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# ext/
# Copyright (C) 2006-2016 the Mako authors and contributors <see AUTHORS file>
# This module is part of Mako and is released under
# the MIT License:
"""gettext message extraction via Babel:"""
from babel.messages.extract import extract_python
from mako.ext.extract import MessageExtractor
class BabelMakoExtractor(MessageExtractor):
def __init__(self, keywords, comment_tags, options):
self.keywords = keywords
self.options = options
self.config = {
'comment-tags': u' '.join(comment_tags),
'encoding': options.get('input_encoding',
options.get('encoding', None)),
super(BabelMakoExtractor, self).__init__()
def __call__(self, fileobj):
return self.process_file(fileobj)
def process_python(self, code, code_lineno, translator_strings):
comment_tags = self.config['comment-tags']
for lineno, funcname, messages, python_translator_comments \
in extract_python(code,
self.keywords, comment_tags, self.options):
yield (code_lineno + (lineno - 1), funcname, messages,
translator_strings + python_translator_comments)
def extract(fileobj, keywords, comment_tags, options):
"""Extract messages from Mako templates.
:param fileobj: the file-like object the messages should be extracted from
:param keywords: a list of keywords (i.e. function names) that should be
recognized as translation functions
:param comment_tags: a list of translator tags to search for and include
in the results
:param options: a dictionary of additional options (optional)
:return: an iterator over ``(lineno, funcname, message, comments)`` tuples
:rtype: ``iterator``
extractor = BabelMakoExtractor(keywords, comment_tags, options)
for message in extractor(fileobj):
yield message