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  2. .gitignore
  5. lz4.c
  6. lz4.h
  7. lz4frame.c
  8. lz4frame.h
  9. lz4frame_static.h
  10. lz4hc.c
  11. lz4hc.h
  12. Makefile
  14. xxhash.c
  15. xxhash.h

LZ4 - Library Files

The /lib directory contains many files, but depending on project's objectives, not all of them are necessary.

Minimal LZ4 build

The minimum required is lz4.c and lz4.h, which provides the fast compression and decompression algorithm. They generate and decode data using LZ4 block format.

High Compression variant

For more compression ratio at the cost of compression speed, the High Compression variant called lz4hc is available. Add files lz4hc.c and lz4hc.h. The variant still depends on regular lib/lz4.* source files.

Frame variant, for interoperability

In order to produce compressed data compatible with lz4 command line utility, it‘s necessary to encode lz4-compressed blocks using the official interoperable frame format. This format is generated and decoded automatically by the lz4frame library. Its public API is described in lib/lz4frame.h. In order to work properly, lz4frame needs all other modules present in /lib, including, lz4 and lz4hc, and also xxhash. So it’s necessary to include all *.c and *.h files present in /lib.

Advanced / Experimental API

A complex API defined in lz4frame_static.h contains definitions which are not guaranteed to remain stable in future versions. As a consequence, it must be used with static linking only.

Windows : using MinGW+MSYS to create DLL

DLL can be created using MinGW+MSYS with the make liblz4 command. This command creates dll\liblz4.dll and the import library dll\liblz4.lib. The import library is only required with Visual C++. The header files lz4.h, lz4hc.h, lz4frame.h and the dynamic library dll\liblz4.dll are required to compile a project using gcc/MinGW. The dynamic library has to be added to linking options. It means that if a project that uses LZ4 consists of a single test-dll.c file it should be linked with dll\liblz4.dll. For example:

    gcc $(CFLAGS) -Iinclude/ test-dll.c -o test-dll dll\liblz4.dll

The compiled executable will require LZ4 DLL which is available at dll\liblz4.dll.


Other files present in the directory are not source code. There are :

  • LICENSE : contains the BSD license text
  • Makefile : make script to compile and install lz4 library (static and dynamic)
  • : for pkg-config (used in make install)
  • : this file


All source material within lib directory are BSD 2-Clause licensed. See LICENSE for details. The license is also reminded at the top of each source file.