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  1. 502027b [llvm-exegesis] Crash when assembling invalid Operand by Guillaume Chatelet · 22 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. 66e9f9c [llvm-exegesis] Mark x86 segment register instructions as unsupported. by Guillaume Chatelet · 32 minutes ago
  3. 84a4ea3 [llvm-exegesis] Reject x86 instructions that use non uniform memory accesses by Guillaume Chatelet · 42 minutes ago
  4. a1fe5fb [X86] X86DAGToDAGISel: handle BZHI selection too, not just BEXTR. by Roman Lebedev · 75 minutes ago
  5. 9b7ef04 Document bisect-skip-count by David Greene · 84 minutes ago
  6. 090b889 [X86][BMI1]: X86DAGToDAGISel: select BEXTR from x & ((1 << nbits) + (-1)) pattern by Roman Lebedev · 2 hours ago
  7. ca81ba5 Test commit: change comment. by Petar Avramovic · 2 hours ago
  8. ce9fb23 [llvm-dwarfdump] - Fix win10 build bot failture. by George Rimar · 3 hours ago
  9. 879e2ef [llvm-dwarfdump] - Add the support of parsing .debug_loclists. by George Rimar · 4 hours ago
  10. 872c921 [PowerPC][NFC] Fix bugs in r+r to r+i conversion by Nemanja Ivanovic · 4 hours ago
  11. 084d5e1 [CGProfile] Turn constant-size SmallVector into array by Benjamin Kramer · 5 hours ago
  12. b5c7e2f [PDB] Extend IPDBSession's interface to retrieve frame data by Aleksandr Urakov · 8 hours ago
  13. c2ec04c [X86] Add patterns for vector and/or/xor/andn with other types than vXi64. by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  14. c7a8ddb [IAI,LV] Avoid creating a scalar epilogue due to gaps in interleave-groups when by Dorit Nuzman · 9 hours ago
  15. e01c86d [X86] Stop promoting integer loads to vXi64 by Craig Topper · 18 hours ago
  16. de6038d Revert r344873 "foo" by Craig Topper · 18 hours ago
  17. 80da74b [X86] Remove SDIVREM8_SEXT_HREG/UDIVREM8_ZEXT_HREG and their associated DAG combine and target bits support. Use a post isel peephole instead. by Craig Topper · 18 hours ago
  18. 75cb0ad foo by Craig Topper · 18 hours ago
  19. e69e0d9 [DAGCombiner] reduce insert+bitcast+extract vector ops to truncate (PR39016) by Sanjay Patel · 19 hours ago
  20. 0ee7db4 Schedule Hot Cold Splitting pass after most optimization passes by Aditya Kumar · 21 hours ago