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  1. d578479 [WebAssembly] Add first claass symbol table to wasm objects by Sam Clegg · 80 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. 7217c2e Remove file missed by r325852 due to merge conflict. by Richard Smith · 5 hours ago
  3. fc177d3 Revert r325128 ("[X86] Reduce Store Forward Block issues in HW"). by Richard Smith · 5 hours ago
  4. 28f8634 [GISel]: Fix base case for m_any_of PatternMatcher. by Aditya Nandakumar · 5 hours ago
  5. 51e9e8d [X86] Turn setne X, signedmax into setgt signedmax, X in LowerVSETCC to avoid an invert by Craig Topper · 6 hours ago
  6. 03b6034 [AArch64] Refactor macro fusion (NFC) by Evandro Menezes · 6 hours ago
  7. d6bbd59 [PDB] Check the result of setLoadAddress() by Aaron Smith · 6 hours ago
  8. c7f6e5d Fix grammar. NFC. by Rafael Espindola · 6 hours ago
  9. 52ddc71 [X86] Turn setne X, signedmin into setgt X, signedmin in LowerVSETCC to avoid an invert by Craig Topper · 7 hours ago
  10. fa1ecef [AArch64] Improve macro fusion test case by Evandro Menezes · 7 hours ago
  11. 1d5bed06 Fix llvm-pdbutil to handle new built-in types by Adrian McCarthy · 7 hours ago
  12. be6ebba Update comment for whether or not we can optimize an alias - we're by Eric Christopher · 7 hours ago
  13. 3159c5f Fix the build of the wasm backend. by Benjamin Kramer · 8 hours ago
  14. dd9756f [InstrTypes] add frem and fneg with FMF creators by Sanjay Patel · 9 hours ago
  15. 1dff32f [DWARFv5] Turn an assert into a diagnostic. Hand-coded assembler files by Paul Robinson · 9 hours ago
  16. 327fc51 [ThinLTO/gold] Perform cache pruning when cache directory specified by Teresa Johnson · 10 hours ago
  17. fbabe6e [TargetLowering] Rename isCondCodeLegal to isCondCodeLegalOrCustom. Add real isCondCodeLegal. Update callers to use one or the other. by Craig Topper · 10 hours ago
  18. d27cd09 [PDB] Add missing override to silence buildbots by Aaron Smith · 10 hours ago
  19. e2e807c [X86] Make the subus special case in LowerVSETCC self contained by Craig Topper · 10 hours ago
  20. fe83c7a [PDB] Fix buildbot failure from missing include for DIAEnumLineNumbers by Aaron Smith · 10 hours ago