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2000-02-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (print_variable): Write out filename/linenumber
information for the variable definition if present.
(define_variable_in_set): Store filename information if provided.
(define_variable, define_variable_for_file): Removed.
(try_variable_definition): Use define_variable_loc() to keep
variable definition location information.
* read.c (read_makefile): Keep variable definition location info.
(do_define): Ditto.
(record_target_var): Ditto.
* variable.h (define_variable_in_set): New fileinfo argument.
(define_variable, define_variable_loc, define_variable_for_file):
Declare new macros.
Fix PR/1407:
* filedef.h (struct file): Rename patvar to pat_variables and make
it just a variable_set_list; we need our own copy of the pattern
variable's variable set list here to avoid overwriting the global
* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): Move the instantiation
of the pat_variables pointer here. Only do the search after we're
done reading the makefiles so we don't search too early. If
there's a pat_variables value, set up the variables next ptr.
* expand.c (variable_expand_for_file): Remove the setup of the
pat_variables info; it's done earlier now to ensure the parent's
pattern variables are set up correctly as well.
2000-02-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (sh_chars_dos) [WINDOWS32]: Add "&" as a shell
metacharacter for the W32 DOS shell.
Reported by Warren Jones <>.
2000-02-02 Paul D. Smith <>
Fixes for the OpenVMS port from Hartmut Becker <>
* config.h-vms [VMS]: Define LOCALEDIR to something; needed for
the expansion of bindtextdomain() even though it's a no-op.
* vmsfunctions.c (strcmpi): Remove duplicate definition of strcmpi().
(readdir): Use DB() instead of testing debug_flag.
* dir.c (file_impossible) [VMS]: Search "p" not "name".
* job.c [VMS]: Switch from debug_flag to the new DB macro. Add
some i18n _() macros (even though VMS doesn't yet support it).
* function.c (patsubst_expand): Change "len" to not be unsigned to
avoid type mismatches.
* main.c (main): Declare signame_init() if we're going to call it.
2000-01-29 Eli Zaretskii <>
* Makefile.DOS.template: Track changes in
(install-recursive, uninstall-recursive): Add missing targets.
(DESTDIR): Define.
(install-binPROGRAMS, uninstall-binPROGRAMS): Use $(DESTDIR).
* default.c (default_variables) [__MSDOS__]: Define CXX to gpp.
2000-01-25 Paul D. Smith <>
Change gettext support to use the simplified version in libit 0.7.
* getopt.c, make.h: Use gettext.h instead of libintl.h.
* ABOUT-NLS, gettext.h, gettext.c: New files from libit 0.7.
Modified to remove some static declarations which aren't defined.
* acconfig.h: Use new gettext #defines.
* acinclude.m4: Add fp_WITH_GETTEXT; remove AM_GNU_GETTEXT.
* Call fp_WITH_GETTEXT instead.
* New gettext stuff. Also force inclusion of glob
files for systems which have LIBC glob.
* i18n/, i18n/.cvsignore: New dir for translation files.
* i18n/de.po, i18n/es.po, i18n/fr.po, i18n/ko.po, i18n/nl.po:
* i18n/pl.po, i18n/ru.po: Import translations already done for
earlier versions of GNU make. Thanks for that work!!
* po/, po/ Removed.
2000-01-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (decode_debug_flags): If debug_flag is set, enable all
debugging levels.
(debug_flag): Resurrect this flag variable.
(switches): Make -d give the old behavior of turning on all
debugging. Change --debug alone to emit basic debugging and take
optional arguments to expand debugging.
* NEWS: Document the new debugging options.
* remake.c (no_rule_error): Remove this function. This tries to
fix a real problem--see the description with the introduction of
this function below. However, the cure is worse than the disease
and this approach won't work.
(remake_file): Put the code from no_rule_error back here.
(update_file_1): Remove call to no_rule_error.
* filedef.h (struct file): Remove mfile_status field.
2000-01-22 Paul D. Smith <>
Integrate GNU gettext support.
* Add options for setting LOCALEDIR, -Iintl, etc.
* acinclude.m4: Add gettext autoconf macros.
* acconfig.h: Add new gettext #defines.
* make.h: Include libintl.h. Make sure _() and N_() macros are
declared. Make gettext() an empty macro is NLS is disabled.
* main.c (struct command_switch switches[]): Can't initialize
static data with _() (gettext calls), so use N_() there then use
gettext() directly when printing the strings.
* remake.c (no_rule_error): The string constants can't be static
when initializing _() macros.
* file.c (print_file): Reformat a few strings to work better for
* po/, po/ New files. Take from the latest GNU tar distribution, as that
version works better than the one that comes with gettext.
* NEWS: Mention i18n ability.
2000-01-21 Paul D. Smith <>
Installed patches for the VMS port.
Patches provided by: Hartmut Becker <>
* readme.vms, arscan.c, config.h-vms, default.c, dir.c, file.c:
* implicit.c, job.c, make.h,, makefile.vms, rule.c:
* variable.c, vmsdir.h, vmsfunctions.c, vmsify.c, glob/glob.c:
* glob/glob.h: Installed patches. See readme.vms for details.
2000-01-11 Paul D. Smith <>
Resolve PR/xxxx: don't automatically evaluate the $(call ...)
function's arguments. While we're here, clean up argument passing
protocol to always use simple nul-terminated strings, instead of
sometimes using offset pointers to mark the end of arguments.
This change also fixes PR/1517.
Both PR's by Damien GIBOU <>.
* function.c (struct function_table_entry): Remove the negative
required_args hack; put in explicit min and max # of arguments.
(function_table): Add in the max value. Turn off the expand bit
for func_call.
(expand_builtin_function): Test against minimum_args instead of
the obsolete required_args.
(handle_function): Rewrite this. We don't try to be fancy and
pass one style of arguments to expanded functions and another
style to non-expanded functions: pass pointers to nul-terminated
strings to all functions.
(func_call): Rewrite this. If we are invoking a builtin function
and it's supposed to have its arguments expanded, do that (since
it's not done by handle_function for $(call ...) anymore). For
non-builtins, just add the variables as before but mark them as
recursive so they'll be expanded later, as needed.
(func_if): All arguments are vanilla nul-terminated strings:
remove trickery with "argv[1]-1".
(func_foreach): Ditto.
* expand.c (expand_argument): If the second arg is NULL, expand
the entire first argument.
* job.c (new_job): Zero the child struct. This change was just
made to keep some heap checking software happy, not because there
was an actual bug (the important memory was being cleared properly).
1999-12-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (print_variable): Print the variable with += if the
append flag is set.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Remove the extra check of the
implicit flag added on 8/24/1998. This causes problems and the
reason for the change was better resolved by the change made to
check_deps() on 8/26/1998. This fixes PR/1423.
1999-12-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* dir.c (dir_setup_glob): On 64 bit ReliantUNIX (5.44 and above)
in LFS mode, stat() is actually a macro for stat64(). Assignment
doesn't work in that case. So, stat is a macro, make a local
wrapper function to invoke it.
(local_stat): Wrapper function, if needed.
Reported by Andrej Borsenkow <>.
1999-12-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file): Move the considered test outside the
double-colon loop, _but_ make sure we test the double_colon target
not the "current" target. If we stop early because one
double-colon target is running, mark all the rest considered and
try to start their prerequisites (so they're marked considered).
Fix for PR/1476 suggested by Tim Magill <>.
1999-11-22 Rob Tulloh <>
* function.c (windows32_openpipe, func_shell): Correct Windows32
problem where $(shell nosuchfile) would incorrectly exit make. The
fix is to print the error and let make continue.
Reported by David Masterson <>.
* w32/subproc/misc.c (arr2envblk): Memory leak fix.
1999-11-21 Paul D. Smith <>
Rework GNU make debugging to provide different levels of output.
* NEWS: mention it.
* debug.h: New file. Define various debugging levels and macros.
* function.c, implicit.c, job.c, main.c, misc.c, read.c, remake.c
* remote-cstms.c, vmsfunctions.c: Replace all code depending on
debug_flag with invocations of debugging macros.
* make.h: Remove debug_flag and DEBUGPR, add db_level.
1999-11-18 Paul Eggert <>
* acinclude.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_FLAGS): Work around a problem
with the QNX 4.25 shell, which doesn't propagate exit status of
failed commands inside shell assignments.
1999-11-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (func_if): Find the end of the arg list by testing
the next item for NULL; any other test is not correct.
Reported by Graham Reed <> (PR/1429).
Fix += when used in a target-specific variable context.
* variable.h: New bitfield APPEND set if we have a +=
target-specific variable.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Add an argument to specify
if we're trying a target-specific variable. If we are and it's an
append style, don't append it, record it as normal recursive, but
set the APPEND flag so it'll be expanded later.
* main.c (handle_non_switch_argument): Use new
try_variable_definition() signature.
* read.c (read_makefile,record_target_var): Ditto.
* expand.c (allocated_variable_append): New function: like
allocated_variable_expand(), but we expand the same variable name
in the context of the ``next'' variable set, then we append this
expanded value.
(recursively_expand): Invoke it, if the APPEND bit is set.
1999-11-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* file.c (snap_deps): If the .NOTPARALLEL target is defined, turn
off parallel builds for this make only (still allow submakes to be
run in parallel).
* main.c: New variable, ``not_parallel''.
* make.h: Add an extern for it.
* job.c (new_job): Test NOT_PARALLEL as well as JOB_SLOTS.
* NEWS: Add info on .NOTPARALLEL.
* make.texinfo (Special Targets): Document it.
* (GLOBDIR): Set to "glob" if we need to build the
glob library.
* (SUBDIRS): Use the GLOBDIR variable instead of
"glob" so we don't try to build glob if we don't need to (if we
have GLIBC glob). Reported by Lars Hecking <>.
* main.c (main): Don't put "***" in the clock skew warning
message. Reported by
* make.h: Remove unneeded signal setup.
* signame.c: Remove extraneous #includes; some versions of Ultrix
don't protect against multiple inclusions and it causes compile
errors. Reported by Simon Burge <>.
1999-10-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (quote_for_env): Rename from quote_as_word().
* make.h, *.c: Prefer strchr() and strrchr() in the code
rather than index() and rindex(). Define strchr/strrchr in terms
of index/rindex if the former aren't supported.
* default.c (CHECKOUT,v): Replace the fancy, complicated
patsubst/filter expression with a simple $(if ...) expression.
* main.c (print_usage): Add the bug reporting mailing address to
the --help output, as per the GNU coding standards.
Reported by Paul Eggert <>.
* README.customs: Installed information on running Customs-ized
GNU make and setuid root, collected by Ted Stern <>.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): PR/1394: Mark the end of the next
token in the MAKEFILES value string _before_ we dup it.
1999-10-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* (make_cv_sys_gnu_glob): We used to add the -Iglob
flag to CPPFLAGS, but that loses if the user specifies his own
CPPFLAGS; this one gets added _after_ his and if he happens to
have an old or broken glob.h--boom. Instead, put it in GLOBINC
and SUBST it.
* (INCLUDES): Add @GLOBINC@ to the INCLUDES macro;
these things get on the compile line well before the user's
1999-10-12 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): If we get here and -n is set,
see if all the command lines are marked recursive. If so, then we
ran every command there is, so check the mtime on this file just
like we would normally. If not, we assume the command we didn't
run would updates the target and set mtime of the target to "very new".
* job.c (start_job_command): Update lines_flags in the file's cmds
structure with any per-line tokens we found (`@', `-', `+').
1999-10-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (initialize_file_variables): Always recurse to
initialize the parent's file variables: the parent might not have
any rules to run so it might not have been initialized before
this--we need this to set up the chain properly for
target-specific variables.
1999-09-29 Paul Eggert <>
* main.c (quote_as_word): Always quote for decode_env_switches
instead of for the shell, so that arguments with strange
characters are are passed to submakes correctly. Remove
double_dollars arg; we always double dollars now. All callers
(decode_env_switches): Don't run off the end of an environment
variable whose contents ends in a unescaped backslash.
1999-09-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* commands.c, function.c, job.c, read.c: Cast arguments to
ctype.h functions/macros to _unsigned_ char for portability.
* remake.c, function.c: Compiler warning fixes: the second
argument to find_next_token() should be an _unsigned_ int*.
Reported by Han-Wen Nienhuys <>.
1999-09-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.78.1 released.
* make.texinfo: Update version/date stamp.
* main.c (main): Argh. For some reason we were closing _all_ the
jobserver pipes before we re-exec'd due to changed makefiles.
This means that any re-exec got a "jobserver unavailable" error :-/.
I can't believe we didn't notice this before.
1999-09-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.78 released.
* main.c (main): Only fail on multiple --jobserver-fds options if
they aren't all the same. Some makefiles use things like
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) which will cause multiple, identical copies of
--jobserver-fds to show up.
1999-09-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (define_makeflags): Zero out FLAGSTRING to avoid
uninitialized memory reads when checking *p != '-' in the loop.
1999-09-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.97 released.
* (MAKE_HOST): AC_SUBST this so it will go into the
* (check-local): Print a success banner if the check
(check-regression): A bit of fine-tuning.
1999-09-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* README.DOS.template: Document requirements for the test suite.
* Makefile.DOS.template: Updates to allow the test suite to run
from "make check".
* main.c (main): Handle it if argv[0] isn't an absolute path.
1999-09-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.96 released.
* (loadavg): Use CPPFLAGS, etc. to make sure we get
all the right #defines to compile.
(check-regression): Look for the regression test suite in the make
package itself. If we're building remotely, use symlinks to make
a local copy.
(dist-hook): Put the test suite into the tar file.
* Look for perl for the test suite.
1999-09-10 Paul Eggert <>
* acinclude.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_FLAGS): If on HP-UX 10.20 or
later, and using GCC, define __STDC_EXT__; this works around a
bug in GCC 2.95.1.
1999-09-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (print_version): Ugh. GLIBC's configure tries to check
make version strings and is too aggressive with their matching
expressions. I've struck a deal with them to leave the version
output as-is for 3.78, and they'll change their configure checks
so that I can change this back in the future.
1999-09-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [__MSDOS__]: Add "echo"
and "unset" to the list of builtin shell commands.
* configh.DOS.template (MAKE_HOST): Define to "i386-pc-msdosdjgpp"
which is the canonical name of the DJGPP host.
1999-09-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.95 released.
* make.texinfo (Make Errors): Document some new jobserver error
1999-09-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* make.texinfo (Make Errors): Document the hint about 8 spaces
instead of a TAB.
(Call Function, Quick Reference): Use @code{$(1)}, not @var.
* main.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: Say "on this platform" instead of "on
MS-DOS", since the MSDOS version could run on Windows.
1999-09-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Always set mtime_before_update
if it's not been set, not just if we ran some rules. Otherwise we
may have a situation where a target's prerequisite was rebuilt but
not changed, so this target's rules weren't run, then
update_goal_chain() sees mtime_before_update != last_mtime and
thinks that the top-level target changed when it really didn't.
This can cause an infinite loop when remaking makefiles.
(update_goal_chain): If we get back to the top and we don't know
what the goal's last_mtime was, find it now. We need to know so
we can compare it to mtime_before_update later (this is only
crucial when remaking makefiles--should we only do it then?)
1999-09-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): If "override" appears as the first
prerequisite, look further to ensure this is really a
target-specific variable definition, and not just some
prerequisite named "override".
1999-09-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (IS_PATHSEP) [WINDOWS32]: Allow backslash separators
for W32 platforms.
* read.c (record_files) [WINDOWS32]: Allow backslash separators
for W32 platforms.
* implicit.c (pattern_search) [WINDOWS32]: Allow backslash
separators for W32 platforms.
* (MAKE_HOST): Define it to be the canonical build
host info, now that we need AC_CANONICAL_HOST anyway (for large
file support).
* version.c (make_host): Define a variable to MAKE_HOST so we're
sure to get it from the local config.h.
* main.c (print_version): Use it in the version information.
* config.ami.template: Add MAKE_HOST.
* configh.dos.template: Ditto.
* config.h.W32.template: Ditto.
* config.h-vms.template: Ditto.
* main.c (main): Close the jobserver file descriptors if we need
to re-exec ourselves.
Also print more reasonable error if users force -jN for submakes.
This may be common for a while until people use the jobserver
feature. If it happens, we ignore the existing jobserver stuff
and use whatever they specified on the commandline.
(define_makeflags): Fixed a long-standing bug: if a long name
only option comes immediately after a single letter option with no
argument, then the option string is constructed incorrectly. For
example, with -w and --jobserver-fds you get "-w-jobserver-fds..."
instead of "-w --jobserver-fds..."; add in an extra " -".
* make.texinfo (Phony Targets): Add another example of using
.PHONY with subdirectories/recursive make.
1999-08-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* README.W32.template: Renamed from README.W32 so it's
autogenerated during the dist. A few minor modifications.
* Check for kstat_open before AC_FUNC_GETLOADAVG
since the latter needs to know whether the former exists to give
an accurate result.
1999-08-26 Rob Tulloh <>
* NMakefile [WINDOWS32]: Now more robust. If you change a file
under w32/subproc, the make.exe will be relinked. Also added some
tests to make sure erase commands won't fail when executed in a
pristine build environment.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c [WINDOWS32]: Added support for
HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL. If you are using the Cygwin B20.1 release, it
is now possible to have have native support for this shell without
having to rely on klutzy BATCH_MODE_ONLY_SHELL.
* config.h.W32 [WINDOWS32]: Added HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL macro which
users can define if they want to build make to use this shell.
* README.W32 [WINDOWS32]: Added informaton about
HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL. Cleaned up text a bit to make it more current.
1999-08-26 Paul Eggert <>
Support large files in AIX, HP-UX, and IRIX.
* acinclude.m4 (AC_LFS): Remove. Superseded by AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.
(jm_AC_TYPE_UINTMAX_T): Check for busted compilers that can't
shift or divide unsigned long long.
(AM_PROG_CC_STDC): New macro; a temporary workaround of a bug in
automake 1.4.
* (AC_CANONICAL_HOST): Add; required by new
(AC_SYS_LARGEFILE): Renamed from AC_LFS.
* config.guess, config.sub: New files, needed for AC_CANONICAL_HOST.
1999-08-25 Paul Eggert <>
* make.h (CHAR_MAX): New macro.
* main.c (struct command_switch): c is now int,
so that it can store values greater than CHAR_MAX.
(switches): Replace small numbers N with CHAR_MAX+N-1,
to avoid problems with non-ASCII character sets.
(short_option): New macro.
(init_switches, print_usage, define_makeflags): Use it instead of
1999-08-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.94 released.
* main.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: If the user uses -j, warn that it's
not supported and reset it.
* make.h (ISDIGIT): Obtained this from the textutils distribution.
* main.c (decode_switches): Use it.
* function.c (is_numeric): Use it.
* main.c (struct command_switch): Store the switch char in an
unsigned char to shut up GCC about using it with ctype.h macros.
Besides, it _is_ always unsigned.
1999-08-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Change "dependency" to "prerequisite" and
"dependencies" to "prerequisites". Various other cleanups related
to the terminology change.
* file.c: Change debugging and error messages to use
"prerequisite" instead of "dependency".
* implicit.c: Ditto.
* remake.c: Ditto.
* NEWS: Document it.
1999-08-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file): Move the considered check into the
double-colon rule loop, so we consider double-colon rules
individually (otherwise after the first is pruned, the rest won't
get run).
* README.template: Minor changes.
Remove the debugging features of the jobserver, so it no longer
writes distinct tokens to the pipe. Thus, we don't need to store
the token we get. A side effect of this is to remove a potential
"unavailable token" situation: make-1 invokes make-2 with its
special token and make-3 with a normal token; make-2 completes.
Now we're waiting for make-3 but using 2 tokens; our special token
is idle. In the new version we don't have special tokens per se,
we merely decide if we already have a child or not. If we don't,
we don't need a token. If we do, we have to get one to run the
next child. Similar for putting tokens back: if we're cleaning up
the last child, we don't put a token back. Otherwise, we do.
* main.c: Add a new, internal flag --jobserver-fds instead of
overloading the meaning of -j. Remove job_slots_str and add the
stringlist jobserver_fds.
(struct command_switch): We don't need the int_string type.
(switches[]): Add a new option for --jobserver-fds and remove
conditions around -j. Make the description for the former 0 so it
doesn't print during "make --help".
(main): Rework jobserver parsing. If we got --jobserver-fds
make sure it's valid. We only get one and job_slots must be 0.
If we're the toplevel make (-jN without --jobserver-fds) create
the pipe and write generic tokens.
Create the stringlist struct for the submakes.
Clean up the stringlist where necessary.
(init_switches): Remove int_string handling.
(print_usage): Don't print internal flags (description ptr is 0).
(decode_switches): Remove int_string handling.
(define_makeflags): Remove int_string handling.
* job.c: Remove my_job_token flag and all references to the
child->job_token field.
(free_job_token): Remove this and merge it into free_child().
(reap_children): Rework the "reaped a child" logic slightly.
Don't call defunct free_job_token anymore. Always call
free_child, even if we're dying.
(free_child): If we're not freeing the only child, put a token
back in the pipe. Then, if we're dying, don't bother to free.
(new_job): If we are using the jobserver, loop checking to see if
a) there are no children or b) we get a token from the pipe.
* job.h (struct child): Remove the job_token field.
1999-08-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Allocate for variable
expansion in f_append with a simple variable: if we're looking at
target-specific variables we don't want to trash the buffer.
Noticed by Reiner Beninga <>.
1999-08-16 Eli Zaretskii <>
* main.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: Mirror any backslashes in argv[0], to
avoid problems in shell commands that use backslashes as escape
1999-08-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.93 released.
1999-08-13 Paul D. Smith <
* function.c (func_if): New function $(if ...) based on the
original by Han-Wen but reworked quite a bit.
(function_table): Add it.
* NEWS: Introduce it.
* make.texinfo (If Function): Document it.
* job.c (free_job_token): Check for EINTR when writing tokens to
the jobserver pipe.
1999-08-12 Paul D. Smith <>
Another jobserver algorithm change. We conveniently forgot that
the blocking bit is shared by all users of the pipe, it's not a
per-process setting. Since we have many make processes all
sharing the pipe we can't use the blocking bit as a signal handler
flag. Instead, we'll dup the pipe's read FD and have the SIGCHLD
handler close the dup'd FD. This will cause the read() to fail
with EBADF the next time we invoke it, so we know we need to reap
children. We then re-dup and reap.
* main.c (main): Define the job_rfd variable to hold the dup'd FD.
Actually dup the read side of the pipe. Don't bother setting the
blocking bit on the file descriptor.
* make.h: Declare the job_rfd variable.
* job.c (child_handler): If the dup'd jobserver pipe is open,
close it and assign -1 to job_rfd to notify the main program that
we got a SIGCHLD.
(start_job_command): Close the dup'd FD before exec'ing children.
Since we open and close this thing so often it doesn't seem
worth it to use the close-on-exec bit.
(new_job): Remove code for testing/setting the blocking bit.
Instead of EAGAIN, test for EBADF. If the dup'd FD has been
closed, re-dup it before we reap children.
* function.c (func_shell): Be a little more accurate about the
length of the error string to allocate.
* expand.c (variable_expand_for_file): If there's no filenm info
(say, from a builtin command) then reset reading_file to 0.
1999-08-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* maintMakefile: Use g in sed (s///g) to replace >1 variable per
* Makefile.DOS.template [__MSDOS__]: Fix mostlyclean-aminfo to
remove the right files.
1999-08-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (msdos_openpipe) [__MSDOS__]: *Really* return a FILE
1999-08-01 Paul D. Smith <>
New jobserver algorithm to avoid a possible hole where we could
miss SIGCHLDs and get into a deadlock. The original algorithm was
suggested by Roland McGrath with a nice refinement by Paul Eggert.
Many thanks as well to Tim Magill and Howard Chu, who also
provided many viable ideas and critiques. We all had a fun week
dreaming up interesting ways to use and abuse UNIX syscalls :).
Previously we could miss a SIGCHLD if it happened after we reaped
the children but before we re-entered the blocking read. If this
happened to all makes and/or all children, make would never wake
We avoid this by having the SIGCHLD handler reset the blocking bit
on the jobserver pipe read FD (normally read does block in this
algorithm). Now if the handler is called between the time we reap
and the time we read(), and there are no tokens available, the
read will merely return with EAGAIN instead of blocking.
* main.c (main): Set the blocking bit explicitly here.
* job.c (child_handler): If we have a jobserver pipe, set the
non-blocking bit for it.
(start_waiting_job): Move the token stuff back to new_job; if we
do it here then we're not controlling the number of remote jobs
(new_job): Move the check for job slots to _after_ we've created a
child structure. If the read returns without getting a token, set
the blocking bit then try to reap_children.
* make.h (EINTR_SET): Define to test errno if EINTR is available,
or 0 otherwise. Just some code cleanup.
* arscan.c (ar_member_touch): Use it.
* function.c (func_shell): Use it.
* job.c (reap_children): Use it.
* remake.c (touch_file): Use it.
1999-07-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Define _() and N_() macros as passthrough to initiate
NLS support.
* <all>: Add _()/N_() around translatable strings.
1999-07-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c: Make sure make.h comes before other headers.
1999-07-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Quick Reference): Update with the new features.
1999-07-25 Eli Zaretskii <>
* remake.c [__MSDOS__]: Don't include variables.h, it's already
* function.c (msdos_openpipe) [__MSDOS__]: Return FILE ptr.
(func_shell) [__MSDOS__]: Fix the argument list.
* Makefile.DOS.template: Update from
* README.DOS.template: Configure command fixed.
* configh.dos.template: Update to provide definitions for
uintmax_t, fd_set_size_t, and HAVE_SELECT.
1999-07-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.91 released.
* Changes to the boostrapping code: if
doesn't exist configure spits an error and generates an empty file which causes make to be confused.
* maintMakefile: Don't build README early.
1999-07-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (my_job_token): This variable controls whether we've
handed our personal token to a subprocess or not. Note we could
probably infer this from the value of job_slots_used, but it's
clearer to just keep it separately. Job_slots_used isn't really
relevant when running the job server.
(free_job_token): New function: free a job token. If we don't
have one, no-op. If we have the personal token, reclaim it. If
we have another token, write it back to the pipe.
(reap_children): Call free_job_token.
(free_child): Call free_job_token.
(start_job_command): Remove duplicate test for '+' in the command.
If we don't appear to be running a recursive make, close the
jobserver filedescriptors.
(start_waiting_job): If our personal token is available, use that
instead of going to the server pipe.
(*): Add the token value to many debugging statements, and print
the child target name in addition to the ptr hex value.
Change the default "no token" value from '\0' to '-' so it looks
better in the output.
* main.c (main): Install the child_handler with sigaction()
instead of signal() if we have it. On SysV systems, signal() uses
SysV semantics which are a pain. But sigaction() always does what
we want.
(main): If we got job server FDs from the environment, test them
to see if they're open. If not, the parent make closed them
because it didn't think we were a submake. Print a warning and
suggestion to use "+" on the submake invocation, and hard-set to
-j1 for this instance of make.
(main): Change the algorithm for assigning slots to be more
robust. Previously make checked to see if it thought a subprocess
was a submake and if so, didn't give it a token. Since make's
don't consume tokens we could spawn many of makes fighting for a
small number of tokens. Plus this is unreliable because submakes
might not be recognized by the parent (see above) then all the
tokens could be used up by unrecognized makes, and no one could
run. Now every make consumes a token from its parent. However,
the make can also use this token to spawn a child. If the make
wants more than one, it goes to the jobserver pipe. Thus there
will never be more than N makes running for -jN, and N*2 processes
(N makes and their N children). Every make can always run at
least one job, and we'll never deadlock. (Note the closing of the
pipe for non-submakes also solves this, but this is still a better
algorithm.) So! Only put N-1 tokens into the pipe, since the
topmost make keeps one for itself.
* Find sigaction. Disable job server support unless
the system provides it, in addition to either waitpid() or
1999-07-22 Rob Tulloh <>
* arscan.c (ar_member_touch) [WINDOWS32]: The ar_date field is a
string on Windows, not a timestamp.
1999-07-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77.90 released.
* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Require automake 1.4.
* function.c: Rearrange so we don't need to predeclare the
function_table array; K&R C compilers don't like that.
* acinclude.m4 (AC_FUNC_SELECT): Ouch; this requires an ANSI C
compiler! Change to work with K&R compilers as well.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Put back. I don't know how I
thought it would work this way :-/. We'll have to think of
something else.
* Remove rule to create
* default.c (default_suffix_rules): Rearrange the default command
lines to conform to POSIX rules (put the filename argument $<
_after_ the OUTPUT_OPTION, not before it).
* various: Changed !strncmp() calls to strneq() macros.
* misc.c (sindex): Make slightly more efficient.
* dir.c (file_impossible): Change savestring(X,strlen(X)) to xstrdup().
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Ditto.
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): Ditto.
(main): Ditto.
* misc.c (copy_dep_chain): Ditto.
* read.c (read_makefile): Ditto.
(parse_file_seq): Ditto.
(tilde_expand): Ditto.
(multi_glob): Ditto.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Ditto.
(define_automatic_variables): Ditto.
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Ditto.
* misc.c (xrealloc): Some reallocs are non-standard: work around
them in xrealloc by calling malloc if PTR is NULL.
* main.c (main): Call xrealloc() directly instead of testing for
* function.c (func_sort): Don't try to free NULL; some older,
non-standard versions of free() don't like it.
* (--enable-dmalloc): Install some support for using
dmalloc ( with make. Use --enable-dmalloc
with configure to enable it.
* function.c (function_table_entry): Whoops! The function.c
rewrite breaks backward compatibility: all text to a function is
broken into arguments, and extras are ignored. So $(sort a,b,c)
returns "a"! Etc. Ouch. Fix it by making a positive value in
the REQUIRED_ARGS field mean exactly that many arguments to the
function; any "extras" are considered part of the last argument as
before. A negative value means at least that many, but may be
more: in this case all text is broken on commas.
(handle_function): Stop when we've seen REQUIRED_ARGS args, if >0.
(expand_builtin_function): Compare number of args to the absolute
1999-07-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Ensure that the state of the target
is cs_running. It might not be if we skipped all the lines due to
-n (for example).
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): If we discover that the
command script is empty and succeed early, set cs_running so the
modtime of the target is still rechecked.
* rule.c (freerule): Free the dependency list for the rule.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): When turning an intermediate file
into a real target, keep the also_make list.
Free the dep->name if we didn't use it during enter_file().
1999-07-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't allocate the commands buffer until
we're sure we found a makefile and won't return early (mem leak).
* job.c (start_job_command): Broken #ifdef test: look for F_SETFD,
not FD_SETFD. Close-on-exec isn't getting set on the bad_stdin
file descriptor and it's leaking :-/.
* getloadavg.c (getloadavg): Ditto.
1999-07-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Fix some potential memory stomps parsing
`define' directives where no variable name is given.
* function.c (func_call): Rename from func_apply. Various code
cleanup and tightening.
(function_table): Add "call" as a valid builtin function.
* make.texinfo (Call Function): Document it.
* NEWS: Announce it.
1999-07-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* variable.c (try_variable_definition) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]:
Treat "override SHELL=" the same as just "SHELL=".
1999-07-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (start_waiting_job): Don't get a second job token if we
already have one; if we're waiting on the load to go down
start_waiting_job() might get called twice on the same file.
* filedef.h (struct file): Add new field, mtime_before_update.
When notice_finished_file runs it assigns the cached last_mtime to
this field.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Notice that a file wasn't updated
by asking if it changed (g->changed) and comparing the current
cached time (last_mtime) with the previous one, stored in
mtime_before_update. The previous check ("did last_mtime changed
during the run of update_file?") fails for parallel builds because
last_mtime is set during reap_children, before update_file is run.
This causes update_goal_chain to always return -1 (nothing
rebuilt) when running parallel (-jN). This is OK during "normal"
builds since our caller (main) treats these cases identically in
that case, but if when rebuilding makefiles the difference is very
important, as it controls whether we re-exec or not.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): Copy the mtime_before_update field.
(snap_deps): Initialize mtime_before_update to -1.
* main.c (main): Initialize mtime_before_update on old (-o) and
new (-W) files.
1999-07-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (switches): Define a new switch -R (or
--no-builtin-variables). This option disables the defining of all
the GNU make builtin variables.
(main): If -R was given, force -r as well.
* default.c (define_default_variables): Test the new flag.
* make.h: Declare global flag.
* make.texinfo (Options Summary): Document the new option.
(Implicit Variables): Ditto.
1999-07-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Options Summary): Correct examples in
--print-data-base option summary (problem reported by David Morse
* arscan.c: Add support for archives in Windows (VC++). Frank
Libbrecht <> provided info on how to do
* NMakefile.template (CFLAGS_any): Remove NO_ARCHIVES from the
compile line.
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
* remake.c (no_rule_error): Fix -include/sinclude so it doesn't
give errors if you try to -include the same file twice.
(updating_makefiles): New variable: we need to know this info in
no_rule_error() so we know whether to print an error or not.
(update_file_1): Unconditionally call no_rule_error(), don't try
to play games with the dontcare flag.
1999-06-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Remaking Makefiles): Add a description of how to
prevent implicit rule searches for makefiles.
* make.1: Remove statement that make continues processing when -v
is given.
1999-06-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Cast -1 arguments to
variable_expand_string() to long. Alexandre Sauve
<> reports that without casts, this breaks
on a NEC SUPER-UX SX-4 system (and it's wrong without a cast
anyway). Of course, (a) I'd really love to start using function
prototypes, and (b) there's a whole slew of issues related to int
vs. long and signed vs. unsigned in the length handling of
variable buffers, etc. Gross. Needs a complete mucking-out.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Ditto.
* acinclude.m4 (AC_FUNC_SELECT): Slight enhancement for AIX 3.2 by
Lars Hecking <>.
* read.c (get_next_mword): Allow colons to be escaped in target
names: fix for regression failure.
1999-04-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Reset read_makefiles to empty after processing so
we get the right error message.
1999-04-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Updates to @dircategory and @direntry suggested by
Karl Berry <>.
1999-04-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command) [__MSDOS__]: Call unblock_sigs before
turning off dos_command_running, so child's signals produce the
right effect.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal) [__MSDOS__]: Use EXIT_FAILURE
instead of 1.
1999-04-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* configh.dos.template: Update to recognize that version 2.02 of
DJGPP contains sys_siglist stuff.
1999-04-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Options/Recursion): Document the job server.
(Parallel): Tweaks.
1999-04-13 Paul D. Smith <>
Implement a new "job server" feature; the implementation was
suggested by Howard Chu <>.
* (job-server): New disable option for job server
support--it's enabled by default. If it works well this will go
* NEWS: Summarize the new feature.
* acconfig.h: New definition MAKE_JOBSERVER if job server support
is enabled.
* config.h-vms.template: Undef MAKE_JOBSERVER for this port.
* config.h.W32.template: Ditto.
* config.ami.template: Ditto.
* main.c (struct command_switch): Add a new type: int_string.
(switches[]) Use int_string for -j if MAKE_JOBSERVER.
(init_switches): Initialize the new int_string switch type.
(print_usage): New function, extracted from decode_switches().
(decode_switches): Call it. Decode the new int_string switch type.
(define_makeflags): Add new int_string switch data to MAKEFLAGS.
(job_fds[]) Array to contain the pipe file descriptors.
(main): Parse the job_slots_str option results. If necessary,
create the pipe and seed it with tokens. Set the non-blocking bit
for the read fd. Enable the signal handler for SIGCHLD even if we
have a non-hanging wait; it's needed to interrupt the select() in
* make.h: Declare job_fds[].
* job.h (struct child): Add job_token field to store the token for
this job (if any).
* job.c (reap_children): When a child is fully reaped, release the
token back into the pipe.
(free_child): If the child to be freed still has a token, put it
(new_job): Initialize the job_token member.
(start_waiting_job): For local jobs, if we're using the pipe, get
a token before we check the load, etc. We do this by performing a
non-blocking read in a loop. If the read fails, no token is
available. Do a select on the fd to wait for a token. We need to
re-enable the signal handler for SIGCHLD even if we have a
non-hanging waitpid() or wait3(), so that the signal will
interrupt the select() and we can wake up to reap children.
(child_handler): Re-enable the signal handler. The count is still
kept although it's not needed or used unless you don't have
waitpid() or wait3().
1999-04-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Reset the considered bit on all the makefiles if
something failed to update; we need to examine them again if they
appear as normal targets in order to get the proper error message.
1999-04-09 Paul D. Smith <>
Performance enhancement from Tim Magill <>.
* remake.c (update_file): If you have large numbers of
dependencies and you run in parallel, make can spend considerable
time each pass through the graph looking at branches it has
already seen. Since we only reap_children() when starting a pass,
not in the middle, if a branch has been seen already in that pass
nothing interesting can happen until the next pass. So, we toggle
a bit saying whether we've seen this target in this pass or not.
(update_goal_chain): Initially set the global considered toggle to
1, since all targets initialize their boolean to 0. At the end of
each pass, toggle the global considered variable.
* filedef.h (struct file): Per-file considered toggle bit.
* file.c: New global toggle variable considered.
1999-04-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Added support for ARFZMAG (compressed
archives?) for Digital UNIX C++. Information provided by
Patrick E. Krogel <>.
(ar_member_touch): Ditto.
1999-04-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): If: a) we found a file and b) we didn't
create it and c) it's not marked as an implicit target and d) it
is marked as an intermediate target, then it was so marked due to
an .INTERMEDIATE special target, but it already existed in the
directory. In this case, unset the intermediate flag so we won't
delete it when make is done. It feels like it would be cleaner to
put this check in update_file_1() but I worry it'll get missed...
1999-04-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use bcopy() to copy
overlapping strings, rather than strcpy(). ISO C says the latter
is undefined. Found this in a bug report from 1996! Ouch!
1999-03-31 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (readline): Ignore carriage returns at the end of the
line, to allow Windows-y CRLF line terminators.
1999-03-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* Don't put here, since doesn't
exist initially. This cause autoreconf and automake to fail when
run on a clean CVS checkout. Instead, we create in the
Makefile (see below).
* Remove BUILT_SOURCES; this is no longer relevant.
Put those files directly into EXTRA_DIST so they're distributed.
Create a local build rule to create
Create a local maintainer-clean rule to delete all the funky
maintainers files.
* maintMakefile: depends on README, since automake
fails if it doesn't exist. Also don't remove glob/
here, as it causes problems.
1999-03-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* Substitute GLOBLIB if we need the link the
glob/libglob.a library.
* (make_LDADD): Use the subst variable GLOBLIB so we
don't link the local libglob.a at all if we don't need it.
* build.template: Don't compile glob/*.o unless we want globlib.
* maintMakefile ( Substitute the glob/*.o files
1999-03-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Various typos and additions, pointed out by James
G. Sack <>.
1999-03-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Functions): Add a new section documenting the new
$(error ...) and $(warning ...) functions. Also updated copyright
* NEWS: Updated for the new functions.
* function.c (func_error): Implement the new $(error ...) and
$(warning ...) functions.
(function_table): Insert new functions into the table.
(func_firstword): Don't call find_next_token() with argv[0]
itself, since that function modifies the pointer.
* function.c: Cleanups and slight changes to the new method of
calling functions.
1999-03-20 Han-Wen Nienhuys <>
* function.c: Rewrite to use one C function per make function,
instead of a huge switch statement. Also allows some cleanup of
multi-architecture issues, and a cleaner API which makes things
like func_apply() simple.
* function.c (func_apply): Initial implementation. Expand either
a builtin function or a make variable in the context of some
arguments, provided as $1, $2, ... $N.
1999-03-19 Eli Zaretskii <>
1999-03-19 Rob Tulloh <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't treat _all_
backslashes as escapes, only those which really escape a special
character. This allows most normal "\" directory separators to be
treated normally.
1999-03-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* Check for a system strdup().
* misc.c (xstrdup): Created. Suggestion by Han-Wen Nienhuys
* make.h: Prototype xstrdup().
* remake.c (library_search): Use it.
* main.c (main): Use it.
(find_and_set_default_shell): Use it.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use it.
* dir.c (find_directory): Use it.
*, Use AC_SUBST_FILE to insert the
maintMakefile instead of "include", to avoid automake 1.4
1999-03-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* amiga.c, amiga.h, ar.c, arscan.c, commands.c, commands.h,
* default.c, dep.h, dir.c, expand.c, file.c, filedef.h, function.c,
* implicit.c, job.c, job.h, main.c, make.h, misc.c, read.c, remake.c
* remote-cstms.c, remote-stub.c, rule.h, variable.c, variable.h,
* vpath.c, Makefile.ami, NMakefile.template, build.template,
* makefile.vms: Updated FSF address in the copyright notice.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): If we see a conditional
variable and we decide to set it, re-type it as recursive so it
will be expanded properly later.
1999-02-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* NEWS: Mention new .LIBPATTERNS feature.
* make.texinfo (Libraries/Search): Describe the use and
ramifications of the new .LIBPATTERNS variable.
* remake.c (library_search): Instead of searching only for the
hardcoded expansion "libX.a" for a library reference "-lX", we
obtain a list of patterns from the .LIBPATTERNS variable and
search those in order.
* default.c: Added a new default variable .LIBPATTERNS. The
default for UNIX is " lib%.a". Amiga and DOS values are
also provided.
* read.c: Remove bogus HAVE_GLOB_H references; always include
vanilla glob.h.
1999-02-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (expand_function): Set value to 0 to avoid freeing it.
* variable.c (pop_variable_scope): Free the value of the variable.
(try_variable_definition): For simple variables, use
allocated_variable_expand() to avoid stomping on the variable
buffer when we still need it for other things.
* arscan.c: Modified to support AIX 4.3 big archives. The changes
are based on information provided by Phil Adams
1999-02-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* Check to see if the GNU glob library is already
installed on the system. If so, _don't_ add -I./glob to the
compile line. Using the system glob code with the local headers
is very bad mojo!
Rewrite SCCS macros to use more autoconf facilities.
* Move -Iglob out of INCLUDES; it'll get added to
CPPFLAGS by configure now.
Automake 1.4 introduced its own "include" feature which conflicts
with the maintMakefile stuff. A hack that seems to work is add a
space before the include :-/.
* build.template: Move -Iglob out of the compile line; it'll get
added to CPPFLAGS by configure now.
1999-02-16 Glenn D. Wolf <>
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [VMS]: Initialized VMS_member_date before
calling lbr$get_index since if the archive is empty,
VMS_get_member_info won't get called at all, and any leftover date
will be used. This bug shows up if any member of any archive is
made, followed by a dependency check on a different, empty
1998-12-13 Martin Zinser <>
* config.h-vms [VMS]: Set _POSIX_C_SOURCE. Redefine the getopt
functions so we don't use the broken VMS versions.
* [VMS]: Allow debugging.
* dir.c (dir_setup_glob) [VMS]: Don't extern stat() on VMS.
1998-11-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* signame.c (init_sig): Check the sizes of signals being set up to
avoid array overwrites (if the system headers have problems).
1998-11-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (record_files): Clean up some indentation.
1998-11-08 Han-Wen Nienhuys <>
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base): Fix arguments to fatal() call.
1998-10-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (start_job_command): If the command list resolves to no
chars at all (e.g.: "foo:;$(empty)") then command_ptr is NULL;
quit early.
1998-10-12 Andreas Schwab <>
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base): Ignore num_pattern_rules if it is
1998-10-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Allow non-empty lines to expand to the
empty string after variable, etc., expansion, and be ignored.
1998-09-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Only add COMMAND.COM
"@echo off" line for non-UNIXy shells.
1998-09-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Add in missing HAVE_MKS_SHELL tests.
1998-09-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): If we hit the "missing separator" error,
check for the common case of 8 spaces instead of a TAB and give an
extra comment to help people out.
1998-08-29 Paul Eggert <>
Renamed from AC_STRUCT_ST_MTIM.
* acinclude.m4 (AC_STRUCT_ST_MTIM_NSEC): Likewise.
Port to UnixWare 2.1.2 and pedantic Solaris 2.6.
* acconfig.h (ST_MTIM_NSEC):
Renamed from HAVE_ST_MTIM, with a new meaning.
Use new ST_MTIM_NSEC macro.
1998-08-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (check_dep): For any intermediate file, not just
secondary ones, try implicit and default rules if no explicit
rules are given. I'm not sure why this was restricted to
secondary rules in the first place.
1998-08-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Special Targets): Update documentation for
.INTERMEDIATE: if used with no dependencies, then it does nothing;
old docs said it marked all targets as intermediate, which it
didn't... and which would be silly :).
* implicit.c (pattern_search): If we find a dependency in our
internal tables, make sure it's not marked intermediate before
accepting it as a found_file[].
1998-08-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* ar.c (ar_glob): Use existing alpha_compare() with qsort.
(ar_glob_alphacompare): Remove it.
Modify Paul Eggert's patch so we don't abandon older systems:
* Warn the user if neither waitpid() nor wait3() is
* job.c (WAIT_NOHANG): Don't syntax error on ancient hosts.
(child_handler, dead_children): Define these if WAIT_NOHANG is not
(reap_children): Only track the dead_children count if no
WAIT_NOHANG. Otherwise, it's a boolean.
* main.c (main): Add back signal handler if no WAIT_NOHANG is
available; only use default signal handler if it is.
1998-08-20 Paul Eggert <>
Install a more robust signal handling mechanism for systems which
support it.
* job.c (WAIT_NOHANG): Define to a syntax error if our host
is truly ancient; this should never happen.
(child_handler, dead_children): Remove.
(reap_children): Don't try to keep separate track of how many
dead children we have, as this is too bug-prone.
Just ask the OS instead.
(vmsHandleChildTerm): Fix typo in error message; don't mention
* main.c (main): Make sure we're not ignoring SIGCHLD/SIGCLD;
do this early, before we could possibly create a subprocess.
Just use the default behavior; don't have our own handler.
1998-08-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* read.c (read_makefile) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Add code to
recognize library archive members when dealing with drive spec
mess. Discovery and initial fix by George Racz <>.
1998-08-18 Paul D. Smith <>
* Check for stdlib.h explicitly (some hosts have it
but don't have STDC_HEADERS).
* make.h: Use HAVE_STDLIB_H. Clean up some #defines.
* config.ami: Re-compute based on new contents.
* config.h-vms: Ditto.
* config.h.W32: Ditto.
* configh.dos: Ditto.
* dir.c (find_directory) [WINDOWS32]: Windows stat() fails if
directory names end with `\' so strip it.
1998-08-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Added copyright year to the printed copy. Removed
the price from the manual. Change the top-level reference to
running make to be "Invoking make" instead of "make Invocation",
to comply with GNU doc standards.
* make.h (__format__, __printf__): Added support for these in
__attribute__ macro.
(message, error, fatal): Use ... prototype form under __STDC__.
Add __format__ attributes for printf-style functions.
* (AC_FUNC_VPRINTF): Check for vprintf()/_doprnt().
* misc.c (message, error, fatal): Add preprocessor stuff to enable
creation of variable-argument functions with appropriate
prototypes, that works with ANSI, pre-ANSI, varargs.h, stdarg.h,
v*printf(), _doprnt(), or none of the above. Culled from GNU
fileutils and slightly modified.
(makefile_error, makefile_error): Removed (merged into error() and
fatal(), respectively).
* amiga.c: Use them.
* ar.c: Use them.
* arscan.c: Use them.
* commands.c: Use them.
* expand.c: Use them.
* file.c: Use them.
* function.c: Use them.
* job.c: Use them.
* main.c: Use them.
* misc.c: Use them.
* read.c: Use them.
* remake.c: Use them.
* remote-cstms.c: Use them.
* rule.c: Use them.
* variable.c: Use them.
* make.h (struct floc): New structure to store file location
* commands.h (struct commands): Use it.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Use it.
* commands.c: Use it.
* default.c: Use it.
* file.c: Use it.
* function.c: Use it.
* misc.c: Use it.
* read.c: Use it.
* rule.c: Use it.
1998-08-16 Paul Eggert <>
* filedef.h (FILE_TIMESTAMP_PRINT_LEN_BOUND): Add 10, for nanoseconds.
1998-08-16 Paul Eggert <>
* filedef.h (FLOOR_LOG2_SECONDS_PER_YEAR): New macro.
(FILE_TIMESTAMP_PRINT_LEN_BOUND): Tighten bound, and try to
make it easier to understand.
1998-08-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): We've already unquoted any colon chars
by the time we're done reading the targets, so arrange for
parse_file_seq() on the target list to not do so again.
1998-08-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* Added glob/ data. We'll have the glob
code include the regular make config.h, rather than creating its
* getloadavg.c (main): Change return type to int.
1998-08-01 Paul Eggert <>
* job.c (reap_children): Ignore unknown children.
1998-07-31 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h, filedef.h, dep.h, rule.h, commands.h, remake.c:
Add prototypes for functions. Some prototypes needed to be moved
in order to get #include order reasonable.
1998-07-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Added MIN/MAX.
* filedef.h: Use them; remove FILE_TIMESTAMP_MIN.
1998-07-30 Paul Eggert <>
Add support for sub-second timestamp resolution on hosts that
support it (just Solaris 2.6, so far).
* acconfig.h (HAVE_ST_MTIM, uintmax_t): New undefs.
jm_AC_TYPE_UINTMAX_T): New defuns.
* commands.c (delete_target): Convert file timestamp to
seconds before comparing to archive timestamp. Extract mod
time from struct stat using FILE_TIMESTAMP_STAT_MODTIME.
(AC_CHECK_LIB, AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add clock_gettime.
* file.c (snap_deps): Use FILE_TIMESTAMP, not time_t.
(file_timestamp_now, file_timestamp_sprintf): New functions.
(print_file): Print file timestamps as FILE_TIMESTAMP, not
* filedef.h: Include <inttypes.h> if available and if HAVE_ST_MTIM.
(file_timestamp_now, file_timestamp_sprintf): New decls.
(struct file.last_mtime, f_mtime, file_mtime_1, NEW_MTIME):
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Likewise.
* vpath.c (vpath_search, selective_vpath_search): Likewise.
* main.c (main): Likewise.
* remake.c (check_dep, name_mtime, library_search, f_mtime): Likewise.
(f_mtime): Use file_timestamp_now instead of `time'.
Print file timestamp with file_timestamp_sprintf.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Extract file time stamp from
1998-07-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.77 released.
* dosbuild.bat: Change to DOS CRLF line terminators.
* make-stds.texi: Update from latest version.
* make.texinfo (Options Summary): Clarify that the -r option
affects only rules, not builtin variables.
1998-07-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Make __attribute__ resolve to empty for non-GCC _and_
for GCC pre-2.5.x.
* misc.c (log_access): Print UID/GID's as unsigned long int for
maximum portability.
* job.c (reap_children): Print PIDs as long int for maximum
1998-07-24 Eli Zaretskii <>
* Makefile.DOS (*_INSTALL, *_UNINSTALL): Replace `true' with `:'.
1998-07-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76.94 released.
1998-07-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* config.h.W32.template: Make sure all the #defines of macros here
have a value (e.g., use ``#define HAVE_STRING_H 1'' instead of
just ``#define HAVE_STRING_H''. Keeps the preprocessor happy in
some contexts.
* make.h: Remove __attribute__((format...)) stuff; using it with
un-prototyped functions causes older GCC's to fail.
* Version 3.76.93 released.
1998-07-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Fix average calculation.
1998-07-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (die): Postpone the chdir() until after
remove_intermediates() so that intermediate targets with relative
pathnames are removed properly.
1998-07-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* filedef.h (struct file): New flag: did we print an error or not?
* remake.c (no_rule_error): New function to print error messages,
extraced from remake_file().
* remake.c (remake_file): Invoke the new error print function.
(update_file_1): Invoke the error print function if we see that we
already tried this target and it failed, but that an error wasn't
printed for it. This can happen if a file is included with
-include or sinclude and couldn't be built, then later is also
the dependency of another target. Without this change, make just
silently stops :-/.
1998-07-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Removed "beta" version designator.
Updated ISBN for the next printing.
1998-07-13 Paul Eggert <>
* acinclude.m4: New AC_LFS macro to determine if special compiler
flags are needed to allow access to large files (e.g., Solaris 2.6).
* Invoke it.
1998-07-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* Makefile.DOS: track changes in
1998-07-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* remote-cstms.c (start_remote_job): Move gethostbyaddr() to the
top so host is initialized early enough.
* acinclude.m4: New file. Need some special autoconf macros to
check for network libraries (-lsocket, -lnsl, etc.) when
configuring Customs.
* (make_try_customs): Invoke new network libs macro.
1998-07-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76.92 released.
* README.customs: Added to the distribution.
* (make_try_customs): Rewrite to require an installed
Customs library, rather than looking at the build directory.
* (man_MANS): Install make.1.
* make.1: Renamed from
* make.texinfo (Bugs): New mailing list address for GNU make bug
1998-07-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76.91 released.
* default.c: Added default rule for new-style RCS master file
storage; ``% :: RCS/%''.
Added default rules for DOS-style C++ files with suffix ".cpp".
They use the new LINK.cpp and COMPILE.cpp macros, which are set by
default to be equal to and
1998-06-19 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Reset execute_by_shell after an empty
command was skipped.
1998-06-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Keep track of the temporary filename created when
reading a makefile from stdin (-f-) and attempt to remove it
as soon as we know we're not going to re-exec. If we are, add it
to the exec'd make's cmd line with "-o" so the exec'd make doesn't
try to rebuild it. We still have a hole: if make re-execs then
the temporary file will never be removed. To fix this we'd need
a brand new option that meant "really delete this".
* AUTHORS, getopt.c, getopt1.c, getopt.h, main.c (print_version):
Updated mailing addresses.
1998-06-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Andreas Luik <> points out that the
check for makefile :: rules with commands but no dependencies
causing a loop terminates incorrectly.
* maintMakefile: Make a template for README.DOS to update version
1998-05-30 Andreas Schwab <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't free the memory for the
dependency structure when dropping a circular dependency.
1998-05-30 Eli Zaretskii <>
* dir.c (file_exists_p, file_impossible_p, file_impossible)
[__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Retain trailing slash in "d:/", and make
dirname of "d:foo" be "d:".
1998-05-26 Andreas Schwab <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Avoid running past EOS when scanning
file name after `include'.
1998-05-26 Andreas Schwab <>
* make.texinfo (Flavors): Correct description of conditional
assignment, which is not equivalent to ifndef.
(Setting): Likewise.
1998-05-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal): strncmp() might be implemented as a
macro, so don't put preprocessor conditions inside the arguments
1998-05-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* read.c (read_makefile) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Skip colons in
drive specs when parsing targets, target-specific variables and
static pattern rules. A colon can only be part of drive spec if
it is after the first letter in a token.
1998-05-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* remake.c (f_mtime) [__MSDOS__]: Allow up to 3 sec of skew before
yelling bloody murder.
* dosbuild.bat: Use -DINCLUDEDIR= and -DLIBDIR= where appropriate.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Combine the special file-handling code
for WINDOWS32 and __MSDOS__ into a single snippet.
(get_next_mword) [__MSDOS__, WINDOWS32]: Allow a word to include a
colon as part of a drive spec.
* job.c (batch_mode_shell) [__MSDOS__]: Declare.
1998-05-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76.90 released.
1998-05-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Make Errors): Added a new appendix describing
common errors make might generate and how to resolve them (or at
least more information on what they mean).
* maintMakefile (NMAKEFILES): Use the new automake 1.3 feature
to create a dependency file to construct Makefile.DOS, SMakefile,
and NMakefile.
(.dep_segment): Generate the dependency fragment file.
1998-05-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* Minor changes.
1998-05-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (pattern_matches,expand_function): Change variables
and types named "word" to something else, to avoid compilation
problems on Cray C90 Unicos.
* variable.h: Modify the function prototype.
1998-05-11 Rob Tulloh <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [WINDOWS32]: Turn off
echo when using a batch file, and make sure the command ends in a
1998-05-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* (make_try_customs): Add some customs flags if the
user configures custom support.
* job.c, remote-cstms.c: Merge in changes for custom library.
* remote-stub.c: Add option to stub start_remote_job_p().
1998-05-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): Install VPATH+ handling for archives; use
the hname field instead of the name field, and rehash when
1998-04-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* rule.c (print_rule_data_base): Print out any pattern-specific
variable values into the rules database.
* variable.c (print_variable_set): Make this variable extern, to
be called by print_rule_data_base() for pattern-specific variables.
* make.texinfo (Pattern-specific): Document pattern-specific
1998-04-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* expand.c (variable_expand_for_file): Make static; its only
called internally. Look up this target in the list of
pattern-specific variables and insert the variable set into the
queue to be searched.
* filedef.h (struct file): Add a new field to hold the
previously-found pattern-specific variable reference. Add a new
flag to remember whether we already searched for this file.
* rule.h (struct pattern_var): New structure for storing
pattern-specific variable values. Define new function prototypes.
* rule.c: New variables pattern_vars and last_pattern_var for
storage and handling of pattern-specific variable values.
(create_pattern_var): Create a new pattern-specific variable value
(lookup_pattern_var): Try to match a target to one of the
pattern-specific variable values.
1998-04-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo (Target-specific): Document target-specific
1998-04-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Made globally visible.
(lookup_variable_in_set): New function: like lookup_variable but
look only in a specific variable set.
(target_environment): Use lookup_variable_in_set() to get the
correct export rules for a target-specific variable.
(create_new_variable_set): Create a new variable set, and just
return it without installing it anywhere.
(push_new_variable_scope): Reimplement in terms of
* read.c (record_target_var): Like record_files, but instead of
files create a target-specific variable value for each of the
listed targets. Invoked from read_makefile() when the target line
turns out to be a target-specific variable assignment.
1998-04-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Rewrite the entire target parsing
section to implement target-specific variables. In particular, we
cannot expand the entire line as soon as it's read in, since we
may want to evaluate parts of it with different variable contexts
active. Instead, start expanding from the beginning until we find
the `:' (or `::'), then determine what kind of line this is and
continue appropriately.
* read.c (get_next_mword): New function to parse a makefile line
by "words", considering an entire variable or function as one
word. Return the type read in, along with its starting position
and length.
(enum make_word_type): The types of words that are recognized by
* variable.h (struct variable): Add a flag to specify a per-target
* expand.c: Make variable_buffer global. We need this during the
new parsing of the makefile.
(variable_expand_string): New function. Like variable_expand(),
but start at a specific point in the buffer, not the beginning.
(variable_expand): Rewrite to simply call variable_expand_string().
1998-04-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Allow the rebuilding makefiles
step to use parallel jobs. Not sure why this was disabled:
hopefully we won't find out :-/.
1998-04-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Set the CURDIR makefile variable.
* make.texinfo (Recursion): Document it.
1998-03-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* misc.c (makefile_fatal): If FILE is nil, invoke plain fatal().
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Use new feature.
1998-03-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Don't pass included, rebuilt makefiles to
re-exec'd makes with -o. Reopens a possible loop, but it caused
too many problems.
1998-03-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Implement ?=.
* make.texinfo (Setting): Document it.
1998-02-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Reset execute_by_shell after an empty
command, like ":", has been seen.
Tue Oct 07 15:00:00 1997 Phil Brooks <>
* make.h [WINDOWS32]: make case sensitivity configurable
* dir.c [WINDOWS32]: make case sensitivity configurable
* README.W32: Document case sensitivity
* config.ami: Share case warping code with Windows
Mon Oct 6 18:48:45 CDT 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Added support for MKS toolkit shell
(turn on HAVE_MKS_SHELL).
* read.c [WINDOWS32]: Fixed a problem with multiple target rules
reported by Gilbert Catipon ( If multiple
path tokens in a rule did not have drive letters, make would
incorrectly concatenate the 2 tokens together.
* main.c/variable.c [WINDOWS32]: changed SHELL detection code to
follow what MSDOS did. In addition to watching for SHELL variable
updates, make's main will attempt to default the value of SHELL
before and after makefiles are parsed.
* job.c/job.h [WINDOWS32]: The latest changes made to enable use
of the GNUWIN32 shell from make could cause make to fail due to a
concurrency condition between parent and child processes. Make
now creates a batch file per job instead of trying to reuse the
same singleton batch file.
* job.c/job.h/function.c/config.h.W32 [WINDOWS32]: Renamed macro
logic to reduce complexity. WINDOWS32 now uses the unixy_shell
variable to detect Bourne-shell compatible environments. There is
also a batch_mode_shell variable that determines whether not
command lines should be executed via script files. A WINDOWS32
system with no sh.exe installed would have unixy_shell set to
FALSE and batch_mode_shell set to TRUE. If you have a unixy shell
that does not behave well when invoking things via 'sh -c xxx',
you may want to turn on BATCH_MODE_ONLY_SHELL and see if things
* NMakefile: Added /D DEBUG to debug build flags so that unhandled
exceptions could be debugged.
Mon Oct 6 00:04:25 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* main.c [WINDOWS32]: The function define_variable() does not
handle NULL. Test before calling it to set Path.
* main.c [WINDOWS32]: Search Path again after makefiles have been
parsed to detect sh.exe.
* job.c [WINDOWS32]: Added support for Cygnus GNU WIN32 tools.
To use, turn on HAVE_CYGNUS_GNUWIN32_TOOLS in config.h.W32.
* config.h.W32: Added HAVE_CYGNUS_GNUWIN32_TOOLS macro.
Sun Oct 5 22:43:59 1997 John W. Eaton <>
* glob/glob.c (glob_in_dir) [VMS]: Globbing shouldn't be
* job.c (child_execute_job) [VMS]: Use a VMS .com file if the
command contains a newline (e.g. from a define/enddef block).
* vmsify.c (vmsify): Return relative pathnames wherever possible.
* vmsify.c (vmsify): An input string like "../.." returns "[--]".
Wed Oct 1 15:45:09 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* NMakefile: Changed nmake to $(MAKE).
* subproc.bat: Take the make command name from the command
line. If no command name was given, default to nmake.
* job.c [MSDOS, WINDOWS32]: Fix memory stomp: temporary file names
are now always created in heap memory.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: New implementation of make_command_line()
which is more compatible with different Bourne shell implementations.
Deleted the now obsolete fix_command_line() function.
* main.c [WINDOWS32]: Any arbitrary spelling of Path can be
detected. Make will ensure that the special spelling `Path' is
inserted into the environment when the path variable is propagated
within itself and to make's children.
* main.c [WINDOWS32]: Detection of sh.exe was occurring too
soon. The 2nd check for the existence of sh.exe must come after
the call to read_all_makefiles().
Fri Sep 26 01:14:18 1997 <>
* [VMS]: Fixed definition of sys.
* readme.vms: Comments on what's changed lately.
Fri Sep 26 01:14:18 1997 John W. Eaton <>
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Allow make to find files named
"MAKEFILE" with no extension on VMS.
* file.c (lookup_file): Lowercase filenames on VMS.
1997-09-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Reworked target detection again; the old
version had an obscure quirk.
Fri Sep 19 09:20:49 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76.1 released.
* Add loadavg files to clean rules.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Remove stamp-config; no longer needed.
* Makefile.ami (distclean): Ditto.
* SMakefile (distclean): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Arg count should be int, not char! Major braino.
Tue Sep 16 10:18:22 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.76 released.
Tue Sep 2 10:07:39 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (expand_function): When processing $(shell...)
translate a CRLF (\r\n) sequence as well as a newline (\n) to a
space. Also remove an ending \r\n sequence.
* make.texinfo (Shell Function): Document it.
Fri Aug 29 12:59:06 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* w32/pathstuff.c (convert_Path_to_windows32): Fix problem where
paths which contain single character entries like `.' are not
handled correctly.
* README.W32: Document path handling issues on Windows systems.
Fri Aug 29 02:01:27 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.93.
Thu Aug 28 19:39:06 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* job.c (exec_command) [WINDOWS32]: If exec_command() is invoked
from main() to re-exec make, the call to execvp() would
incorrectly return control to parent shell before the exec'ed
command could run to completion. I believe this is a feature of
the way that execvp() is implemented on top of WINDOWS32 APIs. To
alleviate the problem, use the supplied process launch function in
the sub_proc library and suspend the parent process until the
child process has run. When the child exits, exit the parent make
with the exit code of the child make.
Thu Aug 28 17:04:47 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Makefile.DOS.template (distdir): Fix a line that got wrapped in
* (loadavg): Give the necessary cmdline options when
linking loadavg.
* Check for pstat_getdynamic for getloadvg on HP.
* job.c (start_job_command) [VMS, _AMIGA]: Don't perform empty
command optimization on these systems; it doesn't make sense.
Wed Aug 27 17:09:32 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.92
Tue Aug 26 11:59:15 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (print_version): Add '97 to copyright years.
* read.c (do_define): Check the length of the array before looking
at a particular offset.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Examine the last byte
of the previous arg, not the byte after that.
Sat Aug 23 1997 Eli Zaretskii <>
* Makefile.DOS.template: New file (converted to Makefile.DOS in
the distribution).
* configure.bat: Rewrite to use Makefile.DOS instead of editing Add support for building from outside of the source
directory. Fail if the environment block is too small.
* configh.dos: Use <sys/config.h>.
* README.DOS: Update instructions.
Fri Aug 22 1997 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command) [__MSDOS__]: Don't test for "/bin/sh"
literally, use value of unixy_shell instead.
* filedef.h (NEW_MTIME): Use 1 less than maximum possible value if
time_t is unsigned.
Sat Aug 16 00:56:15 1997 John W. Eaton <>
* vmsify.c (vmsify, case 11): After translating `..' elements, set
nstate to N_OPEN if there are still more elements to process.
(vmsify, case 2): After translating `foo/bar' up to the slash,
set nstate to N_OPEN, not N_DOT.
Fri Aug 8 15:18:09 1997 John W. Eaton <>
* dir.c (vmsstat_dir): Leave name unmodified on exit.
* make.h (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): Set to comma for VMS.
* vpath.c: Fix comments to refer to path separator, not colon.
(selective_vpath_search): Avoid Unixy slash handling for VMS.
Thu Aug 7 22:24:03 1997 John W. Eaton <>
* ar.c [VMS]: Don't declare ar_member_touch.
Delete VMS version of ar_member_date.
Enable non-VMS versions of ar_member_date and ar_member_date_1 for
VMS too.
* arscan.c (VMS_get_member_info): New function.
(ar_scan): Provide version for VMS systems.
(ar_name_equal): Simply compare name and mem on VMS systems.
Don't define ar_member_pos or ar_member_touch on VMS systems.
* config.h-vms (pid_t, uid_t): Don't define.
* remake.c: Delete declaration of vms_stat.
(name_mtime): Don't call vms_stat.
(f_mtime) [VMS]: Funky time value manipulation no longer necessary.
* file.c (print_file): [VMS] Use ctime, not cvt_time.
* make.h [VMS]: Don't define POSIX.
* (filelist): Include ar and arscan.
Also include them in the link commands.
Don't define NO_ARCHIVES in cc command.
* makefile.vms (ARCHIVES, ARCHIVES_SRC): Uncomment.
(defines): Delete NO_ARCHIVES from list.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Only check to see if intermediate file is
out of date if it also exists (i.e., mtime != (time_t) -1).
* vmsdir.h (u_long, u_short): Skip typedefs if using DEC C.
Fri Jun 20 23:02:07 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Get W32 sub_proc to handle shebang
(#!/bin/sh) in script files correctly.
Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
Fixed search order in find_file() (w32/subproc/sub_proc.c) so that
files with extensions are preferred over files without extensions.
Added search for files with .cmd extension too.
* w32/subproc/misc.c (arr2envblk): Fixed memory leak.
Mon Aug 18 09:41:08 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.91
Fri Aug 15 13:50:54 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (do_define): Remember to count the newline after the endef.
Thu Aug 14 23:14:37 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* many: Rewrote builds to use Automake 1.2.
* AUTHORS: New file.
* maintMakefile: Contains maintainer-only make snippets.
* GNUmakefile: This now only runs the initial auto* tools.
* COPYING,texinfo.tex,mkinstalldirs,install-sh: Removed (obtained
automatically by automake).
* compatMakefile: Removed (not needed anymore).
* README, Removed (built from templates).
*, Removed (built by tools).
Wed Aug 13 02:22:08 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Updates for DOS/Windows information (Eli Zaretskii)
* remake.c (update_file_1,f_mtime): Fix GPATH handling.
* vpath.c (gpath_search): Ditto.
* file.c (rename_file): New function: rehash, but also rename to
the hashname.
* filedef.h: Declare it.
* variable.c (merge_variable_set_lists): Remove free() of variable
set; since various files can share variable sets we don't want to
free them here.
Tue Aug 12 10:51:54 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Require autoconf 2.12
* make.texinfo: Replace all "cd subdir; $(MAKE)" examples with a
more stylistically correct "cd subdir && $(MAKE)".
* main.c: Global variable `clock_skew_detected' defined.
(main): Print final warning if it's set.
* make.h: Declare it.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Test and set it.
* job.c (start_job_command): Add special optimizations for
"do-nothing" rules, containing just the shell no-op ":". This is
useful for timestamp files and can make a real difference if you
have a lot of them (requested by Fergus Henderson <>).
*, Rewrote to use the new autoconf
program_transform_name macro.
* function.c (function_strip): Strip newlines as well as spaces
and TABs.
Fri Jun 6 23:41:04 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): Datestamps on FAT-based files are rounded to
even seconds when stored, so if the date check fails on WINDOWS32
systems, see if this "off-by-one" error is the problem.
* General: If your TZ environment variable is not set correctly
then all your timestamps will be off by hours. So, set it!
Mon Apr 7 02:06:22 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* Version 3.75.1
* compatMakefile (objs): Define & use the $(GLOB) variable so
that it's removed correctly from when it's built.
* On Solaris we can use the kstat_*() functions to
get load averages without needing special permissions. Add a
check for -lkstat to see if we have it.
* getloadavg.c (getloadavg): Use HAVE_LIBKSTAT instead of SUN5 as
the test to enable kstat_open(), etc. processing.
Fri Apr 4 20:21:18 1997 Eli Zaretskii <>
* <lots>: Fixes to work in the DJGPP DOS environment.
Mon Mar 31 02:42:52 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (expand_function): Added new function $(wordlist).
* make.texinfo (Filename Functions): Document $(wordlist) function.
* vpath.c (build_vpath_lists): Construct the GPATH variable
information in the same manner we used to construct VPATH.
(gpath_search): New function to search GPATH.
* make.h: Declare the new function.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Call it, and keep VPATH if it's found.
* make.texinfo (Search Algorithm): Document GPATH variable.
Sun Mar 30 20:57:16 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (handle_non_switch_argument): Defined the MAKECMDGOALS
variable to contain the user options passed in on the cmd line.
* make.texinfo (Goals): Document MAKECMDGOALS variable.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Print a warning if we detect a clock skew
error, rather than failing.
* main.c (main): If we rebuild any makefiles and need to re-exec,
add "-o<mkfile>" options for each makefile rebuilt to avoid
infinite looping.
Fri Mar 28 15:26:05 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Track whether the last
arg in the cmd string was empty or not (Roland).
(construct_command_argv_internal): If the shell line is empty,
don't do anything (Roland).
* glob/glob.h,glob/glob.c,glob/fnmatch.c,glob/fnmatch.h: Install
the latest changes from the GLIBC version of glob (Ulrich Drepper).
* getloadavg.c,make-stds.texi: New version (Roland).
* (ALL): Changed WIN32 to W32 or WINDOWS32 (RMS).
Mon Mar 24 15:33:34 1997 Rob Tulloh <>
* README.W32: Describe preliminary FAT support.
* build_w32.bat: Use a variable for the final exe name.
* dir.c (find_directory): W32: Find the filesystem type.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): W32: for FAT filesystems, always
rehash since FAT doesn't change directory mtime on change.
* main.c (handle_runtime_exceptions): W32: Add an
UnhandledExceptionFilter so that when make bombs due to ^C or a
bug, it won't cause a GUI requestor to pop up unless debug is
turned on.
(main): Call it.
Mon Mar 24 00:57:34 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
*,, config.ami, config.h-vms, config.h.w32:
Check for memmove() function.
* make.h (bcopy): If memmove() available, define bcopy() to use it.
Otherwise just use bcopy(). Don't use memcpy(); it's not guaranteed
to handle overlapping moves.
* read.c (read_makefile): Fix some uninitialized memory reads
(reported by Purify).
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use bcopy() not
strcpy(); strcpy() isn't guaranteed to handle overlapping moves.
* Change install-info option ``--infodir'' to
``--info-dir'' for use with new texinfo.
* function.c (expand_function): $(basename) and $(suffix) should
only search for suffixes as far back as the last directory (e.g.,
only the final filename in the path).
Sun Mar 23 00:13:05 1997 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.texinfo: Add @dircategory/@direntry information.
(Top): Remove previous reference to (dir) (from RMS).
(Static Usage): Add "all:" rule to example.
(Automatic Dependencies): fix .d file creation example.
* Install VPATH+ patch:
* filedef.h (struct file): Add in hname field to store the hashed
filename, and a flag to remember if we're using the vpath filename
or not. Renamed a few functions for more clarity.
* file.c (lookup_file,enter_file,file_hash_enter): Store filenames
in the hash table based on their "hash name". We can change this
while keeping the original target in "name".
(rehash_file): Renamed from "rename_file" to be more accurate.
Changes the hash name, but not the target name.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Modify -d output for more detailed
VPATH info. If we don't need to rebuild, use the VPATH name.
(f_mtime): Don't search for vpath if we're ignoring it. Call
renamed function rehash_file. Call name_mtime instead of
file_mtime, to avoid infinite recursion since the file wasn't
actually renamed.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): if we find an implicit file in
VPATH, save the original name not the VPATH name.
* make.texinfo (Directory Search): Add a section on the new VPATH
Sun Dec 1 18:36:04 1996 Andreas Schwab <>
* dir.c (file_exists_p, file_impossible, file_impossible_p): If
dirname is empty replace it by the name of the root directory.
Note that this doesn't work (yet) for W32, Amiga, or VMS.
Tue Oct 08 13:57:03 1996 Rob Tulloh <>
* main.c (main): W32 bug fix for PATH vars.
Tue Sep 17 1996 Paul Eggert <>
* filedef.h (NEW_MTIME): Don't assume that time_t is a signed
32-bit quantity.
Tue Aug 27 01:06:34 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.75 released.
* main.c (print_version): Print out bug-reporting address.
Mon Aug 26 19:55:47 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (print_data_base): Don't declare ctime; headers do it for us
Sun Jul 28 15:37:09 1996 Rob Tulloh (
* w32/pathstuff.c: Turned convert_vpath_to_w32() into a
real function. This was done so that VPATH could contain
white space separated pathnames. Please note that directory
paths (in VPATH/vpath context) containing white space are not
supported (just as they are not under Unix). See README.W32
for suggestions.
* w32/include/pathstuff.h: Added prototype for the new
function convert_vpath_to_w32. Deleted macro for same.
* README.W32: Added some notes about why I chose not to try
and support pathnames which contain white space and some
workaround suggestions.
Thu Jul 25 19:53:31 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* GNUmakefile (mkdep-nolib): Use -MM option unconditionally.
* Version 3.74.7.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Back up P to point at null terminator
when killing final space and dash before setting MFLAGS.
From Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@Mathematik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>:
* dir.c [__MSDOS__ && DJGPP > 1]: Include <libc/dosio.h> and defin
`__opendir_flags' initialized to 0.
(dosify) [__MSDOS__ && DJGPP > 1]: Return name unchanged if _USE_LFN.
(find_directory) [__MSDOS__ && DJGPP > 1]: If _USE_LGN, set
__opendir_flags to __OPENDIR_PRESERVE_CASE.
* vmsfunctions.c (vms_stat): `sys$dassgn (DevChan);' added by kkaempf.
* GNUmakefile (w32files): Add NMakefile.
* NMakefile (LDFLAGS_debug): Value fixed by tulloh.
Sat Jul 20 12:32:10 1996 Klaus Kämpf (
* remake.c (f_mtime) [VMS]: Add missing `if' conditional for future
modtime check.
* config.h-vms, makefile.vms, readme.vms, vmsify.c: Update address.
Sat Jul 20 05:29:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Require autoconf 2.10 or later.
Fri Jul 19 16:57:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.6.
* GNUmakefile (w32files): New variable.
(distfiles): Add it.
* w32: Updated by Rob Tulloh.
* makefile.vms (LOADLIBES): Fix typo.
Sun Jul 14 12:59:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Fix up #else, #endifs.
* configh.dos: Define HAVE_DIRENT_H instead of DIRENT.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Don't compare MTIME to NOW if MTIME == -1.
* Version 3.74.5.
* main.c (main): Exit with status 2 when update_goal_chain returns 2.
Sat Jun 22 14:56:05 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Don't check for _sys_siglist.
* make.h [HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST]: Don't test this; just punt if there is
no strsignal or sys_siglist.
* read.c (conditional_line): Strip ws in `ifeq (a , b)' so it is the
same as `ifeq (a, b)'.
* job.c (reap_children): Don't call die if handling_fatal_signal.
* file.c (file_hash_enter): Allow renaming :: to : when latter is
non-target, or : to :: when former is non-target.
* job.c (start_job_command): Call block_sigs.
(block_sigs): New function, broken out of start_job_command.
(reap_children): Block fatal signals around removing dead child from
chain and adjusting job_slots_used.
* job.h: Declare block_sigs.
* remote-stub.c (remote_setup, remote_cleanup): New (empty) functions.
* main.c (main): Call remote_setup.
(die): Call remote_cleanup.
* job.c (reap_children): Quiescent value of shell_function_pid is
zero, not -1.
* main.c (print_version): Add 96 to copyright years.
Sat Jun 15 20:30:01 1996 Andreas Schwab <>
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Avoid calling strlen on every call
just to throw away the value most of the time.
Sun Jun 2 12:24:01 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Prepend '-' to ARGV[1] if it contains
no '=', regardless of ARGC.
(define_makeflags): Elide leading '-' from MAKEFLAGS value if first
word is short option, regardless of WORDS.
Wed May 22 17:24:51 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* makefile.vms: Set LOADLIBES.
* (link_using_library): Fix typo.
Wed May 15 17:37:26 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (print_dir_data_base): Use %ld dev and ino and cast them to
Wed May 15 10:14:14 CDT 1996 Rob Tulloh <>
* dir.c: W32 does not support inode. For now, fully qualified
pathname along with st_mtime will be keys for files.
Fixed problem where vpath can be confused when files
are added to a directory after the directory has already been
read in. The code now attempts to reread the directory if it
discovers that the datestamp on the directory has changed since
it was cached by make. This problem only seems to occur on W32
right now so it is lumped under port #ifdef WINDOWS32.
* function.c: W32: call subproc library (CreateProcess()) instead of
* job.c: W32: Added the code to do fork/exec/waitpid style processing
on W32 systems via calls to subproc library.
* main.c: W32: Several things added here. First, there is code
for dealing with PATH and SHELL defaults. Make tries to figure
out if the user has %PATH% set in the environment and sets it to
%Path% if it is not set already. Make also looks to see if sh.exe
is anywhere to be found. Code path through job.c will change
based on existence of a working Bourne shell. The checking for
default shell is done twice: once before makefiles are read in
and again after. Fall back to MSDOS style execution mode if no sh.exe
is found. Also added some debug support that allows user to pause make
with -D switch and attach a debugger. This is especially useful for
debugging recursive calls to make where problems appear only in the
* make.h: W32: A few macros and header files for W32 support.
* misc.c: W32: Added a function end_of_token_w32() to assist
in parsing code in read.c.
* read.c: W32: Fixes similar to MSDOS which allow colon to
appear in filenames. Use of colon in filenames would otherwise
confuse make.
* remake.c: W32: Added include of io.h to eliminate compiler
warnings. Added some code to default LIBDIR if it is not set
on W32.
* variable.c: W32: Added support for detecting Path/PATH
and converting them to semicolon separated lists for make's
internal use. New function sync_Path_environment()
which is called in job.c and function.c before creating a new
process. Caller must set Path in environment since we don't
have fork() to do this for us.
* vpath.c: W32: Added detection for filenames containing
forward or backward slashes.
* NMakefile: W32: Visual C compatible makefile for use with nmake.
Use this to build GNU make the first time on Windows NT or Windows 95.
* README.W32: W32: Contains some helpful notes.
* build_w32.bat: W32: If you don't like nmake, use this the first
time you build GNU make on Windows NT or Windows 95.
* config.h.W32: W32 version of config.h
* subproc.bat: W32: A bat file used to build the
subproc library from the top-level NMakefile. Needed because
WIndows 95 (nmake) doesn't allow you to cd in a make rule.
* w32/include/dirent.h
* w32/compat/dirent.c: W32: opendir, readdir, closedir, etc.
* w32/include/pathstuff.h: W32: used by files needed functions
defined in pathstuff.c (prototypes).
* w32/include/sub_proc.h: W32: prototypes for subproc.lib functions.
* w32/include/w32err.h: W32: prototypes for w32err.c.
* w32/pathstuff.c: W32: File and Path/Path conversion functions.
* w32/subproc/build.bat: W32: build script for subproc library
if you don't wish to use nmake.
* w32/subproc/NMakefile: W32: Visual C compatible makefile for use
with nmake. Used to build subproc library.
* w32/subproc/misc.c: W32: subproc library support code
* w32/subproc/proc.h: W32: subproc library support code
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: W32: subproc library source code
* w32/subproc/w32err.c: W32: subproc library support code
Mon May 13 14:37:42 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.4.
* GNUmakefile (vmsfiles): Fix typo.
* GNUmakefile (amigafiles): Add amiga.h.
Sun May 12 19:19:43 1996 Aaron Digulla <>
* dir.c: New function: amigafy() to fold filenames
Changes HASH() to HASHI() to fold filenames on Amiga.
Stringcompares use strieq() instead of streq()
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
* file.c: Likewise.
* amiga.c: New function wildcard_expansion(). Allows to use
Amiga wildcards with $(wildcard )
* amiga.h: New file. Prototypes for amiga.c
* function.c: Use special function wildcard_expansion() for
$(wildcard ) to allow Amiga wildcards
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
* job.c: No Pipes on Amiga, too
(load_too_high) Neither on Amiga
ENV variable on Amiga are in a special directory and are not
passed as third argument to main().
* job.h: No envp on Amiga
* make.h: Added HASHI(). This is the same as HASH() but converts
it's second parameter to lowercase on Amiga to fold filenames.
* main.c: (main), variable.c Changed handling of ENV-vars. Make
stores now the names of the variables only and reads their contents
when they are accessed to reflect that these variables are really
global (ie. they CAN change WHILE make runs !) This handling is
made in lookup_variable()
* Makefile.ami: renamed file.h to filedep.h
Updated dependencies
* read.c: "find_semicolon" is declared as static but never defined.
No difference between Makefile and makefile on Amiga; added
SMakefile to *default_makefiles[].
(read_makefile) SAS/C want's two_colon and pattern_percent be set
before use.
The current directory on Amiga is "" instead of "."
Strange #endif moved.
* README.Amiga: updated feature list
* SMakefile: Updated dependencies
* variable.c: Handling of ENV variable happens inside lookup_variable()
Sat May 11 17:58:32 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Count parens in lhs variable
refs to avoid seeing =/:=/+= inside a ref.
Thu May 9 13:54:49 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal) [SIGQUIT]: Make SIGQUIT check
* main.c (main): Use unsigned for fread return.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Use `int' for char arg to avoid widening
conflict issues.
* dep.h: Fix prototype.
* function.c (expand_function) [_AMIGA]: Fix some typos.
(patsubst_expand): Make len vars unsigned.
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add AmigaDOS support files.
(distfiles): Add $(amigafiles).
(amigafiles): New variable.
Thu Nov 7 10:18:16 1995 Aaron Digulla <>
* Added Amiga support in commands.c, dir.c, function.c,
job.c, main.c, make.h, read.c, remake.c
* commands.c: Amiga has neither SIGHUP nor SIGQUIT
* dir.c: Amiga has filenames with Upper- and Lowercase,
but "FileName" is the same as "filename". Added strieq()
which is use to compare filenames. This is like streq()
on all other systems. Also there is no such thing as
"." under AmigaDOS.
* function.c: On Amiga, the environment is not passed as envp,
there are no pipes and Amiga can't fork. Use my own function
to create a new child.
* job.c: default_shell is "" (The system automatically chooses
a shell for me). Have to use the same workaround as MSDOS for
running batch commands. Added HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H. NOFILE isn't
known on Amiga. Cloned code to run children from MSDOS. Own
version of sh_chars[] and sh_cmds[]. No dup2() or dup() on Amiga.
* main.c: Force stack to 20000 bytes. Read environment from ENV:
device. On Amiga, exec_command() does return, so I exit()
* make.h: Added strieq() to compare filenames.
* read.c: Amiga needs special extension to have passwd. Only
one include-dir. "Makefile" and "makefile" are the same.
Added "SMakefile". Added special code to handle device names (xxx:)
and "./" in rules.
* remake.c: Only one lib-dir. Amiga link-libs are named "%s.lib"
instead of "lib%s.a".
* main.c, rule.c, variable.c: Avoid floats at all costs.
* vpath.c: Get rid of as many alloca()s as possible.
Thu May 9 13:20:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_makefile): Grok `sinclude' as alias for `-include'.
Wed Mar 20 09:52:27 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* GNUmakefile (vmsfiles): New variable.
(distfiles): Include $(vmsfiles).
Tue Mar 19 20:21:34 1996 Roland McGrath <>
Merged VMS port from Klaus Kaempf <>.
* make.h (PARAMS): New macro.
* config.h-vms: New file.
* New file.
* makefile.vms: New file.
* readme.vms: New file.
* vmsdir.h: New file.
* vmsfunctions.c: New file.
* vmsify.c: New file.
* file.h: Renamed to filedef.h to avoid conflict with VMS system hdr.
* ar.c: Added prototypes and changes for VMS.
* commands.c: Likewise.
* commands.h: Likewise.
* default.c: Likewise.
* dep.h: Likewise.
* dir.c: Likewise.
* expand.c: Likewise.
* file.c: Likewise.
* function.c: Likewise.
* implicit.c: Likewise.
* job.c: Likewise.
* job.h: Likewise.
* main.c: Likewise.
* make.h: Likewise.
* misc.c: Likewise.
* read.c: Likewise.
* remake.c: Likewise.
* remote-stub.c: Likewise.
* rule.c: Likewise.
* rule.h: Likewise.
* variable.c: Likewise.
* variable.h: Likewise.
* vpath.c: Likewise.
* compatMakefile (srcs): Rename file.h to filedef.h.
Sat Aug 19 23:11:00 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* remake.c (check_dep): For a secondary file, try implicit and
default rules if appropriate.
Wed Aug 2 04:29:42 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* remake.c (check_dep): If an intermediate file exists,
do consider its actual date.
Sun Jul 30 00:49:53 1995 Richard Stallman <>
* file.h (struct file): New field `secondary'.
* file.c (snap_deps): Check for .INTERMEDIATE and .SECONDARY.
(remove_intermediates): Don't delete .SECONDARY files.
Sat Mar 2 16:26:52 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (srcs): Add getopt.h; prepend $(srcdir)/ to getopt*.
Fri Mar 1 12:04:47 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.3.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Move future modtime check before FILE is
clobbered by :: loop.
* dir.c: Use canonical code from autoconf manual for dirent include.
[_D_NAMLEN]: Redefine NAMLEN using this.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Use NAMLEN macro.
(read_dirstream) [_DIRENT_HAVE_D_NAMLEN]: Only set d_namlen #if this.
* compatMakefile (objs): Add missing backslash.
Wed Feb 28 03:56:20 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Remove + prefix from RCS cmds.
(default_variables): Put + prefix in $(CHECKOUT,v) value instead.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Check for future timestamps; give error and mark
file as "failed to update".
Fri Jan 12 18:09:36 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c: Don't declare unblock_sigs; job.h already does.
Sat Jan 6 16:24:44 1996 Roland McGrath <>
* acconfig.h (HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX): #undef removed.
* job.c (NGROUPS_MAX): Don't try to define this macro.
Fri Dec 22 18:44:44 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (GETOPT, GETOPT_SRC, GLOB): Variables removed.
(objs, srcs): Include their values here instead of references.
Thu Dec 14 06:21:29 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.2.
* job.c (reap_children): Call unblock_sigs after start_job_command.
Thu Dec 14 07:22:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (dir_setup_glob): Don't use lstat; glob never calls it anyway.
Avoid & before function names to silence bogus sunos4 compiler.
* Remove check for `sysconf (_SC_OPEN_MAX)'.
Tue Dec 12 00:48:42 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74.1.
* dir.c (read_dirstream): Fix braino: fill in the buffer when not
reallocating it!
Mon Dec 11 22:26:15 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* misc.c (collapse_continuations): Fix skipping of trailing \s so
it can never dereference before the beginning of the array.
* read.c (find_semicolon): Function removed.
(read_makefile): Don't use find_semicolon or remove_comments for
rule lines. Use find_char_unquote directly and handle quoted comments
* default.c: Remove all [M_XENIX] code.
* dir.c [HAVE_D_NAMLEN]: Define this for __GNU_LIBRARY__ > 1.
(D_NAMLEN): Macro removed.
(FAKE_DIR_ENTRY): New macro.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Test HAVE_D_NAMLEN instead of using
(read_dirstream): Return a struct dirent * for new glob interface.
(init_dir): Function removed.
(dir_setup_glob): New function.
* main.c (main): Don't call init_dir.
* read.c (multi_glob): Call dir_setup_glob on our glob_t and use
* misc.c (safe_stat): Function removed.
* read.c, commands.c, remake.c, vpath.c: Use plain stat instead of
Sat Nov 25 20:35:18 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c [HAVE_UNION_WAIT]: Include sys/wait.h.
* main.c (log_working_directory): Made global.
Print entering msg only once.
* make.h (log_working_directory): Declare it.
* misc.c (message): Take new arg PREFIX. Print "make: " only if
nonzero. Call log_working_directory.
* remake.c: Pass new arg in `message' calls.
* job.c (start_job_command): Pass new arg to `message'; fix
inverted test in that call.
Tue Nov 21 19:01:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Use `message' to print the command,
and call it with null if the command is silent.
* remake.c (touch_file): Use message instead of printf.
Tue Oct 10 14:59:30 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): Barf if NAME is "".
Sat Sep 9 06:33:20 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* commands.c (delete_target): Ignore unlink failure if it is ENOENT.
Thu Aug 17 15:08:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Don't check for getdtablesize.
* job.c (getdtablesize): Remove decls and macros.
Thu Aug 10 19:10:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (define_makeflags): Omit command line variable
definitions from MFLAGS value.
* arscan.c (ar_scan) [AIAMAG]: Check for zero MEMBER_OFFSET,
indicating a valid, but empty, archive.
Mon Aug 7 15:40:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* dir.c (file_impossible_p): Correctly reset FILENAME to name
within directory before hash search.
* job.c (child_error): Do nothing if IGNORED under -s.
* job.c (exec_command): Correctly use ARGV[0] for script name when
running shell directly.
Tue Aug 1 14:39:14 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (child_execute_job): Close STDIN_FD and STDOUT_FD after
dup'ing from them. Don't try to close all excess descriptors;
getdtablesize might return a huge value. Any open descriptors in
the parent should have FD_CLOEXEC set.
(start_job_command): Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on BAD_STDIN descriptor.
Tue Jun 20 03:47:15 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Properly append default makefiles
to the end of the `read_makefiles' chain.
Fri May 19 16:36:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.74 released.
Wed May 10 17:43:34 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73.3.
Tue May 9 17:15:23 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Make sure $$dir is set in
install-info cmd.
Wed May 3 15:56:06 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (print_file): Grok update_status of 1 for -q.
Thu Apr 27 12:39:35 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73.2.
Wed Apr 26 17:15:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Fix inverted test to bail under
-n for signal case. Bail under -q or -t.
Skip files with update_status==-1.
* job.c (job_next_command): Skip empty lines.
(new_job): Don't test the return of job_next_command.
Just let start_waiting_job handle the case of empty commands.
Wed Apr 19 03:25:54 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* function.c [__MSDOS__]: Include <fcntl.h>. From DJ Delorie.
* Version 3.73.1.
Sat Apr 8 14:53:24 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Set FILE->update_status to zero
if it's -1.
Wed Apr 5 00:20:24 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.73 released.
Tue Mar 28 13:25:46 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Fixed braino in assert.
* Version 3.72.13.
Mon Mar 27 05:29:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c: Avoid string in assert expression. Some systems are broken.
Fri Mar 24 00:32:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Handle 1 and 2 returns from update_goal_chain
makefile run properly.
* Version 3.72.12.
* main.c (handle_non_switch_argument): New function, broken out of
(decode_switches): Set optind to 0 to reinitialize getopt, not to 1.
When getopt_long returns EOF, break the loop and handle remaining args
with a simple second loop.
* remake.c (remake_file): Set update_status to 2 instead of 1 for
no rule to make. Mention parent (dependent) in error message.
(update_file_1): Handle FILE->update_status == 2 in -d printout.
* job.c (start_job_command, reap_children): Set update_status to 2
instead of 1 for failed commands.
Tue Mar 21 16:23:38 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (search_path): Function removed (was already #if 0'd out).
* Remove AC_TYPE_GETGROUPS; nothing needs it any more.
Fri Mar 17 15:57:40 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* configure.bat: Write @CPPFLAGS@ translation.
Mon Mar 13 00:45:59 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Rearranged `l(a b)' -> `l(a) l(b)' loop
to not skip the elt immediately preceding `l(...'.
Fri Mar 10 13:56:49 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.11.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Make second arg a string of stop
chars instead of a single stop char. Stop when any char in the
string is hit. All callers changed.
(find_semicolon): Pass stop chars "#;" to one find_char_unquote call,
instead of using two calls. If the match is not a ; but a #,
return zero.
* misc.c: Changed find_char_unquote callers here too.
* Version 3.72.10.
* read.c (read_makefile, parse_file_seq): Fix typo __MS_DOS__ ->
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add glob/configure.bat.
(distfiles): Add configh.dos, configure.bat.
Wed Mar 8 13:10:57 1995 Roland McGrath <>
Fixes for MS-DOS from DJ Delorie.
* read.c (read_makefile, parse_file_seq) [__MS_DOS__]: Don't see :
as separator in "C:\...".
* configh.dos (STDC_HEADERS): Define only if undefined.
(HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H): Don't define this.
(HAVE_STRERROR): Define this.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [__MSDOS__]: Fix typos.
* Version 3.72.9.
* main.c (decode_switches): Reset optind to 1 instead of 0.
Tue Mar 7 17:31:06 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (decode_switches): If non-option arg is "-", ignore it.
Mon Mar 6 23:57:38 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.8.
Wed Feb 22 21:26:36 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.7.
Tue Feb 21 22:10:43 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Pass missing arg to tmpnam.
* Check for strsignal.
* job.c (child_error): Use strsignal.
* main.c (main): Don't call signame_init #ifdef HAVE_STRSIGNAL.
* misc.c (strerror): Fix swapped args in sprintf.
Mon Feb 13 11:50:08 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Don't set these variables.
Fri Feb 10 18:44:12 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (print_version): Add 95 to copyright years.
* Version 3.72.6.
* job.c (start_job_command): Remember to call notice_finished_file
under -n when not recursing. To do this, consolidate that code
under the empty command case and goto there for the -n case.
Tue Feb 7 13:36:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* make.h [! STDC_HEADERS]: Don't declare qsort. Sun headers
declare it int.
Mon Feb 6 17:37:01 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* read.c (read_makefile): For bogus line starting with tab, ignore
it if blank after removing comments.
* main.c: Cast results of `alloca' to `char *'.
* expand.c: Likewise.
Sun Feb 5 18:35:46 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.5.
* Check for mktemp.
* main.c (main) [! HAVE_MKTEMP]: Use tmpnam instead of mktemp.
* (make_cv_sysconf_open_max): New check for `sysconf
* acconfig.h: Added #undef HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX.
* job.c [HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX] (getdtablesize): Define as macro
using sysconf.
Fri Jan 27 04:42:09 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): When !MUST_MAKE, don't set
FILE->update_status to zero before calling notice_finished_file.
(notice_finished_file): Touch only when FILE->update_status is zero.
(remake_file): Set FILE->update_status to zero after not calling
execute_file_command and deciding to touch instead.
Thu Jan 26 01:29:32 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (debug_signal_handler): New function; toggles debug_flag.
(main): Handle SIGUSR1 with that.
Mon Jan 16 15:46:56 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (realclean): Remove Info files.
Sun Jan 15 08:23:09 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.4.
* job.c (start_job_command): Save and restore environ around vfork
(search_path): Function #if 0'd out.
(exec_command): Use execvp instead of search_path.
* expand.c (variable_expand): Rewrote computed variable name and
substitution reference handling to be simpler. First expand the
entire text between the parens if it contains any $s, then examine
the result of that for subtitution references and do no further
expansion while parsing them.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Handle " quoting too,
when no backslash, $ or ` characters appear inside the quotes.
* (union wait check): If WEXITSTATUS and WTERMSIG are
defined, just use int.
Tue Jan 10 06:27:27 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c (default_variables) [__hpux]: Remove special
definition of ARFLAGS. Existence of the `f' flag is not
consistent across HPUX versions; and one might be using GNU ar
* compatMakefile (clean): Don't remove Info files.
* compatMakefile (check): Remove gratuitous target declaration.
Sat Jan 7 11:38:23 1995 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (ETAGS, CTAGS): Don't use -t.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [cray]: Subtract 1 like [__hpux].
* main.c (decode_switches): For --help, print usage to stdout.
Mon Dec 5 12:42:18 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.3.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Do set_command_state (FILE,
cs_not_started) only if old state was deps_running.
Mon Nov 28 14:24:03 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (start_waiting_job): Use set_command_state.
* build.template (CPPFLAGS): New variable.
(prefix, exec_prefix): Set from @...@.
(compilation loop): Pass $CPPFLAGS to compiler.
* GNUmakefile ( Make it executable.
* GNUmakefile (globfiles): Add, configure.
* Version 3.72.2.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Don't write glob/Makefile.
* Don't check for ranlib.
Tue Nov 22 22:42:40 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Only mark also_make's as
updated if really ran cmds.
Tue Nov 15 06:32:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Put dnls before random whitespace.
Sun Nov 13 05:02:25 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* compatMakefile (CPPFLAGS): New variable, set from @CPPFLAGS@.
(RANLIB): Variable removed.
(prefix, exec_prefix): Set these from @...@.
(.c.o): Use $(CPPFLAGS).
(glob/libglob.a): Don't pass down variables to sub-make.
glob/Makefile should be configured properly by configure.
(distclean): Remove config.log and config.cache (autoconf stuff).
Mon Nov 7 13:58:06 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* acconfig.h: Add #undef HAVE_UNION_WAIT.
* Converted to Autoconf v2.
* dir.c: Test HAVE_DIRENT_H, HAVE_SYS_DIR_H, HAVE_NDIR_H instead
* (prefix, exec_prefix): Set these from @...@.
(CPPFLAGS): New variable, set from @CPPFLAGS@.
(compiling loop): Pass $CPPFLAGS before $CFLAGS.
* File renamed to install-sh.
* main.c (define_makeflags): When no flags, set WORDS to zero.
Sun Nov 6 18:34:01 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.1.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Terminate properly when FLAGSTRING is
Fri Nov 4 16:02:51 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.72.
Tue Nov 1 01:18:10 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.5.
* job.c (start_job_command): When ARGV is nil, only set
update_state and call notice_finished_file if job_next_command
returns zero.
* job.c (start_job_command): Call notice_finished_file for empty
command line.
Thu Oct 27 02:02:45 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (snap_deps): Set COMMANDS_SILENT for .SILENT, not
Wed Oct 26 02:14:10 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.4.
Tue Oct 25 22:49:24 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (snap_deps): Set command_flags bits in all :: entries.
Mon Oct 24 18:47:50 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* make.h (posix_pedantic): Declare it.
* main.c (main): Move checks .IGNORE, .SILENT, .POSIX to
* file.c (snap_deps): Check .IGNORE, .SILENT, .POSIX here instead
of in main. If .IGNORE has deps, OR COMMANDS_NOERROR into their
command_flags and don't set -i. Likewise .SILENT.
* job.c (start_job_command): In FLAGS initialization, OR in
* file.h (struct file): New member `command_flags'.
Sun Oct 16 01:01:51 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (switches): Bump flag values for --no-print-directory and
--warn-undefined-variables, so neither is 1 (which indicates a
nonoption argument).
Sat Oct 15 23:39:48 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Add missing code in .IGNORE test.
Mon Oct 10 04:09:03 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define +D and +F.
Sat Oct 1 04:07:48 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (main): Define hidden automatic variable with command
vars, and MAKEOVERRIDES to a reference to that.
(define_makeflags): If posix_pedantic, write a reference to that
Thu Sep 29 00:14:26 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* main.c (posix_pedantic): New variable.
(main): Set posix_pedantic if .POSIX is a target.
Fix .IGNORE and .SILENT checks to require is_target.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Define new automatic variable
$+, like $^ but before calling uniquize_deps.
* job.c (reap_children): Call delete_child_targets for non-signal
error if .DELETE_ON_ERROR is a target.
Tue Sep 27 01:57:14 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.3.
Mon Sep 26 18:16:55 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* job.c (reap_children): Don't change C->file->command_state when
dying. Test it only after calling start_job_command for a new
command line. When no more cmds, just set C->file->update_status.
(start_job_command): When the last line is empty or under -n, set
(start_waiting_job): Grok cs_not_started after start_job_command
as success.
(new_job): Set C->file->update_status when there are no cmds.
(job_next_command): When out of lines, don't set
CHILD->file->update_status or CHILD->file->command_state.
* main.c (quote_as_word): Renamed from shell_quote. Take new arg;
if nonzero, also double $s.
(main): Define MAKEOVERRIDES from command_variables here.
(define_makeflags): Don't use command_variables here; instead write a
reference $(MAKEOVERRIDES) in MAKEFLAGS. Make vars recursive.
* dir.c [__MSDOS__]: Fixed typo.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Reset EXISTS when stat fails.
Sat Sep 10 03:01:35 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c: Include <assert.h> and use assert instead of printfs
and abort.
* main.c (decode_switches): Loop until optind hits ARGC, not just
until getopt_long returns EOF. Initialize C to zero before loop;
in loop if C is EOF, set optarg from ARGV[optind++], else call
(decode_env_switches): Use variable_expand instead of
allocated_variable_expand. Allocate a fresh buffer to copy split
words into; scan characters by hand to break words and
(shell_quote): New function.
(define_makeflags): Allocate doubled space for switch args, and command
variable names and values; use shell_quote to quote those things.
Fri Sep 9 01:37:47 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 3.71.2.
* main.c (decode_switches): The non-option return from getopt is
1, not 0.
(command_variables): New type and variable.
(decode_switches, decode_env_switches): After making a variable
definition, record the struct variable pointer in the
command_variables chain.
(define_makeflags): If ALL, write variable definitions for
* main.c (other_args): Variable removed.
(goals, lastgoal): New static variables (moved from auto in main).
(main): Don't process OTHER_ARGS at all.
Don't set variable MAKEOVERRIDES at all; define MAKE to just
(init_switches): Prepend a - {return in order} instead of a +
{require order}.
(decode_switches): Don't set OTHER_ARGS at all.
Grok '\0' return from getopt_long as non-option argument; try
variable definition and (if !ENV) enter goal targets here.
(decode_env_switches): Use allocated_variable_expand to store value.
Use find_next_token to simplify word-splitting loop. Don't
prepend a dash to uninterpreted value. Instead, if split into
only one word, try variable definition and failing that prepend a
dash to the word and pass it to decode_switches as a single arg.
Wed Sep 7 03:02:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Only recheck modtimes if
FILE->command_state was cs_running on entry (meaning the commands
actually just ran).
(update_file_1): Whenever we set FILE->update_status, call
notice_finished_file instead of just set_command_state.
* job.c (start_job_command): Whenever we set
CHILD->file->update_status, call notice_finished_file instead of
just set_command_state.
Tue Sep 6 19:13:54 1994 Roland McGrath <>
* default.c: Add missing ".
* job.c: Changed all assignments of command_state members to calls
to set_command_state.
* remake.c: Likewise.
* file.c (set_command_state): New function.
* file.h: Declare set_command_state.
* main.c (init_switches): Put a + first in options.
Mon Jul 25 18:07:46 1994 Roland McGrath <>
Merge MSDOS/GO32 port from DJ Delorie <>.
* vpath.c: Changed all uses of ':' to PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR.
* main.c (directory_before_chdir): New variable, moved out of main
(was local).
(main) [__MSDOS__]: Look for \ or : to delimit last component of
PROGRAM. Don't frob ARGV[0] before setting MAKE_COMMAND variable.
(die): Change back to `directory_before_chdir' before dying.
* make.h (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): New macro; differing defns for
[__MSDOS__] and not.
* job.c [__MSDOS__]: Include <process.h>.
[__MSDOS__] (dos_pid, dos_status, dos_bname, dos_bename,
dos_batch_file): New variables.
(reap_children) [__MSDOS__]: Don't call wait; just examine those vars.
(unblock_sigs) [__MSDOS__]: Do nothing.
(start_job_command) [__MSDOS__]: Use spawnvpe instead of vfork & exec.
(load_too_high) [__MSDOS__]: Always return true.
(search_path) [__MSDOS__]: Check for : or / in FILE to punt.
Use PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR instead of ':'.
(construct_command_argv_internal) [__MSDOS__]: Wholly different
values for sh_chars and sh_cmds. Wholly new code to handle shell
* function.c (expand_function: `shell') [__MSDOS__]: Wholly new
* dir.c [__MSDOS__] (dosify): New function.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p) [__MSDOS__]: Call it on FILENAME and
process the result instead of FILENAME itself.
(file_impossible_p) [__MSDOS__]: Likewise.
* default.c [__MSDOS__]: Define GCC_IS_NATIVE.
(default_suffix_rules) [__MSDOS__]: Use `y_tab.c' instead of `'.
(default_variables) [GCC_IS_NATIVE]: Set CC and CXX to `gcc', YACC to
`bison -y', and LEX to `flex'.
* configure.bat, configh.dos: New files.
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal) [__MSDOS__]: Just remove
intermediates and exit.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Add parens in length
computation in .SUFFIXES dep loop to quiet compiler warning. From
Jim Meyering.
* read.c (read_makefile): Free FILENAME if we allocated it. From
Jim Meyering.
Mon Jul 4 17:47:08 1994 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (safe_stat): New function, EINTR-safe wrapper around stat.
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* read.c (construct_include_path): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* job.c (search_path): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* dir.c (find_directory): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* commands.c (delete_target): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
* arscan.c (ar_member_touch) [EINTR]: Do EINTR looping around fstat.
* remake.c (name_mtime): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
(touch_file) [EINTR]: Do EINTR looping around fstat.
Fri Jun 24 05:40:24 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Check for a shell command first, and
then strip leading tabs before further checking if it's not a
shell command line.
* make.h [__arm]: Undefine POSIX.
[!__GNU_LIBRARY__ && !POSIX && !_POSIX_VERSION]: Don't declare system
functions that return int.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): After swallowing a
backslash-newline combination, if INSTRING is set goto string_char
(new label) for normal INSTRING handling code.
Sat Jun 4 01:11:20 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Don't check for sys_siglist and _sys_siglist with
Mon May 23 18:20:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.71.1 released.
* make.h [!__GNU_LIBRARY__ && !POSIX]: Also test #ifndef
_POSIX_VERSION for these declarations.
* misc.c [GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED] [POSIX]: Remove bogus #ifndefs
around #undefs of HAVE_SETREUID and HAVE_SETREGID.
Sat May 21 16:26:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.71 released.
and [HAVE_SETGID]. Every system has those, and configure doesn't
check for them.
* make.h [_POSIX_VERSION]: Don't #define POSIX #ifdef ultrix.
* compatMakefile (loadavg): Depend on and use loadavg.c instead of
(loadavg.c): Link or copy it from getloadavg.c.
(distclean): Remove loadavg.c.
Mon May 16 22:59:04 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.4.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): In SCCS rules, put
$(SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION) before $<. On some systems -G is grokked
only before the file name.
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put -G flag before file name.
Tue May 10 16:27:38 1994 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Swallow
backslash-newline combinations inside '' strings too.
Thu May 5 04:15:10 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (do_define): Call collapse_continuations on each line
before all else.
Mon Apr 25 19:32:02 1994 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Notice newline inside
'' string when RESTP is non-null.
Fri Apr 22 17:33:30 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.3.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Reset FILE to G->file after the
double-colon loop so it is never null for following code.
* read.c (read_makefile): Fix `override define' parsing to skip
whitespace after `define' properly.
* compatMakefile (srcdir): Define as @srcdir@; don't reference
(glob/Makefile): New target.
Thu Apr 21 16:16:55 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.2.
* misc.c (remove_comments): Use find_char_unquote.
* make.h (find_char_unquote): Declare it.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): New function, generalized from
(find_percent, find_semicolon, parse_file_seq): Use that.
Wed Apr 20 18:42:39 1994 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Always allocate new storage for
FILE->stem. It is not safe to store STEM's address because it
might be auto storage.
* Check for seteuid and setegid.
* misc.c [HAVE_SETEUID]: Declare seteuid.
[HAVE_SETEGID]: Declare setegid.
(make_access, user_access) [HAVE_SETEUID]: Use seteuid.
[HAVE_SETEGID]: Use setegid.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Set STATUS to FILE->update_status,
to preserve whether it's 2 for error or 1 for -q trigger. When
STATUS gets nonzero and -q is set, always stop immediately.
* main.c (main, decode_switches): Die with 2 for errors.
(main): Accept 2 return from update_goal_chain and die with that.
* misc.c (fatal, makefile_fatal): Die with 2; 1 is reserved for -q
* job.c (reap_children): Die with 2 for error.
(start_job_command): Set update_status to 2 for error. Set it to
1 when we would run a command and question_flag is set.
* read.c (read_makefile): Don't mark makefiles as precious. Just
like other targets, they can be left inconsistent and in need of
remaking by aborted commands.
* read.c (read_makefile): Write no error msg for -include file.
Tue Apr 5 05:22:19 1994 Roland McGrath (
* commands.c (fatal_error_signal): Don't unblock signals.
* file.h (struct file): Change member `double_colon' from flag to
`struct file *'.
* read.c (record_files): Set double_colon pointer instead of flag.
* main.c (main): When disqualifying makefiles for updating, use
double_colon pointer to find all entries for a file.
* file.c (enter_file): If there is already a double-colon entry
for the file, set NEW->double_colon to that pointer.
(file_hash_enter): Use FILE->double_colon to find all entries to
set name.
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Do inner loop on double-colon entries.
(update_file): Use FILE->double_colon pointer to find all entries.
(f_mtime): Likewise.
(notice_finished_file): Propagate mtime change to all entries.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Return after abort.
Fri Apr 1 18:44:15 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Remove unused variable.
(parse_file_seq): When removing an elt that is just `)', properly
fix up the previous elt's next pointer.
Mon Mar 28 18:31:49 1994 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile ( Edit MAKE assignment into @SET_MAKE@.
Fri Mar 4 00:02:32 1994 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (subst_expand): If BY_WORD or SUFFIX_ONLY is set and
the search string is the empty string, find a match at the end of
each word (using end_of_token in place of sindex).
* misc.c (end_of_token): Don't treat backslashes specially; you
can no longer escape blanks with backslashes in export, unexport,
and vpath. This was never documented anyway.
Thu Mar 3 23:53:46 1994 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Variable name for `define' is not just
first token; use whole rest of line and strip trailing blanks.
Wed Feb 16 16:03:45 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70.1.
* read.c (read_makefile): Add -d msg stating args.
* read.c (read_makefile): Use isspace to skip over leading
whitespace, and explicitly avoid skipping over tabs. Don't want
to skip just spaces though; formfeeds et al should be skipped.
* default.c (default_variables) [__hpux]: Add f in ARFLAGS.
* arscan.c (ar_name_equal) [__hpux]: Subtract 2 instead of 1 from
sizeof ar_name for max length to compare.
* main.c (main): Call user_access after setting `program', in case
it needs to use it in an error message.
* read.c (read_makefile): Ignore an empty line starting with a tab.
Thu Feb 10 21:45:31 1994 Roland McGrath (
* (AC_SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): Use this instead of
AC_COMPILE_CHECK that is now its contents.
Fri Feb 4 16:28:54 1994 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: #undef strerror after #include <string.h>.
[! ANSI_STRING]: Declare strerror.
Thu Feb 3 02:21:22 1994 Roland McGrath (
* misc.c (strerror): #undef any macro before function definition.
Mon Jan 31 19:07:23 1994 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): Calculate BEG before loop
to strip blanks by decrementing END. Don't decr END to before BEG.
* read.c (read_makefile): Skip over leading space characters, but
not tabs, after removing continuations and comments (it used to
use isspace).
Tue Jan 25 16:45:05 1994 Roland McGrath (
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): In $(@D) et al, use
patsubst to remove trailing slash.
* commands.c (delete_target): New function, broken out of
delete_child_targets. Check for archive members and give special msg.
(delete_child_targets): Use delete_target.
Mon Jan 17 17:03:22 1994 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_suffix_rules): Use $(TEXI2DVI_FLAGS) in
texi2dvi rules. Use $(MAKEINFO_FLAGS) in makeinfo rules.
Tue Jan 11 19:29:55 1994 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (tarfiles): Omit make-doc.
(make-$(version).tar): Include*.
Fri Jan 7 16:27:00 1994 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (configure, Comment out rules.
Thu Jan 6 18:08:08 1994 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (binprefix, manprefix): New variables.
(instname): Variable removed.
(install): Use $({bin,man}prefix)make in place of $(instname).
File targets likewised renamed.
Mon Jan 3 17:50:25 1994 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.70 released.
Thu Dec 23 14:46:54 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.3.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Inside multi-word archive ref
translation loop, check NEW1==0 at end and break out of the loop.
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar): Distribute
* New file.
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put redirection for admin
cmds outside subshell parens, to avoid "command not found" msgs
from the shell.
Wed Dec 22 17:00:43 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Put -G flag last in get cmd.
Redirect output & error from get to /dev/null.
Fix reversed sense of test.
Fri Dec 17 15:31:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SCCS_GET_MINUS_G check): Use parens instead of
braces inside if condition command; some shells lose.
Thu Dec 16 15:10:23 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.2.
* arscan.c [M_UNIX]: Move #undef M_XENIX for PORTAR stuff.
(PORTAR) [M_XENIX]: Define to 0 instead of 1.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Only export MAKEFLAGS if !ALL.
Wed Dec 15 17:47:48 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Cast result of pointer arith to unsigned int
before passing to define_variable for envars. Matters when
Tue Dec 14 14:21:16 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Add new check for SCCS_GET_MINUS_G.
* Add #undef SCCS_GET_MINUS_G.
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Use `$(SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION)' in
place of `-G $@' in SCCS commands.
(default_variables) [SCCS_GET_MINUS_G]: Define SCCS_OUTPUT_OPTION
to "-G$@".
* (AC_OUTPUT): Put touch stamp-config in second arg
(so it goes in config.status), rather than afterward.
* ar.c (ar_member_date): Don't call enter_file on the archive file
if it doesn't exist (by file_exists_p).
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Replace `$$d/'
with `$$dir/' in install-info invocation (oops).
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Only set LASTPATH set PATH when
we do not unlink and free PATH.
* file.c (print_file_data_base): Fix inverted calculation for
average files per hash bucket.
* read.c (readline): When we see a NUL, give only a warning and
synthesize a newline to terminate the building line (used to
fatal). Move fgets call into the loop condition, and after the
loop test ferror (used to test !feof in the loop).
Fri Dec 3 16:40:31 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Check for strerror in AC_HAVE_FUNCS.
Thu Dec 2 15:37:50 1993 Roland McGrath (
Differentiate different flavors of missing makefile error msgs,
removing gratuitous `fopen: ' and giving caller for included makefiles.
* misc.c [! HAVE_STRERROR]: Define our own strerror here.
(perror_with_name, pfatal_with_name): Use strerror instead of
replicating its functionality.
* read.c (read_makefile): Return int instead of void.
(read_all_makefiles, read_makefile): Change callers to notice zero
return and give error msg.
Thu Nov 11 11:47:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.1.
* default.c: Put `-G $@' before $< in SCCS cmds.
Wed Nov 10 06:06:14 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): After trying a variable defn, notice if
the line begins with a tab, and diagnose an error.
Sun Nov 7 08:07:37 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.69.
Wed Nov 3 06:54:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.10.
* implicit.c (try_implicit_rule): Look for a normal rule before an
archive rule.
Fri Oct 29 16:45:28 1993 Roland McGrath (
* function.c (expand_function: `sort'): Double NWORDS when it
overflows, instead of adding five.
* compatMakefile (clean): Remove loadavg.
Wed Oct 27 17:58:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.9.
* file.h (NEW_MTIME): Define new macro.
* main.c (main): Set time of NEW_FILES to NEW_MTIME, not to
current time returned from system. Removed variable NOW.
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Use NEW_MTIME in place of
current time here too.
Tue Oct 26 19:45:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.8.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Don't clear MUST_MAKE when FILE has no
cmds and !DEPS_CHANGED unless also !NOEXIST.
Mon Oct 25 15:25:21 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (parse_file_seq): When converting multi-word archive
refs, ignore a word beginning with a '('.
Fri Oct 22 02:53:38 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Check for sys/timeb.h.
* make.h [HAVE_SYS_TIMEB_H]: Test this before including it.
Thu Oct 21 16:48:17 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.7.
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): New local TARGPERCENT. Set it to
TARGNAME+1 for "(%.o)", to TARGNAME for "%.?". Use it in place of
TARGNAME to initialize PERCENTS[0].
Mon Oct 18 06:49:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Use AC_HAVE_HEADERS(unistd.h) instead of AC_UNISTD_H.
Remove AC_USG; it is no longer used.
* file.c (print_file): New function, broken out of
(print_file_data_base): Call it.
* rule.c (print_rule): New function, broken out of
(print_rule_data_base): Call it.
Thu Oct 14 14:54:03 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (install_default_suffix_rules): New function, broken
out of install_default_implicit_rules.
(install_default_implicit_rules): Move suffix rule code there.
* make.h: Declare install_default_suffix_rules.
* main.c (main): Call install_default_suffix_rules before reading
makefiles. Move convert_to_pattern call before
* job.h (struct child): Make `pid' member type `pid_t' instead of
* compatMakefile (RANLIB): New variable, set by configure.
(glob/libglob.a): Pass RANLIB value down to submake.
Fixes for SCO 3.2 "devsys 4.2" from (Peter Salvitti).
* make.h: Include <sys/timeb.h> before <time.h> for SCO lossage.
* job.c [! getdtablesize] [! HAVE_GETDTABLESIZE]: If NOFILE is not
defined but NOFILES_MAX is, define it to be that.
Mon Oct 11 19:47:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* GNUmakefile (make-$(version).tar): Depend on acconfig.h, so it
is distributed.
Sun Oct 3 15:15:33 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_terminal_rules): Add `-G $@' to SCCS get cmds.
Tue Sep 28 14:18:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Add ^ to SH_CHARS; it
is another symbol for | in some shells.
* main.c (main): Add it to CMD_DEFS quoting list as well.
Mon Sep 20 18:05:24 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Remove '=' from
SH_CHARS. Only punt on '=' if it is unquoted in a word before the
first word without an unquoted '='.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Set v_export for MAKEFLAGS.
Fri Sep 17 00:37:18 1993 Roland McGrath (
* remake.c (update_file_1): Use .DEFAULT cmds for phony targets.
* make.h [_AIX && _POSIX_SOURCE]: Define POSIX.
* commands.c (delete_child_targets): Don't delete phony files.
* job.c (start_job_command): Set COMMANDS_RECURSE in FLAGS if we
see a `+' at the beginning of the command line.
Thu Sep 9 17:57:14 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.6.
Wed Sep 8 20:14:21 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (define_makeflags): Define MAKEFLAGS with o_file, not o_env.
Mon Aug 30 12:31:58 1993 Roland McGrath (
* expand.c (variable_expand): Fatal on an unterminated reference.
Thu Aug 19 16:27:53 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.5.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Define new o_default
variable `MAKE_VERSION' from version_string and remote_description.
* make.h (version_string, remote_description): Declare these here.
* main.c: Don't declare version_string.
(print_version): Don't declare remote_description.
Wed Aug 18 15:01:24 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Free space pointed to by CONDITIONALS
before restoring the old pointer.
Mon Aug 16 17:33:36 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(objs)): Depend on config.h.
* GNUmakefile ( Depend on compatMakefile.
* Touch stamp-config after AC_OUTPUT.
Fri Aug 13 16:04:22 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.4.
Thu Aug 12 17:18:57 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h: Include <config.h> instead of "config.h".
Wed Aug 11 02:35:25 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (main): Make all variables interned from ENVP be v_export.
* variable.c (try_variable_definition): In v_default case, don't
check for an o_file variable that `getenv' finds.
* job.c (reap_children): New local variable ANY_LOCAL; set it
while setting ANY_REMOTE. If !ANY_LOCAL, don't wait for local kids.
* main.c (main): Don't call decode_env_switches on MFLAGS. DOC THIS.
* function.c (expand_function): #if 0 out freeing of ENVP since it
is environ.
Mon Aug 9 17:37:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.3.
* remote-stub.c (remote_status): Set errno to ECHILD before return.
* job.c (reap_children): Scan the chain for remote children and
never call remote_status if there are none.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): #if 0 out calling
target_environment; just set ENVP to environ instead.
* job.c (reap_children): Check for negative return from
remote_status and fatal for it.
When blocking local child wait returns 0, then try a blocking call
to remote_status.
Tue Aug 3 00:19:00 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (clean): Delete* and make.dvi here.
(distclean): Not here.
* dep.h (RM_*): Use #defines instead of enum to avoid lossage from
compilers that don't like enum values used as ints.
Mon Aug 2 16:46:34 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (loadavg): Add $(LOADLIBES).
Sun Aug 1 16:01:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.2.
* compatMakefile (loadavg, check-loadavg): New targets.
(check): Depend on check-loadavg.
* compatMakefile (glob/libglob.a): Depend on config.h.
* misc.c (log_access): Write to stderr instead of stdout.
Fri Jul 30 00:07:02 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.1.
Thu Jul 29 23:26:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* (SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED): In test program include
<unistd.h> #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H.
* compatMakefile (.PHONY): Put after `all' et al.
Wed Jul 28 17:41:12 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.68.
Mon Jul 26 14:36:49 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.8.
Sun Jul 25 22:09:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.7.
* compatMakefile ($(infodir)/ Don't use $(instname).
Run install-info script if present.
Fri Jul 23 16:03:50 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [STAT_MACROS_BROKEN]: Test this instead of [uts].
Wed Jul 14 18:48:11 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.6.
* read.c (read_makefile): Recognize directive `-include', like
`include' but sets RM_DONTCARE flag.
* variable.c (target_environment): If FILE is nil, use
current_variable_set_list in place of FILE->variables.
* function.c (expand_function: `shell'): Get an environment for
the child from target_environment instead of using environ.
* dep.h: Declare read_all_makefiles here.
(RM_*): Define new enum constants.
* read.c (read_makefile): Second arg is FLAGS instead of TYPE.
Treat it as a bit mask containing RM_*.
(read_all_makefiles): For default makefiles, set D->changed to
RM_DONTCARE instead of 1.
* main.c: Don't declare read_all_makefiles here.
(main): Check `changed' member of read_makefiles elts for RM_*
flags instead of specific integer values.
Mon Jul 12 22:42:17 1993 Roland McGrath (
* make.h [sequent && i386]: #undef POSIX. From
Thu Jul 8 19:51:23 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): If ELEM is zero 0, free PATTERN
as well as VPATH.
(build_vpath_lists): Empty `vpaths' around construct_vpath_list
call for $(VPATH). Expand $(strip $(VPATH)), not just $(VPATH).
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): Use alloca instead of xmalloc for
PERCENTS, whose storage is not consumed by create_pattern_rule.
* make.h [__mips && _SYSTYPE_SVR3]: #undef POSIX.
Wed Jun 30 18:11:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.5.
* rule.c (max_pattern_targets): New variable.
(count_implicit_rule_limits): Compute its value.
* rule.h: Declare it.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Make TRYRULES max_target_patterns
times bigger. Move adding new TRYRULES elt inside the inner
targets loop, so each matching target gets its own elt in MATCHES
* file.c (remove_intermediates): If SIG!=0 say `intermediate file'
instead of just `file' in error msg.
Fri Jun 25 14:55:15 1993 Roland McGrath (
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Turn off
--warn-undefined-variables around expansion of SHELL and IFS.
* read.c (tilde_expand): Likewise for HOME.
(read_all_makefiles): Likewise for MAKEFILES.
* vpath.c (build_vpath_lists): Likewise for VPATH.
* main.c (warn_undefined_variables_flag): New flag variable.
(switches): Add --warn-undefined-variables.
* make.h (warn_undefined_variables_flag): Declare it.
* expand.c (warn_undefined): New function.
(reference_variable): Call it if the variable is undefined.
(variable_expand): In substitution ref, call warn_undefined if the
variable is undefined.
* default.c (default_pattern_rules): Add `%.c: %.w' and
`%.tex: %.w' rules.
(default_suffix_rules: .w.c, .w.tex): Pass three args: $< - $@.
(default_suffixes): Add `.ch'.
Mon Jun 21 17:55:39 1993 Roland McGrath (
* default.c (default_suffixes): Replace `.cweb' with `.w'.
(default_suffix_rules): Rename `.cweb.c' and `.cweb.tex' to `.w.c'
and `.w.tex'.
Fri Jun 11 14:42:09 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile ($(bindir)/$(instname)): Add missing backslash.
Thu Jun 10 18:14:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.4.
* read.c (multi_glob): Don't free OLD and OLD->name in the
FOUND!=0 fork. Use new block-local variable F instead of
clobbering OLD.
* ar.c (glob_pattern_p): New function, snarfed from glob/glob.c.
(ar_glob): Call it; return nil immediately if MEMBER_PATTERN
contains no metacharacters.
Wed Jun 9 16:25:35 1993 Roland McGrath (
* ar.c (ar_glob{_match,_alphacompare}): New function.
* dep.h [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Declare it.
* read.c (multi_glob) [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Use it on archive member elts.
* read.c (read_makefile): Pass flag (1) to parse_file_seq, not to
multi_glob (which doesn't take a 3rd arg).
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Likewise.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Here too.
* function.c (string_glob): Don't pass gratuitous arg to multi_glob.
* read.c (parse_file_seq) [! NO_ARCHIVES]: Add post-processing
loop to translate archive refs "lib(a b)" into "lib(a) lib(b)".
Mon Jun 7 19:26:51 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (installdirs): Actually pass directory names.
($(bindir)/$(instname)): Test chgrp&&chmod exit status with `if';
if it fails, echo a warning msg, but don't make the rule fail.
* read.c (tilde_expand): New function, broken out of tilde_expand.
(multi_glob): Call it.
(construct_include_path): Expand ~ in directory names.
* dep.h: Declare tilde_expand.
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): Expand ~ at the start of NAME.
(main): Expand ~ in -C args.
* read.c (read_makefile): Expand ~ in FILENAME unless TYPE==2.
Fri Jun 4 13:34:47 1993 Roland McGrath (
* main.c (decode_env_switches): Use xmalloc instead of alloca for ARGS.
* main.c (main): Put result of alloca in temporary variable with
simple assignment, to make SGI compiler happy.
Thu Jun 3 20:15:46 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.3.
* main.c (main): Before re-execing, remove intermediate files, and
print the data base under -p. Sexier debugging message.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Allocate an extra copy of the name
of a winning intermediate file when putting it in FOUND_FILES.
Wed Jun 2 16:38:08 1993 Roland McGrath (
* read.c (read_makefile): Pass flag (1) to parse_file_seq, not to
multi_glob (which doesn't take a 3rd arg).
* dir.c (dir_contents_file_exists_p): When reading dirents, ignore
chars within D_NAMLEN that are NULs.
* main.c (decode_switches): Don't savestring ARGV[0] to put it
into `other_args'.
For string switch, don't savestring `optarg'.
(main): Don't free elts of makefiles->list that are "-".
Use alloca'd rather than savestring'd storage for elts of
makefiles->list that are temporary file names.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Don't free *MAKEFILES.
* file.c (enter_file): Don't strip `./'s.
* main.c (enter_command_line_file): New function.
(main): Use it in place of enter_file for command-line goals from
other_files, and for old_files and new_files.
Mon May 31 18:41:40 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.2.
* compatMakefile (.SUFFIXES): Add .info.
($(infodir)/$(instname).info): Find* in cwd if there,
else in $srcdir. Use basename to remove dir name from installed name.
Thu May 27 17:35:02 1993 Roland McGrath (
* implicit.c (pattern_search): When interning FOUND_FILES, try
lookup_file first; if found, free the storage for our copy of the name.
Wed May 26 14:31:20 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.1.
* main.c (decode_switches): In usage msg, write `--switch=ARG' or
`--switch[=OPTARG]' rather than `--switch ARG' or `--switch [ARG]'.
Mon May 24 16:17:31 1993 Roland McGrath (
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule): New function.
(convert_to_pattern): Use it instead of doing all the work here
several times.
For target suffix `.a', generate both the archive magic rule and
the normal rule.
* compatMakefile (distclean): Remove stamp-config.
Sat May 22 16:15:18 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.67.
* file.c (remove_intermediates): Don't write extra space after `rm'.
* main.c (struct command_switch.type): Remove `usage_and_exit'.
(print_usage_flag): New variable.
(switches: --help): Make type `flag', to set print_usage_flag.
(init_switches): Remove `usage_and_exit' case.
(decode_switches): Likewise.
(decode_switches): Print usage if print_usage_flag is set.
When printing usage, die with status of BAD.
(main): Die with 0 if print_version_flag.
Fri May 21 16:09:28 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.66.
Wed May 19 21:30:44 1993 Roland McGrath (
* compatMakefile (installdirs): New target.
(install): Depend on it.
Sun May 16 20:15:07 1993 Roland McGrath (
* Version 3.65.2.
Fri May 14 16:40:09 1993 Roland McGrath (
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): In removal loop for DIRPATH==0,
* dir.c (read_dirstream): Break out of loop after incrementing
DS->buckets such that it reaches DIRFILE_BUCKETS; avoid trying to
dereference DS->contents->files[DIRFILE_BUCKETS].
* read.c (read_makefile): Clear no_targets after reading a
targetful rule line.