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1999-09-12 Paul D. Smith <>
* fnmatch.c: Last GLIBC version wouldn't compile outside of GLIBC
(undefined reference to internal_function). Update to the latest
1999-09-11 Paul Eggert <>
* glob.h (glob): If #defining to glob64, do this before
declaring it, so that all declarations and uses match, and
do not declare glob64, to avoid a declaration clash.
(globfree): Likewise with globfree64.
1999-09-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* glob.c (prefix_array) [__MSDOS__,WINDOWS32]: Keep the trailing
slash unless DIRNAME is just "x:/".
1999-09-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* fnmatch.c: Update to latest version from GLIBC.
1999-07-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* glob.c, glob.h, fnmatch.c, fnmatch.h: Update to latest version
from GLIBC.
* fnmatch.c (internal_fnmatch): Use K&R definition syntax, not ANSI.
(__strchrnul): This won't exist outside GLIBC, so create one.
* glob.c: Move getlogin{,_r} prototypes below glob.h to get __P()
1998-08-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* Remove; configuration for glob is handled by the
1998-07-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* glob.c, fnmatch.c: New versions from the GLIBC folks (Ulrich
Drepper). Fixes a bug reported by Eli Zaretski. Integrates
DOS/Windows32 support.
1998-07-27 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* glob.c (glob): Cast away const on assignment of pattern to dirname.
Cast the return type of __alloca() for traditional C compilers.
1998-07-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* glob.c, fnmatch.c: New versions of these files from the GLIBC
folks (Ulrich Drepper). Had to re-integrate some DOS/Windows
1998-07-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* glob.c (glob_in_dir): If no meta chars exist in PATTERN and
GLOB_NOCHECK is present, don't look for the file--whether it's
found or not, we'll always return it, so why bother searching?
Also, if we are searching and there are no meta chars, don't
bother trying fnmatch() if the strcmp() fails.
1998-05-30 Eli Zaretskii <>
* glob.c (glob) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Compute the directory and
filename parts of the pattern correctly when it includes a drive
spec. Disallow wildcards in the drive spec. Prevent recursion
when dirname is of the form "d:/" or "d:".
(prefix_array) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Don't append a slash to
"d:/" and "d:".
1998-05-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* SMakefile, Makefile.ami, glob.c, glob.h, fnmatch.c: Updated from
the latest glibc version.
1998-04-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* Create a config.h file instead of setting things
on the compile line. This is because when runs it merely
passes -DHAVE_CONFIG_H to the glob files, just as it does to the
make files.
* Created by autoheader.
Tue Aug 12 10:52:34 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Require autoconf 2.12.
* glob: Updates from latest GNU libc glob code.
* glob.c,glob.h,fnmatch.h: Change all WIN32 references to WINDOWS32.
* glob.h: OSF4 defines macros in such a way that GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC
is not defined. Added a test to the #if which defines it if
_GNU_SOURCE is defined; that's set by both glob.c and GNU make.
* glob.c: SunOS4 w/ cc needs #include <stdio.h>, since assert.h
requires stderr but doesn't include stdio.h :-/.
(next_brace_sub): De-protoize function definition.
(glob): Cast __alloca(); on SunOS4 it uses the default return type
of int.
(glob): Irix defines getlogin_r() to return a char*; move the
extern for that into the _LIBC area since it isn't used except in
LIBC anyway. Likewise, move extern getlogin() into the "else".
Sat Jul 20 21:55:31 1996 Roland McGrath <>
Win32 hacks from <>.
* posix/glob.c [WIN32]: Don't include <pwd.h>; don't use d_ino;
use void * for my_realloc; include <malloc.h> for alloca.
(glob) [WIN32]: Use "c:/users/default" for ~ if no HOME variable.
* posix/fnmatch.h [WIN32]: Use prototypes even if [!__STDC__].
* posix/glob.h: Likewise.
Fri Jul 19 16:56:41 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* posix/glob.h [!_AMIGA && !VMS]: Check this instead of just [!_AMIGA]
for `struct stat;' forward decl.
Sat Jun 22 10:44:09 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* posix/glob.c: Include <alloca.h> only [HAVE_ALLOCA_H], not [sparc].
Fri Jun 21 00:27:51 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* posix/fnmatch.c (fnmatch): Fix \*[*?]+ case to increment name ptr
only for ?s, not for *s. Fix from Chet Ramey.