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# This is a -*-Makefile-*-, or close enough
bin_PROGRAMS = make
# These source files also have gettext references
SRCS = ar.c arscan.c commands.c dir.c expand.c file.c function.c \
getopt.c implicit.c job.c main.c misc.c read.c remake.c \
rule.c signame.c variable.c vpath.c
make_SOURCES = $(SRCS) default.c remote-$(REMOTE).c version.c \
noinst_HEADERS = commands.h dep.h filedef.h job.h make.h rule.h variable.h \
debug.h signame.h getopt.h gettext.h
man_MANS = make.1
info_TEXINFOS = make.texinfo
DEFS = -DALIASPATH=\"$(aliaspath)\" -DLOCALEDIR=\"$(localedir)\" -DLIBDIR=\"$(libdir)\" -DINCLUDEDIR=\"$(includedir)\" @DEFS@
INCLUDES = -I. -I$(srcdir) $(GLOBINC)
EXTRA_DIST = README $(man_MANS) README.customs remote-cstms.c\
make-stds.texi SCOPTIONS SMakefile\
README.Amiga Makefile.ami config.ami make.lnk amiga.c amiga.h\
README.DOS Makefile.DOS configure.bat dosbuild.bat configh.dos\
README.W32 NMakefile config.h.W32 build_w32.bat subproc.bat\
readme.vms makefile.vms config.h-vms vmsdir.h\
vmsfunctions.c vmsify.c\
glob/COPYING.LIB glob/ChangeLog glob/\
glob/Makefile.ami glob/ glob/SCOPTIONS\
glob/SMakefile glob/configure.bat glob/fnmatch.c\
glob/fnmatch.h glob/glob.c glob/glob.h
CLEANFILES = loadavg
# --------------- Internationalization Section
POTFILES = $(SRCS) remote-cstms.c vmsfunctions.c
localedir = $(prefix)/share/locale
aliaspath = $(localedir):.
all-local: $(srcdir)/stamp-pot
$(srcdir)/stamp-pot: $(POTFILES)
@echo "$(POTFILES)" > $@
# --------------- Local INSTALL Section
# If necessary, change the gid of the app and turn on the setgid flag.
# Whether or not make needs to be installed setgid.
# The value should be either `true' or `false'.
# On many systems, the getloadavg function (used to implement the `-l'
# switch) will not work unless make is installed setgid kmem.
inst_setgid = @NEED_SETGID@
# Install make setgid to this group so it can get the load average.
inst_group = @KMEM_GROUP@
@if $(inst_setgid); then \
app=$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/`echo $(bin_PROGRAMS)|sed '$(transform)'`; \
if chgrp $(inst_group) $$app && chmod g+s $$app; then \
echo "chgrp $(inst_group) $$app && chmod g+s $$app"; \
else \
echo "$$app needs to be owned by group $(inst_group) and setgid;"; \
echo "otherwise the \`-l' option will probably not work."; \
echo "You may need special privileges to complete the installation"; \
echo "of $$app."; \
fi; \
else true; fi
# --------------- Local DIST Section
# Install the w32 and tests subdirectories
(cd $(srcdir); \
sub=`find w32 tests -follow \( -name CVS -prune -o -name work -prune \) -o \( -name \*.orig -o -name \*.rej -o -name \*~ -prune \) -o -type f -print`; \
tar chf - $$sub) \
| (cd $(distdir); tar xfBp -)
# --------------- Local CHECK Section
check-local: check-regression check-loadavg
@banner=" Regression PASSED: GNU Make $(VERSION) ($(MAKE_HOST)) built with $(CC) "; \
dashes=`echo "$$banner" | sed s/./=/g`; \
echo; \
echo "$$dashes"; \
echo "$$banner"; \
echo "$$dashes"; \
.PHONY: check-loadavg check-regression
# > check-loadavg
loadavg: loadavg.c config.h
@rm -f loadavg
# We copy getloadavg.c into a different file rather than compiling it
# directly because some compilers clobber getloadavg.o in the process.
loadavg.c: getloadavg.c
ln $(srcdir)/getloadavg.c loadavg.c || \
cp $(srcdir)/getloadavg.c loadavg.c
check-loadavg: loadavg
@echo The system uptime program believes the load average to be:
@echo The GNU load average checking code believes:
# > check-regression
# Look for the make test suite, and run it if found and we can find perl.
# If we're building outside the tree, we use symlinks to make a local copy of
# the test suite. Unfortunately the test suite itself isn't localizable yet.
@if test -f "$(srcdir)/tests/run_make_tests"; then \
if $(PERL) -v >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
case `cd $(srcdir); pwd` in `pwd`) : ;; \
*) test -d tests || mkdir tests; \
rm -f srctests; \
if ln -s "$(srcdir)/tests" srctests; then \
for f in run_make_tests scripts; do \
rm -f tests/$$f; ln -s ../srctests/$$f tests; \
done; fi ;; \
esac; \
echo "cd tests && $(PERL) ./ -make ../make $(MAKETESTFLAGS)"; \
cd tests && $(PERL) ./ -make ../make $(MAKETESTFLAGS); \
else \
echo "Can't find a working Perl ($(PERL)); the test suite requires Perl."; \
fi; \
else \
echo "Can't find the GNU Make test suite ($(srcdir)/tests)."; \
# --------------- Local CLEAN section
# --------------- Maintainer's Section