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  1. 699de77 [YAMLParser] Fix unused variable warning. by Benjamin Kramer · 7 hours ago master upstream/master
  2. 01eb33b [YAMLParser] Don't crash on null keys in KeyValueNodes. by Benjamin Kramer · 7 hours ago
  3. 6dce9fb [X86] Don't invert NewCC variable while processing the jcc/setcc/cmovcc instructions in optimizeCompareInstr. by Craig Topper · 8 hours ago
  4. 75d9c5d [X86] Teach isel that X86ISD::CMPM_RND zeros the upper bits of the mask register. by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  5. 477fbd7 [X86] Remove some unneeded opcodes from getVectorMaskingNode. NFC by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  6. 7e1c537 [X86] Add X86ISD::CMPM_RND to getVectorMaskingNode to select ISD::AND instead of ISD::VSELECT by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  7. 6ab51e7 [X86] Remove some dead code leftover from when i1 was a legal type. NFCI by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  8. ef7f007 [X86] Remove some dead code. NFC by Craig Topper · 9 hours ago
  9. 7f86494 MSan: remove an unnecessary cast. NFC for userspace instrumenetation. by Alexander Potapenko · 13 hours ago
  10. b8e96eb [X86][SSE] Use (V)PHMINPOSUW for vXi16 SMAX/SMIN/UMAX/UMIN horizontal reductions (PR32841) by Simon Pilgrim · 14 hours ago
  11. ffb04cb [ARM GlobalISel] Support G_FDIV for s32 and s64 by Diana Picus · 14 hours ago
  12. a16d261 Reverted rL318911 since it broke the sanitizer-windows. by Ying Yi · 14 hours ago
  13. da18ebe [lit] Implement non-pipelined ‘mkdir’, ‘diff’ and ‘rm’ commands internally by Ying Yi · 15 hours ago
  14. 30e25c3 [ARM GlobalISel] Support G_FMUL for s32 and s64 by Diana Picus · 15 hours ago
  15. a1660ef [mips] Use the delay slot filler to convert branches for microMIPSR6. by Simon Dardis · 15 hours ago
  16. c428967 [x86][icelake]BITALG by Coby Tayree · 16 hours ago
  17. a99f2a1 [MSan] Move the access address check before the shadow access for that address by Alexander Potapenko · 19 hours ago
  18. 9052cc8 Revert r318822 "[llvm-tblgen] - Stop using std::string in RecordKeeper." by George Rimar · 21 hours ago
  19. 41474c8 [IRCE][NFC] Add no wrap flags to no-wrapping SCEV calculation by Max Kazantsev · 21 hours ago
  20. 6d22318 Add backend name to AVR Target to enable runtime info to be fed back into TableGen by Leslie Zhai · 23 hours ago