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| readme.txt - by Don Cross <> |
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The file FFT.ZIP contains C source code for performing Discrete Fast Fourier
Transforms (DFFTs) and inverse DFFTs. This source code is public domain.
Use at your own risk. For more information, point your web browser at:
Also, feel free to send questions/comments about this source code to me
by e-mail at the address above.
If you want to give away copies of this source code, that's fine, so long
as you do the following:
- Do not charge any money for this source code, except for possibly a
reasonable fee to cover postage, disk duplication, etc. I wrote this
code and I want it to be FREE to EVERYONE!
- Do not remove my name, e-mail address, or URL from any of the files in
this collection.
- Please keep this readme.txt file with the source and headers so that others
can get in touch with me to ask questions and/or find my web page to read
the online tutorial.
- If you make any modifications to the source code, please add comments to
it which include your name, e-mail address, web page URL (if any), and
explain what you did to the code.
- If you use this source code in an interesting program, please let me know.
I promise will never try to get money from you, even if you use this code
in a commercial program. I just want to know what kind of clever and
creative things people do with Fourier Transforms.