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* DIS Data Management: insert
* This header file contains the return codes for the insert routine
* and the function prototype. There are three different failure modes for
* the routine. The first two indicate that an error occurred during the
* insertEntry() recursive call chain. The error can be either FATAL
* indicating that the index was changed prior to the error which means the
* index can't be guaranteed to be in a valid state and should not be
* manipulated any further. The error can also be NON-FATAL indicating
* that the index was not changed prior to the error and can be guaranteed
* to be in a valid state and can be manipulated, i.e., with other
* commands. The final error condition indicates a memory allocation
* failure when attempting to "grow" the index tree because of root node
* splitting.
* Revision History:
* Date Name Revision
* ------- --------------- ------------------------------
* 24May99 Matthew Rivas Created
* Copyright 1999, Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corp.
#ifndef DIS_INSERT_H
#define DIS_INSERT_H
#include "dataManagement.h" /* for primitive type definitions */
#include "dataObject.h" /* for DataObject definition */
#include "index.h" /* for IndexNode definition */
* Return Codes
* Function prototype
extern Int insert( IndexNode **root, DataObject *dataObject, Int fan );
#endif /* DIS_INSERT_H */