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  1. 12df467 [PowerPC] Add a peephole post RA to transform the inst that fed by add by QingShan Zhang · 31 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. b52e8dc [bindings/go] Add coroutine passes by whitequark · 4 hours ago
  3. 7c767e2 [LLVM-C] Add coroutine passes by whitequark · 4 hours ago
  4. 8bf9e9a [C-API][DIBuilder] Added DIFlags in LLVMDIBuilderCreateBasicType by whitequark · 4 hours ago
  5. 692afe0 [InstCombine] Add test cases for an icmp combine that is missing support for splat vector constants. by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  6. 5992c54 [SelectionDAG] Add basic demanded elements support to ComputeNumSignBits for BITCAST nodes by Simon Pilgrim · 10 hours ago
  7. 0f4ea22 [X86][SSE] Add PACKSS test showing ComputeNumSignBits failure to handle demanded elts through a bitcast by Simon Pilgrim · 11 hours ago
  8. 8a96926 [X86] Fix an issue in the matching for ADDUS. by Craig Topper · 23 hours ago
  9. 1dca6ea [X86] Add a test case showing an issue in our addusw pattern matching. by Craig Topper · 23 hours ago
  10. a83fad8 Updating MergeFunctions.rst by Aditya Kumar · 31 hours ago
  11. 03fa7f3 [X86] Use SDValue::operator== instead of DAG.isEqualTo in strictly integer matching. by Craig Topper · 32 hours ago
  12. 8861884 [X86] Simplify the PADDUS legality check in combineSelect to match PSUBUS. NFC by Craig Topper · 33 hours ago
  13. 70fe12d [X86] Add support for using 512-bit PSUBUS to combineSelect. by Craig Topper · 33 hours ago
  14. ea726c6 [X86] Add test cases to show missed opportunities to use 512-bit PSUBUS. by Craig Topper · 33 hours ago
  15. 05de30e [MS Demangler] Resolve backreferences eagerly, not lazily. by Zachary Turner · 33 hours ago
  16. 88048c2 [RuntimeDyld] Fix a bug in RuntimeDyld::loadObjectImpl that was over-allocating by Lang Hames · 33 hours ago
  17. 1b130f8 [X86] Replace all single match schedule class instregexs with instrs entries by Simon Pilgrim · 33 hours ago
  18. 54cf567 [X86] Merge shift/rotate schedule class instregexs by Simon Pilgrim · 35 hours ago
  19. cf774b7 [DebugInfo] In FastISel, convert llvm.dbg.label to DBG_LABEL MI. by Hsiangkai Wang · 2 days ago
  20. 73258a2 [X86] Add a signed test case for PR38622. Use nounwind to reduce the output on the unsigned test case. by Craig Topper · 2 days ago