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= Release checklist =
Source release:
- Update CHANGES with notable specifics.
- Update version and LIB_* API soname suffix in
- If the source code changed, incremement REVISION.
- If interfaces changed, increment CURRENT and zero REVISION.
- If interfaces were added, increment AGE.
- If interfaces were removed, set AGE to zero.
- Update the version and release date in doc/libogg/*.html.
- Check for uncommitted changes to master.
- Tag the release commit with 'git tag -s vN.M'.
- Include release notes in the tag annotation.
- Verify 'make distcheck' produces a tarball with the desired name.
- Push tag to public repo.
- Upload source package 'libogg-${version}.tar.gz' et al.
to the website and verify file permissions.
- Update checksum files on website.
- Update links on <>.
- Add a copy of the documentation to <>
and update the links.
Releases are commited to
which propagates to
Release packages should also be manually attached to the corresponding
tag on the github mirror