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/* method.h */
Java Decompiler
Copyright (c) 1994-2003, Pete Ryland.
Distributed under the GNU GPL Version 2.
This package is available from
#ifndef METHOD_H
#define METHOD_H
#include "access.h"
#include "exp.h"
/* These are used by our table of blocks */
typedef enum { TRY, IF, DOWHILE, WHILE, GOTOLABEL } Blocktype;
typedef struct {
/* The type of block this is */
Blocktype tag;
/* Its starting and ending code offsets */
unsigned short start_pc;
unsigned short end_pc;
/* Other offset, depending on the block type */
union {
unsigned else_pc;
unsigned short handler_pc;
/* An index into the constant pool
of the class we're catching */
unsigned short catch_type;
/* The list of expressions within this block */
Exp *exp;
} Block, ExceptionTableEntry;
/* The line number table has these as entries.
They are currently parsed from the input file,
but not used */
typedef struct {
unsigned short start_pc;
unsigned short line_number;
} LineNumberTableEntry;
/* This table stores the local table information.
This is parsed from the input file in the
optional LocalVariableTable attribute */
typedef struct {
/* The first code offset where this var is used */
unsigned short start_pc;
/* The length of the scope of this local */
unsigned short length;
/* The constant pool index to its name */
unsigned short name_index;
/* The constant pool index to its type signature */
unsigned short signature_index;
/* Which local we are talking about */
unsigned short slot;
} LocalVariableTableEntry;
/* The main method structure */
typedef struct {
/* The access flags for this method */
AccessFlags access_flags;
/* The name of the method */
char *name;
/* Its type signature */
char *sig;
/* The maximum stack size the JVM code can use */
unsigned char max_stack;
/* The maximium number of locals in scope at any one time */
unsigned char max_locals;
/* The length of the code in bytes */
unsigned code_length;
/* The code */
unsigned char *code;
/* The exception table */
unsigned short exception_table_length;
ExceptionTableEntry *exception_table;
/* The line number table */
unsigned short line_number_table_length;
LineNumberTableEntry *line_number_table;
/* The local variable table */
unsigned short local_variable_table_length;
LocalVariableTableEntry *local_variable_table;
/* A table of the names of the locals.
These are potentially created
as each local is encountered. */
char **local_names;
/* The type signatures of the locals.
These need to be guessed if there is no
LocalVariableTable attribute in the method. */
char **local_sigs;
/* The first code offset where each local is used.
Again, these need to be guessed if there is no
LocalVariableTable attribute in the method. */
unsigned *local_firstuses;
/* The types of the locals,
corresponding to the local_sigs above */
Type *local_types;
/* The type signature of the
return value of the method */
char *ret_sig;
/* The type of the return value
corresponding to the signature above */
Type ret_type;
/* The number of different exceptions that
this method is able to throw and not catch */
int num_throws;
/* A table of constant-pool entries to the classes
that this method throws */
int *throws;
} method_info, *method_info_ptr;
/* This global contains the method
we are currently working on */
extern method_info *miptr;
/* Forward declaration */
typedef struct Classfile Classfile;
/* Decompiles the given method's code */
int decompileblock(Classfile *c, method_info_ptr mi);