[AArch64][DebugInfo] Do not recompute CalleeSavedStackSize (Take 2)

Commit message from D66935:

This patch fixes a bug exposed by D65653 where a subsequent invocation
of `determineCalleeSaves` ends up with a different size for the callee
save area, leading to different frame-offsets in debug information.

In the invocation by PEI, `determineCalleeSaves` tries to determine
whether it needs to spill an extra callee-saved register to get an
emergency spill slot. To do this, it calls 'estimateStackSize' and
manually adds the size of the callee-saves to this. PEI then allocates
the spill objects for the callee saves and the remaining frame layout
is calculated accordingly.

A second invocation in LiveDebugValues causes estimateStackSize to return
the size of the stack frame including the callee-saves. Given that the
size of the callee-saves is added to this, these callee-saves are counted
twice, which leads `determineCalleeSaves` to believe the stack has
become big enough to require spilling an extra callee-save as emergency
spillslot. It then updates CalleeSavedStackSize with a larger value.

Since CalleeSavedStackSize is used in the calculation of the frame
offset in getFrameIndexReference, this leads to incorrect offsets for
variables/locals when this information is recalculated after PEI.

This patch fixes the lldb unit tests in `functionalities/thread/concurrent_events/*`

Changes after D66935:

Ensures AArch64FunctionInfo::getCalleeSavedStackSize does not return
the uninitialized CalleeSavedStackSize when running `llc` on a specific
pass where the MIR code has already been expected to have gone through PEI.

Instead, getCalleeSavedStackSize (when passed the MachineFrameInfo) will try
to recalculate the CalleeSavedStackSize from the CalleeSavedInfo. In debug
mode, the compiler will assert the recalculated size equals the cached
size as calculated through a call to determineCalleeSaves.

This fixes two tests:
that otherwise fail when compiled using msan.

Reviewed By: omjavaid, efriedma

Tags: #llvm

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D68783

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