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# NOTE: If you have no `make' program at all to process this makefile, run
# `' instead.
# Copyright (C) 1988, 89, 91, 92, 93, 94, 1995 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of GNU Make.
# GNU Make is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
# any later version.
# GNU Make is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with GNU Make; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
# the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
# Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
# Makefile for GNU Make
CC = sc
RM = delete
# Define these for your system as follows:
# -DNO_ARCHIVES To disable `ar' archive support.
# -DNO_FLOAT To avoid using floating-point numbers.
# -DENUM_BITFIELDS If the compiler isn't GCC but groks enum foo:2.
# Some compilers apparently accept this
# without complaint but produce losing code,
# so beware.
# NeXT 1.0a uses an old version of GCC, which required -D__inline=inline.
# See also `config.h'.
defines =
# Which flavor of remote job execution support to use.
# The code is found in `remote-$(REMOTE).c'.
REMOTE = stub
# If you are using the GNU C library, or have the GNU getopt functions in
# your C library, you can comment these out.
GETOPT = getopt.o getopt1.o
GETOPT_SRC = $(srcdir)getopt.c $(srcdir)getopt1.c $(srcdir)getopt.h
# If you are using the GNU C library, or have the GNU glob functions in
# your C library, you can comment this out. GNU make uses special hooks
# into the glob functions to be more efficient (by using make's directory
# cache for globbing), so you must use the GNU functions even if your
# system's C library has the 1003.2 glob functions already. Also, the glob
# functions in the AIX and HPUX C libraries are said to be buggy.
GLOB = glob/glob.lib
# If your system doesn't have alloca, or the one provided is bad, define this.
ALLOCA = alloca.o
ALLOCA_SRC = $(srcdir)alloca.c
# If your system needs extra libraries loaded in, define them here.
# System V probably need -lPW for alloca. HP-UX 7.0's alloca in
# libPW.a is broken on HP9000s300 and HP9000s400 machines. Use
# alloca.c instead on those machines.
# Any extra object files your system needs.
extras = amiga.o
# Common prefix for machine-independent installed files.
prefix =
# Common prefix for machine-dependent installed files.
exec_prefix =
# Directory to install `make' in.
bindir = sc:c
# Directory to find libraries in for `-lXXX'.
libdir = lib:
# Directory to search by default for included makefiles.
includedir = include:
# Directory to install the Info files in.
infodir = doc:
# Directory to install the man page in.
mandir = t:
# Number to put on the man page filename.
manext = 1
# Prefix to put on installed `make' binary file name.
binprefix =
# Prefix to put on installed `make' man page file name.
manprefix = $(binprefix)
# Whether or not make needs to be installed setgid.
# The value should be either `true' or `false'.
# On many systems, the getloadavg function (used to implement the `-l'
# switch) will not work unless make is installed setgid kmem.
install_setgid = false
# Install make setgid to this group so it can read /dev/kmem.
group = sys
# Program to install `make'.
# Program to install the man page.
# Generic install program.
INSTALL = copy
# Program to format Texinfo source into Info files.
MAKEINFO = makeinfo
# Program to format Texinfo source into DVI files.
TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
# Programs to make tags files.
ETAGS = etags -w
CTAGS = ctags -w
objs = commands.o job.o dir.o file.o misc.o main.o read.o remake.o \
rule.o implicit.o default.o variable.o expand.o function.o \
vpath.o version.o ar.o arscan.o signame.o remote-$(REMOTE).o \
$(GETOPT) $(ALLOCA) $(extras)
srcs = $(srcdir)commands.c $(srcdir)job.c $(srcdir)dir.c \
$(srcdir)file.c $(srcdir)getloadavg.c $(srcdir)misc.c \
$(srcdir)main.c $(srcdir)read.c $(srcdir)remake.c \
$(srcdir)rule.c $(srcdir)implicit.c $(srcdir)default.c \
$(srcdir)variable.c $(srcdir)expand.c $(srcdir)function.c \
$(srcdir)vpath.c $(srcdir)version.c \
$(srcdir)remote-$(REMOTE).c \
$(srcdir)ar.c $(srcdir)arscan.c \
$(srcdir)signame.c $(srcdir)signame.h $(GETOPT_SRC) \
$(srcdir)commands.h $(srcdir)dep.h $(srcdir)filedep.h \
$(srcdir)job.h $(srcdir)make.h $(srcdir)rule.h \
$(srcdir)variable.h $(ALLOCA_SRC) $(srcdir)
.SUFFIXES: .o .c .h .ps .dvi .info .texinfo
all: make
dvi: make.dvi
# Some makes apparently use .PHONY as the default goal if it is before `all'.
.PHONY: all check info dvi make.texinfo
$(MAKEINFO) -I$(srcdir) $(srcdir)make.texinfo -o
make.dvi: make.texinfo
$(TEXI2DVI) $(srcdir)make.texinfo make.dvi
dvi2ps make.dvi >
make: $(objs) $(GLOB)
$(CC) Link $(LDFLAGS) $(objs) Lib $(GLOB) $(LOADLIBES) To
-delete make
rename make
TMPFILE = t:Make$$
cd glob @@\
$(MAKE) -$(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile
# -I. is needed to find config.h in the build directory.
$(CC) $(defines) IDir "" IDir glob \
# For some losing Unix makes.
SHELL = /bin/sh
glob/libglob.a: FORCE config.h
cd glob; $(MAKE) libglob.a
tagsrcs = $(srcs) $(srcdir)remote-*.c
.PHONY: install installdirs
install: installdirs \
$(bindir)$(binprefix)make $(infodir) \
$(SHELL) ${srcdir}/mkinstalldirs $(bindir) $(infodir) $(mandir)
$(bindir)$(binprefix)make: make
@if $(install_setgid); then \
if chgrp $(group) $ && chmod g+s $; then \
echo "chgrp $(group) $ && chmod g+s $"; \
else \
echo "$@ needs to be owned by group $(group) and setgid;"; \
echo "otherwise the \`-l' option will probably not work."; \
echo "You may need special privileges to install $@."; \
fi; \
else true; fi
# Some systems can't deal with renaming onto a running binary.
-$(RM) $@.old
-mv $@ $@.old
mv $ $@
if [ -r ./ ]; then dir=.; else dir=$(srcdir); fi; \
for file in $${dir}/*; do \
name="`basename $$file`"; \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $$file \
`echo $@ | sed "s,\$$,$$name,"`; \
# Run install-info only if it exists.
# Use `if' instead of just prepending `-' to the
# line so we notice real errors from install-info.
# We use `$(SHELL) -c' because some shells do not
# fail gracefully when there is an unknown command.
if $(SHELL) -c 'install-info --version' >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
if [ -r ./ ]; then dir=.; else dir=$(srcdir); fi; \
install-info --infodir=$(infodir) $$dir/; \
else true; fi
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir) $@
loadavg: loadavg.c config.h
$(CC) $(defines) -DTEST -I. -I$(srcdir) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) \
loadavg.c $(LOADLIBES) -o $@
# We copy getloadavg.c into a different file rather than compiling it
# directly because some compilers clobber getloadavg.o in the process.
loadavg.c: getloadavg.c
ln $(srcdir)getloadavg.c loadavg.c || \
cp $(srcdir)getloadavg.c loadavg.c
check-loadavg: loadavg
@echo The system uptime program believes the load average to be:
@echo The GNU load average checking code believes:
check: check-loadavg
.PHONY: clean realclean distclean mostlyclean
clean: glob-clean
-$(RM) make loadavg "#?.o" core make.dvi
distclean: clean glob-realclean
-$(RM) Makefile config.h config.status
-$(RM) config.log config.cache
-$(RM) TAGS tags
-$(RM) make.?? make.??s make.log make.toc make.*aux
-$(RM) loadavg.c
realclean: distclean
mostlyclean: clean
.PHONY: glob-clean glob-realclean
glob-clean glob-realclean:
cd glob @@\
$(MAKE) $@
# This tells versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make not to export all variables.
# The automatically generated dependencies below may omit config.h
# because it is included with ``#include <config.h>'' rather than
# ``#include "config.h"''. So we add the explicit dependency to make sure.
$(objs): config.h
# Automatically generated dependencies will be put at the end of the file.
# Automatically generated dependencies.
commands.o: commands.c make.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h job.h \
job.o: job.c make.h job.h filedef.h commands.h variable.h
dir.o: dir.c make.h
file.o: file.c make.h dep.h filedef.h job.h commands.h variable.h
misc.o: misc.c make.h dep.h
main.o: main.c make.h dep.h filedef.h variable.h job.h commands.h \
read.o: read.c make.h dep.h filedef.h job.h commands.h variable.h \
remake.o: remake.c make.h filedef.h job.h commands.h dep.h
rule.o: rule.c make.h dep.h filedef.h job.h commands.h variable.h \
implicit.o: implicit.c make.h rule.h dep.h filedef.h
default.o: default.c make.h rule.h dep.h filedef.h job.h commands.h \
variable.o: variable.c make.h dep.h filedef.h job.h commands.h \
expand.o: expand.c make.h filedef.h job.h commands.h variable.h
function.o: function.c make.h filedef.h variable.h dep.h job.h \
commands.h amiga.h
vpath.o: vpath.c make.h filedef.h variable.h
version.o: version.c
ar.o: ar.c make.h filedef.h dep.h
arscan.o: arscan.c make.h
signame.o: signame.c signame.h
remote-stub.o: remote-stub.c make.h filedef.h job.h commands.h
getopt.o: getopt.c
getopt1.o : getopt1.c getopt.h
getloadavg.o: getloadavg.c
amiga.o: amiga.c make.h variable.h amiga.h