0.4.1 (July 21)

  • [BUGFIX] Fix notify channel concurrency bug (#216)

0.4.0 (July 16)

  • [BUGFIX] EventLoop::register requests all events, not just readable.
  • [BUGFIX] Attempting to send a message to a shutdown event loop fails correctly.
  • [FEATURE] Expose TCP shutdown
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Coalesce readable & writable into ready event (#184)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Rename TryRead & TryWrite function names to avoid conflict with std.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Provide TCP and UDP types in mio (path to windows #155)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Use clock_ticks crate instead of time (path to windows #155)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Move unix specific features into mio::unix module
  • [IMPROVEMENT] TcpListener sets SO_REUSEADDR by default