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  1. c57aba1 [X86] Update fast-isel tests for clang's avx512f reduction intrinsics to match the codegen from r335070. by Craig Topper · 72 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. 6cf6b0a [X86] Add fast-isel tests for clang's AVX512F vector reduction intrinsics. by Craig Topper · 2 hours ago
  3. 42f462a [IR] move shuffle mask queries from TTI to ShuffleVectorInst by Sanjay Patel · 2 hours ago
  4. dfd20c4 [MIRParser] Update a diagnostic message to use the correct register sigil. NFC by Matt Davis · 2 hours ago
  5. c0ac385 [Hexagon] Fix the value of HexagonII::TypeCVI_FIRST by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 2 hours ago
  6. fbe156d [X86] Initialize FMA3Info directly in its constructor instead of relying on std::call_once by Craig Topper · 2 hours ago
  7. 54edf46 [X86] Don't fold unaligned loads into SSE ROUNDPS/ROUNDPD for ceil/floor/nearbyint/rint/trunc. by Craig Topper · 3 hours ago
  8. 3e9f1c2 [Hexagon] Enforce restrictions on packetizing cache instructions by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 3 hours ago
  9. b07f54a docs: document CodeView directives by Saleem Abdulrasool · 4 hours ago
  10. 9331b2f [mips] Mark microMIPS64 as being unsupported. by Simon Dardis · 4 hours ago
  11. 58b1f43 [mips] Fix the predicates of some aliases by Simon Dardis · 5 hours ago
  12. 4c0259d [SLPVectorizer] Remove default OperandValueKind arguments from getArithmeticInstrCost calls (NFC) by Simon Pilgrim · 7 hours ago
  13. 96f8f2a [PowerPC] Fix label address calculation for ppc32 by Strahinja Petrovic · 7 hours ago
  14. ba6893f llvm-exegesis: mark ~ExegesisTarget() as virtual. Fixes build. by Roman Lebedev · 8 hours ago
  15. 41d0646 Re-land r335038 "[llvm-exegesis] A mechanism to add target-specific functionality."" by Clement Courbet · 9 hours ago
  16. 0dae1a0 Revert r335038 "[llvm-exegesis] A mechanism to add target-specific functionality." by Clement Courbet · 10 hours ago
  17. 53ba989 [InstCombine] Replacing X86-specific rounding intrinsics with generic floor-ceil by Mikhail Dvoretckii · 10 hours ago
  18. fdc767c [llvm-exegesis] A mechanism to add target-specific functionality. by Clement Courbet · 10 hours ago
  19. be59eb3 [X86] VRNDSCALE* folding from masked and scalar ffloor and fceil patterns by Mikhail Dvoretckii · 10 hours ago
  20. d6cd67b [LoopSimplifyCFG] Invalidate SCEV in LoopSimplifyCFG by David Green · 11 hours ago