobalsMtx(), ShadowMtx(),
LoopTripCnt(d.LoopTripCnt) {}
DeviceTy& operator=(const DeviceTy &d) {
DeviceID = d.DeviceID;
RTL = d.RTL;
RTLDeviceID = d.RTLDeviceID;
IsInit = d.IsInit;
HasPendingGlobals = d.HasPendingGlobals;
HostDataToTargetMap = d.HostDataToTargetMap;
PendingCtorsDtors = d.PendingCtorsDtors;
ShadowPtrMap = d.ShadowPtrMap;
LoopTripCnt = d.LoopTripCnt;
return *this;
long getMapEntryRefCnt(void *HstPtrBegin);
LookupResult lookupMapping(void *HstPtrBegin, int64_t Size);
void *getOrAllocTgtPtr(void *HstPtrBegin, void *HstPtrBase, int64_t Size,
bool &IsNew, bool &IsHostPtr, bool IsImplicit, bool UpdateRefCount = true,
bool HasCloseModifier = false);
void *getTgtPtrBegin(void *HstPtrBegin, int64_t Size);
void *getTgtPtrBegin(void *HstPtrBegin, int64_t Size, bool &IsLast,
bool UpdateRefCount, bool &IsHostPtr);
int deallocTgtPtr(void *TgtPtrBegin, int64_t Size, bool ForceDelete,
bool HasCloseModifier = false);
int associatePtr(void *HstPtrBegin, void *TgtPtrBegin, int64_t Size);
int disassociatePtr(void *HstPtrBegin);
// calls to RTL
int32_t initOnce();
__tgt_target_table *load_binary(void *Img);
int32_t data_submit(void *TgtPtrBegin, void *HstPtrBegin, int64_t Size);
int32_t data_retrieve(void *HstPtrBegin, void *TgtPtrBegin, int64_t Size);
int32_t run_region(void *TgtEntryPtr, void **TgtVarsPtr,
ptrdiff_t *TgtOffsets, int32_t TgtVarsSize);
int32_t run_team_region(void *TgtEntryPtr, void **TgtVarsPtr,
ptrdiff_t *TgtOffsets, int32_t TgtVarsSize, int32_t NumTeams,
int32_t ThreadLimit, uint64_t LoopTripCount);
// Call to RTL
void init(); // To be called only via DeviceTy::initOnce()
/// Map between Device ID (i.e. openmp device id) and its DeviceTy.
typedef std::vector<DeviceTy> DevicesTy;
extern DevicesTy Devices;
extern bool device_is_ready(int device_num);