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"""Parser for .test files"""
from lit.TestRunner import parseIntegratedTestScriptCommands, \
getDefaultSubstitutions, applySubstitutions
from litsupport import shellcommand
import logging
def _parseShellCommand(script, ln):
# Trim trailing whitespace.
ln = ln.rstrip()
# Collapse lines with trailing '\\'.
if script and script[-1][-1] == '\\':
script[-1] = script[-1][:-1] + ln
def parse(context, filename):
"""Parse a .test file as used in the llvm test-suite.
The file comporises of a number of lines starting with RUN: and VERIFY:
specifying shell commands to run the benchmark and verifying the result.
Returns a tuple with two arrays for the run and verify commands."""
# Collect the test lines from the script.
preparescript = []
runscript = []
verifyscript = []
metricscripts = {}
# Note that we keep both "RUN" and "RUN:" in the list to stay compatible
# with older lit versions.
keywords = ['PREPARE:', 'PREPARE', 'RUN:', 'RUN', 'VERIFY:', 'VERIFY',
for line_number, command_type, ln in \
parseIntegratedTestScriptCommands(filename, keywords):
if command_type.startswith('PREPARE'):
_parseShellCommand(preparescript, ln)
elif command_type.startswith('RUN'):
_parseShellCommand(runscript, ln)
elif command_type.startswith('VERIFY'):
_parseShellCommand(verifyscript, ln)
elif command_type.startswith('METRIC'):
metric, ln = ln.split(':', 1)
metricscript = metricscripts.setdefault(metric.strip(), list())
_parseShellCommand(metricscript, ln)
raise ValueError("unknown script command type: %r" % (
# Verify the script contains a run line.
if runscript == []:
raise ValueError("Test has no RUN: line!")
# Check for unterminated run lines.
for script in preparescript, runscript, verifyscript:
if script and script[-1][-1] == '\\':
raise ValueError("Test has unterminated RUN/VERIFY lines " +
"(ending with '\\')")
# Apply the usual lit substitutions (%s, %S, %p, %T, ...)
outfile = context.tmpBase + ".out"
substitutions = getDefaultSubstitutions(context.test, context.tmpDir,
substitutions += [('%o', outfile)]
preparescript = applySubstitutions(preparescript, substitutions)
runscript = applySubstitutions(runscript, substitutions)
verifyscript = applySubstitutions(verifyscript, substitutions)
metricscripts = {k: applySubstitutions(v, substitutions)
for k, v in metricscripts.items()}
# Put things into the context
context.parsed_preparescript = preparescript
context.parsed_runscript = runscript
context.parsed_verifyscript = verifyscript
context.parsed_metricscripts = metricscripts
context.executable = shellcommand.getMainExecutable(context)
if not context.executable:
logging.error("Could not determine executable name in %s" % filename)