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2013-10-09 Paul Smith <>
Version 4.0 released.
* Updated for the release.
* NEWS: Updated for the release.
* maintMakefile (tag-release): New target to add a Git tag.
* read.c (eval): Typo fix.
* ChangeLog.1: Typo fixes.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_cleanup): Typo fix.
2013-10-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c (tmpfile): Move declaration of h before
the first executable statement. Reported by Gisle Vanem
2013-10-05 Paul Smith <>
* makeint.h (MAP_USERFUNC): A new map type for function names.
* main.c (initialize_stopchar_map): Set up the function name map.
* gnumake.h (gmk_func_ptr): Define a type for function pointers.
(gmk_add_function): Convert the last argument to FLAGS.
(GMK_FUNC_*): Define flags for the function. Change the default
behavior to "expand" since that's the most common one.
* function.c (function_table_entry): Use new function pointer type.
(lookup_function): Accept any valid function name character based
on the MAP_USERFUNC values.
(define_new_function): Use the new calling signature. Verify that
registered functions have valid names.
* guile.c (guile_gmake_setup): Use new calling signatures.
* loadapi.c (gmk_add_function): Ditto.
* variable.h (define_new_function): Ditto.
* doc/make.texi (Loaded Object API): Make the registered function
API documentation more clear.
2013-10-03 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (abspath): Reset root_len to one for Cygwin only when
HAVE_DOS_PATHS is defined. Suggested by Christopher Faylor.
2013-10-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c (tmpfile): New function, a replacement for
the Windows libc version.
Fix $abspath on Cygwin when HAVE_DOS_PATHS is in effect.
* function.c (IS_ABSOLUTE) [__CYGWIN__]: Special definition for
(abspath) [__CYGWIN__]: Reset root_len to 1 if the absolute file
name has the Posix /foo/bar form.
[HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Use root_len instead of hard-coded 2.
2013-10-01 Paul Smith <>
* Update version to 3.99.93.
* NEWS: Ditto.
2013-09-30 Paul Smith <>
* guile.c: Portability fixes for Guile 1.8.
2013-09-29 Paul Smith <>
* output.c (output_dump): Always write Enter/Leave messages to stdio.
(log_working_directory): This now always writes to stdio, so we
don't need the struct output parameter anymore.
(output_start): Show the working directory when output_sync is not
set or is recursive.
* main.c (main): Ensure the special "already shown Enter message"
token is removed from MAKE_RESTARTS before the user can see it.
* function.c (func_shell_base): If the output_context stderr
exists but is invalid, write to the real stderr.
Fixes suggested by Frank Heckenbach <>.
* output.c: Guard unistd.h inclusion, add io.h.
* gnumake.h: Move GMK_EXPORT before the declarations.
* make_msvc_net2003.vcproj: Add missing files.
Changes for MSVC suggested by Gerte Hoogewerf <>
* function.c (func_shell_base) [EMX]: Fix EMX support for output-sync.
* job.c (child_execute_job) [EMX]: Ditto.
* job.h (child_execute_job) [EMX]: Ditto.
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c: Invert the test for NO_OUTPUT_SYNC.
* guile.c (GSUBR_TYPE): Pre-2.0 Guile doesn't provide a typedef
for gsubr pointers. Create one.
(guile_define_module): Use it.
(internal_guile_eval): Force UTF-8 encoding for Guile strings.
* main.c (main): Clear GNUMAKEFLAGS after parsing, to avoid
proliferation of options.
* NEWS: Document it.
* doc/make.texi (Options/Recursion): Ditto.
2013-09-23 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c: Fix the forgotten OUTPUT_SYNC conditional.
* job.h: Ditto, but in a comment.
2013-09-22 Paul Smith <>
* Update version to 3.99.92.
* NEWS: Ditto.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): After second expansion be sure to
handle order-only markers inside the expansion properly.
Fixes Savannah bug #31155.
* guile.c (guile_define_module): Technically a void* cannot
contain a pointer-to-function and some compilers warn about this.
Cast the function pointers.
* load.c (load_object): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): If load_file() returns -1, don't add this to the
"to be rebuilt" list.
* doc/make.texi (load Directive): Document it.
* guile.c (guile_gmake_setup): Don't initialize Guile so early.
(func_guile): Lazily initialize Guile the first time the $(guile ..)
function is invoked. Guile can steal file descriptors which
confuses our jobserver FD checking, so we don't want to initialize
it before we have to.
VMS port updates by Hartmut Becker <>
* Add output to the filelist.
* output.c (va_copy): Add an implementation of this macro for VMS.
* commands.c: Ensure filedef.h is #included before dep.h.
* dir.c: Ditto.
* file.c: Ditto.
* guile.c: Ditto.
* main.c: Ditto.
* misc.c: Ditto.
* read.c: Ditto.
* rule.c: Ditto.
* variable.c: Ditto.
* readme.vms: Renamed to README.VMS and updates for this release.
* Ditto.
* NEWS: Ditto.
* README.template: Ditto.
* Makefile.DOS.template: Ditto.
2013-09-21 Paul Smith <>
* maintMakefile (check-alt-config): Create a target to test
alternative configurations. Each one will build make with a
different configuration then run the test suite.
Invert the output-sync #define to NO_OUTPUT_SYNC
* Don't set OUTPUT_SYNC.
* makeint.h: Ditto.
* main.c: Use NO_OUTPUT_SYNC instead of OUTPUT_SYNC.
* output.c: Ditto.
* output.h: Ditto.
* job.h: Ditto.
* job.c: Ditto.
* config.ami.template: Set NO_OUTPUT_SYNC.
* config.h-vms.template: Ditto.
* config.h.W32.template: Ditto.
* configh.dos.template: Ditto.
Output generated while reading makefiles should be synced.
* main.c (make_sync): Define a context for syncing while reading
makefiles and other top-level operations.
(main): If we request syncing, enable it while we are parsing
options, reading makefiles, etc. to capture that output. Just
before we start to run rules, dump the output if any.
(die): Dump any output we've been syncing before we die
* output.h (OUTPUT_SET): Disable output_context if not syncout.
Stderr generated from shell functions in recipes should be synced.
* job.h (FD_STDIN, FD_STDOUT, FD_STDERR): Create new macros to
avoid magic numbers.
(child_execute_job): Take a FD for stderr.
* job.c (child_execute_job): Handle STDERR FD's in addition to
stdin and stdout.
(start_job_command): Call child_execute_job() with the new STDERR
parameter. Instead of performing the dup() here, send it to
child_execute_job() where it's already being done.
* function.c (func_shell_base): Pass the OUTPUT_CONTEXT stderr to
child_execute_job() if it's set, otherwise FD_STDERR.
* main.c (main): Pass FD_STDERR to child_execute_job().
2013-09-19 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Set MAKE_RESTARTS to negative before re-exec if
we've already generated an "Entering" message. If we are started
and notice that MAKE_RESTARTS is negative, assume we already wrote
"Entering" and don't write it again.
2013-09-18 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Set starting_directory before we write any
errors. Fixes Savannah bug #40043.
2013-09-16 Eli Zaretskii <>
* output.c [WINDOWS32]: Include windows.h and sub_proc.h, to avoid
compiler warnings for CLOSE_ON_EXEC.
2013-09-16 Paul Smith <>
* Update version to 3.99.91.
* NEWS: Ditto.
2013-09-15 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Error Messages): Add a bit more info to the
section on static pattern errors, since they're common.
Fixes Savannah bug #31326.
* read.c (eval_makefile): If the file open fails with an
unrecoverable error, stop now rather than trying to make it.
Fixes Savannah bug #27374.
* main.c (main): Perform the validation of the jobserver FDs
early, before we read makefiles, to ensure that something hasn't
opened and used those FDs for some other reason.
Fixes Savannah bug #39934.
* main.c (main): Don't set MAKEFLAGS in the environment when we
restart. We have the original command line flags so keep the
original MAKEFLAGS settings as well.
Fixes Savannah bug #39203.
2013-09-14 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (decode_debug_flags): Add support for the "n" flag to
disable all debugging.
* make.1: Document the "n" (none) flag.
* doc/make.texi (Options Summary): Ditto.
* NEWS: Ditto.
Fixes Savannah bug #35248.
* misc.c (close_stdout): Move to output.c.
* main.c (main): Move atexit call to output_init().
* makeint.h: Remove close_stdout() declaration.
* output.c (output_init): Add close_stdout at exit only if it's open.
Fixes Savannah bug #33134. Suggested by David Boyce <>.
2013-09-14 Paul Smith <>
* misc.c (set_append_mode, open_tmpfd, open_tmpfile): Move to output.c.
* misc.h: Ditto.
* output.h: Ditto.
* main.c (main): Move stdio init into output.c:output_init().
Change open_tmpfile() to output_tmpfile().
* output.c: Rename open_*() to output_*(). set_append_mode() and
open_tmpfd() are static.
(_outputs, log_working_directory): Accept a struct output and
print to that rather than the global context.
(output_dump): In recurse mode print enter/leave once for the
whole makefile.
(output_init): Initialize this processes stdio as well as child's.
* vmsjobs.c: Reformat to be closer to convention.
2013-09-12 Paul Smith <>
Rework output to handle synchronization and directory logging more
* output.c: New file. Implement lazy synchronization and
directory logging so that we manage them "just in time", and the
destination of the output is set via a global state variable.
* output.h: New file.
* function.c (func_shell_base): Ensure the output is set up before
running a shell command, in case it writes to stderr.
(func_error): Use outputs() to generate output.
* job.h (struct child): Add struct output to track the child's output.
* job.c: Use struct output in the child structure to track output.
(child_out, sync_init, assign_child_tempfiles, pump_from_tmp)
(acquire_semaphore, release_semaphore, sync_output): Move most of
the output_sync handling to output.c.
(child_error): Set output, then use simple message() and error()
not _s versions.
* main.c (log_working_directory): Moved to output.c
(trace_option, decode_trace_flags) Remove. Remove support for
different trace modes; we don't use it anymore.
(die) Invoke output_close() before we exit.
* misc.c (message_s, error_s): Removed; no longer needed.
(message, error, fatal, perror_with_name, pfatal_with_name): Moved
to output.c.
* makeint.h: Remove message_s(), error_s(), and
log_working_directory(). Remove the TRACE_* macros.
* doc/make.texi: Enhance documentation for output sync, and remove
MODE assignment for --trace.
* make.1: Remove MODE assignment for --trace.
* Add new files.
* NMakefile.template: Ditto.
* SMakefile.template: Ditto.
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
* dosbuild.bat: Ditto.
* make.lnk: Ditto.
* make_nsvc_net2003.vcproj: Ditto.
* makefile.vms: Ditto.
* po/ Ditto.
2013-08-22 Petr Machata <>
* function.c (func_shell_base): Get rid of any avoidable limit on
stack size for processes spawned via $(shell).
2013-07-22 Paul Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Use PARSE_SIMPLE_SEQ() even for
non-second expansion prerequisites, to handle globbing in patterns.
Fixes Savannah bug #39310.
* dep.h (PARSE_SIMPLE_SEQ): Macro for simple file sequence parsing.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Use it.
* file.c (split_prereqs): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): Ditto.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* file.c (split_prereqs): Use PARSEFS_NONE instead of 0.
2013-07-21 Paul Smith <>
Cleanups detected by cppcheck. Fixes Savannah bug #39158.
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Reduce the scope of local variables.
* dir.c (vms_hash): Ditto.
(find_directory): Ditto.
(file_impossible_p): Ditto.
* expand.c (variable_expand_string): Ditto.
* function.c (func_sort): Ditto.
(func_and): Ditto.
* job.c (reap_children): Ditto.
(exec_command): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* misc.c (collapse_continuations): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): Ditto.
(parse_file_seq): Ditto.
* vpath.c (gpath_search): Ditto.
(selective_vpath_search): Ditto.
* job.c (is_bourne_compatible_shell): Simplify for non-Windows systems.
* remake.c (f_mtime): Remove duplicate test.
* signame.c (strsignal): Fix bogus conditional.
* job.c (assign_child_tempfiles): Assign OUTFD to -1 for safety.
(start_job_command): Don't test output_sync and sync_cmd: redundant.
Changes suggested by Frank Heckenbach <>.
2013-07-14 Paul Smith <>
* filedef.h (update_status): Convert UPDATE_STATUS from a char to
an enumeration. Some systems declare "char" to be "unsigned"
which broke the code (which expected to be able to use -1 as a
flag). Using magic values was unpleasant, so rather than just
force "signed char" I reworked it to use an enum.
* dep.h (update_goal_chain): Return an update_status value not int.
* remake.c (touch_file): Ditto.
(update_goal_chain): Track the update_status enum.
* file.c (enter_file): Use new enumeration values with update_status.
(remove_intermediates): Ditto.
(print_file): Ditto.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Ditto.
* job.c (reap_children): Ditto.
(start_job_command): Ditto.
(start_waiting_job): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* remake.c (update_file): Ditto.
(complain): Ditto.
(update_file_1): Ditto.
(notice_finished_file): Ditto.
(remake_file): Ditto.
* vmsjobs.c (vmsHandleChildTerm): Ditto.
2013-07-09 Paul Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Keep a local copy of the number of
deps in deplist: the global max might change due to recursion.
Fixes a bug reported by Martin d'Anjou <>.
2013-06-28 Paul Smith <>
* misc.c (set_append_mode): Set the O_APPEND flag on a file descriptor.
(open_tmpfd): Set append mode on the temporary file descriptor.
* main.c (main): Set append mode on stdout and stderr.
* makeint.h (set_append_mode): Declare it.
2013-06-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* build_w32.bat (LinkGCC): Prevent a comment from being displayed
at build time.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [WINDOWS32]: Use
case-insensitive comparison with internal commands of non-Unix
* main.c (find_and_set_default_shell): Don't use file_exists_p or
dir_file_exists_p, as those call readdir, which can fail if PATH
includes directories with non-ASCII characters, and that would
cause Make to fail at startup with confusing diagnostics. See
for the details.
2013-06-22 Paul Smith <>
Improve performance by using a character map to determine where we
want to stop searching strings, rather than discrete comparisons.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Pass a stop map instead of various
flags and use that to check when to stop parsing the string.
(eval): Use the new find_char_unquote() calling signature.
(remove_comments): Ditto.
(unescape_char): Ditto.
(find_percent_cached): Ditto.
(parse_file_seq): Use a stop-map flag.
* main.c (stopchar_map): Character map definition.
(initialize_stopchar_map): Initialize the map definition.
(main): Invoke the map initialization function.
* misc.c (end_of_token_w32): Remove unused function.
* dir.c (dosify): Use STOP_SET to check for stop chars.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* misc.c (end_of_token): Ditto.
* function.c (subst_expand): Ditto.
(func_notdir_suffix): Ditto.
(func_basename_dir): Ditto.
(abspath): Ditto.
* job.c (is_bourne_compatible_shell): Ditto.
* variable.c (parse_variable_definition): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): Ditto.
(conditional_line): Ditto.
(find_percent_cached): Ditto.
* dep.h (PARSE_FILE_SEQ): Update function declaration.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Update PARSE_FILE_SEQ() call.
* file.c (split_prereqs): Ditto.
* function.c (string_glob): Ditto.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Ditto.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
2013-06-21 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (verify_flag): Global variable to determine whether to
verify the database or not.
(decode_debug_flags): If debug mode, enable verify_flag.
(main): If MAKE_MAINTAINER_MODE, enable verify_flag, otherwise not.
(die): Only verify the database if verify_flag is set.
* file.c (enter_file): Don't check caching unless verify_flag.
* makeint.h: Export verify_flag.
2013-05-27 Paul Smith <>
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Create a new variable
2013-05-27 Hartmut Becker <>
* function.c (func_shell_base) [VMS]: Support VMS.
* [VMS]: Ditto.
* makefile.vms [VMS]: Ditto.
* makeint.h [VMS]: Ditto.
* vmsjobs.c [VMS]: Ditto.
* job.h: Define RECORD_SYNC_MUTEX() when OUTPUT_SYNC is not set.
* load.c (unload_file): Fix signature if MAKE_LOAD is not set.
2013-05-26 Paul Smith <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): Ensure that archive file names are in the
string cache. Fixes Savannah bug #38442.
* read.c (readline): To be safe, move the entire buffer if we
detect a CR. Fixes Savannah bug #38945.
* job.c (new_job): Compare OUT to the beginning of the OUT
var/function, not IN. Fixes Savannah bug #39035.
2013-05-22 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (switches[]): Order switches so simple flags all come first.
(define_makeflags): Rework to make option passing more
reliable and the code less tricksy. Ensure simple flags are kept
in the initial batch of flags. Do not allow any flags with
options in that batch. If there are only non-simple flags MAKEFLAGS
begins with ' '.
(print_data_base): Print the version. Fixes part of Savannah #35336.
* read.c (eval_buffer): Initialize lineno.
2013-05-18 Alexey Pavlov <> (tiny change)
* w32/ (libw32_a_SOURCES): Add compat/posixfcn.c.
* (OUTPUT_SYNC): Define for mingw32 target.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) <sh_cmds_dos>
[WINDOWS32]: Add "move". Fixes Savannah bug #30714.
* guile.c: Move inclusion of makeint.h before gnumake.h. This
order must be observed when building Make, because gnumake.h must
be included with GMK_BUILDING_MAKE defined, which makeint.h
already does. Otherwise, the linker will look for, and fail to
find, gmk_* functions in some external dynamic library.
2013-05-17 Benno Schulenberg <>
* main.c (decode_output_sync_flags): Fix output message.
* read.c (EXTRANEOUS): Ditto.
(record_files): Ditto.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Ditto.
2013-05-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* main.c (prepare_mutex_handle_string): Define conditioned on
* build_w32.bat: Copy config.h.W32 to config.h regardless of
whether or not we are building from SCM.
2013-05-17 Paul Smith <>
* Update version to 3.99.90.
* NEWS: Ditto.
* Source (*.[ch]): Remove TABs, use GNU coding styles.
* ALL: Update copyright.
* hash.c (CALLOC): Use xcalloc() to handle out of memory errors.
* makeint.h: Prototype new unload_file() function.
* load.c (unload_file): Create a function to unload a file.
(struct load_list): Type to remember loaded objects.
(loaded_syms): Global variable of remembered loaded objects so we
can unload them later. We don't have to remove from the list
because the only time we unload is if we're about to re-exec.
(load_object): Remove unneeded extra DLP argument.
(load_file): Remove unneeded extra DLP argument.
* filedef.h (struct file): Remove the DLP pointer and add the
LOADED bit flag. Saves 32/64 bytes per file, as this pointer is
almost never needed.
* read.c (eval): Set the new LOADED bit flag on the file.
* file.c (rehash_file): Merge the loaded bitfield.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Call unload_file() instead
of dlclose() directly.
2013-05-14 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Loaded Object API): Document the requirement for
the plugin_is_GPL_compatible symbol.
* load.c (load_object): Check for plugin_is_GPL_compatible symbol.
2013-05-13 Paul Smith <>
* filedef.h (struct file): Add a builtin flag.
* file.c (enter_file): Unset the builtin flag.
(rehash_file): Ditto.
(print_file): Don't print builtin files if we've omitted them.
* default.c (undefine_default_variables): New function: go through
the default variables and undefine them.
(set_default_suffixes): Mark these suffix rules as builtin.
* makeint.h: Prototype.
* main.c (main): Handle addition of -r and -R to MAKEFLAGS in the
makefile. Fixes Savannah bug #20501.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Assign o_env_override level to
MAKEFLAGS to ensure it's set even in the presence of -e.
Fixes Savannah bug #2216.
constants for the trace mode.
* main.c: Add new --trace mode parsing.
(decode_trace_flags): New function.
(decode_switches): Call it.
(define_makeflags): Fix a bug with long-name options.
* misc.c (fatal): Remove special output-sync handling.
* make.1: Document new --trace mode flags.
* doc/make.texi (Options Summary): Ditto.
2013-05-11 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (child_out): Output the newline following the message
before fllush-ing the stream. Avoids displaying the following
failure message, which goes to stderr, on the same line.
2013-05-06 Eli Zaretskii <>
* gnumake.h (GMK_EXPORT) [_WIN32]: Move the dllexport declaration
here from makeint.h.
* makeint.h (GMK_BUILDING_MAKE) [WINDOWS32]: Define before
including gnumake.h.
* doc/make.texi (Loaded Object Example): Add a note about building
shared objects on MS-Windows.
2013-05-05 Paul Smith <>
output-sync options "job" to "line" and "make" to "recurse".
* main.c (decode_output_sync_flags): Ditto.
* job.c (reap_children): Ditto.
(start_job_command): Ditto.
* make.1: Ditto.
* doc/make.texi (Parallel Output): Ditto.
* job.c (child_out): Write newlines explicitly, and don't do
anything if the message is empty.
(sync_output): Put working dir messages around stdout AND stderr.
(start_job_command): Move the tmp file assignment earlier. After
we do it, write the command line to the temp file to get the order
* misc.c (message): Remove special handling for output_sync.
(error): Ditto.
2013-05-04 Paul Smith <>
* loadapi.c (gmk_alloc): New function.
* gnumake.h: Add gmk_alloc(). Clean GMK_EXPORT a bit to avoid MAIN.
* makeint.h (GMK_EXPORT): New handling, vs. MAIN.
* doc/make.texi (Loaded Object API): Add information on the memory
handling functions.
(Loaded Object Example): Create an example.
* job.c (pump_from_tmp): (Rename) Write to stdout/stderr using
FILE* rather than fd. It's not a good idea to mix and match.
2013-05-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* makeint.h (ftruncate) [_MSC_VER]: Redirect to _chsize.
(_S_ISDIR): If not defined (MinGW64), define to S_ISDIR.
2013-05-04 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (child_out): Handle EINTR and incomplete write scenarios.
(sync_init): New function: separate the initialization code.
(assign_child_tempfiles): Remove truncation from this function,
(sync_output): and add it here after output is generated.
(reap_children): Always call sync_output() in case output_sync was
reset after the child started, due to error.
(start_job_command): Create new sync_cmd variable. Use new method
for initializing the handle.
If we're not syncing the output be sure any output we've saved is
dumped immediately before starting the child.
2013-05-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Make the condition for creating a
temporary output file be identical to the Posix code branch.
Suggested by Frank Heckenbach <>.
2013-05-03 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Include makeint.h. Remove a private
incompatible prototype of xmalloc.
(batch_file_with_spaces): New function, detects Windows batch
files whose names include whitespace characters.
(process_begin): If exec_name is a batch file with whitespace
characters in its name, pass NULL as the first argument to
CreateProcess. This avoids weird failures due to buggy quoting by
CreateProcess. For the details, see the discussion starting at
* load.c (load_object, load_file): Accept an additional argument
DLP and return in it a pointer that can be used to unload the
dynamic object.
* read.c (eval): Call load_file with an additional argument, and
record the pointer returned there in the 'struct file' object of
dynamic objects in that object's 'struct file'.
* commands.c (execute_file_commands): Unload dynamic objects
before remaking them, to avoid failure to remake if the OS doesn't
allow overwriting objects that are in use.
* filedef.h (struct file): New member dlopen_ptr.
* gnumake.h (GMK_EXPORT): Define to dllexport/dllimport
decorations for Windows and to nothing on other platforms.
(gmk_eval, gmk_expand, gmk_add_function): Add GMK_EXPORT qualifier
to prototypes.
* makeint.h (MAIN): Define before including gnumake.h, to give
correct dllexport decorations to exported functions.
(load_file): Adjust prototype.
* loadapi.c: Don't include gnumake.h, since makeint.h already
includes it, and takes care of defining MAIN before doing so.
* build_w32.bat (LinkGCC): Produce an import library for functions
exported by Make for loadable dynamic objects.
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c (dlclose): New function.
* w32/include/dlfcn.h (dlclose): Add prototype.
2013-05-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (start_job_command) [WINDOWS32]: Make the same fix for
MS-Windows as the previous commit did for Posix platforms.
(construct_command_argv_internal): Don't treat a backslash as an
escape character before whitespace, if the shell is not a Posix
shell. For the description of the problem, see
2013-05-01 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Don't redirect output for recursive
make jobs, unless we're in makefile synchronization mode.
2013-04-30 Stefano Lattarini <> (tiny change)
build: enable the 'silent-rules' automake options
* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Here. The future major Automake
version 2.0 (ETA about one, one and half year from now) will enable
it by default, so better prepare ourselves.
2013-04-30 Stefano Lattarini <> (tiny change)
build: require Autoconf >= 2.62 and Automake >= 1.11.1
Older versions of those tools should be considered fully obsolete.
Also, GNU make already requires Gettext >= 0.18.1, which has been
released six months after Automake 1.11.1 and two years after
Autoconf 2.62; so the new requirement shouldn't be problematic
for people already bootstrapping GNU make from the Git repository.
* (AC_PREREQ): Require Autoconf 2.62 or later.
(AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require Automake 1.11.1 or later (1.11 had
some serious bugs, and should not be used).
2013-04-30 Stefano Lattarini <> (tiny change)
build: get rid of 'HAVE_ANSI_COMPILER' C preprocessor conditional
GNU make already assume C89 or later throughout the codebase, and
that preprocessor conditional was no longer used anyway.
* config.ami.template: Remove #define of HAVE_ANSI_COMPILER.
* config.h-vms.template: Likewise.
* config.h.W32.template: Likewise.
* configh.dos.template: Likewise.
2013-04-30 Stefano Lattarini <> (tiny change)
cosmetics: fix few innocuous typos
Most of these were found using Lucas De Marchi's 'codespell' tool.
* ChangeLog: Fix minor typos.
* ChangeLog.2: Likewise.
* README.Amiga: Likewise.
* TODO.private: Likewise.
* function.c: Likewise.
* glob/glob.h: Likewise.
* job.c: Likewise.
* main.c: Likewise.
* readme.vms: Likewise.
* remake.c: Likewise.
* tests/ChangeLog: Likewise.
* tests/NEWS: Likewise.
* tests/README: Likewise.
* tests/scripts/variables/private: Likewise.
* vmsdir.h: Likewise.
* signame.c: Likewise. While at it, improve line wrapping in the
touched comment.
2013-04-29 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/include/dlfcn.h: New file.
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c: Include dlfcn.h.
(dlopen, dlerror, dlsym) [MAKE_LOAD]: New functions, in support of
dynamic loading.
* config.h.W32.template (MAKE_LOAD): Define.
* load.c (load_object) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Support backslashes and
drive letters in file names of dynamic objects.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [WINDOWS32]: Return
right after generating new_argv for one_shell case. This fixes
the Windows build for both Unixy shell and stock Windows shells.
2013-04-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* dir.c (local_stat) [WINDOWS32]: Use the wrapper on MS-Windows.
If the argument ends in "dir/.", make sure the parent dir exists
and is indeed a directory. Fixes Savannah bug #37065.
2013-04-28 Paul Smith <>
* makeint.h (message_s, error_s): Functions that print to strings
rather than directly to files.
* misc.c (message_s, error_s): Create them.
* job.c (child_error): Print error messages to the output sync
logs, if one exists, rather then directly to the terminal.
(reap_children): Move the per-line sync after child_error().
* Remove support for pre-ANSI variadic function calls.
* makeint.h: Ditto.
* misc.c: Ditto.
* config.ami.template: Ditto.
* config.h-vms.template: Ditto.
* config.h.W32.template: Ditto.
* configh.dos.template: Ditto.
Implement a "per-job" output synchronization option.
* main.c (decode_output_sync_flags): Recognize the new option.
* makeint.h (OUTPUT_SYNC_JOB): Add new values for "job"
* job.c (assign_child_tempfiles): In per-job mode, truncate the
temp file for re-use by the next job.
(sync_output): Don't close the temp files as we may still use them.
(free_child): Close the temp files here as we definitely don't
need them.
(new_job): In per-job output mode, sync_output() after each job.
* job.h (struct child): Avoid ifdefs.
* make.1: Add new options to the man page.
* doc/make.texi (Parallel Output): Break documentation on input
and output into separate sections for readability. Document the
new "job" and "none" modes.
2013-04-27 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Fix oneshell support
for non-POSIX-sh shells.
* load.c (load_object): Extract all POSIX-isms into a separate
function for portability.
(load_file): Check the .LOADED variable first and don't invoke
load_object() if it's already been loaded.
2013-04-27 Eli Zaretskii <>
* read.c (record_files): Pay attention to .ONESHELL in MS-Windows.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Support .ONESHELL on
MS-Windows, when the shell is not a Unixy shell.
2013-04-27 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c: Fix compilation error on GNU/Linux due to "label at end
of compound statement".
2013-04-27 Frank Heckenbach <> (tiny change)
* job.c (sync_output): Don't discard the output if
acquire_semaphore fails; instead, dump the output unsynchronized.
2013-04-27 Eli Zaretskii <>
Support --output-sync on MS-Windows.
* w32/compat/posixfcn.c: New file, with emulations of Posix
functions and Posix functionality for MS-Windows.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Include io.h.
(process_noinherit): New function, forces a file descriptor to not
be inherited by child processes.
(process_easy): Accept two additional arguments, and use them to
set up the standard output and standard error handles of the child
* w32/include/sub_proc.h (process_easy): Adjust prototype.
(process_noinherit): Add prototype.
* read.c [WINDOWS32]: Include windows.h and sub_proc.h.
* makeint.h (LOCALEDIR) [WINDOWS32}: Define to NULL if not
defined. This is needed because the MS-Windows build doesn't have
a canonical place for LOCALEDIR.
(WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN) [WINDOWS32]: Define, to avoid getting from
windows.h header too much stuff that could conflict with the code.
* main.c <sync_mutex>: New static variable.
<switches>: Add support for "--sync-mutex" switch.
(decode_output_sync_flags): Decode the --sync-mutex= switch.
(prepare_mutex_handle_string) [WINDOWS32]: New function.
(main): Add "output-sync" to .FEATURES.
* job.h (CLOSE_ON_EXEC) [WINDOWS32]: Define to call
(F_GETFD, F_SETLKW, F_WRLCK, F_UNLCK, struct flock) [WINDOWS32]:
New macros.
(RECORD_SYNC_MUTEX): New macro, a no-op for Posix platforms.
(sync_handle_t): New typedef.
* job.c <sync_handle>: Change type to sync_handle_t.
(FD_NOT_EMPTY): Seek to the file's end. Suggested by Frank
Heckenbach <>.
(pump_from_tmp_fd) [WINDOWS32]: Switch to_fd to binary mode for
the duration of this function, and then change back before
(start_job_command) [WINDOWS32]: Support output_sync mode on
MS-Windows. Use a system-wide mutex instead of locking
stdout/stderr. Call process_easy with two additional arguments:
child->outfd and child->errfd.
(exec_command) [WINDOWS32]: Pass two additional arguments, both
-1, to process_easy, to adjust for the changed function signature.
* function.c (windows32_openpipe) [WINDOWS32]: This function now
returns an int, which is -1 if it fails and zero otherwise. It
also calls 'error' instead of 'fatal', to avoid exiting
(func_shell_base) [WINDOWS32]: Call perror_with_name if
windows32_openpipe fails, now that it always returns. This avoids
a compiler warning that error_prefix is not used in the MS-Windows
* config.h.W32.template (OUTPUT_SYNC): Define.
* build_w32.bat: Add w32/compat/posixfcn.c to compilation and
linking commands.
2013-04-20 Stefano Lattarini <> (tiny change)
* README.git: Our autoconf input file is '', not
''. Adjust accordingly.
* build_w32.bat: Likewise.
* config.h-vms.template: Likewise.
* Makefile.DOS.template: Likewise.
2013-04-16 Paul Smith <>
* misc.c (open_tmpfd): Add a new function that returns a temporary
file by file descriptor.
(open_tmpfile): Move here from main.c.
* job.c (assign_child_tempfiles): Use the new open_tmpfd().
2013-04-15 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (start_job_command): Use new constants.
* main.c: New -O argument format.
* doc/make.texi (Options Summary): Document the argument to -O.
* make.1: Ditto.
* main.c (define_makeflags): Don't add space between a single-char
option and its argument.
2013-04-06 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Implicit Variables): Clarify LDFLAGS vs. LDLIBS.
Fixes Savannah bug #37970.
* remake.c (check_dep): Reconsider files waiting on prerequisites,
as they may have finished. Fixes Savannah bug #37703.
2013-02-28 Paul Smith <>
* function.c (func_realpath): On Solaris (at least) realpath() can
fail due to EINTR, so loop it. Fixes Savannah bug #38420.
2013-02-25 Paul Smith <>
Add a proposed supported API for GNU make loaded objects.
* doc/make.texi (Loaded Object API): Document it.
* (make_SOURCES): Add new loadapi.c.
* dep.h: Remove eval_buffer(); moved to loadapi.c:gmk_eval().
* read.c (eval_buffer): Change eval_buffer() signature.
* main.c (main): Change eval_buffer() signature.
* variable.h (define_new_function): Change func_ptr signature.
* load.c (SYMBOL_EXTENSION): Change the extension.
* loadapi.c: Implement the new API.
* gnumake.h (gmk_eval): New function prototype.
(gmk_expand) Ditto.
(gmk_add_function) Ditto.
* gmk-default.scm (gmk-eval): Remove: now implemented in guile.c.
* guile.c (guile_expand_wrapper): Use gmk_expand()
(guile_eval_wrapper): Implement eval here to avoid double-expansion.
(guile_define_module): Define gmk-eval.
(func_guile): Use new func_ptr calling model.
(guile_gmake_setup): Use gmk_add_function() to declare $(guile ...)
* function.c (function_table_entry): Provide alternative func_ptr.
(func_eval): New signature for eval_buffer();
(function_table_init): New initialization for function_table_entry.
(expand_builtin_function): Support alternative invocation signature.
(define_new_function): Ditto.
2013-01-20 Paul Smith <>
* gnumake.h: New file to contain externally-visible content.
* makeint.h: Include gnumake.h. Move gmk_floc type to gnumake.h.
* (include_HEADERS): Install the gnumake.h header.
* makeint.h: Change struct floc to gmk_floc typedef.
* Many: Use the new typedef.
* make.h: Rename to makeint.h.
* Many: Use the new name makeint.h.
2013-01-19 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (load Directive): Update to discuss location of
loaded object file.
(Remaking Loaded Objects): Document remaking of loaded objects.
* main.c (main): Rename READ_MAKEFILES to READ_FILES.
* read.c: Change READ_MAKEFILES to READ_FILES since it now
contains loaded object files as well.
(read_all_makefiles): Ditto.
(eval_makefile): Ditto.
(eval): Add any loaded file to the READ_FILES list, so that it
will be considered for re-build.
* load.c (load_file): Return the simple filename (no symbol) in
the LDNAME argument (now a const char **).
This filename should no longer have "./" prepended: modify the
function to always check the current directory if the name has no
"/", before using the normal methods.
* make.h: Change the load_file() prototype.
* README.git: Add a bit more documentation on Git workflow & rules.
2013-01-13 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Restore all make flags after re-exec is complete.
Fixes Savannah bug #38051.
2013-01-12 Paul Smith <>
Convert CVS archive to Git.
* Rename to
* README.cvs: Rename to README.git and rework for Git.
* maintMakefile: Use git clean for cleanup.
* ChangeLog: Use new Git repository URL.
* ChangeLog.2: Ditto.
* Change documentation for Git
* Makefile.DOS.template: Ditto.
* README.template: Ditto.
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
* prepare_w32.bat: Ditto.
* .cvsignore: Rename to .gitignore, and change to Git format.
2012-12-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (create_batch_file): Fix last change: always increment the
counter of batch files before trying to use it.
2012-12-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Remove " from
sh_chars_dos[]. Ignore an escaped backslash inside a string
quoted with "..". This lifts the 4KB or 8KB command-line length
limitation imposed by the Windows shells when a command uses quoted
strings, because we now don't call the shell in that case.
* job.c (create_batch_file): Declare the counter of batch files
static, to avoid having 2 jobs using the same file name and
stepping on each other's toes. When all 64K names are used up,
make one more loop looking for slots that became vacant. This
avoids leaving behind temporary batch files in the temporary
directory, which happens frequently on a fast machine when using
parallel builds.
(reap_children): Add debug message for when removal of a temporary
batch file fails.
2012-10-29 Paul Smith <>
New feature: "load" directive for dynamically-loaded objects.
* NEWS: Document new "load" directive.
* doc/make.texi (Extending make): New chapter on extensions to make.
* Check for dlopen/dlsym/dlerror and -ldl.
* (make_SOURCES): Add new file load.c.
* make.h: Prototype for load_file().
* main.c (main): Add "load" to .FEATURES if it's available.
* read.c (eval): Parse "load" and "-load" directives.
2012-09-29 Paul Smith <>
* Require a new version of gettext (1.18.1).
Fixes Savannah bug #37307.
2012-09-09 Paul Smith <>
* (bsd_signal): Define _GNU_SOURCE, a la make.h.
Fixes Savannah bug #32247.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Force intermediate files to be
considered, not pruned, if their non-intermediate parent needs to
be remade. Fixes Savannah bug #30653.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Keep the command line
on the heap for very long lines. Fixes Savannah bug #36451.
* function.c (func_realpath): BSD realpath(3) doesn't fail if the
file does not exist: use stat. Fixes Savannah bug #35919.
* file.c (expand_deps): Duplicate the current variable buffer, not
the old pointer. Fixes Savannah bug #36925.
* read.c (eval): If we detect an initial UTF-8 BOM, skip it.
Fixes Savannah bug #36529.
(record_target_var): Remove unused variable "fname".
(eval): Use the correct pointer when adding to the variable buffer.
Fixes Savannah bug #36106.
2012-09-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* read.c (unescape_char): Fix a thinko in the last change.
2012-09-09 Paul Smith <>
* default.c (default_variables): Use a correct default LIBPPATERNS
for MacOS. Fixes Savannah bug #37197.
* read.c (record_files): Reset the default macro values if .POSIX
is set. Fixes Savannah bug #37069.
(parse_file_seq): Break out of an infinite loop if we're not
making progress when parsing archive references.
2012-09-01 Eli Zaretskii <>
* README.W32.template: Update for job-server and Guile support.
* read.c (unescape_char): Advance 'p' after copying the unescaped
characters. Otherwise the backslashes are incorrectly erased from
the original string.
2012-03-05 Paul Smith <>
Update copyright notices to use year ranges, as allowed by
clarifications in the GNU Maintainer's Manual.
2012-03-04 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (unescape_char): New function to remove escapes from a char.
(record_files): Call it on the dependency string to unescape ":".
Fixes Savannah bug #12126 and bug #16545.
* make.h (CSTRLEN): Determine the length of a constant string.
* main.c: Use the new macro.
* read.c: Ditto.
* variable.h: Ditto.
* function.c: Simplify checks for function alternatives.
* expand.c (variable_append): If the current set is local and the
next one is not a parent, then treat the next set as
local as well. Fixes Savannah bug #35468.
2012-03-03 Paul Smith <>
* acinclude.m4 (AC_STRUCT_ST_MTIM_NSEC): Add support for AIX 5.2+
nanosecond timestamps. Fixes Savannah bug #32485.
Convert uses of `foo' for quoting to 'foo' to reflect changes in
the GNU Coding Standards. Fixes Savannah bug #34530.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): In oneshell we need to
break the SHELLFLAGS up for argv. Fixes Savannah bug #35397.
* function.c (func_filter_filterout): Recompute the length of each
filter word in case it was compressed due to escape chars. Don't
reset the string as it's freed. Fixes Savannah bug #35410.
* misc.c (collapse_continuations): Only use POSIX-style
backslash/newline handling if the .POSIX target is set.
Addresses Savannah bug #16670 without backward-incompatibility.
* NEWS: Document behavior change.
* doc/make.texi (Splitting Lines): New section describing how to
use backslash/newline to split long lines.
2012-02-26 Paul Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Check the stem length to avoid
stack overflows in stem_str. Fixes Savannah bug #35525.
2012-02-03 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (proc_stdin_thread, proc_stdout_thread)
(proc_stderr_thread, process_pipe_io): Ifdef away unused
* w32/subproc/w32err.c (map_windows32_error_to_string) [_MSC_VER]:
Don't use TLS storage for szMessageBuffer. Ifdef away special
code for handling Winsock error codes. Make the function return a
`const char *'. Suggested by Ozkan Sezer. Fixes Savannah bug #34832.
2012-01-29 Paul Smith <>
* gmk-default.scm (to-string-maybe): Variables map to empty strings.
In Guile 2.0, (define ...) results in a variable object so make
sure that maps to an empty string in make.
* variable.c (parse_variable_definition): New POSIX assignment ::=
Take a struct variable to return more information after parsing.
(assign_variable_definition): New parse_variable_definition() call.
* variable.h: New declaration of parse_variable_definition().
* read.c (do_define): New parse_variable_definition() call.
(parse_var_assignment): Ditto.
(get_next_mword): Parse ::= as a variable assignment.
* doc/make.texi (Flavors): Describe the new ::= syntax.
* NEWS: Mention the ::= operator.
* variable.h (struct variable): Rearrange elts to reduce struct size.
* function.c (func_file): Create a new function, $(file ...)
* doc/make.texi (File Function): Document the $(file ..) function.
* NEWS: Announce it.
* gmk-default.scm (to-string-maybe): Use a more portable way to
test for unprintable characters.
* [GUILE]: Guile 1.6 doesn't have pkg-config
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
2012-01-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config.h.W32.template: Update from
Support a Windows build with Guile.
* README.W32.template: Update with instructions for building with
* build_w32.bat: Support building with Guile.
* make.h [HAVE_STDINT_H]: Include stdint.h.
* main.c (main, clean_jobserver): Move declarations of variables
not used in the WINDOWS32 build to the #else branch, to avoid
compiler warnings.
Fix failures on MS-Windows when Make's standard handles are invalid.
This can happen when Make is invoked from a GUI application.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_init_fd): Don't dereference
pproc if it is a NULL pointer.
(process_begin, process_cleanup): Don't try to close pipe handles
whose value is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.
(process_easy): Initialize hIn, hOut, and hErr to
INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE. If DuplicateHandle fails with
ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, duplicate a handle for the null device
STD_ERROR_HANDLE. Don't try to close pipe handles whose value is
* function.c (windows32_openpipe): Initialize hIn and hErr to
INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE. If DuplicateHandle fails with
ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, duplicate a handle for the null device
instead of STD_INPUT_HANDLE or STD_ERROR_HANDLE. Fix indentation.
Don't try to close handles whose value is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE.
2012-01-25 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (define_new_function): Fix format strings in calls to
2012-01-17 Paul Smith <>
* guile.c (func_guile): Handle NULL returns from Guile.
2012-01-16 Paul Smith <>
* make.h (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): Allow resetting for crosscompiling
for Windows. Patch by Chris Sutcliffe <>
Fixes Savannah bug #34818.
2012-01-15 Paul Smith <>
* variable.h: Prototype an interface for defining new make functions.
* function.c (define_new_function): Define it.
(func_guile): Remove the "guile" function.
(function_table_init): Ditto.
* guile.c (func_guile): Add the "guile" function here.
(setup_guile): Call define_new_function() to define it.
(guile_eval_string): Obsolete.
* all: Update copyright notices.
2012-01-12 Paul Smith <>
Support GNU Guile as an embedded extension language for GNU make.
* NEWS: Note the new Guile capability.
* (EXTRA_DIST, make_SOURCES): Add new guile source files.
(AM_CFLAGS): Add Guile compiler flags.
(guile): Add a rule for converting default SCM into a C header.
* Add support for --with-guile.
Also, convert the entire file to properly escaped autoconf m4, and
utilize newer features such as AS_IF() and AS_CASE().
* doc/make.texi (Guile Function): Document the GNU guile integration.
* make.h (guile_eval_string, guile_boot): Prototypes for Guile.
* main.c (main): Run guile_boot() to handle main().
(real_main): All the previous content of main() is here.
(real_main): Add "guile" to the .FEATURES variable.
* function.c (func_guile): Call Guile.
* guile.c: New file implementing GNU make integration with GNU Guile.
* gmk-default.scm: The integration of GNU make with Guile uses
Guile itself for much of the parsing and conversion of return
types, etc. This implementation is embedded into GNU make.
* config.h-vms.template: Disable Guile support.
* config.h.W32.template: Ditto.
* configh.dos.template: Ditto.
* config.ami.template: Ditto.
* makefile.vms: Add new Guile files.
* Makefile.DOS.template: Ditto.
* Makefile.ami: Ditto.
* NMakefile.template: Ditto.
* SMakefile.template: Ditto.
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
* dosbuild.bat: Ditto.
* make_msvc_net2001.vcproj: Ditto.
2011-11-15 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Use %ld when printing DWORD values.
* job.c (new_job): Ditto.
* w32/include/sub_proc.h: Use const.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (open_jobserver_semaphore): Use const.
Fixes Savannah bug #34830. Changes suggested by Ozkan Sezer.
* (MAKE_JOBSERVER): Enable jobserver on W32 systems.
* config.h.W32.template (MAKE_JOBSERVER): Ditto.
2011-11-14 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (eval): parse_file_seq() might shorten the string due to
backslash removal. Start parsing again at the colon.
Fixes Savannah bug #33399.
2011-11-13 Paul Smith <>
* file.c (file_timestamp_cons): Match up data types to avoid warnings.
* filedef.h: Ditto.
* misc.c (concat): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): Assign value to avoid warnings.
* function.c (func_shell_base): Use fork() instead of vfork() to
avoid warnings.
* make.h (INTEGER_TYPE_SIGNED): Use <=0 to avoid warnings.
Fixes Savannah bug #34608.
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Remove _p.
(construct_command_argv_internal): Remove _ptr.
Fixes Savannah bug #32567.
* main.c (clean_jobserver): Don't write the free token to the pipe.
Change suggested by Tim Newsome <>
* acinclude.m4 (AC_STRUCT_ST_MTIM_NSEC): Add support for Darwin.
Patch provided by Troy Runkel <>
2011-10-11 Troy Runkel <>
* config.h.W32: Enable job server support for Windows.
* main.c [WINDOWS32]: Include sub_proc.h
(main): Create a named semaphore to implement the job server.
(clean_jobserver): Free the job server semaphore when make is finished.
* job.c [WINDOWS32]: Define WAIT_NOHANG
(reap_children): Support non-blocking wait for child processes.
(free_child): Release job server semaphore when child process finished.
(job_noop): Don't define function on Windows.
(set_child_handler_action_flags): Don't define function on Windows.
(new_job): Wait for job server semaphore or child process termination.
(exec_command): Pass new parameters to process_wait_for_any.
* w32/include/sub_proc.h [WINDOWS32]: New/updated EXTERN_DECL entries.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c [WINDOWS32]: Added job server implementation.
(open_jobserver_semaphore): Open existing job server semaphore by name.
(create_jobserver_semaphore): Create new job server named semaphore.
(free_jobserver_semaphore): Close existing job server semaphore.
(acquire_jobserver_semaphore): Decrement job server semaphore count.
(release_jobserver_semaphore): Increment job server semaphore count.
(has_jobserver_semaphore): Returns whether job server semaphore exists.
(get_jobserver_semaphore_name): Returns name of job server semaphore.
(wait_for_semaphore_or_child_process): Wait for either the job server
semaphore to become signalled or a child process to terminate.
(process_wait_for_any_private): Support for non-blocking wait for child.
(process_wait_for_any): Added support for non-blocking wait for child.
(process_file_io): Pass new parameters to process_wait_for_any_private.
2011-09-18 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): If we're re-exec'ing and we're the master make,
then restore the job_slots value so it goes back into MAKEFLAGS
properly. See Savannah bug #33873.
* remake.c (library_search): STD_DIRS is computed when other
static vars like buflen etc. are computed, so it must be static
as well. See Savannah bug #32511.
2011-09-16 Paul Smith <>
* maintMakefile (do-po-update): Apparently we have to avoid
certificate checks on the site now.
2011-09-12 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (eval): Ensure exported variables are defined in the
global scope. Fixes Savannah bug #32498.
2011-09-11 Paul Smith <>
* (dist-hook): Remove w32/Makefile and .deps/ from the
dist file. Fixes Savannah bug #31489.
* doc/make.texi (Complex Makefile): Add a hint about using
#!/usr/bin/make (for Savannah support request #106459)
2011-09-02 Paul Smith <>
* remake.c (touch_file): If we have both -n and -t, -n takes
precedence. Patch from Michael Witten <>
2011-08-29 Paul Smith <>
* expand.c (variable_expand_string): Always allocate a new buffer
for a string we're expanding. The string we're working on can get
freed while we work on it (for example if it's the value of a
variable which modifies itself using an eval operation).
See Savannah patch #7534 for the original report by Lubomir Rintel.
2011-06-12 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Move the check for empty members out of
the loop so we can go to the next member properly.
Another fix for Savannah bug #30612.
* config.h-vms.template: Newer versions of VMS have strncasecmp()
Patch provided by: Hartmut Becker <>
2011-05-07 Paul Smith <>
* expand.c (variable_append): Add a LOCAL argument to track
whether this is the first invocation or not. If it's not and
private_var is set, then skip this variable and try the next one.
Fixes Savannah bug #32872.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Ensure existence checks use glob().
2011-05-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't assume shellflags
is always non-NULL. Escape-protect characters special to the
shell when copying the value of SHELL into new_line. Fixes
Savannah bug #23922.
2011-05-02 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Add documentation for the new
words in .FEATURES. Fixes Savannah bug #32058.
(Flavor Function): Rewrite the section on the flavor function.
Fixes Savannah bug #31582.
* function.c (func_sort): Use the same algorithm to count the
number of words we will get after the split, as we use to split.
Based on a patch from Matthias Hopf. Fixes Savannah bug #33125.
* make.h: Make global variable stack_limit extern.
Fixes Savannah bug #32753.
2011-05-01 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Don't try to invoke glob() unless there
are potential wildcard characters in the filename. Performance
enhancement suggested by Michael Meeks <>
2011-04-29 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (eval_makefile): Delay caching of the file name until after
all the expansions and searches.
2011-04-17 David A. Wheeler <>
* doc/make.texi (Reading Makefiles): Document "!=".
(Setting): Ditto.
(Features): Ditto.
* variable.h (enum variable_flavor): New type "f_shell".
* variable.c (shell_result): Send a string to the shell and store
the output.
(do_variable_definition): Handle f_shell variables: expand the
value, then send it to the shell and store the result.
(parse_variable_definition): Parse "!=" shell assignments.
* read.c (get_next_mword): Treat "!=" as a varassign word.
* function.c (fold_newlines): If trim_newlines is set remove all
trailing newlines; otherwise remove only the last newline.
(func_shell_base): Move the guts of the shell function here.
(func_shell): Call func_shell_base().
2011-02-21 Paul Smith <>
* strcache.c (various): Increase performance based on comments
from Ralf Wildenhues <>. Stop looking for
a buffer when we find the first one that fits, not the best fit.
If there is not enough free space in a buffer move it to a
separate list so we don't have to walk it again.
* make.h (NDEBUG): Turn off asserts unless maintainer mode is set.
(strcache_add_len, strcache_setbufsize): Use unsigned length/size.
* remake.c (complain): Move translation lookups closer to use.
2011-02-13 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi: Clean up references to "static" variables and
semicolon errors. Patch from Michael Witten <>.
2010-12-27 Paul Smith <>
* make.1: Update the header/footer info in the man page.
2010-11-28 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (record_target_var): Don't reset v if it's the same as
the global version. Fixes Savannah bug #31743.
2010-11-06 Paul Smith <>
* variable.c (print_auto_variable): Print auto variables; ignore others.
(print_noauto_variable): Print non-auto variables; ignore others.
(print_variable_set): Allow the caller to select which type to print.
(print_target_variables): Show all the non-auto variables for a target.
* default.c (install_default_suffix_rules): Initialize recipe_prefix.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* read.c (record_files): Pass in the current recipe prefix. Remember
it in the struct command for these targets.
(eval): Remember the value of RECIPEPREFIX when we start parsing.
Do not remove recipe prefixes from the recipe here: we'll do it later.
* job.c (start_job_command): Remove recipe prefix characters early,
before we print the output or chop it up.
* file.c (print_file): If recipe_prefix is not standard, reset it
in -p output. Assign target variables in -p output as well.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Max command lines is USHRT_MAX.
Set any_recurse as a bitfield.
* make.h (USHRT_MAX): Define if not set.
2010-10-27 Paul Smith <>
* commands.h (struct commands): Rearrange to make better use of
memory. Add new recipe_prefix value.
2010-10-26 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Setting): Document the treatment of
backslash-newline in variable values.
* misc.c (collapse_continuations): Do not collapse multiple
backslash-newlines into a single space. Fixes Savannah bug #16670.
2010-08-29 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Implicit Variables): Document LDLIBS and LOADLIBES.
Fixes Savannah bug #30807.
(Instead of Execution): Mention that included makefiles are still
rebuilt even with -n. Fixes Savannah bug #30762.
* Bump to 3.82.90.
* make.h: Add trace_flag variable.
* main.c (switches): Add --trace option.
(trace_flag): Declare variable.
* job.c (start_job_command): Show recipe if trace_flag is set.
(new_job): Show trace messages if trace_flag is set.
* doc/make.texi (Options Summary): Document the new --trace option.
* make.1: Add --trace documentation.
* NEWS: Mention --trace.
* job.c (child_error): Show recipe filename/linenumber on error.
Also show "(ignored)" when appropriate even for signals/coredumps.
* NEWS: Mention file/linenumber change.
* main.c (main): Print version info when DB_BASIC is set.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): If shellflags is not
set, choose an appropriate default value. Fixes Savannah bug #30748.
2010-08-27 Eli Zaretskii <>
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables) [__MSDOS__ || WINDOWS32]:
Remove trailing backslashes in $(@D), $(<D), etc., for consistency
with forward slashes. Fixes Savannah bug #30795.
2010-08-13 Paul Smith <>
* NEWS: Accidentally forgot to back out the sorted wildcard
enhancement in 3.82, so update NEWS.
Also add NEWS about the error check for explicit and pattern
targets in the same rule, added to 3.82.
* main.c (main): Add "oneshell" to $(.FEATURES) (forgot to add
this in 3.82!)
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Fix various errors parsing archives
with multiple objects in the parenthesis, as well as wildcards.
Fixes Savannah bug #30612.
2010-08-10 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Expand MAKEFLAGS before adding it to the
environment when re-exec'ing. Fixes Savannah bug #30723.
2010-08-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/build.bat: Make all 3 cl.exe compile command lines
use the same /I switches. Fixes Savannah bug #30662.
* function.c (func_shell) [WINDOWS32]: Reset just_print_flag
around the call to construct_command_argv, so that a temporary
batch file _is_ created when needed for $(shell).
Fixes Savannah bug #16362.
2010-08-07 Juan Manuel Guerrero <>
* configh.dos.template (HAVE_STRNCASECMP): Define.
2010-07-28 Paul Smith <>
Version 3.82 released.
* Change release version.
* NEWS: Change the date.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Remove GLOB_NOSORT for
backward-compatibility. We'll add it back in next release.
* NEWS: Note it.
2010-07-24 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (pid2str) [WINDOWS32]: Fix CPP conditionals for using %Id
2010-07-18 Paul Smith <>
* Switch bsd_signal to AC_CHECK_DECLS() to make sure
we have a declaration. Fixes Savannah bug #25713 (maybe?)
* doc/make.texi (Complex Makefile): Cleanup variable assignments.
(One Shell): New subsection for the .ONESHELL special target.
Patches by Ozkan Sezer <>:
* misc.c (strncasecmp): Local implementation for systems without.
* config.h.W32.template (HAVE_STRNICMP): Define on Windows.
* Check for strncasecmp/strncmpi/strnicmp.
* job.c [WINDOWS32]: Don't define dup2 on Windows.
(pid2str): Use "%Id" even with MSVC
(exec_command): Cast to pid_t when calling pid2str().
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c [WINDOWS32]: Include config.h first.
Use stddef.h on MSVC to get intptr_t.
* w32/subproc/misc.c [WINDOWS32]: Include config.h first.
* w32/compat/dirent.c [WINDOWS32]: Include config.h first.
(readdir): Cast -1 to correct type for d_ino.
* w32/pathstuff.c [WINDOWS32]: Ensure make.h is included first.
* make.h [WINDOWS32]: Don't prototype alloca() on Windows.
Add configuration for strncasecmp().
* main.c (ADD_SIG) [WINDOWS32]: Avoid warnings in MSVC.
* config.h.W32.template [WINDOWS32]: Don't warn on unsafe
functions or variables.
* NMakefile.template [WINDOWS32]: Remove /MACHINE:I386.
* main.c (clean_jobserver): Cast due to MSVC brokenness.
(decode_switches): Ditto.
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list): Ditto.
* rule.c (freerule): Ditto.
* ar.c (ar_glob): Ditto.
2010-07-16 Boris Kolpackov <>
* misc.c (concat): Fix buffer overrun.
2010-07-12 Paul Smith <>
Update copyrights to add 2010.
* build_w32.bat: Support for MSVC Windows x86_64 builds.
* job.c: Don't define execve() on MSVC/64bit.
Patch by Viktor Szakats. Fixes Savannah bug #27590.
2010-07-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* make.h (alloca) [!__GNUC__]: Don't define prototype.
(int w32_kill): Use pid_t for process ID argument.
Fixes Savannah bug #27809.
2010-07-12 Paul Smith <>
Integrated new .ONESHELL feature.
Patch by David Boyce <>. Modified by me.
* NEWS: Add a note about the new feature.
* job.c (is_bourne_compatible_shell): Determine whether we're
using a standard POSIX shell or not.
(start_job_command): Accept '-ec' as POSIX shell flags.
(construct_command_argv_internal): If one_shell is set and we are
using a POSIX shell, remove "interior" prefix characters such as
"@", "+", "-". Also treat "\n" as a special character when
choosing the slow path, if ONESHELL is set.
* job.h (is_bourne_compatible_argv): Define the new function.
* make.h (one_shell): New global variable to remember setting.
* main.c: Declare it.
* read.c (record_files): Set it.
* commands.c (chop_commands): If one_shell is set, don't chop
commands into multiple lines; just keep one line.
2010-07-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Include stdint.h.
(sub_process_t): Use intptr_t for file handles and pid_t for
process ID.
(process_pipes, process_init_fd, process_begin): Use intptr_t for
file handles and pid_t for process ID. Fixes Savannah bug #27809.
Patch by Ozkan Sezer <>
* function.c (abspath): Support absolute file names in UNC format.
Fixes Savannah bug #30312.
* job.c (pid2str) [WINDOWS32]: Don't use %Id with GCC < 4.x.
(exec_command) [WINDOWS32]: Use pid2str instead of non-portable
* main.c (handle_runtime_exceptions): Use %p to print addresses,
to DTRT on both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. Savannah bug #27809.
* job.c (w32_kill, start_job_command, create_batch_file): Use
pid_t for process IDs and intptr_t for the 1st arg of
* function.c (windows32_openpipe): Use pid_t for process IDs and
intptr_t for the 1st arg of _open_osfhandle.
(func_shell): Use pid_t for process IDs.
* main.c (main) [WINDOWS32]: Pacify the compiler.
* config.h.W32.template (pid_t): Add a definition for 64-bit
Windows builds that don't use GCC. Fixes Savannah bug #27809.
Patch by Ozkan Sezer <>
2010-07-07 Paul Smith <>
* Bump to a new prerelease version 3.81.91.
2010-07-06 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Set a default value of "-c" for .SHELLFLAGS.
* NEWS: Mention the new behavior of .POSIX and the new .SHELLFLAGS
* job.c (construct_command_argv): Retrieve the .SHELLFLAGS value
and pass it to construct_command_argv_internal().
(construct_command_argv_internal): If .SHELLFLAGS is non-standard
use the slow path. Use that value instead of hard-coded "-c".
2010-07-05 Paul Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): lastslash can be const.
* dir.c (downcase): Remove unused variable.
* hash.c (hash_init): Cast sizeof for error message.
* arscan.c (ar_scan): Cast to char* for WINDOWS32.
(ar_member_touch): Ditto.
* ar.c (glob_pattern_p): Avoid symbol collision: open -> opened
* signame.c (strsignal): Ditto: signal -> sig
* job.c (create_batch_file): Ditto: error -> error_string
(pid2str): Portably convert a pid_t into a string
(reap_children): Use it.
(start_waiting_job): Use it.
Savannah bug #27809. Patch by Ozkan Sezer <>
2010-07-03 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (parse_file_seq): All archive groups must end with ')' as
the LAST character in a word. If there is no word ending in ')'
then it's not an archive group. Fixes Savannah bug #28525.
2010-07-01 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Append optional features using separate calls.
Not as efficient but not all compilers allow conditionals inside
macro calls. Fixes Savannah bug #29244.
2010-01-10 Paul Smith <>
* make.h (patheq): Rename strieq() to patheq() for clarity.
* dir.c (dir_contents_file_exists_p): Use it.
* dir.c (file_impossible): Convert xmalloc/memset to xcalloc.
* file.c (enter_file): Ditto.
* job.c (new_job): Ditto.
2009-12-11 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) <sh_cmds_dos>
[WINDOWS32]: Add "echo." and a few more commands that are built
into cmd.exe. Fixes Savannah bug #28126.
* file.c (lookup_file) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Treat '\\' like we do
with '/'.
2009-11-15 Paul Smith <>
Patches for VMS provided by Hartmut Becker <>
* vmsjobs.c (ctrlYPressed) [VMS]: Deal with CTRL-Y.
(vmsHandleChildTerm) [VMS]: Ditto.
(astYHandler) [VMS]: Ditto.
(tryToSetupYAst) [VMS]: Ditto.
(child_execute_job) [VMS]: Ditto.
* vmsify.c (trnlog) [VMS]: Fix const errors.
(vmsify) [VMS]: Ditto.
* readme.vms [VMS]: Update with notes for 3.82.
* job.h (comname) [VMS]: Remember the temporary command filename
* dir.c (vmsify) [VMS]: Fix const errors.
(vms_hash) [VMS]: Ditto.
(vmsstat_dir) [VMS]: Ditto.
(find_directory) [VMS]: Fix case-insensitive option for VMS
(dir_contents_file_exists_p) [VMS]: Ditto.
(file_impossible) [VMS]: Ditto.
* config.h-vms.template (HAVE_FDOPEN) [VMS]: Have it.
* arscan.c (VMS_get_member_info) [VMS]: Fix timezone computation.
(ar_scan) [VMS]: Fix const error.
2009-11-12 Boris Kolpackov <>
* vpath.c (vpath_search, selective_vpath_search): Add index arguments
which allows the caller to get the index of the matching directory.
* make.h (vpath_search): Update prototype.
* remake.c (library_search): Implement linker-compatible library
search. Use the new VPATH_SEARCH index functionality to keep track
of the directory index for each match. Select the match with the
lowest directory index.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Pass NULL for the index arguments in
the VPATH_SEARCH call.
* doc/make.texi (Directory Search for Link Libraries): Describe the
new search behavior.
* NEWS: Add a note about the new behavior.
2009-10-25 Paul Smith <>
* AUTHORS, Update copyright years.
* implicit.c (stemlen_compare): Fix qsort() compare bug that
caused implicit rules with equal stem lengths to be sorted
2009-10-24 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (usage): Add --eval to the usage string.
(switches): Add the --eval switch.
(main): If --eval is given, add them to the simply-expanded variable
-*-eval-flags-*- (necessary to allow recursion to work properly).
(define_makeflags): Add -*-eval-flags-*- to MAKEFLAGS.
* NEWS: Describe the new --eval command line argument.
* doc/make.texi (Options Summary): Document --eval.
* dep.h: eval_buffer() returns void.
* read.c (eval_buffer): Ditto.
(eval): Ditto.
* variable.h (define_variable_cname): New macro for constant
variable names.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Use it.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
(handle_non_switch_argument): Ditto.
(define_makeflags): Ditto.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Ditto.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables): Ditto.
* commands.c (dep_hash_cmp): Avoid casts.
(dep_hash_1): Ditto.
(dep_hash_2): Ditto.
2009-10-22 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Mark the default makefile dependency
2009-10-07 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (do_undefine): Free the expanded variable name.
* commands.c (dep_hash_cmp, set_file_variables): Move the order-only
to normal upgrade logic from dep_hash_cmp to set_file_variables.
2009-10-06 Boris Kolpackov <>
* dep.h (uniquize_deps): Remove.
* read.c (uniquize_deps): Merge into set_file_variables in
(dep_hash_1, dep_hash_2, dep_hash_cmp): Move to commands.c.
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Avoid modifying the dep
chain to achieve uniqueness. Fixes savannah bug 25780.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Instead of re-setting all automatic
variables for each rule we try, just update $*.
2009-10-06 Boris Kolpackov <>
* variable.h (undefine_variable_in_set): New function declaration.
(undefine_variable_global): New macro.
* variable.c (undefine_variable_in_set): New function implementation.
* read.c (vmodifiers): Add undefine_v modifier.
(parse_var_assignment): Parse undefine.
(do_undefine): Handle the undefine directive.
(eval): Call do_undefine if undefine_v is set.
* main.c (.FEATURES): Add a keyword to indicate the new feature.
* doc/make.texi (Undefine Directive): Describe the new directive.
* NEWS: Add a note about the new directive.
2009-10-05 Boris Kolpackov <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Initialize file variables only
if we need to parse a rule that requires the second expansion.
2009-10-03 Paul Smith <>
* make.h: Include <alloca.h> even on systems where __GNUC__ is
defined. Not sure why it was done the other way.
Requested by David Boyce <>.
2009-09-30 Boris Kolpackov <>
* dep.h (dep): Add the DONTCARE bitfield.
* filedef.h (file):Add the NO_DIAG bitfield.
* read.c (eval_makefile): Set the DONTCARE flag in struct dep,
not struct file (a file can be a dependency of many targets,
some don't care, some do).
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Propagate DONTCARE from struct
dep to struct file before updating the goal and restore it
(update_file): Don't prune the dependency graph if this target
has failed but the diagnostics hasn't been issued.
(complain): Scan the file's dependency graph to find the file
that caused the failure.
(update_file_1): Use NO_DIAG instead of DONTCARE to decide
whether to print diagnostics.
Fixes Savannah bugs #15110, #25493, #12686, and #17740.
2009-09-28 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Pattern Intro): Move the match algorithm
discussion into the "Pattern Match" node.
(Pattern Match): Expand on the pattern rule matching algorithm.
2009-09-28 Andreas Buening <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [OS2]: Don't eat too
much of the command line on a single pass.
2009-09-28 Boris Kolpackov <>
* varible.c (create_pattern_var): Insert variables into the
PATTERN_VARS list in the shortest patterns first order.
* implicit.c (tryrule): Add STEMLEN and ORDER members. These are
used to sort the rules.
(stemlen_compare): Compare two tryrule elements.
(pattern_search): Sort the rules so that they are in the shortest
stem first order.
* main.c (.FEATURES): Add a keyword to indicate the new behavior.
* doc/make.texi (Pattern-specific Variable Values): Describe the
new pattern-specific variables application order.
(Introduction to Pattern Rules): Describe the new pattern rules
search order.
* NEWS: Add a note about the new behavior.
2009-09-27 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Double-Colon): Mention that pattern rules with
double-colons have a different meaning. Savannah bug #27497.
2009-09-27 Juan Manuel Guerrero <>
* configh.dos.template: Remove unconditional definition of
Include <sys/version.h> because ports of GCC 4.3.0 and later no
longer include it, so macros like __DJGPP_MINOR__ are no longer
defined automatically.
* Makefile.DOS.template (INCLUDES): Use $(prefix) and the
corresponding variables to define LIBDIR, INCLUDEDIR and LOCALEDIR
instead of using the hardcoded ones.
(SUBDIRS): doc subdir added.
(INFO_DEPS, DVIS): Values changed to '' and 'make.dvi'.
(TEXI2HTML, TEXI2HTML_FLAGS): Removed. Use makeinfo --html to
create html formated docs. texi2html may not be ported to DOS.
(, make.dvi,, make.html): Make targets depend on
(, .texi, .texi.dvi): Now invoked recursively. Change
-I switch to look in ./ instead of ./doc.
(html): Target depend on html-recursive instead of make_1.html.
(make_1.html): Removed.
(mostlyclean-aminfo): Use $(srcdir)/doc instead of ./ as prefix.
(all-recursive): Allow for more than one subdir in the build
(mostlyclean-recursive, clean-recursive, distclean-recursive)
(maintainer-clean-recursive, check-recursive): Enter in doc/ too.
(tags-recursive): Allow for more than one subdir in the build
(info-recursive, dvi-recursive, ps-recursive, html-recursive): New
targets. Enter into doc/ to produce the targets.
(all-am): $(INFO_DEPS) replaced by info.
2009-09-26 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (record_files): Use free_ns() to free struct nameseq.
(eval): Ditto.
* rule.c (freerule): Use free_dep_chain().
* read.c (record_files): Free FILENAMES chain for implicit rules.
(eval): Static pattern targets go into the string cache.
* function.c (string_glob): Free NAME in the nameseq chain.
2009-09-25 Boris Kolpackov <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Terminate early if we haven't
found any rules to try (performance improvement).
2009-09-25 Boris Kolpackov <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Merge three parallel arrays,
of struct TRYRULE. In the old version the latter two arrays
had insufficient length.
2009-09-24 Paul Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Add back support for order-only
prerequisites for secondary expansion implicit rules, that were
accidentally dropped. If we find a "|", enable order-only mode
and set IGNORE_MTIME on all deps that are seen afterward.
(pattern_search): Fix memory leaks: for intermediate files where
we've already set the file variable and pattern variable sets, be
sure to either save or free them as appropriate.
2009-09-23 Paul Smith <>
Rework the way secondary expansion is stored, for efficiency.
This changes secondary expansion so that ONLY WHEN we know we have
a possibility of needing secondary expansion, do we defer the
secondary expansion. This means more parsing the deps but we use
a lot less memory (due to the strcache). Also, this fixes
Savannah bug #18622.
* read.c (eval): Don't parse the dep string here anymore.
(record_files): Take the dep argument as an unparsed string. If
secondary expansion is enabled AND the prereq string has a '$' in
it, then set NEED_2ND_EXPANSION and keep the entire string.
Otherwise, parse the dep string here to construct the dep list
with the names in the strcache.
* misc.c (copy_dep_chain): For NEED_2ND_EXPANSION, we need to
duplicate the name string (others are in the strcache).
* implicit.c: Remove struct idep and free_idep_chain(): unused.
(struct patdeps): New structure to store prereq information.
(pattern_search): Use the NEED_2ND_EXPANSION flag to determine
which prerequisites need expansion, and expand only those.
* file.c (split_prereqs): Break parse_prereqs() into two parts: this
and enter_prereqs(). split_prereqs() takes a fully-expanded string
and splits it into a DEP list, handling order-only prereqs.
(enter_prereqs): This function enters a list of DEPs into the file
database. If there's a stem defined, expand any pattern chars.
(expand_deps): Only try to expand DEPs which have NEED_2ND_EXPANSION
set. Use the above functions.
(snap_deps): Only perform second expansion on prereqs that need it,
as defined by the NEED_2ND_EXPANSION flag.
(print_prereqs): New function to print the prereqs
(print_file): Call print_prereqs() rather than print inline.
* hash.h (STRING_COMPARE): Take advantage of strcache() by
comparing pointers.
* dep.h (PARSE_FILE_SEQ): New macro to reduce casts.
(parse_file_seq): Return void*
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Return void*.
(eval): Invoke macroized version of parse_file_seq()
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Ditto.
* file.c (split_prereqs): Ditto.
* function.c (string_glob): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* filedef.h: Add split_prereqs(), enter_prereqs(), etc.
2009-09-16 Paul Smith <>
* misc.c (alloc_dep, free_dep): Now that we have xcalloc(),
convert to macros.
* dep.h: Create alloc_dep() / free_dep() macros.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Take advantage of the new
parse_file_seq() to add the directory prefix to each prereq.
* dep.h: Remove multi_glob() and enhance parse_file_seq() to do it
all. Avoid reversing chains. Support adding prefixes.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Rewrite to support globbing. Allow for
cached/non-cached results.
(eval): Remove multi_glob() & invoke new parse_file_seq().
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Ditto.
* function.c (string_glob): Ditto.
* file.c (parse_prereqs): Ditto.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Ditto.
* variable.c (parse_variable_definition): Don't run off the end of
the string if it ends in whitespace (found with valgrind).
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Keep space for all targets in
$? if -B is given (found with valgrind).
2009-09-15 Paul Smith <>
* misc.c (concat): Make concat() variadic so it takes >3 arguments.
(xcalloc): Add new function.
* make.h: New declarations.
* ar.c (ar_glob_match): New calling method for concat().
* main.c (main): Ditto.
(decode_env_switches): Ditto.
* read.c (eval_makefile): Ditto.
(tilde_expand): Ditto.
(parse_file_seq): Ditto.
* variable.c (target_environment): Ditto.
(sync_Path_environment): Ditto.
* ar.c (ar_glob_match): Use xcalloc().
* dir.c (file_impossible): Ditto.
* file.c (enter_file): Ditto.
* job.c (new_job): Ditto.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Ditto.
* vmsfunctions.c (opendir): Ditto.
2009-09-14 Rafi Einstein <> (tiny patch)
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_begin): Check *ep non-NULL
inside the loop that looks up environment for PATH.
2009-08-31 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (windows32_openpipe): Update envp after calling
2009-08-02 Paul Smith <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Ensure file->cmds is not null
before looping through them. Fixes Savannah bug #21824.
* doc/make.texi (Wildcard Examples): Clarify when objects is
wildcard-expanded. Fixes Savannah bug #24509. Patch by Martin Dorey.
(Include): Clarify the behavior of -include.
Fixes Savannah bug #18963.
2009-08-01 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Catalogue of Rules): Clarify where -c, -F,
etc. come on the command line. Fixes Savannah bug #27093.
* expand.c (expand_argument): If the argument is large enough use
xmalloc() instead of alloca(). Fixes Savannah bug #27143.
* variable.c (do_variable_definition): Avoid using alloca() to
hold values, which can be large. Fixes Savannah bug #23960.
* job.c (new_job): Use memmove() instead of strcpy() since both
pointers are in the same memory block. Fixes Savannah bug #27148.
Patch by Petr Machata.
2009-07-29 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Add "ulimit" and
"unset" to the sh_cmds for Unixy shells.
2009-07-29 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* Move side-effects outside AC_CACHE_VAL arguments
that set make_cv_sys_gnu_glob, so they are also correctly set
when the cache has been populated before.
2009-07-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (func_realpath) [!HAVE_REALPATH]: Require the file to
exist, as realpath(3) does where it's supported.
2006-07-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (IS_ABSOLUTE, ROOT_LEN): New macros.
(abspath): Support systems that define HAVE_DOS_PATHS (have
drive letters in their file names). Use IS_PATHSEP instead of a
literal '/' comparison. Fixes Savannah bug #26886.
2009-06-14 Paul Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): Remember the original file we marked
as updating, so we can clear that flag again. If we find a target
via vpath, FILE might change.
(check_dep): Ditto. Fixes Savannah bug #13529.
Patch by Reid Madsen <>.
2009-06-13 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (MAKEFILES Variable): Be explicit that files
included by MAKEFILES cannot give default goals.
* read.c (eval): If set_default is not set, pass the no-default-goal
value when we read included makefiles. Fixes Savannah bug #13401.
* ar.c (ar_name): Ensure that targets with empty parens aren't
considered archive member references: archive members must have a
non-empty "member" string. Fixes Savannah bug #18435.
* function.c (string_glob): Rely on multi_glob() to determine
whether files exist or not. Remove call to file_exists_p() which
is not always correct. Fixes Savannah bug #21231.
* read.c (multi_glob): Add a new argument EXISTS_ONLY; if true
then only files that really exist will be returned.
* dep.h: Add new argument to multi_glob().
* rule.c (install_pattern_rule): Ditto.
* read.c (eval): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Ditto.
* file.c (parse_prereqs): Ditto.
* default.c (set_default_suffixes): Ditto.
2009-06-09 Paul Smith <>
* commands.c (set_file_variables): If always_make_flag is set,
always add the prereq to $?. Fixes Savannah bug #17825.
* remake.c (update_file_1): When rebuilding deps of FILE, also try
to rebuild the deps of all the also_make targets for that file.
Fixes Savannah bug #19108.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Undo test for is_target, added by
BorisK on 21 Sep 2004. This goes against step 5c in the "Implicit
Rule Search Algorithm". Fixes Savannah bug #17752.
* main.c (clean_jobserver): Clear the jobserver_fds options and
set job_slots to the default when we clean up.
(define_makeflags): Return the new MAKEFLAGS value.
(main): Reset MAKEFLAGS in the environment when we re-exec.
Fixes Savannah bug #18124.
2009-06-08 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (eval): Collapse continuations post-semicolon on target-
specific variables. Fixes Savannah bug #17521.
2009-06-07 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (reap_children): For older systems without waitpid() (are
there any of these left?) run wait(2) inside EINTRLOOP to handle
EINTR errors. Fixes Savannah bug #16401.
* (various): Debug message cleanup. Fixes Savannah bug #16469.
* main.c: Fix bsd_signal() typedef. Fixes Savannah bug #16473.
* file.c (snap_deps): Set SNAPPED_DEPS at the start of snapping,
not the end, to catch second expansion $(eval ...) defining new
target/prereq relationships during snap_deps.
Fixes Savannah bug #24622.
* read.c (record_files): The second-expansion "f->updating" hack
was not completely correct: if assumed that the target with
commands always had prerequisites; if one didn't then the ordering
was messed up. Fixed for now to use f->updating to decide whether
to preserve the last element in the deps list... but this whole
area of constructing and reversing the deps list is too confusing
and needs to be reworked. Fixes Savannah bug #21198.
2009-06-06 Paul Smith <>
* hash.c (hash_insert): Remove useless test for NULL.
Fixes Savannah bug #21823.
* make.h: Move SET_STACK_SIZE determination to make.h.
* main.c (main): New global variable, STACK_LIMIT, holds the
original stack limit when make was started.
* job.c (start_job_command): Reset the stack limit, if we changed it.
Fixes Savannah bug #22010.
* remake.c (check_dep): Only set the target's state to not-started
if it's not already running. Found this while testing -j10 builds
of glibc: various targets were being rebuilt multiple times.
Fix from Knut St. Osmundsen; fixes a problem reported in Savannah
bug #15919.
* read.c (multi_glob): Don't pass GLOB_NOCHECK to glob(3); instead
handle the GLOB_NOMATCH error. This is to work around
Bugzilla bug 10246.
2009-06-04 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (eval): Skip initial whitespace (ffeed, vtab, etc.)
* maintMakefile: Modify access of config and gnulib Savannah
modules to use GIT instead of CVS.
* main.c (main): Initialize the LENGTH field in SHELL_VAR.
Fixes Savannah bug #24655.
* read.c (eval_buffer): Don't dereference reading_file if it's NULL;
this can happen during some invocations of $(eval ...) for example.
Fixes Savannah bug #24588. Patch by Lars Jessen <>
2009-06-02 Paul Smith <>
* Check for fileno()
* read.c (eval_makefile): If fileno() is available, set CLOSE_ON_EXEC
for the makefile file so invocations of $(shell ...) don't inherit it.
Fixes Savannah bug #24277.
2009-06-01 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): The previous fix for .DEFAULT_GOAL had issues;
expansion was handled incorrectly. Rework the default goal
handling to save the variable only. Remove default_goal_file and
* read.c (eval): Check default_goal_var, not default_goal_name.
* read.c (record_target_var): Don't check default_goal_file here.
2009-05-31 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (main): Expand the .DEFAULT_GOAL variable before using
it, and if the multi_glob() returns nothing (say it expanded to
nothing but spaces) then don't crash. Fixes Savannah bug #25697.
* doc/make.texi (Quick Reference): Add $(if ..), $(or ..), and
$(and ..) to the reference. Fixes Savannah bug #25694.
* make.1: Be clear that some recipes will be executed even with -n.
* doc/make.texi: Ditto. Fixes Savannah bug #25460.
* doc/make.texi (Override Directive): Make more clear how
overrides and appends interact.
Elucidates part of Savannah bug #26207.
* read.c (record_target_var): Don't reset the origin on
target-specific variables; try_variable_definition() will handle
this correctly. Fixes Savannah bug #26207.
* maintMakefile (do-po-update): Copy PO files into $(top_srcdir).
Fixes Savannah bug #25712.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Keep a pointer to the beginning of
the filename and save that instead of the constructed pointer.
Fixes Savannah bug #26593.
Patch by Mark Seaborn <>
2009-05-30 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Multi-Line): Add a description of the new abilities
of define/endef. Rename "Sequences" to "Multi-Line" and fix some
"command sequence" vs. "recipe" syntax.
* read.c (do_define): Modify to allow assignment tokens (=, :=, etc.)
after a define, to create variables with those flavors.
2009-05-25 Paul Smith <>
Reworked the parser for variable assignments to allow multiple
modifiers, and in any order. Also allows variable and
prerequisites to be modifier names ('export', 'private', etc.)
* NEWS: Add notes about user-visible changes.
* read.c (struct vmodifiers): Remember what modifiers were seen.
(parse_var_assignment): New function to parse variable assignments.
(eval): Call the new function. Handle variable assignments earlier.
* variable.c (parse_variable_definition): Only parse; don't create var.
(assign_variable_definition): Call parse, then create the var.
2009-05-24 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi: Fix the ISBN for the GNU make manual. Incorrect
value noticed by Hans Stol <>.
2009-03-14 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/pathstuff.c (convert_Path_to_windows32): Fix last change.
Fixes Savannah bug #25412.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c <top level>: Update Copyright years. Add
prototype for xmalloc.
(find_file): Accept 3 arguments PATH_VAR, FULL_FNAME, and FULL_LEN
instead of an LPOFSTRUCT pointer. Use xmalloc instead of malloc.
Loop over an array of extensions, instead of duplicating the same
code inline. Use SearchPath followed by CreateFile, instead of
the obsolete OpenFile. Fixes Savannah bug #17277.
(process_begin): Find $(PATH) in `envp', and pass a pointer to it
to `find_file'. Fixes Savannah bug #25662.
2009-03-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* function.c (func_shell): Don't close pipedes[1] if it is -1.
Fixes Savannah bug #20495.
2009-02-28 Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden>
* doc/make.texi (Instead of Execution): Document interaction of
-t with phony targets.
2009-02-23 Ramon Garcia <>
Introduce a new keyword "private" which applies to target-specific
variables and prevents their values from being inherited.
* variable.h (struct variable): Add private_var flag to each variable.
Add a flag to specify which list entry switches to the parent target.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Initialize private_var flag.
(lookup_variable): Skip private variables in parent contexts.
(initialize_file_variables): Set next_is_parent appropriately.
(print_variable): Show the private_var flag.
* read.c (eval): Recognize the private keyword.
(record_target_var): Set private_var.
* doc/make.texi (Suppressing Inheritance): Add documentation.
2008-10-26 Paul Smith <>
* Check for strndup().
* misc.c (xstrndup): Rename savestring to xstrndup. Use strndup
if it's available.
* make.h: Rename savestring to xstrndup.
* commands.c (chop_commands): Ditto.
* function.c (func_foreach): Ditto.
* read.c (eval, record_files): Ditto.
* variable.c (define_variable_in_set): Ditto.
2008-09-30 Eli Zaretskii <>
* build_w32.bat (GCCBuild): Use "-gdwarf-2 -g3" instead of
"-gstabs+ -ggdb3".
* w32/subproc/build.bat (GCCBuild): Likewise.
2008-09-30 David Russo <> (tiny change)
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Avoid extra backslash
in batch-mode Unixy shells. Under DB_JOBS, display the contents
of the batch file.
2008-05-31 Eli Zaretskii <>
* README.W32.template: Remove obsolete text about non-support for
-jN without Unixy shell. Remove obsolete text about not supplying
Visual Studio project files (we do supply them). Modify text to
prefer GCC builds to MSC builds.
2008-04-02 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* doc/make.texi (Empty Targets): Fix typo.
2008-03-27 Paul Smith <>
Fix Savannah bug #22379:
* ar.c (ar_glob_match): Zero the allocated structure.
* read.c (parse_file_seq): Ditto.
2008-03-08 Brian Dessent <>
* maintMakefile: Update Translation Project location.
2008-01-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
* variable.c (target_environment): Don't use shell_var if its
`value' field is NULL.
2007-12-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
Suggested by Juan Manuel Guerrero <>:
* Makefile.DOS.template (info_TEXINFOS): Remove unused variable.
(TEXINFOS): Value changed to `doc/make.texi'.
(.SUFFIXES): Use .texi instead of .texinfo.
(, make.dvi): Depend on doc/make.texi.
( New target, instead of "". Change -I
switch to $(MAKEINFO) to look in doc/. Use --no-split.
(.texi): New target, instead of ".texinfo". Change -I switch to
$(MAKEINFO) to look in doc/. Use --no-split.
(.texi.dvi): New target, instead of ".texinfo.dvi". Change -I
switch to $(MAKEINFO) to look in doc/.
(install-info-am, uninstall-info): Don't look for "*.i[0-9]" and
"*.i[0-9][0-9]" (due to --no-split above).
(noinst_TEXINFOS, TEXI2HTML, TEXI2HTML_FLAGS): New variables.
(html, make_1.html): New targets.
(.PHONY): Add "html".
(.SUFFIXES): Add .html.
2007-12-22 Juan Manuel Guerrero <> (tiny change)
* configh.dos.template [__DJGPP__]: Replace HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST with
* job.c (child_execute_job): Remove __MSDOS__ because MSDOS/DJGPP
build does not use child_execute_job.
* variable.c (define_automatic_variables) [__MSDOS__]: Always
export the SHELL environment variable to the child.
2007-12-22 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config.h.W32: Include sys/types.h.
[!_PID_T_] (pid_t): Define only if not already defined by sys/types.h.
* vpath.c (construct_vpath_list) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Support VPATH
values that use `:' in drive letters, when PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR is
also `:'.
2007-11-04 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi: Convert references to "commands", "command
lines", and "command script" to "recipe".
* NEWS: Ditto.
* commands.c, file.c, job.c, remake.c, read.c, variable.c, main.c:
2007-10-27 Bruno Haible <>
* remake.c (f_mtime): Print time difference values between 100 and
ULONG_MAX in fixed-point notation rather than in exponention notation.
2007-10-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* variable.c (do_variable_definition): Allow $(SHELL) to expand to
a more complex value than a simple shell: if it's not a default
shell now then expand it and see if is a default shell then.
2007-10-10 Eli Zaretskii <>
* dir.c (find_directory) [WINDOWS32]: Remove trailing slashes from
pathnames, with const strings.
* build_w32.bat [WINDOWS32]: If no config.h.W32 exists, create one
from the template (used for building from CVS, not a dist).
2007-10-10 Paul Smith <>
* make.h: Add a prototype for w32_kill() (change suggested by
Yongwei Wu <>).
2007-09-21 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/pathstuff.c (convert_Path_to_windows32): Handle quoted
directories in Path.
2007-09-12 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi: Applied wording cleanups from Savannah patch #6195.
Provided by Diego Biurrun <>
(Complex Makefile): Remove .PHONY setting for tar: patch #6196.
Provided by Diego Biurrun <>
2007-09-11 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Moved this into the "How to
Use Variables" chapter. Added a table entry for .RECIPEPREFIX.
(MAKEFILE_LIST) No longer a section; this was added into the
"Special Variables" section.
(Rule Introduction): Reference .RECIPEPREFIX.
(Simple Makefile): Ditto.
(Rule Syntax): Ditto.
(Command Syntax): Ditto.
(Error Messages): Ditto.
2007-09-10 Paul Smith <>
* commands.c (print_commands): Don't print an extra line in the
command scripts. Prefix the command scripts with cmd_prefix, not \t.
* read.c (construct_include_path): Add the full string to the cache; we
were chopping the last char.
* NEWS: Announce the .RECIPEPREFIX special variable.
* variable.c (lookup_special_var): Rename from handle_special_var().
(lookup_variable): Call the new name.
(set_special_var): New function: handle setting of special variables.
When setting .RECIPEPREFIX, reset the cmd_prefix global variable.
(do_variable_definition): Call it.
* make.h (RECIPEPREFIX_DEFAULT): Define the default command prefix char.
(RECIPEPREFIX_NAME): Define the command prefix special variable name.
* main.c (main): Create the .RECIPEPREFIX special variable.
* read.c (eval): Remove the cmd_prefix characters from the command
scripts here, so they're not stored in the commands array at all,
rather than waiting and stripping them out during command construction.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't skip cmd_prefix here.
2007-08-15 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (GNU Free Documentation License): The fdl.texi
file has had the section info removed, so add some to make.texi
before we include it.
2007-08-15 Icarus Sparry <>
* remake.c (check_dep): Reset the target state for intermediate
files. They might have been considered before but not updated
then (order-only for example) but they will be this time.
Fixes Savannah bug #'s 3330 and 15919.
2007-07-21 Eli Zaretskii <>
Fix Savannah bug #20549:
* function.c (func_shell): Call construct_command_argv with zero
value of FLAGS.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): New argument FLAGS; all
callers changed.
[WINDOWS32]: If FLAGS has the COMMANDS_RECURSE bit set, ignore
* job.h (construct_command_argv_internal): Update prototype.
2007-07-13 Paul Smith <>
* file.c (expand_deps): Use variable_buffer as the start of the
buffer, not the original pointer (in case it was reallocated).
Fix suggested by Rafi Einstein <>.
Fixes Savannah bug #20452.
2007-07-04 Paul Smith <>
* (ALL FILES): Update to GPLv3.
* (ALL FILES): Update copyright for 2007.
* main.c (print_version): Move the host type info to the second line.
2007-06-29 Thiemo Seufer <>
* maintMakefile: Update Translation Project location.
2007-06-13 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (Reading Makefiles): "Expansion of deferred" ->
"Expansion of a deferred"
Fixes Savannah bug #20018.
* expand.c (variable_expand_for_file): Preserve the value of
reading_file rather than setting it to 0 at the end.
Fixes Savannah bug #20033.
2007-05-11 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (new_job): Add debug info to specify where make found the
command script it is running to build a target.
Fixes Savannah bug #18617.
* default.c (default_suffixes,default_suffix_rules,default_variables):
Add support for Objective C. Fixes Savannah bug #16389.
Based on a patch provided by Peter O'Gorman <>.
* function.c (func_lastword): Initialize p.
* doc/make.texi (Eval Function, Implicit Variables, Special Targets):
Doc fixes noticed by Bob <>. Patch from
Dave Korn <>
2007-05-08 Paul Smith <>
Fix Savannah bug #19656:
* Check for strcasecmp(), strcmpi(), and stricmp().
* make.h: Change all case-insensitive string compares to use
strcasecmp() (from POSIX). If we don't have that but do have one
of the others, define strcasecmp to be one of those instead. If
we don't have any, declare a prototype for our own version.
* misc.c (strcasecmp): Use this if we can't find any native
case-insensitive string comparison function.
* vmsfunctions.c: Remove strcmpi(); we'll use misc.c:strcasecmp().
* main.c (find_and_set_default_shell): Use strcasecmp() instead of
* job.c (_is_unixy_shell, construct_command_argv_internal): Use
strcasecmp() instead of stricmp().
* hash.h (ISTRING_COMPARE, return_ISTRING_COMPARE): Use strcasecmp()
instead of strcmpi().
* acinclude.m4: Remove the strcasecmp() check from here.
2007-03-21 Paul Smith <>
* Don't turn on case-insensitive file system support
if --disable-... is given. Fixes Savannah bug #19348.
2007-03-19 Paul Smith <>
* ALL: Use the strcache for all file name strings, or other
strings which we will never free. The goal is to save memory by
avoiding duplicate copies of strings. However, at the moment this
doesn't save much memory in most situations: due to secondary
expansion we actually save prerequisite lists twice (once before
the secondary expansion, and then again after it's been parsed
into individual file names in the dep list). We will resolve this
in a future change, by doing the parsing up-front for targets
where secondary expansion is not set.
Moving things into the strcache also allows us to use const
pointers in many more places.
2007-01-03 Paul Smith <>
* make.h (ENULLLOOP): Reset errno after each failed invocation of
the function, not just the first. Fixes Savannah bug #18680.
2006-11-18 Paul Smith <>
* strcache.c (strcache_add_len): Don't allocate a new buffer
unless the string is not already nil-terminated. Technically this
is a violation of the standard, since we may be passed an array
that is not long enough to test one past. However, in make this
is never true since we only use nil-terminated strings or
sub-strings thereof.
* read.c (eval, do_define): Use cmd_prefix instead of '\t'.
* main.c: New global cmd_prefix, defaults to '\t'.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Use cmd_prefix instead
of '\t'.
* dir.c: Constified.
(dir_contents_file_exists_p): Check for an error return from
readdir(), just in case.
* commands.c: Constified.
* default.c: Constified.
* expand.c: Constified.
* function.c: Partial constification.
* variable.c: Partial constification.
* vmsify.c: Constification. Hard to test this but I hope I didn't
screw it up!
* vpath.c: Partial constification.
* w32/pathstuff.c: Partial constification.
2006-11-16 Eli Zaretskii <>
* main.c (main) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Treat DOS style argv[0] with
backslashes and drive letters as absolute.
2006-10-22 Paul Smith <>
* main.c (struct command_switch): Use const and void*.
2006-10-21 Paul Smith <>
* ar.c: Constified.
* arscan.c: Constified.
2006-09-30 Paul Smith <>
* doc/make.texi (MAKEFILE_LIST Variable): Modify reference to
point to lastword since the example was updated.
Fixes Savannah bug #16304.
(Secondary Expansion): Correct example description.
Fixes Savannah bug #16468.
(Makefile Contents): Clarify that comments cannot appear within
variable references or function calls.
Fixes Savannah bug #16577.
(Special Targets): Clarify how .NOTPARALLEL works in recursion.
Fixes Savannah bug #17701.
Reported by Ralf Wildenhues <>:
(Prerequisite Types): Added an example of using order-only
prerequisites. Fixes Savannah bug #17880.
(Rule Syntax): "lise" -> "list"
(Multiple Rules): ... -> @dots{}
(Splitting Lines): ditto.
* remake.c (update_file_1): Prereqs that don't exist should be
considered changed, for the purposes of $?.
Fixes Savannah bug #16051.
* make.1: Remove extraneous "+".
Fixes Savannah bug #16652.
2006-09-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* Include sys/types.h when checking for sys/wait.h.
2006-08-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): Define to the value of
* make.h (PATH_SEPARATOR_CHAR): Define only if still undefined.
Normally, it is defined in config.h.
* config/dospaths.m4 <ac_cv_dos_paths>: Define to yes on Cygwin as
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Define
sh_chars_sh for Windows platforms that emulate Unix.
2006-05-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* README.OS2.template: Updates provided by Andreas Buening
2006-04-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Include <direct.h> if HAVE_DIRECT_H.
* config.h.W32.template (HAVE_DIRECT_H): Set it if it's available.
2006-04-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* README.cvs: Add a reminder to notify the GNU translation robot.
* doc/make.texi: Change @direcategory (requested by Karl Berry).
2006-04-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* maintMakefile (po-check): Use Perl instead of grep -E, for systems
that don't have extended grep.
(cvsclean): Use $(PERL) instead of perl.
2006-04-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* maintMakefile: Add some extra warning options (GCC 4.1 only?)
* expand.c, implicit.c, main.c, read.c: Rename variables so that
inner-scope variables don't mask outer-scope variables.
* ar.c, arscan.c, commands.c, default.c, dir.c, expand.c, file.c:
* function.c, getloadavg.c, implicit.c, job.c, main.c, misc.c, read.c:
* remake.c, remote-cstms.c, rule.c, strcache.c, variable.c:
* vmsfunctions.c, vmsify.c, vpath.c: Remove all casts of returned
values from memory allocation functions: they return void* and so
don't need to be cast. Also remove (char *) casts of arguments to
* Remove checks for memcpy/memmove/strchr.
* make.h: Remove bcmp/bcopy/bzero/strchr/strrchr macros.
* ar.c, arscan.c, commands.c, dir.c: Convert all bzero/bcopy/bcmp
calls to memset/memcpy/memmove/memcmp calls.
* expand.c, file.c, function.c, getloadavg.c, implicit.c: Ditto.
* job.c, main.c, misc.c, read.c, remake.c, rule.c: Ditto.
* variable.c, vpath.c: Ditto.
* make.h (EXIT_FAILURE): Should be 1, not 0.
2006-04-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* Removed AM_C_PROTOTYPES. Starting now on we
require an ISO C 1989 standard compiler and runtime library.
* Remove the ansi2knr feature.
* make.h: Remove the PARAMS() macro definition and all uses of it.
* amiga.h, ar.c, arscan.c: Remove all uses of the PARAMS() macro.
* commands.c, commands.h, config.h-vms.template: Ditto.
* dep.h, dir.c, expand.c, filedef.h, function.c: Ditto.
* implicit.c, job.c, job.h, main.c, read.c, remake.c: Ditto.
* rule.c, rule.h, variable.h, vmsdir.h, vmsjobs.c, vpath.c: Ditto.
* NEWS: Update.
2006-04-01 Paul D. Smith <>
Version 3.81 released.
* NEWS: Updated for 3.81.
* README.cvs: Mention that vpath builds are not supported out of
CVS. Fixes Savannah bug #16236.
Remove update of make.texi from the list of things to do; we use
version.texi now.
2006-03-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* doc/make.texi: Clean up licensing. Use @copying and version.texi
support from automake, as described in the Texinfo manual.
2006-03-25 Eli Zaretskii <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]: Don't compare b
with lastslash, since the latter points to filename, not to
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [HAVE_DOS_PATHS]:
Declare and define sh_chars_sh[].
2006-03-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* Look for in $srcdir so it will be
built for remote configurations as well.
* Make sure to clean up during distclean.
Fixes Savannah bug #16166.
* misc.c (log_access): Takes a const char *.
* function.c (fold_newlines): Takes an unsigned int *.
Both fixes for Savannah bug #16170.
2006-03-22 Boris Kolpackov <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Call set_file_variables only
if we have prerequisites that need second expansion. Fixes
Savannah bug #16140.
2006-03-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file): Add alloca(0) to clean up alloca'd
memory on hosts that don't support it directly.
* README.cvs: Add information on steps for making a release (to
make sure I don't forget any).
* main.c (clean_jobserver): Move jobserver cleanup code into a new
(die): Cleanup code was removed from here; call the new function.
(main): If we are re-execing, clean up the jobserver first so we
don't leak file descriptors.
Reported by Craig Fithian <>
2006-03-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* maintMakefile (do-po-update): Rewrite this rule to clean up and
allow multiple concurrent runs.
Patch from Joseph Myers <>
2006-03-17 Boris Kolpackov <>
* dep.h (struct dep): Add the stem field.
* misc.c (alloc_dep, free_dep): New functions.
(copy_dep_chain): Copy stem.
(free_dep_chain): Use free_dep.
* read.c (record_files): Store stem in the dependency line.
* file.c (expand_deps): Use stem stored in the dependency line. Use
free_dep_chain instead of free_ns_chain.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Use alloc_dep and free_dep.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles, eval_makefile, eval): Ditto.
* main.c (main, handle_non_switch_argument): Ditto.
* remake.c (check_dep): Ditto.
* rule.c (convert_suffix_rule, freerule): Ditto.
2006-03-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* expand.c (variable_append): Instead of appending everything then
expanding the result, we expand (or not, if it's simple) each part
as we add it.
(allocated_variable_append): Don't expand the final result.
Fixes Savannah bug #15913.
2006-03-09 Paul Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): Revert the change of 3 Jan 2006 which
listed non-existent files as changed. Turns out there's a bug in
the Linux kernel builds which means that this change causes
everything to rebuild every time. We will re-introduce this fix
in the next release, to give them time to fix their build system.
Fixes Savannah bug #16002.
Introduces Savannah bug #16051.
* implicit.c (pattern_search) [DOS_PATHS]: Look for DOS paths if
we *don't* find UNIX "/".
Reported by David Ergo <>
2006-03-04 Eli Zaretskii <>
* variable.c (do_variable_definition) [WINDOWS32]: Call the shell
locator function find_and_set_default_shell if SHELL came from the
command line.
2006-02-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (merge_variable_set_lists): It's legal for *setlist0
to be null; don't core in that case.
2006-02-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* commands.c (set_file_variables): Realloc, not malloc, the static
string values to avoid memory leaks.
* expand.c (recursively_expand_for_file): Only set reading_file to
an initialized value.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): We need to make a copy of the stem
if we get it from an intermediate dep, since those get freed.
* file.c (lookup_file) [VMS]: Don't lowercase special targets that
begin with ".".
(enter_file) [VMS]: Ditto.
Patch provided by Hartmut Becker <>.
2006-02-24 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Fix last change.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_pipe_io): Make dwStdin,
dwStdout, and dwStderr unsigned int: avoids compiler warnings in
the calls to _beginthreadex.
* expand.c (recursively_expand_for_file): Initialize `save' to
prevent compiler warnings.
2006-02-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Don't create a temporary
script/batch file if we are under -n. Call _setmode to switch the
script file stream to text mode.
2006-02-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (merge_variable_set_lists): Don't try to merge the
global_setlist. Not only is this useless, but it can lead to
circularities in the linked list, if global_setlist->next in one
list gets set to point to another list which also ends in
Fixes Savannah bug #15757.
2006-02-15 Paul D. Smith <>
Fix for Savannah bug #106.
* expand.c (expanding_var): Keep track of which variable we're
expanding. If no variable is being expanded, it's the same as
* make.h (expanding_var): Declare it.
* expand.c (recursively_expand_for_file): Set expanding_var to the
current variable we're expanding, unless there's no file info in
it (could happen if it comes from the command line or a default
variable). Restore it before we exit.
* expand.c (variable_expand_string): Use the expanding_var file
info instead of the reading_file info.
* function.c (check_numeric): Ditto.
(func_word): Ditto.
(func_wordlist): Ditto.
(func_error): Ditto.
(expand_builtin_function): Ditto.
(handle_function): Ditto.
2006-02-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (eval): Even if the included filenames expands to the
empty string we still need to free the allocated buffer.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): If we allocated a variable set for
an impossible file, free it.
* variable.c (free_variable_set): New function.
* variable.h: Declare it.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Makefile names are kept in the
strcache, so there's never any need to alloc/free them.
(eval): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Add "archives" to the .FEATURES variable if
archive support is enabled.
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Document it.
2006-02-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Add checking for DOS pathnames to
the pattern rule target LASTSLASH manipulation.
Fixes Savannah bug #11183.
2006-02-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* (ALL FILES): Updated copyright and license notices.
2006-02-10 Paul D. Smith <>
A new internal capability: the string cache is a read-only cache
of strings, with a hash table interface for fast lookup. Nothing
in the cache will ever be freed, so there's no need for reference
counting, etc. This is the beginning of a full solution for
Savannah bug #15182, but for now we only store makefile names here.
* strcache.c: New file. Implement a read-only string cache.
* make.h: Add prototypes for new functions.
* main.c (initialize_global_hash_tables): Initialize the string cache.
(print_data_base): Print string cache stats.
* read.c (eval_makefile): Use the string cache to store makefile
names. Rewrite the string allocation to be sure we free everything.
2006-02-10 Eli Zaretskii <>
* dir.c (dir_contents_file_exists_p): Don't opendir if the
directory time stamp didn't change, except on FAT filesystems.
Suggested by J. David Bryan <>.
2006-02-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (func_or): Implement a short-circuiting OR function.
(func_and): Implement a short-circuiting AND function.
(function_table_init): Update the table with the new functions.
* doc/make.texi (Conditional Functions): Changed the "if" section
to one on general conditional functions. Added documentation for
$(and ...) and $(or ...) functions.
* NEWS: Note new $(and ...) and $(or ...) functions.
2006-02-08 Boris Kolpackov <>
* job.h (struct child): Add the dontcare bitfield.
* job.c (new_job): Cache dontcare flag.
* job.c (reap_children): Use cached dontcare flag instead of the
one in struct file. Fixes Savannah bug #15641.
2006-02-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* vpath.c (selective_vpath_search): If the file we find has a
timestamp from -o or -W, use that instead of the real time.
* remake.c (f_mtime): If the mtime is a special token from -o or
-W, don't overwrite it with the real mtime.
Fixes Savannah bug #15341.
Updates from Markus Mauhart <>:
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_begin): Remove no-op tests.
(process_signal, process_last_err, process_exit_code): Manage
invalid handle values.
(process_{outbuf,errbuf,outcnt,errcnt,pipes}): Unused and don't
manage invalid handles; remove them.
* job.c (start_job_command) [WINDOWS32]: Jump out on error.
* config.h.W32.template [WINDOWS32]: Set flags for Windows builds.
* README.cvs: Updates for building from CVS.
2006-02-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* file.c (enter_file): Keep track of the last double_colon entry,
to avoid walking the list every time we want to add a new one.
Fixes Savannah bug #15533.
* filedef.h (struct file): Add a new LAST pointer.
* dir.c (directory_contents_hash_cmp): Don't use subtraction to do
the comparison. For 64-bits systems the result of the subtraction
might not fit into an int. Use comparison instead.
Fixes Savannah bug #15534.
* doc/make.texi: Update the chapter on writing commands to reflect
the changes made in 3.81 for backslash/newline and SHELL handling.
2006-02-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* dir.c (dir_contents_file_exists_p) [WINDOWS32]: Make sure
variable st is not used when it's not initialized.
Patch from Eli Zaretskii <>.
2006-01-31 Paul D. Smith <>
* README.W32.template: Applied patch #4785 from
Markus Mauhart <>.
* README.cvs: Applied patch #4786 from
Markus Mauhart <>.
* make_msvc_net2003.vcproj [WINDOWS32]: New version from
J. Grant <>.
* main.c: Update the copyright year in the version output.
* prepare_w32.bat: Remove this file from the distribution.
2006-01-21 Eli Zaretskii <>
* remake.c (update_goal_chain): Set g->changed instead of
incrementing it, as it is only 8-bit wide, and could overflow if
many commands got started in update_file.
* w32/include/sub_proc.h: Add a prototype for process_used_slots.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Change dimension of proc_array[] to
(process_wait_for_any_private): Change dimension of handles[]
(process_used_slots): New function.
(process_register): Don't register more processes than the
available number of slots.
(process_easy): Don't start new processes if all slots are used up.
* job.c (load_too_high, start_waiting_jobs) [WINDOWS32]: If there
are already more children than sub_proc.c can handle, behave as if
the load were too high.
(start_job_command): Fix a typo in error message when process_easy
2006-01-14 Eli Zaretskii <>
* main.c (main) [WINDOWS32]: Don't refuse to run with -jN, even if
the shell is not sh.exe.
* job.c (create_batch_file): Renamed from create_batch_filename;
all callers changed. Don't close the temporary file; return its
file descriptor instead. New arg FD allows to return the file
(construct_command_argv_internal): Use _fdopen instead of fopen to
open the batch file.
2006-01-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* readme.vms: Updates for case-insensitive VMS file systems from
Hartmut Becker <>.
* dir.c (vms_hash): Ditto.
* vmsify.c (copyto): Ditto.
* vmsfunctions.c (readdir): Ditto.
* make.1: Add a section on the exit codes for make.
* doc/make.texi: A number of minor updates to the documentation.
2006-01-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* remake.c (update_file_1): Mark a prerequisite changed if it
doesn't exist.
* read.c (eval): Be sure to strip off trailing whitespace from the
prerequisites list properly. Also, initialize all fields in
struct dep when creating a new one.
2005-12-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* config.h.W32.template [WINDOWS32]: Add in some pragmas to
disable warnings for MSC.
Patch by Rob Tulloh <>.
2005-12-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* doc/make.texi (Execution): Add a footnote about changes in
handling of backslash-newline sequences. Mention the differences
on MS-DOS and MS-Windows.
* NEWS: More details about building the MinGW port and a pointer
to README.W32. Fix the section name that describes the new
backward-incompatible processing of backslash-newline sequences.
The special processing of SHELL set to "cmd" is only relevant to
MS-Windows, not MS-DOS.
2005-12-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* main.c (handle_runtime_exceptions): Cast exrec->ExceptionAddress
to DWORD, to avoid compiler warnings.
* job.c (exec_command): Cast hWaitPID and hPID to DWORD, and
use %ld in format, to avoid compiler warnings.
* doc/make.texi (Special Targets): Fix a typo.
(Appending): Fix cross-reference to Setting.
(Special Variables, Secondary Expansion, File Name Functions)
(Flavor Function, Pattern Match, Quick Reference): Ensure two
periods after a sentence.
(Execution): Add @: after "e.g.".
(Environment): Fix punctuation.
(Target-specific, Call Function, Quick Reference): Add @: after "etc."
(Shell Function, Target-specific): Add @: after "vs."
2005-12-14 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (record_target_var): Initialize variable's export field
with v_default instead of leaving it "initialized" by whatever
garbage happened to be on the heap.
2005-12-12 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.1: Fix some display errors and document all existing options.
Patch by Mike Frysinger <>.
2005-12-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): If 2nd expansion is not set for
this implicit rule, replace the pattern with the stem directly,
and don't re-expand the variable list. Along with the other
.SECONDEXPANSION changes below, fixes bug #13781.
2005-12-09 Boris Kolpackov <>
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Mark other files that this rule
builds as targets so that they are not treated as intermediates
by the pattern rule search algorithm. Fixes bug #13022.
2005-12-07 Boris Kolpackov <>
* remake.c (notice_finished_file): Propagate the change of
modification time to all the double-colon entries only if
it is the last one to be updated. Fixes bug #14334.
2005-11-17 Boris Kolpackov <>
* function.c (func_flavor): Implement the flavor function which
returns the flavor of a variable.
* doc/make.texi (Functions for Transforming Text): Document it.
* NEWS: Add it to the list of new functions.
2005-11-14 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (construct_include_path): Set the .INCLUDE_DIRS special
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Document .INCLUDE_DIRS.
* NEWS: Add .INCLUDE_DIRS to the list of new special variables.
2005-10-26 Paul Smith <>
* read.c (record_files): Don't set deps flags if there are no deps.
* maintMakefile: We only need to build the templates when we are
creating a distribution, so don't do it for "all".
2005-10-24 Paul D. Smith <>
Make secondary expansion optional: its enabled by declaring the
special target .SECONDEXPANSION.
* NEWS: Update information on second expansion capabilities.
* doc/make.texi (Secondary Expansion): Document the
.SECONDEXPANSION special target and its behavior.
* dep.h (struct dep): Add a flag STATICPATTERN, set to true if the
prerequisite list was found in a static pattern rule.
(free_dep_chain): Declare a prototype.
* file.c (parse_prereqs): New function: break out some complexity
from expand_deps().
(expand_deps): If we aren't doing second expansion, replace % with
the stem for static pattern rules. Call the new function.
* filedef.h (parse_prereqs): Declare a prototype.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): Initialize the new staticpattern
* main.c (second_expansion): Declare a global variable to remember
if the special target has been seen. Initialize the new
staticpattern field for prerequisites.
* make.h: Extern for second_expansion.
* misc.c (free_dep_chain): New function: frees a struct dep list.
* read.c (read_all_makefiles): Initialize the staticpattern field.
(eval_makefile): Ditto.
(record_files): Check for the .SECONDEXPANSION target and set
second_expansion global if it's found.
Use the new free_dep_chain() instead of doing it by hand.
Set the staticpattern field for prereqs of static pattern targets.
2005-10-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (main): Set CURDIR to be a file variable instead of a
default, so that values of CURDIR inherited from the environment
won't override the make value.
2005-09-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): If the line is empty
remember to free the temporary argv strings.
Fixes bug # 14527.
2005-09-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c (start_job_command): The noerror flag is a boolean (single
bit); set it appropriately.
Reported by Mark Eichin <>
2005-08-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* function.c (func_error): On Windows, output from $(info ...)
seems to come in the wrong order. Try to force it with fflush().
2005-08-10 Boris Kolpackov <>
* read.c (record_files): Move code that sets stem for static
pattern rules out of the if (!two_colon) condition so it is
also executed for two-colon rules. Fixes Savannah bug #13881.
2005-08-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Don't test that __STDC__ is non-0. Some compilers
(Windows for example) set it to 0 to denote "ISO C + extensions".
Fixes bug # 13594.
2005-08-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* w32/pathstuff.c (getcwd_fs): Fix warning about assignment in a
conditional (slightly different version of a fix from Eli).
Fix a bug reported by Michael Matz <>: patch included.
If make is running in parallel without -k and two jobs die in a
row, but not too close to each other, then make will quit without
waiting for the rest of the jobs to die.
* main.c (die): Don't reset err before calling reap_children() the
second time: we still want it to be in the error condition.
* job.c (reap_children): Use a static variable, rather than err,
to control whether or not the error message should be printed.
2005-08-06 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Include signal.h.
(process_pipe_io, process_file_io): Pass a pointer to a local
DWORD variable to GetExitCodeProcess. If the exit code is
CONTROL_C_EXIT, put SIGINT into pproc->signal.
* job.c [WINDOWS32]: Include windows.h.
(main_thread) [WINDOWS32]: New global variable.
(reap_children) [WINDOWS32]: Get the handle for the main thread
and store it in main_thread.
* commands.c [WINDOWS32]: Include windows.h and w32err.h.
(fatal_error_signal) [WINDOWS32]: Suspend the main thread before
doing anything else. When we are done, close the main thread
handle and exit with status 130.
2005-07-30 Eli Zaretskii <>
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_begin): Don't pass a NULL
pointer to fprintf.
* main.c (find_and_set_default_shell): If found a DOSish shell,
set sh_found and the value of default_shell, and report the
findings in debug mode.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Check unixy_shell, not
no_default_sh_exe, to decide whether to use Unixy or DOSish
builtin commands.
* README.W32: Update with info about the MinGW build.
* build_w32.bat: Support MinGW.
* w32/subproc/build.bat: Likewise.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c (process_easy): Fix format strings for
printing DWORD args.
* function.c (windows32_openpipe): Fix format strings for printing
DWORD args.
* job.c (reap_children) [WINDOWS32]: Don't declare 'status' and
(start_job_command): Fix format string for printing the result of
(start_job_command) [WINDOWS32]: Do not define.
(exec_command): Fix format string for printing HANDLE args.
* main.c (handle_runtime_exceptions): Fix sprintf format strings
to avoid compiler warnings.
(open_tmpfile): Declare fd only if HAVE_FDOPEN is defined.
(Note: some of these fixes were submitted independently by J. Grant)
2005-07-30 J. Grant <>
* prepare_w32.bat: Copy config.h.w32 to config.h if not exist.
* make_msvc_net2003.vcproj, make_msvc_net2003.sln: MSVC Project files.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add MSVC Project files.
2005-07-15 Paul Smith <>
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal) [DOS,WINDOWS32,OS/2]: If
we don't have a POSIX shell, then revert to the old
backslash-newline behavior (where they are stripped).
Fixes bug #13665.
2005-07-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* config.h.W32.template: Reorder to match the standard config.h,
for easier comparisons.
From J. Grant <>
* maintMakefile: Remove .dep_segment before overwriting it, in
case it's not writable or noclobber is set.
* expand.c (variable_expand_string): Cast result of pointer
arithmetic to avoid a warning.
* main.c (switches): Add full-fledged final initializer.
2005-07-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* IRIX has _sys_siglist. Tru64 UNIX has __sys_siglist.
* signame.c (strsignal): If we found _sys_siglist[] or
__sys_siglist[] use those instead of sys_siglist[].
From Albert Chin <>
2005-07-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* config.h-vms.template [VMS]: Latest VMS has its own glob() and
globfree(); set up to use the GNU versions.
From Martin Zinser <>
2005-07-03 Paul D. Smith <>
From J. Grant <>:
* README.W32.template: Update the Windows and tested MSVC versions.
* NMakefile.template (CFLAGS_any): Change warning level from W3 to W4.
* w32/subproc/NMakefile (CFLAGS_any): Ditto.
* build_w32.bat: Ditto.
* w32/subproc/build.bat: Ditto.
2005-06-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* signame.c: HAVE_DECL_* macros are set to 0, not undef, if the
declaration was checked but not present.
2005-06-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* dir.c (find_directory): Change type of fs_serno/fs_flags/fs_len
to unsigned long. Fixes Savannah bug #13550.
* w32/subproc/sub_proc.c: Remove (HANDLE) casts on lvalues.
(process_pipe_io): Initialize tStdin/tStdout/tStderr variables.
Fixes Savannah bug #13551.
2005-06-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* make.h: Fix bug in ANSI_STRING/strerror() handling; only define
it if ANSI_STRING is not set.
2005-06-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* read.c (eval): If no filenames are passed to any of the
"include" variants, don't print an error.
* doc/make.texi (Include): Document this.
Fixes Savannah bug #1761.
* job.c (construct_command_argv_internal): Sanitize handling of
backslash/newline pairs according to POSIX: that is, keep the
backslash-newline in the command script, but remove a following
TAB character, if present. In the fast path, make sure that the
behavior matches what the shell would do both inside and outside
of quotes. In the slow path, quote the backslash and put a
literal newline in the string.
Fixes Savannah bug #1332.
* doc/make.texi (Execution): Document the new behavior and give
some examples.
* NEWS: Make a note of the new behavior.
* make.h [WINDOWS32]: #include <direct.h>.
Fixes Savannah bug #13478.
* remake.c (name_mtime): If the stat() of a file fails and the -L
option was given and the file is a symlink, take the best mtime of
the symlink we can get as the mtime of the file and don't fail.
Fixes Savannah bug #13280.
* read.c (find_char_unquote): Accept a new argument IGNOREVARS.
If it's set, then don't stop on STOPCHARs or BLANKs if they're
inside a variable reference. Make this function static as it's
only used here.
(eval): Call find_char_unquote() with IGNOREVARS set when we're
parsing an unexpanded line looking for semicolons.
Fixes Savannah bug #1454.
* misc.c (remove_comments): Move this to read.c and make it static
as it's only used there. Call find_char_unquote() with new arg.
* make.h: Remove prototypes for find_char_unquote() and
remove_comments() since they're static now.
* main.c (main): If we see MAKE_RESTARTS in the environment, unset
its export flag and obtain its value. When we need to re-exec,
increment the value and add it into the environment.
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Document MAKE_RESTARTS.
* main.c (always_make_set): New variable. Change the -B option to
set this one instead.
(main): When checking makefiles, only set always_make_flag if
always_make_set is set AND the restarts flag is 0. When building
normal targets, set it IFF always_make_set is set.
(main): Avoid infinite recursion with -W, too: only set what-if
files to NEW before we check makefiles if we've never restarted
before. If we have restarted, set what-if files to NEW _after_ we
check makefiles.
Fixes Savannah bug #7566:
2005-06-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* default.c: Change VMS implicit rules to use $$$$ instead of $$
in the prerequisites list.
2005-06-12 Paul D. Smith <>
Fix Savannah bug # 1328.
* Check for atexit().
* misc.c (close_stdout): Test stdout to see if writes to it have
failed. If so, be sure to exit with a non-0 error code. Based on
code found in gnulib.
* make.h: Prototype.
* main.c (main): Install close_stdout() with atexit().
2005-06-10 Paul D. Smith <>
VMS build updates from Hartmut Becker <>:
* vmsjobs.c [VMS]: Updates to compile on VMS: add some missing
headers; make vmsWaitForChildren() static; extern vmsify().
* job.c [VMS]: Move vmsWaitForChildren() prototype to be global.
Don't create child_execute_job() here (it's in vmsjobs.c).
* makefile.vms (job.obj) [VMS]: Add vmsjobs.c as a prerequisite.
2005-06-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* variable.c (push_new_variable_scope): File variables point
directly to the global_setlist variable. So, inserting a new
scope in front of that has no effect on those variables: they
don't go through current_variable_set_list. If we're pushing a
scope and the current scope is global, push it "the other way" so
that the new setlist is in the global_setlist variable, and
next points to a new setlist with the global variable set.
(pop_variable_scope): Properly undo a push with the new
Fixes Savannah bug #11913.
2005-05-31 Boris Kolpackov <>
* job.c (reap_children): Don't die of the command failed but
the dontcare flag is set. Fixes Savannah bug #13216.
* implicit.c (pattern_search): When creating a target from
an implicit rule match, lookup pattern target and set precious
flag in a newly created target. Fixes Savannah bug #13218.
2005-05-13 Paul D. Smith <>
Implement "if... else if... endif" syntax.
* read.c (eval): Push all checks for conditional words ("ifeq",
"else", etc.) down into the conditional_line() function.
(conditional_line): Rework to allow "else if..." clause. New
return value -2 for lines which are not conditionals. The
ignoring flag can now also be 2, which means "already parsed a
true branch". If that value is seen no other branch of this
conditional can be considered true. In the else parsing if there
is extra text after the else, invoke conditional_line()
recursively to see if it's another conditional. If not, it's an
error. If so, raise the conditional value to this level instead
of creating a new conditional nesting level. Special check for
"else" and "endif", which aren't allowed on the "else" line.
* doc/make.texi (Conditional Syntax): Document the new syntax.
2005-05-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* (EXTRA_make_SOURCES): Add vmsjobs.c
(MAYBE_W32): Rework how SUBDIRS are handled so that "make dist"
recurses to the w32 directory, even on non-Windows systems. Use
the method suggested in the automake manual.
* Add w32/Makefile to AC_CONFIG_FILES.
* maintMakefile (gnulib-url): They moved the texinfo.tex files.
2005-05-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* main.c (die): If we're dying with a fatal error (not that a
command has failed), write back any leftover tokens before we go.
* job.c (set_child_handler_action_flags): If there are jobs
waiting for the load to go down, set an alarm to go off in 1
second. This allows us to wake up from a potentially long-lasting
read() and start a new job if the load has gone down. Turn it off
after the read.
(job_noop): Dummy signal handler function.
(new_job): Invoke it with the new semantics.
* docs/make.texi: Document secondary expansion. Various cleanups
and random work.
2005-05-03 Paul D. Smith <>
Rename .DEFAULT_TARGET to .DEFAULT_GOAL: in GNU make terminology
the targets which are to ultimately be made are called "goals";
see the GNU make manual. Also, MAKECMDGOALS, etc.
* filedef.h, read.c, main.c: Change .DEFAULT_TARGET to
.DEFAULT_GOAL, and default_target_name to default_goal_name.
* doc/make.texi (Special Variables): Document .DEFAULT_GOAL.
2005-05-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* job.c, vmsjobs.c (vmsWaitForChildren, vms_redirect,
vms_handle_apos, vmsHandleChildTerm, reEnableAst, astHandler,
tryToSetupYAst, child_execute_job) [VMS]: Move VMS-specific
functions to vmsjobs.c. #include it into jobs.c.
Grant Taylor <> reports that -j# can lose
jobserver tokens. I found that this happens when an exported
recursive variable contains a $(shell ...) function reference: in
this situation we could "forget" to write back a token.
* job.c, job.h: Add variable jobserver_tokens: counts the tokens
we have. It's not reliable to depend on the number of children in
our linked list so keep a separate count.
(new_job): Check jobserver_tokens rather than children &&
waiting_jobs. Increment jobserver_tokens when we get one.
(free_child): If jobserver_tokens is 0, internal error. If it's