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spiffword rem this file should be named Sample.3
spiffword rem it is a test input file for spiff
spiffword rem it should be compared with a file named Sample.4, to use it
spiffword rem execute: spiff -s 'command spiffword' Sample.3 Sample.4
spiffword rem the -s argument is essential, otherwise spiff will
spiffword rem will not recognized these comments for what they are.
spiffword rem first we'll check the default tolerances. this is the
spiffword rem same test as is found in Sample.1/Sample.2
default absolute tolerance should be 1e-10
no difference --> 0.0 different --> 0.0
default relative tolerance should be 1e-10
no difference --> 10. different --> 10.00000
spiffword rem Note that spiff said that the differences were on lines 2 and 4
spiffword rem of the input files even though they were really on lines 10 and
spiffword rem of this file.
spiffword rem That's because spiff does not count lines with commands.
spiffword rem As part of spiff's design, it is assumed that "embedded commands"
spiffword rem such as these are not of direct interest and have been added
spiffword rem soley for the purpose of controlling the spiffing process.
spiffword rem OK. Now we'll try changing some things. first, we'll add
spiffword rem a commenting convention, everything from # to end of line
spiffword rem will be ignored.
spiffword comment # $
there should be NO differences on this line !!!! # Nah, Nah, can't see me !!
spiffword rem Well, that was fun. Now we'll ignore all differences
spiffword tol i
spiffword rem and there should be no differences the following lines
no difference --> 0.0 NO difference --> 0.0
no difference --> 10. NO difference --> 10.00000
spiffword rem now we'll set the tolerance for the second number
spiffword rem on each line, to be lower than the others.
spiffword tol a0.02 ; a0.01 ; a0.02
spiffword rem and only the middle number should appear different
not different --> 0.0 different --> 0.0 not different --> 0.0
spiffword rem You get the idea. Enough fun for now.
Bye, Bye.