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$description = "The following test creates a makefile to test the word, words,\n"
."and wordlist functions.\n";
$details = "The word function will return the number of words in a variable or\n"
."the word specified. The test will produce a variable with a large\n"
."number of words in it, determine the number of word and then read\n"
."each one back.\n";
open(MAKEFILE,"> $makefile");
# The Contents of the MAKEFILE ...
print MAKEFILE "string := generic_test.perl \n"
."string2 := \$(string) \$(string) \$(string) \$(string) \$(string) \$(string) \$(string)\n"
."string3 := \$(string2) \$(string2) \$(string2) \$(string2) \$(string2) \$(string2) \$(string2)\n"
."string4 := \$(string3) \$(string3) \$(string3) \$(string3) \$(string3) \$(string3) \$(string3)\n"
."all: \n"
."\t\@echo \$(words \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(words \$(string4)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(word 1, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(word 100, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(word 1, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(word 1000, \$(string3)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 3, 4, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 4, 3, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 1, 6, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 7, 5, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 100, 110, \$(string)) \n"
."\t\@echo \$(wordlist 7, 10, \$(string2)) \n"
# END of Contents of MAKEFILE
# Create the answer to what should be produced by this Makefile
$answer = "6\n"
." generic_test.perl\n"
# In this call to compare output, you should use the call &get_logfile(1)
# to send the name of the last logfile created. You may also use
# the special call &get_logfile(1) which returns the same as &get_logfile(1).
# This tells the test driver that the perl test script executed properly.