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To build Rusticl you need to satisfy the following build dependencies:
- ``rustc``
- ``rustfmt`` (highly recommended, but only *required* for CI builds
or when authoring patches)
- ``bindgen``
- `LLVM <>`__ built with
``libclc`` and ``-DLLVM_ENABLE_DUMP=ON``.
- `SPIRV-Tools <>`__
- `SPIRV-LLVM-Translator
<>`__ for a
```` matching your version of LLVM, i.e. if you're
using LLVM 15 (````), then you need a
The minimum versions to build Rusticl are:
- Rust: 1.59
- Meson: 0.61.4
- Bindgen: 0.58.0
- LLVM: 11.0.0 (recommended: 15.0.0)
- SPIRV-Tools: any version (recommended: v2022.3)
Afterwards you only need to add ``-Dgallium-rusticl=true -Dllvm=enabled
-Drust_std=2021`` to your build options.
Most of the code related to Mesa's C code lives inside ``/mesa``, with
the occasional use of enums, structs or constants through the code base.
If you need help ping ``karolherbst`` either in ``#dri-devel`` or
``#rusticl`` on OFTC.
Also, make sure that before submitting code to verify the formatting is
in order. That can easily be done via ``git ls-files */{lib,app}.rs
| xargs rustfmt``
When submitting Merge Requests or filing bugs related to Rusticl, make
sure to add the ``Rusticl`` label so people subscribed to that Label get
Known issues
One issue you might come across is, that the Rust edition meson sets is
not right. This is a known `meson bug
<>`__ and in order to
fix it, simply run ``meson configure $your_build_dir -Drust_std=2021``