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from mako.template import Template
import unittest
import os
from mako.compat import py3k, py26, py33
from mako import compat
from mako.util import update_wrapper
import re
from mako.cache import CacheImpl, register_plugin
# unitttest has a SkipTest also but pytest doesn't
# honor it unless nose is imported too...
from nose import SkipTest
except ImportError:
from _pytest.runner import Skipped as SkipTest
import contextlib
template_base = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'templates')
module_base = os.path.join(template_base, 'modules')
class TemplateTest(unittest.TestCase):
def _file_template(self, filename, **kw):
filepath = self._file_path(filename)
return Template(uri=filename, filename=filepath,
module_directory=module_base, **kw)
def _file_path(self, filename):
name, ext = os.path.splitext(filename)
if py3k:
py3k_path = os.path.join(template_base, name + "_py3k" + ext)
if os.path.exists(py3k_path):
return py3k_path
return os.path.join(template_base, filename)
def _do_file_test(self, filename, expected, filters=None,
unicode_=True, template_args=None, **kw):
t1 = self._file_template(filename, **kw)
self._do_test(t1, expected, filters=filters,
unicode_=unicode_, template_args=template_args)
def _do_memory_test(self, source, expected, filters=None,
unicode_=True, template_args=None, **kw):
t1 = Template(text=source, **kw)
self._do_test(t1, expected, filters=filters,
unicode_=unicode_, template_args=template_args)
def _do_test(self, template, expected, filters=None, template_args=None,
if template_args is None:
template_args = {}
if unicode_:
output = template.render_unicode(**template_args)
output = template.render(**template_args)
if filters:
output = filters(output)
eq_(output, expected)
def eq_(a, b, msg=None):
"""Assert a == b, with repr messaging on failure."""
assert a == b, msg or "%r != %r" % (a, b)
def teardown():
import shutil
shutil.rmtree(module_base, True)
if py33:
from unittest import mock
import mock
def raises(except_cls, message=None):
success = False
except except_cls as e:
if message:
assert, compat.text_type(e), re.UNICODE), \
"%r !~ %s" % (message, e)
success = True
# assert outside the block so it works for AssertionError too !
assert success, "Callable did not raise an exception"
def assert_raises(except_cls, callable_, *args, **kw):
with raises(except_cls):
return callable_(*args, **kw)
def assert_raises_message(except_cls, msg, callable_, *args, **kwargs):
with raises(except_cls, msg):
return callable_(*args, **kwargs)
def skip_if(predicate, reason=None):
"""Skip a test if predicate is true."""
reason = reason or predicate.__name__
def decorate(fn):
fn_name = fn.__name__
def maybe(*args, **kw):
if predicate():
msg = "'%s' skipped: %s" % (
fn_name, reason)
raise SkipTest(msg)
return fn(*args, **kw)
return update_wrapper(maybe, fn)
return decorate
def requires_python_3(fn):
return skip_if(lambda: not py3k, "Requires Python 3.xx")(fn)
def requires_python_2(fn):
return skip_if(lambda: py3k, "Requires Python 2.xx")(fn)
def requires_python_26_or_greater(fn):
return skip_if(lambda: not py26, "Requires Python 2.6 or greater")(fn)
def requires_pygments_14(fn):
import pygments
version = pygments.__version__
version = "0"
return skip_if(lambda: version < "1.4", "Requires pygments 1.4 or greater")(fn)
def requires_no_pygments_exceptions(fn):
def go(*arg, **kw):
from mako import exceptions
return fn(*arg, **kw)
return update_wrapper(go, fn)
class PlainCacheImpl(CacheImpl):
"""Simple memory cache impl so that tests which
use caching can run without beaker. """
def __init__(self, cache):
self.cache = cache = {}
def get_or_create(self, key, creation_function, **kw):
if key in
else:[key] = data = creation_function(**kw)
return data
def put(self, key, value, **kw):[key] = value
def get(self, key, **kw):
def invalidate(self, key, **kw):
register_plugin("plain", __name__, "PlainCacheImpl")