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Mon Aug 18 09:41:08 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.91
Fri Aug 15 13:50:54 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (do_define): Remember to count the newline after the endef.
Thu Aug 14 23:14:37 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* many: Rewrote builds to use Automake 1.2.
* AUTHORS: New file.
* maintMakefile: Contains maintainer-only make snippets.
* GNUmakefile: This now only runs the initial auto* tools.
* COPYING,texinfo.tex,mkinstalldirs,install-sh: Removed (obtained
automatically by automake).
* compatMakefile: Removed (not needed anymore).
* README, Removed (built from templates).
*, Removed (built by tools).
Wed Aug 13 02:22:08 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Updates for DOS/Windows information (Eli Zaretskii)
* remake.c (update_file_1,f_mtime): Fix GPATH handling.
* vpath.c (gpath_search): Ditto.
* file.c (rename_file): New function: rehash, but also rename to
the hashname.
* filedef.h: Declare it.
* variable.c (merge_variable_set_lists): Remove free() of variable
set; since various files can share variable sets we don't want to
free them here.
Tue Aug 12 10:51:54 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Require autoconf 2.12
* make.texinfo: Replace all "cd subdir; $(MAKE)" examples with a
more stylistically correct "cd subdir && $(MAKE)".
* main.c: Global variable `clock_skew_detected' defined.
(main): Print final warning if it's set.
* make.h: Declare it.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Test and set it.
* job.c (start_job_command): Add special optimizations for
"do-nothing" rules, containing just the shell no-op ":". This is
useful for timestamp files and can make a real difference if you
have a lot of them (requested by Fergus Henderson <>).
*, Rewrote to use the new autoconf
program_transform_name macro.
* function.c (function_strip): Strip newlines as well as spaces
and TABs.
Fri Jun 6 23:41:04 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): Datestamps on FAT-based files are rounded to
even seconds when stored, so if the date check fails on WINDOWS32
systems, see if this "off-by-one" error is the problem.
* General: If your TZ environment variable is not set correctly
then all your timestamps will be off by hours. So, set it!
Mon Apr 7 02:06:22 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.1
* compatMakefile (objs): Define & use the $(GLOB) variable so
that it's removed correctly from when it's built.
* On Solaris we can use the kstat_*() functions to
get load averages without needing special permissions. Add a
check for -lkstat to see if we have it.
* getloadavg.c (getloadavg): Use HAVE_LIBKSTAT instead of SUN5 as
the test to enable kstat_open(), etc. processing.
Fri Apr 4 20:21:18 1997 Eli Zaretskii <>
* <lots>: Fixes to work in the DJGPP DOS environment.
Mon Mar 31 02:42:52 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (expand_function): Added new function $(wordlist).
* make.texinfo (Filename Functions): Document $(wordlist) function.
* vpath.c (build_vpath_lists): Construct the GPATH variable
information in the same manner we used to construct VPATH.
(gpath_search): New function to search GPATH.
* make.h: Declare the new function.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Call it, and keep VPATH if it's found.
* make.texinfo (Search Algorithm): Document GPATH variable.
Sun Mar 30 20:57:16 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (handle_non_switch_argument): Defined the MAKECMDGOALS
variable to contain the user options passed in on the cmd line.
* make.texinfo (Goals): Document MAKECMDGOALS variable.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Print a warning if we detect a clock skew
error, rather than failing.
* main.c (main): If we rebuild any makefiles and need to re-exec,
add "-o<mkfile>" options for each makefile rebuilt to avoid
infinite looping.
Fri Mar 28 15:26:05 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Track whether the last
arg in the cmd string was empty or not (Roland).
(construct_command_argv_internal): If the shell line is empty,
don't do anything (Roland).
* glob/glob.h,glob/glob.c,glob/fnmatch.c,glob/fnmatch.h: Install
the latest changes from the GLIBC version of glob (Ulrich Drepper).
* getloadavg.c,make-stds.texi: New version (Roland).
* (ALL): Changed WIN32 to W32 or WINDOWS32 (RMS).
Mon Mar 24 15:33:34 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* README.W32: Describe preliminary FAT support.
* build_w32.bat: Use a variable for the final exe name.
* dir.c (find_directory): W32: Find the filesystem type.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): W32: for FAT filesystems, always
rehash since FAT doesn't change directory mtime on change.
* main.c (handle_runtime_exceptions): W32: Add an
UnhandledExceptionFilter so that when make bombs due to ^C or a
bug, it won't cause a GUI requestor to pop up unless debug is
turned on.
(main): Call it.
Mon Mar 24 00:57:34 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
*,, config.ami, config.h-vms, config.h.w32:
Check for memmove() function.
* make.h (bcopy): If memmove() available, define bcopy() to use it.
Otherwise just use bcopy(). Don't use memcpy(); it's not guaranteed
to handle overlapping moves.
* read.c (read_makefile): Fix some uninitialized memory reads
(reported by Purify).
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use bcopy() not
strcpy(); strcpy() isn't guaranteed to handle overlapping moves.
* Change install-info option ``--infodir'' to
``--info-dir'' for use with new texinfo.
* function.c (expand_function): $(basename) and $(suffix) should
only search for suffixes as far back as the last directory (e.g.,
only the final filename in the path).
Sun Mar 23 00:13:05 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Add @dircategory/@direntry information.
(Top): Remove previous reference to (dir) (from RMS).
(Static Usage): Add "all:" rule to example.
(Automatic Dependencies): fix .d file creation example.
* Install VPATH+ patch:
* filedef.h (struct file): Add in hname field to store the hashed
filename, and a flag to remember if we're using the vpath filename
or not. Renamed a few functions for more clarity.
* file.c (lookup_file,enter_file,file_hash_enter): Store filenames
in the hash table based on their "hash name". We can change this
while keeping the original target in "name".
(rehash_file): Renamed from "rename_file" to be more accurate.
Changes the hash name, but not the target name.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Modify -d output for more detailed
VPATH info. If we don't need to rebuild, use the VPATH name.
(f_mtime): Don't search for vpath if we're ignoring it. Call
renamed function rehash_file. Call name_mtime instead of
file_mtime, to avoid infinite recursion since the file wasn't
actually renamed.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): if we find an implicit file in
VPATH, save the original name not the VPATH name.
* make.texinfo (Directory Search): Add a section on the new VPATH
Sun Dec 1 18:36:04 1996 Andreas Schwab <>
* dir.c (file_exists_p, file_impossible, file_impossible_p): If
dirname is empty replace it by the name of the root directory.
Note that this doesn't work (yet) for W32, Amiga, or VMS.
Tue Oct 08 13:57:03 1996 Rob Tulloh <>
* main.c (main): W32 bug fix for PATH vars.
Tue Sep 17 1996 Paul Eggert <>
* filedef.h (NEW_MTIME): Don't assume that time_t is a signed
32-bit quantity.
Tue Aug 27 01:06:34 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.75 released.
* main.c (print_version): Print out bug-reporting address.
Mon Aug 26 19:55:47 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (print_data_base): Don't declare ctime; headers do it for us
Sun Jul 28 15:37:09 1996 Rob Tulloh (
* w32/pathstuff.c: Turned convert_vpath_to_w32() into a
real function. This was done so that VPATH could contain
white space separated pathnames. Please note that directory
paths (in VPATH/vpath context) containing white space are not
supported (just as they are not under Unix). See README.W32
for suggestions.
* w32/include/pathstuff.h: Added prototype for the new
function convert_vpath_to_w32. Deleted macro for same.
* README.W32: Added some notes about why I chose not to try
and support pathnames which contain white space and some
workaround suggestions.
Thu Jul 25 19:53:31 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* GNUmakefile (mkdep-nolib): Use -MM option unconditionally.
* Version 3.74.7.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Back up P to point at null terminator
when killing final space and dash before setting MFLAGS.
From Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@Mathematik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>:
* dir.c [__MSDOS__] [DJGPP > 1]: Include <libc/dosio.h> and defin
`__opendir_flags' initialized to 0.
[__MSDOS__] (dosify) [DJGPP > 1]: Return name unchanged if _USE_LFN.
(find_directory) [__MSDOS__ && DJGPP > 1]: If _USE_LGN, set
__opendir_flags to __OPENDIR_PRESERVE_CASE.
* vmsfunctions.c (vms_stat): `sys$dassgn (DevChan);' added by kkaempf.
* GNUmakefile (w32files): Add NMakefile.
* NMakefile (LDFLAGS_debug): Value fixed by tulloh.
Sat Jul 20 12:32:10 1996 Klaus Kämpf (
* remake.c (f_mtime) [VMS]: Add missing `if' conditional for future
modtime check.
* config.h-vms, makefile.vms, readme.vms, vmsify.c: Update address.
Sat Jul 20 05:29:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Require autoconf 2.10 or later.
Fri Jul 19 16:57:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.6.
* GNUmakefile (w32files): New variable.
(distfiles): Add it.
* w32: Updated by Rob Tulloh.
* makefile.vms (LOADLIBES): Fix typo.
Sun Jul 14 12:59:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Fix up #else, #endifs.
* configh.dos: Define HAVE_DIRENT_H instead of DIRENT.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Don't compare MTIME to NOW if MTIME == -1.
* Version 3.74.5.
* main.c (main): Exit with status 2 when update_goal_chain returns 2.
Sat Jun 22 14:56:05 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Don't check for _sys_siglist.
* make.h [HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST]: Don't test this; just punt if there is
no strsignal or sys_siglist.
* read.c (conditional_line): Strip ws in `ifeq (a , b)' so it is the
same as `ifeq (a, b)'.
* job.c (reap_children): Don't call die if handling_fatal_signal.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): Allow renaming :: to : when latter is
non-target, or : to :: when former is non-target.
* job.c (start_job_command): Call block_sigs.
(block_sigs): New function, broken out of start_job_command.
(reap_children): Block fatal signals around removing dead child from
chain and adjusting job_slots_used.
* job.h: Declare block_sigs.
* remote-stub.c (remote_setup, remote_cleanup): New (empty) functions.
* main.c (main): Call remote_setup.
(die): Call remote_cleanup.
* job.c (reap_children): Quiescent value of shell_function_pid is
zero, not -1.
* main.c (print_version): Add 96 to copyright years.
Sat Jun 15 20:30:01 1996 Andreas Schwab <>
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Avoid calling strlen on every call
just to throw away the value most of the time.
Sun Jun 2 12:24:01 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Prepend '-' to ARGV[1] if it contains
no '=', regardless of ARGC.
(define_makeflags): Elide leading '-' from MAKEFLAGS value if first
word is short option, regardless of WORDS.
Wed May 22 17:24:51 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* makefile.vms: Set LOADLIBES.
* (link_using_library): Fix typo.
Wed May 15 17:37:26 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (print_dir_data_base): Use %ld dev and ino and cast them to
Wed May 15 10:14:14 CDT 1996 Rob Tulloh <>
* dir.c: W32 does not support inode. For now, fully qualified
pathname along with st_mtime will be keys for files.
Fixed problem where vpath can be confused when files
are added to a directory after the directory has already been
read in. The code now attempts to reread the directory if it
discovers that the datestamp on the directory has changed since
it was cached by make. This problem only seems to occur on W32
right now so it is lumped under port #ifdef WINDOWS32.
* function.c: W32: call subproc library (CreateProcess()) instead of
* job.c: W32: Added the code to do fork/exec/waitpid style processing
on W32 systems via calls to subproc library.
* main.c: W32: Several things added here. First, there is code
for dealing with PATH and SHELL defaults. Make tries to figure
out if the user has %PATH% set in the environment and sets it to
%Path% if it is not set already. Make also looks to see if sh.exe
is anywhere to be found. Code path through job.c will change
based on existence of a working Bourne shell. The checking for
default shell is done twice: once before makefiles are read in
and again after. Fall back to MSDOS style execution mode if no sh.exe
is found. Also added some debug support that allows user to pause make
with -D switch and attach a debugger. This is especially useful for
debugging recursive calls to make where problems appear only in the
* make.h: W32: A few macros and header files for W32 support.
* misc.c: W32: Added a function end_of_token_w32() to assist
in parsing code in read.c.
* read.c: W32: Fixes similar to MSDOS which allow colon to
appear in filenames. Use of colon in filenames would otherwise
confuse make.
* remake.c: W32: Added include of io.h to eliminate compiler
warnings. Added some code to default LIBDIR if it is not set
on W32.
* variable.c: W32: Added support for detecting Path/PATH
and converting them to semicolon separated lists for make's
internal use. New function sync_Path_environment()
which is called in job.c and function.c before creating a new
process. Caller must set Path in environment since we don't
have fork() to do this for us.
* vpath.c: W32: Added detection for filenames containing
forward or backward slashes.
* NMakefile: W32: Visual C compatible makefile for use with nmake.
Use this to build GNU make the first time on Windows NT or Windows 95.
* README.W32: W32: Contains some helpful notes.
* build_w32.bat: W32: If you don't like nmake, use this the first
time you build GNU make on Windows NT or Windows 95.
* config.h.W32: W32 version of config.h
* subproc.bat: W32: A bat file used to build the
subproc library from the top-level NMakefile. Needed because
WIndows 95 (nmake) doesn't allow you to cd in a make rule.
* w32/include/dirent.h
* w32/compat/dirent.c: W32: opendir, readdir, closedir, etc.
* w32/include/pathstuff.h: W32: used by files needed functions
defined in pathstuff.c (prototypes).
* w32/include/sub_proc.h: W32: prototypes for subproc.lib functions.
* w32/include/w32err.h: W32: prototypes for w32err.c.
* w32/pathstuff.c: W32: File and Path/Path conversion functions.
* w32/subproc/build.bat: W32: build script for subproc library
if you don't wish to use nmake.
* w32/subproc/NMakefile: W32: Visual C compatible makefile for use
with nmake. Used to build subproc library.
* w32/subproc/misc.c: W32: subproc library support code
* w32/subproc/proc.h: W32: subproc library support code
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: W32: subproc library source code
* w32/subproc/w32err.c: W32: subproc library support code
Mon May 13 14:37:42 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.4.
* GNUmakefile (vmsfiles): Fix typo.
* GNUmakefile (amigafiles): Add amiga.h.
Sun May 12 19:19:43 1996 Aaron Digulla <>
* dir.c: New function: amigafy() to fold filenames
Changes HASH() to HASHI() to fold filenames on Amiga.
Stringcompares use strieq() instead of streq()
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
* file.c: Likewise.
* amiga.c: New function wildcard_expansion(). Allows to use
Amiga wildcards with $(wildcard )
* amiga.h: New file. Prototypes for amiga.c
* function.c: Use special function wildcard_expansion() for
$(wildcard ) to allow Amiga wildcards
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
* job.c: No Pipes on Amiga, too
(load_too_high) Neither on Amiga
ENV variable on Amiga are in a special directory and are not
passed as third argument to main().
* job.h: No envp on Amiga
* make.h: Added HASHI(). This is the same as HASH() but converts
it's second parameter to lowercase on Amiga to fold filenames.
* main.c: (main), variable.c Changed handling of ENV-vars. Make
stores now the names of the variables only and reads their contents
when they are accessed to reflect that these variables are really
global (ie. they CAN change WHILE make runs !) This handling is
made in lookup_variable()
* Makefile.ami: renamed file.h to filedep.h
Updated dependencies
* read.c: "find_semicolon" is declared as static but never defined.
No difference between Makefile and makefile on Amiga; added
SMakefile to *default_makefiles[].
(read_makefile) SAS/C want's two_colon and pattern_percent be set
before use.
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
Strange #endif moved.
* README.Amiga: updated feature list
* SMakefile: Updated dependencies
* variable.c: Handling of ENV variable happens inside lookup_variable()
Sat May 11 17:58:32 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Count parens in lhs variable
refs to avoid seeing =/:=/+= inside a ref.
Thu May 9 13:54:49 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal) [SIGQUIT]: Make SIGQUIT check
* main.c (main): Use unsigned for fread return.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Use `int' for char arg to avoid widening
conflict issues.
* dep.h: Fix prototype.
* function.c (expand_function) [_AMIGA]: Fix some typos.
(patsubst_expand): Make len vars unsigned.
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add AmigaDOS support files.
(distfiles): Add $(amigafiles).
(amigafiles): New variable.
Thu Nov 7 10:18:16 1995 Aaron Digulla <>
* Added Amiga support in commands.c, dir.c, function.c,
job.c, main.c, make.h, read.c, remake.c
* commands.c: Amiga has neither SIGHUP nor SIGQUIT
* dir.c: Amiga has filenames with Upper- and Lowercase,
but "FileName" is the same as "filename". Added strieq()
which is use to compare filenames. This is like streq()
on all other systems. Also there is no such thing as
"." under AmigaDOS.
* function.c: On Amiga, the environment is not passed as envp,
there are no pipes and Amiga can't fork. Use my own function
to create a new child.
* job.c: default_shell is "" (The system automatically chooses
a shell for me). Have to use the same workaround as MSDOS for
running batch commands. Added HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H. NOFILE isn't
known on Amiga. Cloned code to run children from MSDOS. Own
version of sh_chars[] and sh_cmds[]. No dup2() or dup() on Amiga.
* main.c: Force stack to 20000 bytes. Read environment from ENV:
device. On Amiga, exec_command() does return, so I exit()
* make.h: Added strieq() to compare filenames.
* read.c: Amiga needs special extension to have passwd. Only
one include-dir. "Makefile" and "makefile" are the same.
Added "SMakefile". Added special code to handle device names (xxx:)
and "./" in rules.
* remake.c: Only one lib-dir. Amiga link-libs are named "%s.lib"
instead of "lib%s.a".
* main.c, rule.c, variable.c: Avoid floats at all costs.
* vpath.c: Get rid of as many alloca()s as possible.
Thu May 9 13:20:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Grok `sinclude' as alias for `-include'.
Wed Mar 20 09:52:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* GNUmakefile (vmsfiles): New variable.
(distfiles): Include $(vmsfiles).
Tue Mar 19 20:21:34 1996 Roland McGrath <>
Merged VMS port from Klaus Kaempf <>.
* make.h (PARAMS): New macro.
* config.h-vms: New file.
* New file.
* makefile.vms: New file.
* readme.vms: New file.
* vmsdir.h: New file.
* vmsfunctions.c: New file.
* vmsify.c: New file.
* file.h: Renamed to filedef.h to avoid conflict with VMS system hdr.
* ar.c: Added prototypes and changes for VMS.
* commands.c: Likewise.
* commands.h: Likewise.
* default.c: Likewise.
* dep.h: Likewise.
* dir.c: Likewise.
* expand.c: Likewise.
* file.c: Likewise.
* function.c: Likewise.
* implicit.c: Likewise.
* job.c: Likewise.
* job.h: Likewise.
* main.c: Likewise.
* make.h: Likewise.
* misc.c: Likewise.
* read.c: Likewise.
* remake.c: Likewise.
* remote-stub.c: Likewise.
* rule.c: Likewise.
* rule.h: Likewise.
* variable.c: Likewise.
* variable.h: Likewise.
* vpath.c: Likewise.
* compatMakefile (srcs): Rename file.h to filedef.h.
Sat Aug 19 23:11:00 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* remake.c (check_dep): For a secondary file, try implicit and
default rules if appropriate.
Wed Aug 2 04:29:42 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* remake.c (check_dep): If an intermediate file exists,
do consider its actual date.
Sun Jul 30 00:49:53 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* file.h (struct file): New field `secondary'.
* file.c (snap_deps): Check for .INTERMEDIATE and .SECONDARY.
(remove_intermediates): Don't delete .SECONDARY files.
Sat Mar 2 16:26:52 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (srcs): Add getopt.h; prepend $(srcdir)/ to getopt*.
Fri Mar 1 12:04:47 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.3.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Move future modtime check before FILE is
clobbered by :: loop.
* dir.c: Use canonical code from autoconf manual for dirent include.
[_D_NAMLEN]: Redefine NAMLEN using this.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Use NAMLEN macro.
(read_dirstream) [_DIRENT_HAVE_D_NAMLEN]: Only set d_namlen #if this.
* compatMakefile (objs): Add missing backslash.
Wed Feb 28 03:56:20 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Remove + prefix from RCS cmds.
(default_variables): Put + prefix in $(CHECKOUT,v) value instead.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Check for future timestamps; give error and mark
file as "failed to update".
Fri Jan 12 18:09:36 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c: Don't declare unblock_sigs; job.h already does.
Sat Jan 6 16:24:44 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* acconfig.h (HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX): #undef removed.
* job.c (NGROUPS_MAX): Don't try to define this macro.
Fri Dec 22 18:44:44 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (GETOPT, GETOPT_SRC, GLOB): Variables removed.
(objs, srcs): Include their values here instead of references.
Thu Dec 14 06:21:29 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.2.
* job.c (reap_children): Call unblock_sigs after start_job_command.
Thu Dec 14 07:22:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (dir_setup_glob): Don't use lstat; glob never calls it anyway.
Avoid & before function names to silence bogus sunos4 compiler.
* Remove check for `sysconf (_SC_OPEN_MAX)'.
Tue Dec 12 00:48:42 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.1.
* dir.c (read_dirstream): Fix braino: fill in the buffer when not
reallocating it!
Mon Dec 11 22:26:15 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* misc.c (collapse_continuations): Fix skipping of trailing \s so
it can never dereference before the beginning of the array.
* read.c (find_semicolon): Function removed.
(read_makefile): Don't use find_semicolon or remove_comments for
rule lines. Use find_char_unquote directly and handle quoted comments
* default.c: Remove all [M_XENIX] code.
* dir.c [HAVE_D_NAMLEN]: Define this for __GNU_LIBRARY__ > 1.
(D_NAMLEN): Macro removed.
(FAKE_DIR_ENTRY): New macro.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Test HAVE_D_NAMLEN instead of using
(read_dirstream): Return a struct dirent * for new glob interface.
(init_dir): Function removed.
(dir_setup_glob): New function.
* main.c (main): Don't call init_dir.
* read.c (multi_glob): Call dir_setup_glob on our glob_t and use
* misc.c (safe_stat): Function removed.
* read.c, commands.c, remake.c, vpath.c: Use plain stat instead of
Sat Nov 25 20:35:18 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c [HAVE_UNION_WAIT]: Include sys/wait.h.
* main.c (log_working_directory): Made global.
Print entering msg only once.
* make.h (log_working_directory): Declare it.
* misc.c (message): Take new arg PREFIX. Print "make: " only if
nonzero. Call log_working_directory.
* remake.c: Pass new arg in `message' calls.
* job.c (start_job_command): Pass new arg to `message'; fix
inverted test in that call.
Tue Nov 21 19:01:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Use `message' to print the command,
and call it with null if the command is silent.
* remake.c (touch_file): Use message instead of printf.
Tue Oct 10 14:59:30 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): Barf if NAME is "".
Sat Sep 9 06:33:20 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* commands.c (delete_target): Ignore unlink failure if it is ENOENT.
Thu Aug 17 15:08:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Don't check for getdtablesize.
* job.c (getdtablesize): Remove decls and macros.
Thu Aug 10 19:10:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (define_makeflags): Omit command line variable
definitions from MFLAGS value.
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [AIAMAG]: Check for zero MEMBER_OFFSET,
indicating a valid, but empty, archive.
Mon Aug 7 15:40:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (file_impossible_p): Correctly reset FILENAME to name
within directory before hash search.
* job.c (child_error): Do nothing if IGNORED under -s.
* job.c (exec_command): Correctly use ARGV[0] for script name when
running shell directly.
Tue Aug 1 14:39:14 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (child_execute_job): Close STDIN_FD and STDOUT_FD after
dup'ing from them. Don't try to close all excess descriptors;
getdtablesize might return a huge value. Any open descriptors in
the parent should have FD_CLOEXEC set.
(start_job_command): Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on BAD_STDIN descriptor.
Tue Jun 20 03:47:15 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Properly append default makefiles
to the end of the `read_makefiles' chain.
Fri May 19 16:36:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74 released.
Wed May 10 17:43:34 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73.3.
Tue May 9 17:15:23 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Make sure $$dir is set in
install-info cmd.
Wed May 3 15:56:06 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (print_file): Grok update_status of 1 for -q.
Thu Apr 27 12:39:35 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73.2.
Wed Apr 26 17:15:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Fix inverted test to bail under
-n for signal case. Bail under -q or -t.
Skip files with update_status==-1.
* job.c (job_next_command): Skip empty lines.
(new_job): Don't test the return of job_next_command.
Just let start_waiting_job handle the case of empty commands.
Wed Apr 19 03:25:54 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* function.c [__MSDOS__]: Include <fcntl.h>. From DJ Delorie.
* Version 3.73.1.
Sat Apr 8 14:53:24 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Set FILE->update_status to zero
if it's -1.
Wed Apr 5 00:20:24 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73 released.
Tue Mar 28 13:25:46 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Fixed braino in assert.
* Version 3.72.13.
Mon Mar 27 05:29:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c: Avoid string in assert expression. Some systems are broken.
Fri Mar 24 00:32:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Handle 1 and 2 returns from update_goal_chain
makefile run properly.
* Version 3.72.12.
* main.c (handle_non_switch_argument): New function, broken out of
(decode_switches): Set optind to 0 to reinitialize getopt, not to 1.
When getopt_long returns EOF, break the loop and handle remaining args
with a simple second loop.
* remake.c (remake_file): Set update_status to 2 instead of 1 for
no rule to make. Mention parent (dependent) in error message.
(update_file_1): Handle FILE->update_status == 2 in -d printout.
* job.c (start_job_command, reap_children): Set update_status to 2
instead of 1 for failed commands.
Tue Mar 21 16:23:38 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (search_path): Function removed (was already #if 0'd out).
* Remove AC_TYPE_GETGROUPS; nothing needs it any more.
Fri Mar 17 15:57:40 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* configure.bat: Write @CPPFLAGS@ translation.
Mon Mar 13 00:45:59 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Rearranged `l(a b)' -> `l(a) l(b)' loop
to not skip the elt immediately preceding `l(...'.
Fri Mar 10 13:56:49 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.11.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Make second arg a string of stop
chars instead of a single stop char. Stop when any char in the
string is hit. All callers changed.
(find_semicolon): Pass stop chars "#;" to one find_char_unquote call,
instead of using two calls. If the match is not a ; but a #,
return zero.
* misc.c: Changed find_char_unquote callers here too.
* Version 3.72.10.
* read.c (read_makefile, parse_file_seq): Fix typo __MS_DOS__ ->
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add glob/configure.bat.
(distfiles): Add configh.dos, configure.bat.
Wed Mar 8 13:10:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
Fixes for MS-DOS from DJ Delorie.
* read.c (read_makefile, parse_file_seq) [__MS_DOS__]: Don't see :
as separator in "C:\...".
* configh.dos (STDC_HEADERS): Define only if undefined.
(HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H): Don't define this.
(HAVE_STRERROR): Define this.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [__MSDOS__]: Fix typos.
* Version 3.72.9.
* main.c (decode_switches): Reset optind to 1 instead of 0.
Tue Mar 7 17:31:06 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (decode_switches): If non-option arg is "-", ignore it.
Mon Mar 6 23:57:38 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.8.
Wed Feb 22 21:26:36 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.7.
Tue Feb 21 22:10:43 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Pass missing arg to tmpnam.
* Check for strsignal.
* job.c (child_error): Use strsignal.
* main.c (main): Don't call signame_init #ifdef HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
* misc.c (strerror): Fix swapped args in sprintf.
Mon Feb 13 11:50:08 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Don't set these variables.
Fri Feb 10 18:44:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (print_version): Add 95 to copyright years.
* Version 3.72.6.
* job.c (start_job_command): Remember to call notice_finished_file
under -n when not recursing. To do this, consolidate that code
under the empty command case and goto there for the -n case.
Tue Feb 7 13:36:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* make.h [! STDC_HEADERS]: Don't declare qsort. Sun headers
declare it int.
Mon Feb 6 17:37:01 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_makefile): For bogus line starting with tab, ignore
it if blank after removing comments.
* main.c: Cast results of `alloca' to `char *'.
* expand.c: Likewise.
Sun Feb 5 18:35:46 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.5.
* Check for mktemp.
* main.c (main) [! HAVE_MKTEMP]: Use tmpnam instead of mktemp.
* (make_cv_sysconf_open_max): New check for `sysconf
* acconfig.h: Added #undef HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX.
* job.c [HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX] (getdtablesize): Define as macro
using sysconf.
Fri Jan 27 04:42:09 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): When !MUST_MAKE, don't set
FILE->update_status to zero before calling notice_finished_file.
(notice_finished_file): Touch only when FILE->update_status is zero.
(remake_file): Set FILE->update_status to zero after not calling
execute_file_command and deciding to touch instead.
Thu Jan 26 01:29:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (debug_signal_handler): New function; toggles debug_flag.
(main): Handle SIGUSR1 with that.
Mon Jan 16 15:46:56 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (realclean): Remove Info files.
Sun Jan 15 08:23:09 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.4.
* job.c (start_job_command): Save and restore environ around vfork
(search_path): Function #if 0'd out.
(exec_command): Use execvp instead of search_path.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Rewrote computed variable name and
substitution reference handling to be simpler. First expand the
entire text between the parens if it contains any $s, then examine
the result of that for subtitution references and do no further
expansion while parsing them.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Handle " quoting too,
when no backslash, $ or ` characters appear inside the quotes.
* (union wait check): If WEXITSTATUS and WTERMSIG are
defined, just use int.
Tue Jan 10 06:27:27 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c (default_variables) [__hpux]: Remove special
definition of ARFLAGS. Existence of the `f' flag is not
consistent across HPUX versions; and one might be using GNU ar
* compatMakefile (clean): Don't remove Info files.
* compatMakefile (check): Remove gratuitous target declaration.
Sat Jan 7 11:38:23 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (ETAGS, CTAGS): Don't use -t.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [cray]: Subtract 1 like [__hpux].
* main.c (decode_switches): For --help, print usage to stdout.
Mon Dec 5 12:42:18 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.3.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Do set_command_state (FILE,
cs_not_started) only if old state was deps_running.
Mon Nov 28 14:24:03 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (start_waiting_job): Use set_command_state.
* build.template (CPPFLAGS): New variable.
(prefix, exec_prefix): Set from @...@.
(compilation loop): Pass $CPPFLAGS to compiler.
* GNUmakefile ( Make it executable.
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add, configure.
* Version 3.72.2.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Don't write glob/Makefile.
* Don't check for ranlib.
Tue Nov 22 22:42:40 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Only mark also_make's as
updated if really ran cmds.
Tue Nov 15 06:32:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Put dnls before random whitespace.
Sun Nov 13 05:02:25 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (CPPFLAGS): New variable, set from @CPPFLAGS@.
(RANLIB): Variable removed.
(prefix, exec_prefix): Set these from @...@.
(.c.o): Use $(CPPFLAGS).
(glob/libglob.a): Don't pass down variables to sub-make.
glob/Makefile should be configured properly by configure.
(distclean): Remove config.log and config.cache (autoconf stuff).
Mon Nov 7 13:58:06 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* acconfig.h: Add #undef HAVE_UNION_WAIT.
* Converted to Autoconf v2.
* dir.c: Test HAVE_DIRENT_H, HAVE_SYS_DIR_H, HAVE_NDIR_H instead
* (prefix, exec_prefix): Set these from @...@.
(CPPFLAGS): New variable, set from @CPPFLAGS@.
(compiling loop): Pass $CPPFLAGS before $CFLAGS.
* File renamed to install-sh.
* main.c (define_makeflags): When no flags, set WORDS to zero.
Sun Nov 6 18:34:01 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.1.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Terminate properly when FLAGSTRING is
Fri Nov 4 16:02:51 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.
Tue Nov 1 01:18:10 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.5.
* job.c (start_job_command): When ARGV is nil, only set
update_state and call notice_finished_file if job_next_command
returns zero.
* job.c (start_job_command): Call notice_finished_file for empty
command line.
Thu Oct 27 02:02:45 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (snap_deps): Set COMMANDS_SILENT for .SILENT, not
Wed Oct 26 02:14:10 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.4.
Tue Oct 25 22:49:24 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (snap_deps): Set command_flags bits in all :: entries.
Mon Oct 24 18:47:50 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* make.h (posix_pedantic): Declare it.
* main.c (main): Move checks .IGNORE, .SILENT, .POSIX to
* file.c (snap_deps): Check .IGNORE, .SILENT, .POSIX here instead
of in main. If .IGNORE has deps, OR COMMANDS_NOERROR into their
command_flags and don't set -i. Likewise .SILENT.
* job.c (start_job_command): In FLAGS initialization, OR in
* file.h (struct file): New member `command_flags'.
Sun Oct 16 01:01:51 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (switches): Bump flag values for --no-print-directory and
--warn-undefined-variables, so neither is 1 (which indicates a
nonoption argument).
Sat Oct 15 23:39:48 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Add missing code in .IGNORE test.
Mon Oct 10 04:09:03 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define +D and +F.
Sat Oct 1 04:07:48 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Define hidden automatic variable with command
vars, and MAKEOVERRIDES to a reference to that.
(define_makeflags): If posix_pedantic, write a reference to that
Thu Sep 29 00:14:26 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (posix_pedantic): New variable.
(main): Set posix_pedantic if .POSIX is a target.
Fix .IGNORE and .SILENT checks to require is_target.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Define new automatic variable
$+, like $^ but before calling uniquize_deps.
* job.c (reap_children): Call delete_child_targets for non-signal
error if .DELETE_ON_ERROR is a target.
Tue Sep 27 01:57:14 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.3.
Mon Sep 26 18:16:55 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (reap_children): Don't change C->file->command_state when
dying. Test it only after calling start_job_command for a new
command line. When no more cmds, just set C->file->update_status.
(start_job_command): When the last line is empty or under -n, set
(start_waiting_job): Grok cs_not_started after start_job_command
as success.
(new_job): Set C->file->update_status when there are no cmds.
(job_next_command): When out of lines, don't set
CHILD->file->update_status or CHILD->file->command_state.
* main.c (quote_as_word): Renamed from shell_quote. Take new arg;
if nonzero, also double $s.
(main): Define MAKEOVERRIDES from command_variables here.
(define_makeflags): Don't use command_variables here; instead write a
reference $(MAKEOVERRIDES) in MAKEFLAGS. Make vars recursive.
* dir.c [__MSDOS__]: Fixed typo.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Reset EXISTS when stat fails.
Sat Sep 10 03:01:35 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c: Include <assert.h> and use assert instead of printfs
and abort.
* main.c (decode_switches): Loop until optind hits ARGC, not just
until getopt_long returns EOF. Initialize C to zero before loop;
in loop if C is EOF, set optarg from ARGV[optind++], else call
(decode_env_switches): Use variable_expand instead of
allocated_variable_expand. Allocate a fresh buffer to copy split
words into; scan characters by hand to break words and
(shell_quote): New function.
(define_makeflags): Allocate doubled space for switch args, and command
variable names and values; use shell_quote to quote those things.
Fri Sep 9 01:37:47 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.2.
* main.c (decode_switches): The non-option return from getopt is
1, not 0.
(command_variables): New type and variable.
(decode_switches, decode_env_switches): After making a variable
definition, record the struct variable pointer in the
command_variables chain.
(define_makeflags): If ALL, write variable definitions for
* main.c (other_args): Variable removed.
(goals, lastgoal): New static variables (moved from auto in main).
(main): Don't process OTHER_ARGS at all.
Don't set variable MAKEOVERRIDES at all; define MAKE to just
(init_switches): Prepend a - {return in order} instead of a +
{require order}.
(decode_switches): Don't set OTHER_ARGS at all.
Grok '\0' return from getopt_long as non-option argument; try
variable definition and (if !ENV) enter goal targets here.
(decode_env_switches): Use allocated_variable_expand to store value.
Use find_next_token to simplify word-splitting loop. Don't
prepend a dash to uninterpreted value. Instead, if split into
only one word, try variable definition and failing that prepend a
dash to the word and pass it to decode_switches as a single arg.
Wed Sep 7 03:02:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Only recheck modtimes if
FILE->command_state was cs_running on entry (meaning the commands
actually just ran).
(update_file_1): Whenever we set FILE->update_status, call
notice_finished_file instead of just set_command_state.
* job.c (start_job_command): Whenever we set
CHILD->file->update_status, call notice_finished_file instead of
just set_command_state.
Tue Sep 6 19:13:54 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c: Add missing ".
* job.c: Changed all assignments of command_state members to calls
to set_command_state.
* remake.c: Likewise.
* file.c (set_command_state): New function.
* file.h: Declare set_command_state.
* main.c (init_switches): Put a + first in options.
Mon Jul 25 18:07:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
Merge MSDOS/GO32 port from DJ Delorie <>.
* vpath.c: Changed all uses of ':' to PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR.
* main.c (directory_before_chdir): New variable, moved out of main
(was local).
(main) [__MSDOS__]: Look for \ or : to delimit last component of
PROGRAM. Don't frob ARGV[0] before setting MAKE_COMMAND variable.
(die): Change back to `directory_before_chdir' before dying.
* make.h (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): New macro; differing defns for
[__MSDOS__] and not.
* job.c [__MSDOS__]: Include <process.h>.
[__MSDOS__] (dos_pid, dos_status, dos_bname, dos_bename,
dos_batch_file): New variables.
(reap_children) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call wait; just examine those vars.
(unblock_sigs) [__MSDOS__]: Do nothing.
(start_job_command) [__MSDOS__]: Use spawnvpe instead of vfork & exec.
(load_too_high) [__MSDOS__]: Always return true.
(search_path) [__MSDOS__]: Check for : or / in FILE to punt.
Use PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR instead of ':'.
(construct_command_argv_internal) [__MSDOS__]: Wholly different
values for sh_chars and sh_cmds. Wholly new code to handle shell
* function.c (expand_function: `shell') [__MSDOS__]: Wholly new
* dir.c [__MSDOS__] (dosify): New function.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p) [__MSDOS__]: Call it on FILENAME and
process the result instead of FILENAME itself.
(file_impossible_p) [__MSDOS__]: Likewise.
* default.c [__MSDOS__]: Define GCC_IS_NATIVE.
(default_suffix_rules) [__MSDOS__]: Use `y_tab.c' instead of `'.
(default_variables) [GCC_IS_NATIVE]: Set CC and CXX to `gcc', YACC to
`bison -y', and LEX to `flex'.
* configure.bat, configh.dos: New files.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal) [__MSDOS__]: Just remove
intermediates and exit.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Add parens in length
computation in .SUFFIXES dep loop to quiet compiler warning. From
Jim Meyering.
* read.c (read_makefile): Free FILENAME if we allocated it. From
Jim Meyering.
Mon Jul 4 17:47:08 1994 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (safe_stat): New function, EINTR-safe wrapper around stat.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* read.c (construct_include_path): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* job.c (search_path): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* dir.c (find_directory): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* commands.c (delete_target): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* arscan.c (ar_member_touch) [EINTR]: Do EINTR looping around fstat.
* remake.c (name_mtime): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
(touch_file) [EINTR]: Do EINTR looping around fstat.
Fri Jun 24 05:40:24 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Check for a shell command first, and
then strip leading tabs before further checking if it's not a
shell command line.
* make.h [__arm]: Undefine POSIX.
[!__GNU_LIBRARY__ && !POSIX && !_POSIX_VERSION]: Don't declare system
functions that return int.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): After swallowing a
backslash-newline combination, if INSTRING is set goto string_char
(new label) for normal INSTRING handling code.
Sat Jun 4 01:11:20 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Don't check for sys_siglist and _sys_siglist with
Mon May 23 18:20:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.71.1 released.
* make.h [!__GNU_LIBRARY__ && !POSIX]: Also test #ifndef
_POSIX_VERSION for these declarations.
* misc.c [GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED] [POSIX]: Remove bogus #ifndefs
around #undefs of HAVE_SETREUID and HAVE_SETREGID.
Sat May 21 16:26:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.71 released.
and [HAVE_SETGID]. Every system has those, and configure doesn't
check for them.
* make.h [_POSIX_VERSION]: Don't #define POSIX #ifdef ultrix.
* compatMakefile (loadavg): Depend on and use loadavg.c instead of
(loadavg.c): Link or copy it from getloadavg.c.
(distclean): Remove loadavg.c.
Mon May 16 22:59:04 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.4.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): In SCCS rules, put
$(SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION) before $<. On some systems -G is grokked
only before the file name.
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put -G flag before file name.
Tue May 10 16:27:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Swallow
backslash-newline combinations inside '' strings too.
Thu May 5 04:15:10 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (do_define): Call collapse_continuations on each line
before all else.
Mon Apr 25 19:32:02 1994 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Notice newline inside
'' string when RESTP is non-null.
Fri Apr 22 17:33:30 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.3.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Reset FILE to G->file after the
double-colon loop so it is never null for following code.
* read.c (read_makefile): Fix `override define' parsing to skip
whitespace after `define' properly.
* compatMakefile (srcdir): Define as @srcdir@; don't reference
(glob/Makefile): New target.
Thu Apr 21 16:16:55 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.2.
* misc.c (remove_comments): Use find_char_unquote.
* make.h (find_char_unquote): Declare it.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): New function, generalized from
(find_percent, find_semicolon, parse_file_seq): Use that.
Wed Apr 20 18:42:39 1994 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Always allocate new storage for
FILE->stem. It is not safe to store STEM's address because it
might be auto storage.
* Check for seteuid and setegid.
* misc.c [HAVE_SETEUID]: Declare seteuid.
[HAVE_SETEGID]: Declare setegid.
(make_access, user_access) [HAVE_SETEUID]: Use seteuid.
[HAVE_SETEGID]: Use setegid.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Set STATUS to FILE->update_status,
to preserve whether it's 2 for error or 1 for -q trigger. When
STATUS gets nonzero and -q is set, always stop immediately.
* main.c (main, decode_switches): Die with 2 for errors.
(main): Accept 2 return from update_goal_chain and die with that.
* misc.c (fatal, makefile_fatal): Die with 2; 1 is reserved for -q
* job.c (reap_children): Die with 2 for error.
(start_job_command): Set update_status to 2 for error. Set it to
1 when we would run a command and question_flag is set.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't mark makefiles as precious. Just
like other targets, they can be left inconsistent and in need of
remaking by aborted commands.
* read.c (read_makefile): Write no error msg for -include file.
Tue Apr 5 05:22:19 1994 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Don't unblock signals.
* file.h (struct file): Change member `double_colon' from flag to
`struct file *'.
* read.c (record_files): Set double_colon pointer instead of flag.
* main.c (main): When disqualifying makefiles for updating, use
double_colon pointer to find all entries for a file.
* file.c (enter_file): If there is already a double-colon entry
for the file, set NEW->double_colon to that pointer.
(file_hash_enter): Use FILE->double_colon to find all entries to
set name.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Do inner loop on double-colon entries.
(update_file): Use FILE->double_colon pointer to find all entries.
(f_mtime): Likewise.
(notice_finished_file): Propagate mtime change to all entries.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Return after abort.
Fri Apr 1 18:44:15 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Remove unused variable.
(parse_file_seq): When removing an elt that is just `)', properly
fix up the previous elt's next pointer.
Mon Mar 28 18:31:49 1994 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile ( Edit MAKE assignment into @SET_MAKE@.
Fri Mar 4 00:02:32 1994 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (subst_expand): If BY_WORD or SUFFIX_ONLY is set and
the search string is the empty string, find a match at the end of
each word (using end_of_token in place of sindex).
* misc.c (end_of_token): Don't treat backslashes specially; you
can no longer escape blanks with backslashes in export, unexport,
and vpath. This was never documented anyway.
Thu Mar 3 23:53:46 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Variable name for `define' is not just
first token; use whole rest of line and strip trailing blanks.
Wed Feb 16 16:03:45 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.1.
* read.c (read_makefile): Add -d msg stating args.
* read.c (read_makefile): Use isspace to skip over leading
whitespace, and explicitly avoid skipping over tabs. Don't want
to skip just spaces though; formfeeds et al should be skipped.
* default.c (default_variables) [__hpux]: Add f in ARFLAGS.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [__hpux]: Subtract 2 instead of 1 from
sizeof ar_name for max length to compare.
* main.c (main): Call user_access after setting `program', in case
it needs to use it in an error message.
* read.c (read_makefile): Ignore an empty line starting with a tab.
Thu Feb 10 21:45:31 1994 Roland McGrath (
* (AC_SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): Use this instead of
AC_COMPILE_CHECK that is now its contents.
Fri Feb 4 16:28:54 1994 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: #undef strerror after #include <string.h>.
[! ANSI_STRING]: Declare strerror.
Thu Feb 3 02:21:22 1994 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (strerror): #undef any macro before function definition.
Mon Jan 31 19:07:23 1994 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Calculate BEG before loop
to strip blanks by decrementing END. Don't decr END to before BEG.
* read.c (read_makefile): Skip over leading space characters, but
not tabs, after removing continuations and comments (it used to
use isspace).
Tue Jan 25 16:45:05 1994 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): In $(@D) et al, use
patsubst to remove trailing slash.
* commands.c (delete_target): New function, broken out of
delete_child_targets. Check for archive members and give special msg.
(delete_child_targets): Use delete_target.
Mon Jan 17 17:03:22 1994 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_suffix_rules): Use $(TEXI2DVI_FLAGS) in
texi2dvi rules. Use $(MAKEINFO_FLAGS) in makeinfo rules.
Tue Jan 11 19:29:55 1994 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (tarfiles): Omit make-doc.
(make-$(version).tar): Include*.
Fri Jan 7 16:27:00 1994 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (configure, Comment out rules.
Thu Jan 6 18:08:08 1994 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (binprefix, manprefix): New variables.
(instname): Variable removed.
(install): Use $({bin,man}prefix)make in place of $(instname).
File targets likewised renamed.
Mon Jan 3 17:50:25 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70 released.
Thu Dec 23 14:46:54 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.3.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Inside multi-word archive ref
translation loop, check NEW1==0 at end and break out of the loop.
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar): Distribute
* New file.
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put redirection for admin
cmds outside subshell parens, to avoid "command not found" msgs
from the shell.
Wed Dec 22 17:00:43 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put -G flag last in get cmd.
Redirect output & error from get to /dev/null.
Fix reversed sense of test.
Fri Dec 17 15:31:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Use parens instead of
braces inside if condition command; some shells lose.
Thu Dec 16 15:10:23 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.2.
* arscan.c [M_UNIX]: Move #undef M_XENIX for PORTAR stuff.
(PORTAR) [M_XENIX]: Define to 0 instead of 1.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Only export MAKEFLAGS if !ALL.
Wed Dec 15 17:47:48 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Cast result of pointer arith to unsigned int
before passing to define_variable for envars. Matters when
Tue Dec 14 14:21:16 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Add new check for SCCS_GET_MINUS_G.
* Add #undef SCCS_GET_MINUS_G.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Use `$(SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION)' in
place of `-G $@' in SCCS commands.
(default_variables) [SCCS_GET_MINUS_G]: Define SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION
to "-G$@".
* (AC_OUTPUT): Put touch stamp-config in second arg
(so it goes in config.status), rather than afterward.
* ar.c (ar_member_date): Don't call enter_file on the archive file
if it doesn't exist (by file_exists_p).
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Replace `$$d/'
with `$$dir/' in install-info invocation (oops).
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Only set LASTPATH set PATH when
we do not unlink and free PATH.
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Fix inverted calculation for
average files per hash bucket.
* read.c (readline): When we see a NUL, give only a warning and
synthesize a newline to terminate the building line (used to
fatal). Move fgets call into the loop condition, and after the
loop test ferror (used to test !feof in the loop).
Fri Dec 3 16:40:31 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Check for strerror in AC_HAVE_FUNCS.
Thu Dec 2 15:37:50 1993 Roland McGrath (
Differentiate different flavors of missing makefile error msgs,
removing gratuitous `fopen: ' and giving caller for included makefiles.
* misc.c [! HAVE_STRERROR]: Define our own strerror here.
(perror_with_name, pfatal_with_name): Use strerror instead of
replicating its functionality.
* read.c (read_makefile): Return int instead of void.
(read_all_makefiles, read_makefile): Change callers to notice zero
return and give error msg.
Thu Nov 11 11:47:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.1.
* default.c: Put `-G $@' before $< in SCCS cmds.
Wed Nov 10 06:06:14 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): After trying a variable defn, notice if
the line begins with a tab, and diagnose an error.
Sun Nov 7 08:07:37 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.
Wed Nov 3 06:54:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.10.
* implicit.c (try_implicit_rule): Look for a normal rule before an
archive rule.
Fri Oct 29 16:45:28 1993 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `sort'): Double NWORDS when it
overflows, instead of adding five.
* compatMakefile (clean): Remove loadavg.
Wed Oct 27 17:58:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.9.
* file.h (NEW_MTIME): Define new macro.
* main.c (main): Set time of NEW_FILES to NEW_MTIME, not to
current time returned from system. Removed variable NOW.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Use NEW_MTIME in place of
current time here too.
Tue Oct 26 19:45:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.8.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't clear MUST_MAKE when FILE has no
cmds and !DEPS_CHANGED unless also !NOEXIST.
Mon Oct 25 15:25:21 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (parse_file_seq): When converting multi-word archive
refs, ignore a word beginning with a '('.
Fri Oct 22 02:53:38 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Check for sys/timeb.h.
* make.h [HAVE_SYS_TIMEB_H]: Test this before including it.
Thu Oct 21 16:48:17 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.7.
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): New local TARGPERCENT. Set it to
TARGNAME+1 for "(%.o)", to TARGNAME for "%.?". Use it in place of
TARGNAME to initialize PERCENTS[0].
Mon Oct 18 06:49:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS(unistd.h) instead of AC_UNISTD_H.
Remove AC_USG; it is no longer used.
* file.c (print_file): New function, broken out of
(print_file_data_base): Call it.
* rule.c (print_rule): New function, broken out of
(print_rule_data_base): Call it.
Thu Oct 14 14:54:03 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (install_default_suffix_rules): New function, broken
out of install_default_implicit_rules.
(install_default_implicit_rules): Move suffix rule code there.
* make.h: Declare install_default_suffix_rules.
* main.c (main): Call install_default_suffix_rules before reading
makefiles. Move convert_to_pattern call before
* job.h (struct child): Make `pid' member type `pid_t' instead of
* compatMakefile (RANLIB): New variable, set by configure.
(glob/libglob.a): Pass RANLIB value down to submake.
Fixes for SCO 3.2 "devsys 4.2" from (Peter Salvitti).
* make.h: Include <sys/timeb.h> before <time.h> for SCO lossage.
* job.c [! getdtablesize] [! HAVE_GETDTABLESIZE]: If NOFILE is not
defined but NOFILES_MAX is, define it to be that.
Mon Oct 11 19:47:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar): Depend on acconfig.h, so it
is distributed.
Sun Oct 3 15:15:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Add `-G $@' to SCCS get cmds.
Tue Sep 28 14:18:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Add ^ to SH_CHARS; it
is another symbol for | in some shells.
* main.c (main): Add it to CMD_DEFS quoting list as well.
Mon Sep 20 18:05:24 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Remove '=' from
SH_CHARS. Only punt on '=' if it is unquoted in a word before the
first word without an unquoted '='.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Set v_export for MAKEFLAGS.
Fri Sep 17 00:37:18 1993 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (update_file_1): Use .DEFAULT cmds for phony targets.
* make.h [_AIX && _POSIX_SOURCE]: Define POSIX.
* commands.c (delete_child_targets): Don't delete phony files.
* job.c (start_job_command): Set COMMANDS_RECURSE in FLAGS if we
see a `+' at the beginning of the command line.
Thu Sep 9 17:57:14 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.6.
Wed Sep 8 20:14:21 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (define_makeflags): Define MAKEFLAGS with o_file, not o_env.
Mon Aug 30 12:31:58 1993 Roland McGrath (
* expand.c (variable_expand): Fatal on an unterminated reference.
Thu Aug 19 16:27:53 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.5.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define new o_default
variable `MAKE_VERSION' from version_string and remote_description.
* make.h (version_string, remote_description): Declare these here.
* main.c: Don't declare version_string.
(print_version): Don't declare remote_description.
Wed Aug 18 15:01:24 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Free space pointed to by CONDITIONALS
before restoring the old pointer.
Mon Aug 16 17:33:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(objs)): Depend on config.h.
* GNUmakefile ( Depend on compatMakefile.
* Touch stamp-config after AC_OUTPUT.
Fri Aug 13 16:04:22 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.4.
Thu Aug 12 17:18:57 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Include <config.h> instead of "config.h".
Wed Aug 11 02:35:25 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Make all variables interned from ENVP be v_export.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): In v_default case, don't
check for an o_file variable that `getenv' finds.
* job.c (reap_children): New local variable ANY_LOCAL; set it
while setting ANY_REMOTE. If !ANY_LOCAL, don't wait for local kids.
* main.c (main): Don't call decode_env_switches on MFLAGS. DOC THIS.
* function.c (expand_function): #if 0 out freeing of ENVP since it
is environ.
Mon Aug 9 17:37:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.3.
* remote-stub.c (remote_status): Set errno to ECHILD before return.
* job.c (reap_children): Scan the chain for remote children and
never call remote_status if there are none.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): #if 0 out calling
target_environment; just set ENVP to environ instead.
* job.c (reap_children): Check for negative return from
remote_status and fatal for it.
When blocking local child wait returns 0, then try a blocking call
to remote_status.
Tue Aug 3 00:19:00 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (clean): Delete* and make.dvi here.
(distclean): Not here.
* dep.h (RM_*): Use #defines instead of enum to avoid lossage from
compilers that don't like enum values used as ints.
Mon Aug 2 16:46:34 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (loadavg): Add $(LOADLIBES).
Sun Aug 1 16:01:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.2.
* compatMakefile (loadavg, check-loadavg): New targets.
(check): Depend on check-loadavg.
* compatMakefile (glob/libglob.a): Depend on config.h.
* misc.c (log_access): Write to stderr instead of stdout.
Fri Jul 30 00:07:02 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.1.
Thu Jul 29 23:26:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): In test program include
<unistd.h> #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H.
* compatMakefile (.PHONY): Put after `all' et al.
Wed Jul 28 17:41:12 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.
Mon Jul 26 14:36:49 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.8.
Sun Jul 25 22:09:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.7.
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Don't use $(instname).
Run install-info script if present.
Fri Jul 23 16:03:50 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [STAT_MACROS_BROKEN]: Test this instead of [uts].
Wed Jul 14 18:48:11 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.6.
* read.c (read_makefile): Recognize directive `-include', like
`include' but sets RM_DONTCARE flag.
* variable.c (target_environment): If FILE is nil, use
current_variable_set_list in place of FILE->variables.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Get an environment for
the child from target_environment instead of using environ.
* dep.h: Declare read_all_makefiles here.
(RM_*): Define new enum constants.
* read.c (read_makefile): Second arg is FLAGS instead of TYPE.
Treat it as a bit mask containing RM_*.
(read_all_makefiles): For default makefiles, set D->changed to
RM_DONTCARE instead of 1.
* main.c: Don't declare read_all_makefiles here.
(main): Check `changed' member of read_makefiles elts for RM_*
flags instead of specific integer values.
Mon Jul 12 22:42:17 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [sequent && i386]: #undef POSIX. From
Thu Jul 8 19:51:23 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): If ELEM is zero 0, free PATTERN
as well as VPATH.
(build_vpath_lists): Empty `vpaths' around construct_vpath_list
call for $(VPATH). Expand $(strip $(VPATH)), not just $(VPATH).
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): Use alloca instead of xmalloc for
PERCENTS, whose storage is not consumed by create_pattern_rule.
* make.h [__mips && _SYSTYPE_SVR3]: #undef POSIX.
Wed Jun 30 18:11:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.5.
* rule.c (max_pattern_targets): New variable.
(count_implicit_rule_limits): Compute its value.
* rule.h: Declare it.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Make TRYRULES max_target_patterns
times bigger. Move adding new TRYRULES elt inside the inner
targets loop, so each matching target gets its own elt in MATCHES
* file.c (remove_intermediates): If SIG!=0 say `intermediate file'
instead of just `file' in error msg.
Fri Jun 25 14:55:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Turn off
--warn-undefined-variables around expansion of SHELL and IFS.
* read.c (tilde_expand): Likewise for HOME.
(read_all_makefiles): Likewise for MAKEFILES.
* vpath.c (build_vpath_lists): Likewise for VPATH.
* main.c (warn_undefined_variables_flag): New flag variable.
(switches): Add --warn-undefined-variables.
* make.h (warn_undefined_variables_flag): Declare it.
* expand.c (warn_undefined): New function.
(reference_variable): Call it if the variable is undefined.
(variable_expand): In substitution ref, call warn_undefined if the
variable is undefined.
* default.c (default_pattern_rules): Add `%.c: %.w' and
`%.tex: %.w' rules.
(default_suffix_rules: .w.c, .w.tex): Pass three args: $< - $@.
(default_suffixes): Add `.ch'.
Mon Jun 21 17:55:39 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_suffixes): Replace `.cweb' with `.w'.
(default_suffix_rules): Rename `.cweb.c' and `.cweb.tex' to `.w.c'
and `.w.tex'.
Fri Jun 11 14:42:09 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(bindir)/$(instname)): Add missing backslash.
Thu Jun 10 18:14:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.4.
* read.c (multi_glob): Don't free OLD and OLD->name in the
FOUND!=0 fork. Use new block-local variable F instead of
clobbering OLD.
* ar.c (glob_pattern_p): New function, snarfed from glob/glob.c.
(ar_glob): Call it; return nil immediately if MEMBER_PATTERN
contains no metacharacters.
Wed Jun 9 16:25:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* ar.c (ar_glob{_match,_alphacompare}): New function.
* dep.h [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Declare it.
* read.c (multi_glob) [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Use it on archive member elts.
* read.c (read_makefile): Pass flag (1) to parse_file_seq, not to
multi_glob (which doesn't take a 3rd arg).
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Likewise.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Here too.
* function.c (string_glob): Don't pass gratuitous arg to multi_glob.
* read.c (parse_file_seq) [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Add post-processing
loop to translate archive refs "lib(a b)" into "lib(a) lib(b)".
Mon Jun 7 19:26:51 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (installdirs): Actually pass directory names.
($(bindir)/$(instname)): Test chgrp&&chmod exit status with `if';
if it fails, echo a warning msg, but don't make the rule fail.
* read.c (tilde_expand): New function, broken out of tilde_expand.
(multi_glob): Call it.
(construct_include_path): Expand ~ in directory names.
* dep.h: Declare tilde_expand.
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): Expand ~ at the start of NAME.
(main): Expand ~ in -C args.
* read.c (read_makefile): Expand ~ in FILENAME unless TYPE==2.
Fri Jun 4 13:34:47 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Use xmalloc instead of alloca for ARGS.
* main.c (main): Put result of alloca in temporary variable with
simple assignment, to make SGI compiler happy.
Thu Jun 3 20:15:46 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.3.
* main.c (main): Before re-execing, remove intermediate files, and
print the data base under -p. Sexier debugging message.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Allocate an extra copy of the name
of a winning intermediate file when putting it in FOUND_FILES.
Wed Jun 2 16:38:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Pass flag (1) to parse_file_seq, not to
multi_glob (which doesn't take a 3rd arg).
* dir.c (dir_contents_file_exists_p): When reading dirents, ignore
chars within D_NAMLEN that are NULs.
* main.c (decode_switches): Don't savestring ARGV[0] to put it
into `other_args'.
For string switch, don't savestring `optarg'.
(main): Don't free elts of makefiles->list that are "-".
Use alloca'd rather than savestring'd storage for elts of
makefiles->list that are temporary file names.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Don't free *MAKEFILES.
* file.c (enter_file): Don't strip `./'s.
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): New function.
(main): Use it in place of enter_file for command-line goals from
other_files, and for old_files and new_files.
Mon May 31 18:41:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.2.
* compatMakefile (.SUFFIXES): Add .info.
($(infodir)/$(instname).info): Find* in cwd if there,
else in $srcdir. Use basename to remove dir name from installed name.
Thu May 27 17:35:02 1993 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (pattern_search): When interning FOUND_FILES, try
lookup_file first; if found, free the storage for our copy of the name.
Wed May 26 14:31:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.1.
* main.c (decode_switches): In usage msg, write `--switch=ARG' or
`--switch[=OPTARG]' rather than `--switch ARG' or `--switch [ARG]'.
Mon May 24 16:17:31 1993 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): New function.
(convert_to_pattern): Use it instead of doing all the work here
several times.
For target suffix `.a', generate both the archive magic rule and
the normal rule.
* compatMakefile (distclean): Remove stamp-config.
Sat May 22 16:15:18 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Don't write extra space after `rm'.
* main.c (struct command_switch.type): Remove `usage_and_exit'.
(print_usage_flag): New variable.
(switches: --help): Make type `flag', to set print_usage_flag.
(init_switches): Remove `usage_and_exit' case.
(decode_switches): Likewise.
(decode_switches): Print usage if print_usage_flag is set.
When printing usage, die with status of BAD.
(main): Die with 0 if print_version_flag.
Fri May 21 16:09:28 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.66.
Wed May 19 21:30:44 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (installdirs): New target.
(install): Depend on it.
Sun May 16 20:15:07 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.65.2.
Fri May 14 16:40:09 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): In removal loop for DIRPATH==0,
* dir.c (read_dirstream): Break out of loop after incrementing
DS->buckets such that it reaches DIRFILE_BUCKETS; avoid trying to
dereference DS->contents->files[DIRFILE_BUCKETS].
* read.c (read_makefile): Clear no_targets after reading a
targetful rule line.
* main.c (main): If print_version_flag is set, exit after printing
the version.
(switches): Change --version docstring to say it exits.
* make.h [butterfly]: #undef POSIX.
Wed May 12 15:20:21 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.65.1.
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [! AIAMAG]: Don't declare LONG_NAME.
[AIAMAG]: Pass TRUNCATE flag arg to (*FUNCTION), always zero.
* function.c (handle_function): Use fatal instead of
makefile_fatal when reading_filename is nil.
* job.c (search_path): Use GETGROUPS_T in place of gid_t.
Sun May 9 15:41:25 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.65.
Fri May 7 18:34:56 1993 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (handle_function): Fatal for unmatched paren.
Thu May 6 16:13:41 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.64.3.
* commands.c (handling_fatal_signal): New variable.
(fatal_error_signal): Set it.
* job.c (reap_children): Avoid nonreentrant operations if that is set.
* make.h: Declare handling_fatal_signal.
* expand.c (reference_variable): New function, snippet of code
broken out of simple-reference case of variable_expand.
(variable_expand): Use it for simple refs.
(variable_expand): When checking for a computed variable name,
notice a colon that comes before the final CLOSEPAREN. Expand
only up to the colon, and then replace the pending text with a
copy containing the expanded name and fall through to subst ref
(variable_expand): Don't bother expanding the name if a colon
appears before the first $.
(expand_argument): Use alloca instead of savestring.
(variable_expand): For subst ref, expand both sides of = before
passing to [pat]subst_expand. Use find_percent instead of lindex
to check the lhs for a %.
Wed May 5 14:45:52 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.64.2.
Mon May 3 17:00:32 1993 Roland McGrath (
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [AIAMAG]: Abort if TRUNCATED is nonzero.
* read.c (read_makefile): Pass extra arg of 1 to parse_file_seq,
not to multi_glob.
Thu Apr 29 19:47:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.64.1.
* arscan.c (ar_scan): New local flag var LONG_NAME. Set it when
we read the member name in any of the fashions that allow it to be
arbitrarily long. Pass its negation to FUNCTION.
(describe_member): Take TRUNCATED from ar_scan and print it.
(ar_name_equal): Take new arg TRUNCATED; if nonzero, compare only
the first sizeof (struct ar_hdr.ar_name) chars.
(ar_member_pos): Take TRUNCATED from ar_scan, pass to ar_name_equal.
* ar.c (ar_member_date_1): Likewise.
Wed Apr 28 21:18:22 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (reap_children): Before calling start_job_command to start
the next command line, reset C->remote by calling start_remote_job_p.
Mon Apr 26 15:56:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* arscan.c (ar_scan): New local var NAMEMAP.
In loop, rename NAME to NAMEBUF; new var NAME is a pointer; new
flag IS_NAMEMAP. When extracting the member name, always put a
null at its end first. If the name is "//" or "/ARFILENAMES", set
IS_NAMEMAP. If we have already read in NAMEMAP, and NAME looks
like " /N", get full name from NAMEMAP+N.
Else if NAME looks like "#1/N", read N chars from the
elt data to be the full name. At end of loop, if IS_NAMEMAP, read
the elt's data into alloca'd NAMEMAP.
(ar_name_equal): #if 0 truncating code.
* make.h: Don't declare vfork at all. It returns int anyway,
unless <unistd.h> declared it; and we conflicted with some systems.
* main.c (define_makeflags): If FLAGSTRING[1] is '-', define
MAKEFLAGS to all of FLAGSTRING, not &FLAGSTRING[1]. Don't want to
define it to something like "-no-print-directory".
Use %g format instead of %f for floating-valued things.
Thu Apr 22 18:40:58 1993 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile ( Use a substitution ref on nolib-deps
to change remote-%.dep to remote-stub.dep.
Wed Apr 21 15:17:54 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.64.
Fri Apr 16 14:22:22 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (install): Remove - prefix from chgrp+chmod.
* Version 3.63.8.
Thu Apr 15 18:24:07 1993 Roland McGrath (
* acconfig.h: New file; contains "#undef SCCS_GET" for autoheader.
* If /usr/sccs/get exists, define SCCS_GET to that,
else to "get".
* default.c (default_variables): Set GET to macro SCCS_GET.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Take extra arg STRIP; strip `./' only
if nonzero. I hope this is the last time this argument is added
or removed.
(read_makefile): Pass it 1 when parsing include file names.
Pass it 1 when parsing target file names.
Pass it 1 when parsing static pattern target pattern names.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Pass it 1 when parsing rule deps.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Pass it 1 when parsing
* function.c (string_glob): Pass it 0 here.
Wed Apr 14 11:32:05 1993 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (log_access): New function.
({init,user,make,child}_access): Call it.
(child_access): Abort if !access_inited.
* main.c (switches: --no-print-directory): Use 1 instead of -1 for
single-letter option.
(init_switches, decode_switches, define_makeflags): An option with
no single-letter version is no longer indicated by a value of -1;
instead a value that is !isalnum.
(init_switches): Don't put such switches into the string, only
into the long_option table.
* make.h [!NSIG] [!_NSIG]: #define NSIG 32.
* job.c [HAVE_WAITPID]: Remove #undef HAVE_UNION_WAIT. AIX's
bsdcc defined WIF* to use union wait.
* main.c (struct command_switch): Change member `c' to type int.
(switches): Make const.
(decode_switches): Use `const struct command_switch *'.
(define_makeflags): Likewise.
* default.c (default_suffix_rules): Add `-o $@' to makeinfo rules.
Mon Apr 12 12:30:04 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.7.
* (AC_HAVE_HEADERS): Check for string.h and memory.h.
Removed AC_MEMORY_H.
* make.h [USG, NeXT]: Don't test these.
[HAVE_STRING_H]: Test this to include string.h and define ANSI_STRING.
[HAVE_MEMORY_H]: Test this instead of NEED_MEMORY_H.
[! ANSI_STRING]: Put decls of bcopy et al here.
[sparc]: Don't test this for alloca.h; HAVE_ALLOCA_H is sufficient.
[HAVE_SIGSETMASK]: Test this rather than USG.
[__GNU_LIBRARY__ || POSIX]: Don't #include <unistd.h> again.
* main.c (main): Handle SIGCHLD if defined, and SIGCLD if defined.
It doesn't hurt to do both if they are both defined, and testing
USG is useless.
* dir.c: Rationalize directory header conditionals.
* arscan.c [HAVE_FCNTL_H]: Test this rather than USG || POSIX.
* default.c (default_suffixes): Add `.txinfo'.
(default_suffix_rules): Add `' and `.txinfo.dvi' rules.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Replace RECURSIVE flag
with enum FLAVOR, which can be simple, recursive, or append.
Recognize += as append flavor. Set new variable VALUE in a switch
on FLAVOR. For append flavor, prepend the variable's old value.
If the variable was previously defined recursive, set FLAVOR to
recursive; if it was defined simple, expand the new value before
appending it to the old value. Pass RECURSIVE flag to
define_variable iff FLAVOR == recursive.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Use alloca and bcopy for
NAME, instead of savestring. Might as well use stack storage
since we free it immediately anyway.
Thu Apr 8 18:04:43 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (start_waiting_jobs): Move decl of JOB outside of loop.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Rename `struct flag' member `switch'
to `cs', which is not a reserved word.
Wed Apr 7 15:30:51 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (new_job): Call start_waiting_jobs first thing.
(start_waiting_job): Changed return type from void to int.
Return 0 when putting the child on the waiting_jobs chain.
(start_waiting_jobs): Don't check load and job_slots here.
Always take a job off the chain and call start_waiting_job on it;
give up and return when start_waiting_job returns zero.
* main.c (define_makeflags: struct flag): Change member `char c' to
`struct command_switch *switch'.
(ADD_FLAG): Set that to CS instead of CS->c.
If CS->c is -1, increment FLAGSLEN for the long name.
When writing out FLAGS, handle FLAGS->switch->c == -1 and write
the long name instead.
* compatMakefile (stamp-config): New target of old config.h rule.
Touch stamp-config after running config.status.
(config.h): Just depend on stamp-config, and have empty commands.
Mon Apr 5 20:14:02 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (AC_HAVE_FUNCS): Check for psignal.
Fri Apr 2 17:15:46 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (long_option_aliases): Remove "new"; it is already an
unambiguous prefix of "new-file".
Sun Mar 28 16:57:17 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.6.
Wed Mar 24 14:26:19 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): When adding the
name-within-directory at the end of NAME, and we don't add a
slash, don't copy FILENAME in one char too far into NAME.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Find default_shell's
length with strlen, not numerology.
Wed Mar 17 20:02:27 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (define_makeflags): Add the elts of a string option in
reverse order, so they come out right when reversed again.
Fri Mar 12 15:38:45 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ( Use `-o'.
Thu Mar 11 14:13:00 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (REMOTE): Set to @REMOTE@; change comments to
reflect new use.
(objs): Replace remote.o with remote-$(REMOTE).o.
(srcs): Replace remote.c with remote-$(REMOTE).c.
(remote.o): Rule removed.
* (REMOTE): Subst this in Makefile et al; default "stub".
Use AC_WITH to grok --with-customs arg to set REMOTE=cstms.
* GNUmakefile ( Filter out remote-% from objs list.
* build.template (REMOTE): New var; set to @REMOTE@.
(objs): Add remote-${REMOTE}.o.
Wed Mar 10 15:12:24 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.5.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Fix "dependent"->"dependency" in
"Rejecting impossible" -d msg.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): New local vars {OLD,NEW}BUCKET. Store
mod'd values there; never mod {OLD,NEW}HASH.
Mon Mar 8 13:32:48 1993 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c [eta10]: Include <fcntl.h> instead of <sys/file.h>.
* compatMakefile (VPATH): Set this to @srcdir@.
(srcdir): Set this to $(VPATH).
* main.c (main): New local var DIRECTORY_BEFORE_CHDIR. Save in it
a copy of CURRENT_DIRECTORY after the first getcwd. Use it
instead of CURRENT_DIRECTORY when chdir'ing back before re-execing.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Pass missing SEARCH arg to f_mtime.
* read.c (read_makefile): Remove extraneous arg to parse_file_seq.
Mon Feb 22 14:19:38 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/$(instname).info): Use , instead of /
as the sed delimiter char.
Sun Feb 21 14:11:04 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.4.
* rule.h (struct rule): Removed `subdir' member.
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): No need to clear it.
(count_implicit_rule_limits): Set the `changed' flag in each dep
that refers to a nonexistent directory. No longer set rule-global
`subdir' flag with that information.
(print_rule_data_base): Don't record info on `subdir' flags.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Check the DEP->changed flag rather
than the (now gone) RULE->subdir flag. Also test CHECK_LASTSLASH;
if it is set, the file might exist even though the DEP->changed
flag is set.
* rule.c (count_implicit_rule_limits): Pass "", not ".", as file
name arg to dir_file_exists_p to check for existence of directory.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Inside dep-finding loop, set
CHECK_LASTSLASH from the value recorded in CHECKED_LASTSLASH[I],
rather than computing it anew.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Must alloca space for PERCENT
and copy it, to avoid leaving the trailing `)' in the value.
* misc.c (remove_comments): Fixed backslash-checking loop
condition to allow it to look at the first char on the line.
P2 >= LINE, not P2 > LINE.
* compatMakefile ($(bindir)/$(instname)): Before moving $ to
$@, rm $@.old and mv $@ to $@.old.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Take new args FILENAME and
LINENO. Fatal if the variable name is empty.
* read.c (read_makefile): Change callers.
* main.c (main): Likewise.
* compatMakefile (group): Define to @KMEM_GROUP@, autoconf magic
that configure will replace with the group owning /dev/kmem.
Mon Feb 8 14:26:43 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (vpath_search): Take second arg MTIME_PTR, pass thru to
(selective_vpath_search): Take second arg MTIME_PTR.
If the dir cache thinks a file exists, stat it to make sure, and
put the modtime in *MTIME_PTR.
* remake.c (library_search): Take second arg MTIME_PTR.
When we find a match, record its mtime there.
Pass MTIME_PTR through to vpath_search to do same.
(f_mtime): Pass &MTIME as new 2nd arg to {vpath,library}_search;
store it in FILE->last_mtime if set nonzero.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Pass nil 2nd arg to vpath_search.
* compatMakefile (remote.o): Prepend `$(srcdir)/' to `remote-*.c',
so globbing looks somewhere it will find things.
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/$(instname).info): Install `*'
not `$(srcdir)/*'; no need to use basename.
Fri Feb 5 12:52:43 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.3.
* compatMakefile (install): Add missing ;\s.
Make -, @, and + prefixes on a pre-expanded command line affect
all lines in the expansion, not just the first.
* commands.h (struct commands): Replace `lines_recurse' member
with `lines_flags'.
(COMMANDS_{RECURSE,SILENT,NOERROR}): New macros, bits to set in
that flag byte.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Set `lines_flags' instead of
`lines_recurse'. Record not only + but also @ and - prefixes.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Check the COMMANDS_RECURSE bit
in FILE->cmds->lines_flags, rather than FILE->cmds->lines_recurse.
* job.c (start_job_command): Replaced RECURSIVE and NOPRINT local
var with FLAGS; initialize it to the appropriate `lines_flags' byte.
Set CHILD->noerror if the COMMANDS_NOERROR bit is set in FLAGS.
Set the COMMANDS_SILENT bit in FLAGS for a @ prefix.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Set G->file to its prev after
checking for G being finished, since that check needs to examine
* (union wait check) [HAVE_WAITPID]: Try using
waitpid with a `union wait' STATUS arg. If waitpid and union wait
don't work together, we should not use union wait.
* Version 3.63.2.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): When G->file->updated, move
G->file to its prev. We aren't finished until G->file is nil.
Thu Feb 4 12:53:04 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (starting_directory): New global variable.
(main): Set it to cwd after doing -Cs.
(log_working_directory): Use it, rather than computing each time.
* make.h: Declare it.
* compatMakefile (SHELL): Define to /bin/sh for losing Unix makes.
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Allocate (1 + LEN + 1) words for
ARGV, rather than LEN words plus one byte.
Wed Feb 3 18:13:52 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(bindir)/$(instname)): Put - before
install_setgid command line, so its failure won't be an error.
(infodir): New variable.
(install): Depend on $(infodir)/$(instname).info.
($(infodir)/$(instname).info): New target.
* read.c (read_makefile): If FILENAMES is nil when we see a line
starting with a tab, don't treat it as a command. Just fall
through, rather than giving an error.
* read.c (read_makefile): If the NO_TARGETS flag is set when we see a
command line, don't clear it before continuing. We want
subsequent command lines to be ignored as well.
* job.c (new_job): Before expanding each command line, collapse
backslash-newline combinations that are inside var or fn references.
Mon Feb 1 16:00:13 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (exec_prefix): Default to $(prefix), not /usr/local.
* compatMakefile ( Pass -I$(srcdir) to makeinfo.
* job.c [POSIX] (unblock_sigs): Made global.
[!POSIX] (unblock_sigs): Move defns to job.h.
* job.h [POSIX] (unblock_sigs): Declare.
Sun Jan 31 19:11:05 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): In vpath parsing, after finding the
pattern token, take entire rest of line as the search path, not
just the next token.
* compatMakefile (remote.o): Depend on remote-*.c.
Thu Jan 28 16:40:29 1993 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Don't define any F or D versions.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define them here as
recursively-expanded variables that use the dir and notdir funcs.
* variable.c (target_environment): In v_default case, don't export
o_default or o_automatic variables.
* (union wait check): Remove ` and ' inside C code;
they confuse the shell script.
Mon Jan 25 13:10:42 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.63.1.
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): When skipping further processing
of an elt that is ".", don't also skip the code that pushes P past
the next separator.
* compatMakefile (distclean): Don't remove make-*.
* (HAVE_UNION_WAIT): Try to use WEXITSTATUS if it's
defined. If one cannot use WEXITSTATUS with a `union wait'
argument, we don't want to believe the system has `union wait' at all.
* remake.c (update_file): Do nothing to print "up to date" msgs.
(update_goal_chain): Do it here instead.
Use the `changed' flag of each goal's `struct dep' to keep track
of whether files_remade (now commands_started) changed around a
call to update_file for that goal.
When a goal is finished, and its file's update_status is zero (i.e.,
success or nothing done), test the `changed' flag and give an "up
to date" msg iff it is clear.
* make.h (files_remade): Renamed to commands_started.
* remake.c: Changed defn.
(update_goal_chain): Changed uses.
* job.c (start_job_command): Increment commands_started here.
(reap_children): Not here.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Don't do anything with files'
`prev' members. update_file now completely handles this.
* variable.c (target_environment): Don't expand recursive
variables if they came from the environment.
* main.c (define_makeflags): For flags with omitted optional args,
store {"", 0} with ADD_FLAG. When constructing FLAGSTRING, a flag
so stored cannot have more flags appended to the same word.
Fri Jan 22 14:46:16 1993 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (print_variable_set): In vars/bucket calculation,
don't spuriously multiply by 100.
* Version 3.63.
Don't define if already defined.
* remake.c (update_file): Don't keep track of the command_state before
calling update_file_1. Remove local variable COMMANDS_FINISHED,
and don't test it to decide to print the "is up to date" msg.
Testing for files_remade having changed should always be sufficient.
The old method lost when we are called in the goal chain run on a
makefile, because the makefile's command_state is already
`cs_finished' from the makefile chain run.
* misc.c [HAVE_SETRE[GU]ID]: Test these to decl setre[gu]id.
* Rewrote wait checking.
Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS to check for <sys/wait.h>.
Use AC_HAVE_FUNCS to check for waitpid and wait3.
Use a compile check to test just for `union wait'.
* job.c: Rewrote conditionals accordingly.
[HAVE_WAITPID]: Test this only to define WAIT_NOHANG.
[HAVE_WAIT3]: Likewise.
[HAVE_UNION_WAIT]: Test this to define WAIT_T and W*.
* Set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS before all checks.
* dir.c: Add static forward decls of {open,read}_dirstream.
Thu Jan 21 17:18:00 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.31.
* job.c [NGROUPS_MAX && NGROUPS_MAX==0]: #undef NGROUPS_MAX.
* compatMakefile (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Set to @CFLAGS@/@LDFLAGS@.
* build.template (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Same here.
Set them to -g if not defined in the environment.
* remake.c (library_search): Use LIBNAME consistently, setting it
only once, to be the passed name sans `-l'.
Pass new var FILE to be modified by vpath_search.
Mon Jan 18 14:53:54 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.30.
* job.c (start_waiting_jobs): Return when job_slots_used is equal to
* Add AC_CONST for the sake of getopt.
* read.c (read_makefile): Continue after parsing `override'
directive, rather than falling through to lossage.
Check for EOL or blank after "override define".
* compatMakefile (.c.o, remote.o): Put $(CFLAGS) after other switches.
Fri Jan 15 12:52:52 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.29.
* main.c (define_makeflags): After writing everything into
FLAGSTRING, only back up two chars if [-1] is a dash, meaning we
just wrote " -". Always terminate the string at *P.
* remake.c (library_search): When constructing names in std dirs,
use &(*LIB)[2] for the stem, not LIBNAME (which points at the
buffer we are writing into!).
Thu Jan 14 13:50:06 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Set IN_IGNORED_DEFINE for "override
define" when IGNORING is true.
* compatMakefile (distclean): Remove config.status and
Wed Jan 13 16:01:12 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.28.
* misc.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Cast result of malloc/realloc to
(char *).
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [AIAMAG]: Cast read arg to (char *).
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Override SHELL value for
origin o_env_override as well as o_env.
* GNUmakefile ( Don't replace %globobjs%. Instead,
add the names of the glob objects (w/subdir) to %objs%.
* build.template (globobjs): Removed.
Take basename of $objs before linking.
Tue Jan 12 12:31:06 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.27.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Also edit
* build.template: New file.
* GNUmakefile ( New rule to create it from build.template.
(make-$(version).tar.Z): Depend on
* main.c (die): Call print_data_base if -p.
(main): Don't call it here.
* compatMakefile (defines): Add @DEFS@. configure should turn this
Mon Jan 11 14:39:23 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.26.
* misc.c (init_access): Surround with #ifdef GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED.
({make,user,child}_access) [! GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED]: Make no-op.
* compatMakefile (install_setgid): New var, set by configure.
(install): Install setgid $(group) only if $(install_setgid) is true.
Fri Jan 8 15:31:55 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (load_too_high): If getloadavg fails with errno==0, give a
message saying that load limits are not supported.
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Rewrote path deletion code to
not try to use PATH's next link after freeing PATH.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Rewritten; now handles string-valued
option, and has no arbitrary limits.
(switches): Set `toenv' flag for -I and -v.
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Cast return value of alloca to char *.
* misc.c (child_access) [HAVE_SETREUID, HAVE_SETREGID]: Use
setre[gu]id in place of set[gu]id.
Wed Jan 6 15:06:12 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Define MAKEOVERRIDES, MAKE, and MAKE_COMMAND with
origin o_default.
* make.h [POSIX]: Don't test this to use ANSI_STRING.
Testing STDC_HEADERS should be sufficient.
* job.h: Declare start_waiting_jobs.
* read.c (read_makefile): Add missing parens in if stmt that find
conditional directives.
* main.c (main): Declare init_dir.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Always use two % specs in a
DEBUGP2, and always pass two non-nil args.
Cast field width args to int.
Add missing parens in !RULE->subdir if stmt.
* function.c (expand_function, patsubst_expand): Add parens around
assignments inside `while' stmts.
* commands.c (print_commands): Cast field width args to int.
* read.c (do_define): Cast return value of alloca to (char *).
* main.c (init_switches): New function, broken out of decode_switches.
(decode_switches): Take new arg ENV. If set, ignore non-option
args; print no error msgs; ignore options with clear `env' flags.
(decode_env_switches): Rewritten to chop envar value into words
and pass them to decode_switches.
(switches): Set `env' flag for -I and -v.
* dir.c (init_dir): Cast free to __glob_closedir_hook's type.
Tue Jan 5 14:52:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.25.
* job.c [HAVE_SYS_WAIT || !USG]: Don't #include <sys/time.h> and
<sys/resource.h>. <sys/time.h> interacts badly with <time.h>, and
we don't need these anyway.
* (AC_HAVE_FUNCS): Check for setre[gu]id.
* misc.c ({user,make}_access): Test #ifndef HAVE_SETRE[GU]ID, not
#ifdef POSIX || USG. SunOS 4.1 is supposedly POSIX.1 compliant,
but its set[gu]id functions aren't; its setre[gu]id functions work.
* misc.c ({user,make,child}_access): Give name of caller in error msgs.
* job.c (load_too_high): Say "cannot enforce load limit" in error msg.
* Call AC_PROG_CC.
* compatMakefile (CC): Define to @CC@ (autoconf magic).
* compatMakefile: Add .NOEXPORT magic target.
Mon Jan 4 17:00:03 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (print_version): Updated copyright to include 93.
Thu Dec 31 12:26:15 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [_AIX]: Don't declare alloca.
Tue Dec 29 13:45:13 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.24.
* compatMakefile (objs): Add signame.o.
(srcs): Add signame.[ch].
* compatMakefile (srcs): Add
(remote.o): Add -I. before -I$(srcdir).
Mon Dec 28 15:51:26 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.23.
* read.c (readline): Fatal when LEN==0, indicating a line starting
with a NUL.
(readline): Take new arg LINENO, for use in error msg.
(read_makefile, do_define): Pass it.
* compatMakefile (glob/libglob.a): Pass -DHAVE_CONFIG_H in CPPFLAGS.
(.c.o): Add -I. before -I$(srcdir).
Wed Dec 23 12:12:04 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Accept and ignore a rule with no targets.
* compatMakefile (ALLOCA_SRC): New variable.
(srcs): Include its value.
* read.c (struct conditional): Renamed member `max_ignoring' to
`allocated'; added new member `seen_else'.
(conditional_line): Initialize seen_else flag when starting an `if...';
set it when we see an `else'; fatal if set when we see `else'.
(read_makefile): Fatal "missing `endif'" if there are any pending
conditionals, not just if we are still ignoring.
Tue Dec 22 15:36:28 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (manext): Set to 1, not l.
($(mandir)/$(instname).$(manext)): Use $(srcdir) for in cmds.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): Don't call uniquize_deps here.
* read.c (record_files): Likewise.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Likewise.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Call it only here.
* default.c (default_variables) [__convex__]: FC=fc.
* variable.c (target_environment): Expand the values of recursively
expanded variables when putting them into the environment.
* expand.c (recursively_expand): Made global.
* make.h (recursively_expand): Declare it.
* remake.c (check_dep): Set FILE->command_state to cs_deps_running
when a dep's command_state is cs_running or cs_deps_running.
* read.c (read_makefile): Changed error msg for spurious cmds to
not say "first target".
Sun Dec 20 17:56:09 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Do AC_CONFIG_HEADER right after AC_INIT.
* make.h (HAVE_CONFIG_H): #include "config.h", then #define this.
* compatMakefile (config.h, configure, New rules.
(defines): Removed @DEFS@.
Thu Dec 17 16:11:40 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (realclean): Just depend on distclean; no cmds.
(distclean): Do what realclean did before; also remove Makefile and
config.h; don't remove configure.
(info, dvi): New targets; depend on make.{info,dvi}.
(doc): Removed target.
(, make.dvi): Use them instead of explicit cmds.
Wed Dec 16 16:25:24 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Added fcntl.h to AC_HAVE_HEADERS. getloadavg cares.
Wed Dec 9 15:21:01 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (long_option_aliases): Add --new-file alias for -W.
* default.c (default_variables): Change all C++ to CXX and C++FLAGS
* read.c (do_define): Expand the variable name before using it.
* main.c (main): Define variable "MAKE_COMMAND" to argv[0];
* remake.c (library_search): Search for libNAME.a in cwd; look in
vpath before looking in standard dirs, not after.
Changed order of std dirs to: /lib, /usr/lib, ${prefix}/lib.
Mon Nov 23 14:57:34 1992 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_pattern_rules, default_terminal_rules): Added
brackets around initializers.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Don't check for LINE[0]=='\t'.
(try_variable_definition): Expand the name before defining the var.
* job.c (init_siglist): Removed function.
Removed decl of `sys_siglist'.
* make.h [! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST]: #include "signame.h".
only under these conditions.
* main.c (main): Don't declare init_siglist.
(main) [! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST]: Call signame_init instead of init_siglist.
Wed Nov 18 14:52:51 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (record_files): Don't try to append to FIRSTDEPS if it's
nil; instead just set it to MOREDEPS.
Mon Nov 16 17:49:17 1992 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Initialize P to DIRPATH before
loop that sets MAXELEM.
Fri Nov 13 18:23:18 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.22.
Thu Nov 12 15:45:31 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (start_job_command): Under -n, increment files_remade after
processing (i.e., printing) all command lines.
Tue Nov 10 15:33:53 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (record_files): Append new deps if this rule has no
commands; prepend them to existing deps if this rule has no commands.
* dir.c (open_dirstream): Return nil if DIR->contents->files is nil.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Removed last arg STRIP. Always strip `./'s.
(read_makefile): Changed callers.
* function.c (string_glob): Likewise.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Likewise.
Mon Nov 9 17:50:16 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (files_remade): Made global.
(notice_finished_file): Don't increment files_remade here; this
function gets called in many situations where no remaking was in
fact done.
* job.c (reap_children): Do it here instead, when we know that
actual commands have been run for the file.
* make.h (files_remade): Declare it.
Thu Nov 5 18:26:10 1992 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Allow blanks as well as colons to
separate elts in the search path.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't fatal on extra tokens in `vpath'.
The search path can contain spaces now.
Tue Nov 3 20:44:32 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (check): New target; no-op.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): Mod OLDHASH by FILE_BUCKETS after
testing for OLDHASH==0 but before using the value.
(rename_file): Don't mod OLDHASH by FILE_BUCKETS before passing it
to file_hash_enter.
* file.c (rename_file): Notice when OLDFILE->cmds came from
default.c, and don't try to print ->filename in that case.
Sun Oct 25 01:48:23 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (update_file): Don't process F->also_make here.
(notice_finished_file): Don't process FILE->also_make if no attempt
to update FILE was actually made.
Fixed to call f_mtime directly to refresh their modtimes.
Sat Oct 24 22:08:59 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (find_percent): Don't increment P again after skipping
an escaped %.
* expand.c (variable_expand): In call to patsubst_expand, don't
find `%'s ourselves; let that function do it.
* read.c (read_makefile: record_waiting_files): Don't call
record_files if FILENAMES is nil.
(read_makefile): All alternatives in the parsing, except for rule
lines, fall through to the end of the loop. At the end of the
loop, do record_waiting_files so we notice later spurious cmds.
Fri Oct 23 15:57:37 1992 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Free old value of SHELL
before replacing it.
Thu Oct 15 18:57:56 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (.c.o): Add -I$(srcdir)/glob to flags.
* dir.c (open_dirstream): Cast return value to __ptr_t.
* default.c (default_variables: "GET") [_IBMR2]: Use USG defn.
* make.h (MAXPATHLEN): Moved out of #ifndef POSIX.
(GET_PATH_MAX): Moved from #ifdef POSIX to #ifdef PATH_MAX #else.
Define as (get_path_max ()).
[! PATH_MAX] (get_path_max): Declare fn.
* misc.c [NEED_GET_PATH_MAX] (get_path_max): New function.
Mon Oct 12 13:34:45 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.21.
* job.c (sys_siglist): Only declare #ifndef SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED.
* make.h [! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST && HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST]: #define
* dir.c (file_impossible): When initializing DIR->contents, set
DIR->contents->dirstream to nil.
* compatMakefile (GLOB): Define new variable.
(objs): Use it, rather than glob/libglob.a explicitly.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): When stripping "./", handle cases like
".///foo" and "./////".
* file.c (lookup_file, enter_file): Likewise.
Sun Oct 11 17:00:35 1992 Roland McGrath (
* dir.c (struct dirstream, {open,read}_dirstream): New
data type and functions to read a directory sequentially.
(init_dir): New function to hook it into glob.
* main.c (main): Call init_dir.
* compatMakefile (objs): Added glob/libglob.a.
* Remove code to test for glob.
Fri Oct 9 12:08:30 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (record_files): Generalized test for NAME pointing
somewhere into F->name.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Free old value when replacing.
* read.c (do_define): Free the linebuffer before returning.
(record_files): When clearing .SUFFIXES deps, free their data.
(multi_glob): Free OLD and its data when replacing it with results
of glob run.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Use alloca in place of xmalloc
for temp space for $^, $?, et al.
* dir.c (struct directory): New member `contents' replaces `files'
and `dirstream'.
(struct directory_contents): New type.
(directories_contents): New hash table.
(dir_struct_file_exists_p): Take a struct directory_contents.
(dir_file_exists_p): Pass it the `contents' member of the dir found.
(dir_struct_file_exists_p): Renamed to dir_contents_file_exists_p;
made static. Return 0 if DIR is nil (meaning it couldn't be stat'd).
(dir_file_exists_p, find_directory): Change all callers.
(file_impossible): Use DIR->contents, initializing it if nil.
(print_dir_data_base): Use DIR->contents, and print out device and
inode numbers with each directory.
* Changes for performance win from John Gilmore <>:
* dir.c (DIRECTORY_BUCKETS): Increase to 199.
(DIRFILE_BUCKETS): Decrease to 107.
(find_directory): Allocate and zero a multiple of
sizeof (struct dirfile *), not of sizeof (struct dirfile).
(dir_struct_file_exists_p): New function, nearly all code from
(dir_file_exists_p): Just call find_directory+dir_struct_file_exists_p.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Remove redundant
dir_file_exists_p call.
* Comment out glob check; always use our code.
Fri Oct 2 19:41:20 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [! HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST && HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST]: #define
HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST; after doing #define sys_siglist _sys_siglist, we
do have it.
Wed Sep 30 19:21:01 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Don't do -w automatically if -s.
Tue Sep 29 21:07:55 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (printed_version): Move variable inside print_version.
(print_version): Return immediately if printed_version is set.
(die): Don't test printed_version here.
(decode_switches): Under -v, do print_version before giving usage.
(decode_switches): Use it when printing the usage message.
Leave at least two spaces between options and their descriptions.
Fri Sep 25 13:12:42 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.20.
Wed Sep 16 16:15:22 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Save errno value from trying to open
FILENAME, and restore it before erring; otherwise we get the errno
value from the last elt of the search path.
Tue Sep 15 15:12:47 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (long_option_aliases): Add --stop for -S.
* read.c (word1eq): Do strncmp before dereferencing someplace that
may be out in space.
Wed Sep 9 15:50:41 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): If all the command lines were
recursive, don't do the touching.
* job.c (start_job_command): Don't check for + here.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Do it here instead.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Prepend + to cmds for RCS.
Wed Sep 2 17:53:08 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (objs): Include $(ALLOCA).
* make.h [CRAY]: Move #define signal bsdsignal to before #includes.
Thu Aug 27 17:45:43 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (default_include_directories): Add INCLUDEDIR first.
* compatMakefile (includedir): Define.
(defines): Add -D for INCLUDEDIR="$(includedir)".
* read.c (read_makefile): Grok multiple files in `include';
globbing too.
* remake.c (library_search): New function.
(library_file_mtime): Remove function.
(f_mtime): Use library_search instead of library_file_mtime.
* compatMakefile (libdir): Define.
(defines): Add -D for LIBDIR="$(libdir)".
* make.texinfo (Libraries/Search): Document change.
* file.c (rename_file): Fix file_hash_enter call with missing arg.
Wed Aug 26 17:10:46 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.19.
* main.c (main): Set command_state to cs_finished for temp files
made for stdin makefiles.
* main.c (decode_switches): Don't tell getopt to return non-option
args in order.
Ignore an argument of `-'.
Thu Aug 20 13:36:04 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (start_job_command): If (touch_flag && !RECURSIVE), ignore
the command line and go to the next.
(notice_finished_file): Under -t, touch FILE.
* remake.c (remake_file): Don't touch it here.
Wed Aug 19 16:06:09 1992 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (pattern_matches): Use temporary for strlen (WORD)
instead of two function calls.
* compatMakefile (LOAD_AVG): Remove variable and comments.
Tue Aug 18 14:58:58 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Running): Node renamed to `make Invocation'.
Fri Aug 14 12:27:10 1992 Roland McGrath (
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Don't compare [MAX-3..MAX] if
Thu Aug 13 17:50:09 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.18.
* main.c: Don't #include <time.h>; make.h already does.
Mon Aug 10 17:03:01 1992 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Fixed copying of suffix when building
also_make elts.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Make sure BUFFER is
null-terminated before replacing newlines.
* compatMakefile (mandir): Use man$(manext), not always manl.
Sun Aug 2 01:42:50 1992 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): Not static.
* rule.h: Declare it.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): New function, most code from rename_file.
(rename_file): Call it.
* file.h (file_hash_enter): Declare it.
* dep.h: Doc fix.
Thu Jul 30 15:40:48 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (decode_switches): Handle usage_and_exit when building
long options vector.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Make RCS rules use $(CHECKOUT,v).
(default_variables): Define CHECKOUT,v (hairy).
* make.h [!HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST && HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST]: #define
sys_siglist to _sys_siglist.
Sun Jul 26 16:56:32 1992 Roland McGrath (
* NEWS: Add header and tail copyright info like Emacs NEWS.
* make.h [ANSI_STRING]: Don't #define index, rindex, bcmp, bzero,
bcopy if already #define'd.
[STDC_HEADERS] (qsort, abort, exit): Declare here.
[! __GNU_LIBRARY__ && !POSIX]: Not here.
* make.h [_AIX]: #pragma alloca first thing.
* job.c (start_waiting_job): Set the command_state to cs_running
when we queue a job on waiting_jobs.
Fri Jul 24 02:16:28 1992 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Use "" instead of nil
for empty value.
Thu Jul 23 22:31:18 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.17.
* main.c (struct command_switch.type): Add alternative usage_and_exit.
(command_switches): Add -h/--help.
Thu Jul 16 14:27:50 1992 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar.Z): Include NEWS, not CHANGES.
* README.template: Mention NEWS.
* CHANGES: Renamed to NEWS.
* main.c [! STDC_HEADERS] [sun]: Don't declare exit.
Tue Jul 14 18:48:41 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Set -o files' command_states to cs_finished.
* rule.c (count_implicit_rule_limits): Decrement num_pattern_rules
when tossing a rule.
* main.c (main): Use alloca only in simple local var assignment,
for braindead SGI compiler.
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base): Barf if num_pattern_rules is
inconsistent with the number computed when listing them.
Mon Jul 13 17:51:53 1992 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c (set_file_variables): For $? and $^ elts that are archive
member refs, use member name only.
Fri Jul 10 00:05:04 1992 Roland McGrath (
* variable.h (struct variable.export): Add new alternative v_ifset.
* variable.c (target_environment): Check for it.
(define_automatic_variables): Set it for MAKEFILES.
Thu Jul 9 21:24:28 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (objs): Remove getloadavg.o; $(extras) gets it.
(remote.o): Use $(srcdir)/remote.c, not $remote.c<.
(distclean, mostlyclean): New targets.
Tue Jul 7 19:12:49 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.16.
* compatMakefile (config.status): Remove rule.
* job.c (start_waiting_job): Free C after using C->file, not before.
Sat Jul 4 20:51:49 1992 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c, job.c, main.c, make.h, remote-cstms.c: Use #ifdef
HAVE_* instead of #ifndef *_MISSING.
* Use AC_HAVE_FUNCS instead of AC_MISSING_FUNCS (gone).
Thu Jul 2 18:47:52 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): makelevel>0 or -C implies -w.
Tue Jun 30 20:50:17 1992 Roland McGrath (
* file.c, job.c, function.c: Don't #include <errno.h>.
make.h: Do it here instead.
* arscan.c (ar_member_touch): Don't declare errno.
Thu Jun 25 17:06:55 1992 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar.Z): Depend on INSTALL,
* remake.c (update_file): If commands or deps are running after
update_file_1 returns, break out of the :: rule (->prev) loop and
just return.
* job.c (job_next_command): New function; code from start_job.
(start_job_command): Renamed from start_job. Call job_next_command
and recurse for empty command lines and -n.
(start_waiting_job): Call start_job_command, not start_job.
(new_job): Call job_next_command to prime the child structure, and
then call start_waiting_job.
(reap_children): Use job_next_command and start_job_command.
(start_waiting_job): Call start_remote_job_p here, and store its
result in C->remote. If zero, check the load average and
maybe put C on waiting_jobs.
(start_job_command): Test CHILD->remote rather than calling
start_remote_job_p. Don't do load avg checking at all here.
* main.c (main): Don't handle SIGILL, SIGIOT, SIGEMT, SIGBUS,
* compatMakefile (glob/libglob.a): Don't pass srcdir to sub-make.
configure will set it in glob/Makefile.
Wed Jun 24 19:40:34 1992 Roland McGrath (
* dir.c [DIRENT] (direct): Don't define to dirent.
[! DIRENT] (direct): Define to dirent.
(dir_file_exists_p): Use struct dirent instead of struct direct.
* make.h (getcwd): No space between macro and ( for args!
* job.c (start_job): Don't put the job on waiting_jobs if
* make.texinfo (Missing): Shortened title.
Tue Jun 23 18:42:21 1992 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Print "rm" commands under -n.
Mon Jun 22 16:20:02 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.15.
Fri Jun 19 16:20:26 1992 Roland McGrath (
* arscan.c [M_UNIX]: #undef M_XENIX.
Wed Jun 17 17:59:28 1992 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Put @ prefix on RCS cmds.
Tue Jun 16 19:24:17 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (getloadavg.o): Removed special rule.
(CFLAGS): Don't include $(defines).
(.c.o): Define suffix rule.
(glob/libglob.a): Pass CPPFLAGS=$(defines) to submake.
(GETOPT_SRC, srcs, tagsrcs): Prefix files with $(srcdir)/.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): Moved local vars inside #if'd block.
* make.h (max): Removed.
* expand.c (variable_buffer_output): Don't use it.
* compatMakefile (INSTALL): Define.
(Makefile): New rule to make from
(srcdir): Define.
(VPATH): Define.
(getloadavg.o, remote.o): Use autoconf $foo< hack.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Removed return.
Mon Jun 15 17:42:51 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.14.
* make.texinfo (Summary): New node.
(Special Targets): Mention .EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES here.
* variable.c (max): Moved to make.h.
* compatMakefile (objs, srcs): Added ar & arscan.
* job.c (start_waiting_job): New function, 2nd half of new_job.
(new_job): Call it.
(start_waiting_jobs): New function.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Call start_waiting_jobs at the top
of the main loop.
* compatMakefile (objs, srcs): Removed load, added getloadavg.
Fri Jun 12 19:33:16 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (load_too_high): New function. Uses getloadavg.
(waiting_jobs): New variable.
(start_job): Don't call wait_to_start_job. Instead, if
load_too_high returns nonzero, add the child to the
`waiting_jobs' chain and return without starting the job.
Thu Jun 11 00:05:28 1992 Roland McGrath (
* expand.c (variable_buffer_output): Made global again.
* variable.h: And declare it.
* arscan.c (PORTAR): Define for all systems if PORT5AR is not defined.
(ar_scan): Don't use it. Don't #ifdef AR_TRAILING_SLASH; just look
for a slash in the archive at run time.
(ar_name_equal): Rewrote .o hacking to not use AR_NAMELEN, and to
cope with trailing-slash and non-trailing-slash archives.
* main.c (main) [! SETVBUF_REVERSED]: Test this instead of USGr3 et al.
[SETVBUF_REVERSED]: Always allocate a buffer ourselves.
* load.c (load_average) [sgi]: Use sysmp call.
* compatMakefile (INSTALL_DATA, INSTALL_PROGRAM): Define.
($(bindir)/$(instname), $(mandir)/make.$(manext)): Use them.
* make.h [HAVE_VFORK_H]: #include <vfork.h>.
(vfork, VFORK_NAME): Don't define.
* job.c (start_job): Use "vfork" in place of VFORK_NAME.
* make.h [HAVE_LIMITS_H, HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H]: If #define'd, #include
the each file. Rearranged PATH_MAX hacking.
* job.c: Rearranged NGROUPS_MAX hacking.
* remake.c (fstat, time): Don't declare.
* compatMakefile (defines): Value is @DEFS@.
(LOADLIBES): Value is @LIBS@.
(extras): Value is @LIBOBJS@.
* arscan.c, ar.c: Surround body with #ifndef NO_ARCHIVES.
* misc.c [! HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Test instead of !POSIX to decl get*id.
* make.h [GETCWD_MISSING]: Test instead of !USG && !POSIX et al.
(getcwd): Just declare if present. If not, declare as a macro
using getwd, and declare getwd.
* main.c (main, log_working_directory): Use getcwd instead of getwd.
* main.c (main) [SETLINEBUF_MISSING]: Test this instead of USG.
* make.h (SIGHANDLER, SIGNAL): Removed.
(RETSIGTYPE): Define if not #define'd.
* main.c (main): Use signal in place of SIGNAL.
* main.c [SYS_SIGLIST_MISSING]: Test instead of USG.
* job.c (search_path) [GETGROUPS_MISSING]: Test instead of USG.
[HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Test instead of POSIX to not decl getgroups.
* main.c [! HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Test instead of !POSIX to decl chdir.
[! STDC_HEADERS]: Test instead of !POSIX to decl exit & atof.
* job.c (child_handler), commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Return
RETSIGTYPE instead of int.
* main.c (main): Declare fatal_error_signal and child_handler here
to return RETSIGTYPE; removed top-level decl of former.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal), job.c (unblock_sigs, start_job),
main.c [SIGSETMASK_MISSING]: Test this instead of USG.
Wed Jun 10 22:06:13 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c [HAVE_WAITPID]: Test this instead of USG.
[! HAVE_UNISTD_H]: Test this instead of !POSIX to declare misc fns.
(GID_T): Don't #define.
(search_path): Use gid_t instead of GID_T.
these individually instead of USG for all.
* make.h (ctime): Don't declare. #include time.h instead.
[HAVE_UNISTD_H]: #include <unistd.h> and #define POSIX #ifdef
* dir.c [__GNU_LIBRARY__] (D_NAMLEN): Define to use d_namlen member.
* make.h [NEED_MEMORY_H]: Only include memory.h #ifdef this.
* arscan.c: Removed #ifdef mess about string.h et al.
Just #include make.h instead.
* make.h (fstat, atol): Declare.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Don't use sigmask to check for
propagated signals; use ||s instead.
(fatal_error_signal) [POSIX]: Use sigprocmask in place of sigsetmask.
* variable.c (variable_buffer, variable_buffer_length,
initialize_variable_output, variable_output): Moved to expand.c;
made all static.
(struct output_state, save_variable_output,
restore_variable_output): Removed.
* expand.c (initialize_variable_output): Put a NUL at the beginning
of the new buffer after allocating it.
(allocated_variable_expand_for_file): Don't use
{save,restore}_variable_output. Do it by hand instead, keeping
state on the stack instead of malloc'ing it.
(allocated_variable_expand): Removed.
* variable.h (allocated_variable_expand): Define here as macro.
(variable_buffer_output, initialize_variable_output,
save_variable_output, restore_variable_output): Removed decls.
* read.c (conditional_line): For an if cmd, if any elt of the
conditionals stack is ignoring, just push a new level that ignores
and return 1; don't evaluate the condition.
Thu Jun 4 21:01:20 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Put #ifdef's around frobbing SIGSYS and SIGBUS.
* job.c (getdtablesize): Don't declare or #define if already #define'd.
Wed Jun 3 23:42:36 1992 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (snap_deps): If `.EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES' is a target, set
* make.texinfo (Variables/Recursion): Document .EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES.
Tue Jun 2 21:08:35 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.13.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Calculate length for ^D and ?D
individually, making sure to give them at least enough space for "./".
* make.h [CRAY]: #define signal to bsdsignal.
* default.c (default_variables) [CRAY]: Define PC, SEGLDR,
* arscan.c (AR_HDR_SIZE): Define to sizeof (struct ar_hdr), if it
wasn't defined by <ar.h>.
Thu May 28 00:56:53 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.12.
Tue May 26 01:26:30 1992 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): Initialize LASTRULE to nil, not
Mon May 25 19:02:15 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (decode_switches): Initialize all the long_option elt members.
Thu May 21 16:34:24 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Text Functions): Correct filter-out description.
Tue May 19 20:50:01 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (realclean): Don't remove backup files.
* main.c (decode_switches): Allocate ARGC+1 elts in `other_args'.
Sun May 17 16:38:48 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.11.
Thu May 14 16:42:33 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (reap_children): Don't die if wait returns EINTR.
Wed May 13 18:28:25 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (reap_children): Always run the next command for a
successful target. If we are going to die, we don't want to leave
the target partially made.
Tue May 12 00:39:19 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): After loop, if we only
have one word, check it for being a shell command.
* main.c (decode_switches): Allocate ARGC slots in other_args to
begin with, so we never need to worry about growing it.
If we get a non-option arg and POSIXLY_CORRECT is in the
environment, break out of the loop. After the loop, add all remaining
args to other_args list.
* main.c (decode_switches): For positive_int and floating switches
when optarg is nil, use next arg if it looks right (start with a
digit, or maybe decimal point for floating).
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Always set SHELL to
default if it comes from the environment. Set its export bit.
* make.texinfo (Environment): Document change.
Mon May 11 00:32:46 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.10.
* compatMakefile (tags, TAGS): Use vars for cmds.
(ETAGS, CTAGS): Define.
* main.c (decode_switches): If a switches elt has a nil long_name,
make the long option name elt be "".
Fixed loop to not ignore all the options.
* make.texinfo (Option Summary): Added long options.
* main.c (switches): Changed -m's description to "-b".
(decode_switches): When printing the usage message, don't print
switches whose descriptions start with -.
When constructing the list of names for switch -C, search the
switches vector for switches whose descriptions are "-C".
* main.c (switches): Call -S --no-keep-going, not --dont-keep-going.
Call -I --include-dir, not --include-path.
(long_option_aliases): Added --new == -W, --assume-new == -W,
--assume-old == -o, --max-load == -l, --dry-run == -n, --recon == -n,
--makefile == -f.
* main.c (switches): Removed bogus "silent" elt.
(long_option_aliases): Define new var.
(decode_switches): Add long_option_aliases onto the end of the long
options vector created for getopt_long.
Look through long_option_aliases for extra names to list
in usage message.
Sat May 9 00:21:05 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (log_working_directory): Fixed to properly not print the
leaving message when we haven't printed the entering message.
Fri May 8 21:55:35 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (struct command_switch): Added elts `long_name',
`description', and `argdesc'.
(switches): Added initializers for new members.
(decode_switches): Rewritten to use getopt_long.
* compatMakefile (GETOPT, GETOPT_SRC): Define.
(objs, srcs): Include them.
* job.c (child_died): Renamed to dead_children; made static.
(child_handler): Increment dead_children instead of setting child_died.
(reap_children): Decrement dead_children instead of clearing
child_died. The point of all this is to avoid printing "waiting
for unfinished jobs" when we don't actually need to block.
This happened when multiple SIGCHLDs before reap_children was called.
* job.c (reap_children): If ERR is set, so we don't call start_job
on the child being reaped, instead set its command_state to
(reap_children, child_handler, new_job): I added several
debugging printf's while fixing this. I left them in if (debug_flag)
because they may be useful for debugging this stuff again.
Wed May 6 22:02:37 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): v_export is not 1.
Mon May 4 17:27:37 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.9.
* variable.c (export_all_variables): New variable.
(target_environment): Export variables whose `export' member is
v_default if export_all_variables is set and their names are benign.
* variable.h: Declare export_all_variables.
* read.c (read_makefile): If export or unexport is given with no
args, set or clear export_all_variables, respectively.
* variable.c (target_environment): Exclude MAKELEVEL in the loop,
so it isn't duplicated when we add it at the end.
Sun May 3 17:44:48 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.8.
* variable.h (struct variable): Added new member `export'.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Initialize it to v_default.
(target_environment): Don't check for .NOEXPORT.
Export variables whose `export' member is v_default and that would
have been exported under .NOEXPORT, and variables whose `export'
member is v_export.
(try_variable_definition): Return the variable defined.
* variable.h (try_variable_definition): Changed decl.
* read.c (read_makefile): Recognize `export' and `unexport' directives.
Fri May 1 11:39:38 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main) [POSIX]: Reversed args to sigaddset.
Thu Apr 30 17:33:32 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c [POSIX || !USG] (unblock_sigs): New fn.
(start_job): Block signals before forking.
(new_job): Unblock signals after putting the new child on the chain.
* main.c (main) [POSIX]: Use sigset_t fatal_signal_set instead of
int fatal_signal_mask.
* load.c [sgi] (LDAV_CVT): Define.
Wed Apr 29 17:15:59 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.7.
* load.c (load_average) [sgi]: Clear the high bit of the address
from the symbol table before looking it up in kmem.
* misc.c (fatal, makefile_fatal): Put *** in fatal error messages.
(remake_file): No longer needed in message here.
* main.c (die): Call reap_children with BLOCK==1.
Tue Apr 28 20:44:35 1992 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (freerule): Don't set LASTRULE->next if LASTRULE is nil.
Sun Apr 26 15:09:51 1992 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (count_implicit_rule_limits): Initialize LASTRULE to nil,
not to head of chain. Extract next ptr before we might do
freerule, and use that for next iteration.
(freerule): Still do next ptr frobbing if LASTRULE is nil.
Tue Apr 21 03:16:29 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (child_error): Removed extra %s from error msg format.
* Version 3.62.6.
* job.c (reap_children): Don't start later commands in a sequence
if ERR is nonzero.
* job.c (new_job): Always call reap_children with BLOCK==0 first thing.
* job.c (reap_children): New function; work that used to be done in
(child_died): New global var.
(child_handler): Now just sets child_died.
(wait_for_children): Removed.
(unknown_children_possible, block_signals, unblock_signals,
push_signals_blocked_p, pop_signals_blocked_p): Removed.
(child_execute_job): Removed call to unblock_signals.
(new_job): Removed calls to push_signals_blocked_p and
* job.h: Declare reap_children, not wait_for_children.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal), job.c (new_job),
load.c [LDAV_BASED] (wait_to_start_job), main.c (die),
remake.c (update_goal_chain), function.c (expand_function: `shell'):
Changed wait_for_children calls to reap_children.
Some needed to be loops to wait for all children to die.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal), main.c (main,
log_working_directory), function.c (expand_function): Removed calls
to push_signals_blocked_p and pop_signals_blocked_p.
* job.h: Removed decls.
* job.h: Added copyright notice.
Wed Apr 15 02:02:40 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (child_error): No *** for ignored error.
Tue Apr 14 18:31:21 1992 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (DEBUGP2): Use do ... while (0) instead of if ... else to
avoid compiler warnings.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Don't remove ./ when it is followed by a
Mon Apr 13 21:56:15 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.h (DEBUGPR): Use do ... while (0) instead of if ... else to
avoid compiler warnings.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Run file_mtime on the also_make
files, so vpath_search can happen.
* GNUmakefile (tests): Use perl test suite from
(alpha-files): Include test suite tar file.
Fri Apr 3 00:50:13 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.5.
Wed Apr 1 05:31:18 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (update_file, update_file_1): Do check_renamed on elts
of dep chains when traversing them. Something unrelated might have
renamed one of the files the dep chain points to.
* file.c (rename_file): If FILE has been renamed, follow its
`renamed' ptr, so we get to the final real FILE. Using the renamed
ones loses because they are not in the hash table, so the removal
code loops infinitely.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Clobber null terminator into
MAKEFILES expansion, so string passed to read_makefile is properly
Mon Mar 30 20:18:02 1992 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c (set_file_variables): $* for archive member with
explicit cmds is stem of member, not of whole `lib(member)'.
Thu Mar 26 15:24:38 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.4.
Tue Mar 24 05:20:51 1992 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (new_pattern_rule): Rules are identical only if all their
targets match (regardless of order).
Wed Mar 11 13:49:54 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (remake_file): Changed error "no way to make" to "no
rule to make". Fiat Hugh.
* make.texinfo (Last Resort): Describe %:: rules and new .DEFAULT
* remake.c (update_file_1): Only use .DEFAULT cmds if FILE is not a
Tue Mar 10 18:13:13 1992 Roland McGrath (
* remote-stub.c, remote-cstms.c (start_remote_job): Take new arg,
environment to pass to child.
* job.c (start_job): Pass it.
Mon Mar 9 19:00:11 1992 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (enter_file): Also strip ./s here, to get command-line
target names.
* remote-cstms.c: Add comment telling people to leave me alone.
* compatMakefile (manpage install): Remove target before copying.
Tue Mar 3 18:43:21 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Missing): Renamed to "Incompatibilities and ...".
Added paragraph describing $? incompatibility with Unix and POSIX.2.
Sun Mar 1 15:50:54 1992 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Don't declare fork or pipe.
Use vfork instead of fork.
Tue Feb 25 22:05:32 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Chained Rules): Clarify .PRECIOUS to save
intermediate files.
* load.c [sun] (LDAV_CVT): Define to divide by FSCALE.
Sun Feb 16 02:05:16 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.3.
Sat Feb 15 17:12:20 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (makeinfo): Use emacs batch-texinfo-format fn.
Fri Feb 14 00:11:55 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Correctly handle define & endef in ifdefs.
* read.c (record_files): Pass arg for %s in error msg.
* main.c (main) [__IBMR2, POSIX]: Use correct (a la USGr3) setvbuf
Wed Feb 12 12:07:39 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.texinfo (Libraries/Search): Say it does /usr/local/lib too.
Sun Feb 9 23:06:24 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Check for extraneous `endef' when ignoring.
Thu Feb 6 16:15:48 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.2.
Tue Feb 4 20:04:46 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Correctly ignore
whitespace after backslash-NL.
Fri Jan 31 18:30:05 1992 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile: Ignore errors from chgrp and chmod when installing.
Wed Jan 29 18:13:30 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): When setting MAKELEVEL in the env to re-exec,
allocate space so as not to clobber past the end of the old string.
* make.h [HAVE_ALLOCA_H]: Include <alloca.h>
* compatMakefile (defines): Document HAVE_ALLOCA_H.
Mon Jan 20 13:40:05 1992 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [VFORK_MISSING]: Use fork instead.
* compatMakefile (defines): Document same.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't create an empty
arg if backslash-NL is at beginning of word.
Sun Jan 19 16:26:53 1992 Roland McGrath (
* main.c [DGUX]: Call setvbuf as for USGr3.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Notice correctly that
backslash-NL is the end of the arg (because it is replaced with a
Thu Jan 16 18:42:38 1992 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): If SHELL is nil, set it
to default_shell before proceeding.
* make.h [sgi]: No alloca.h, after all.
Wed Jan 15 12:30:04 1992 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (multi_glob): Cons up the chain of the results of glob
from back to front, so it comes out in forward order.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't eat char following
Mon Jan 13 19:16:56 1992 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.62.1.
* default.c (default_variables) [ultrix]: GET=get, like USG.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Remove tabs following
backslash-NL combos in the input line, so they don't show up when
that line is printed.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't collapse_continuations the line on
input; do it on the copy we do remove_comments on.
For rule lines, collapse_continuations the line after chopping
";cmds" off the end, so we don't eat conts in the cmds.
Give error for ";cmds" with no rule.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Eat backslash-NL combos
when constructing the line to recurse on for slow, too.
Sat Jan 11 02:20:27 1992 Roland McGrath (
* file.c (enter_file): Don't strip leading `./'s.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Take new arg STRIP; if nonzero, do it here.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes), function.c (string_glob),
read.c (read_makefile), rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Change callers.
* default.c (default_variables) [_IBMR2]: FC=xlf
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Turn backslash-NL and
following whitespace into a single space, rather than just eating
the backslash.
* make.texinfo (Copying): @include gpl.texinfo, rather than
duplicating its contents.
Fri Nov 8 20:06:03 1991 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Make sure not to bother
processing an empty line.
* Version 3.62.0.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Always recurse for slow;
simple case didn't handle finding newlines.
Tue Nov 5 18:51:10 1991 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Set RESTP properly when
slow; don't \ify past a newline.
Fri Nov 1 19:34:28 1991 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [sgi]: #include <alloca.h>.
See ChangeLog.1 for earlier changes.