[mesa] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/upstream/22.3' into HEAD

This CL moves Mesa from 22.2.5 -> 22.3.7, while preserving the stack
of Fuchsia-specific patches.

In addition to run-of-the-mill merge conflicts, there are a few other
modifications worthy of note:

Mesa moved to use a common implementation for enumeration of Vulkan
physical devices, but left a hook for drivers to provide their own
implementation.  We needed to do this, due to our modification of
the signature of anv_physical_device_try_create().

We needed to generate the file `float64_spv.h`.  This required
modification of the `glsl2spirv.py` script in order for it to accept a
configurable path to `glslang_validator`.  This was accomplished by
cherry-picking CLs from:

Fixed: 131016
Run-All-Tests: true
Change-Id: Ifa7af9b210d0e093b4e1c8b35b2624704a9392fc