Revert " add submodule .git directory"

This reverts commit 179392dcf3e3f75da24428b0f26a484de680a61a.

Reason for revert: git resolves git-dir correctly for submodules. No need to change the script.

Original change's description:
> add submodule .git directory
> When submodules are enabled, .git is a git link instead of a directory.
> We should find the new git directory location and then find HEAD
> revision there.
> Bug: b/253329946
> Change-Id: I0ec69df186e0f0d106689f78792854db5858d31d
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Craig Stout <>

Bug: b/253329946
Change-Id: I5c6bf228e16a1c3deb373436ae5285f98b00df6d
Reviewed-by: Craig Stout <>
1 file changed