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/* cp.h */
Java Decompiler
Copyright (c) 1994-2003, Pete Ryland.
Distributed under the GNU GPL Version 2.
This package is available from
#ifndef CP_H
#define CP_H
#include "general.h"
/* These are structures that the constant pool's table
can contain. */
typedef struct {
u16 class_index;
u16 name_and_type;
} Ref;
typedef struct {
u16 name_index;
u16 signature_index;
} NameAndType;
/* The generic structure of constants that will appear
in the table of constants in the constant pool */
struct cp_info {
unsigned char tag;
union {
long i;
void *p;
double d;
float f;
char *chp;
/* Forward declaration of the Classfile struct */
struct Classfile;
/* The ConstPool struct, which contains the Constant
Pool. */
struct ConstPool {
/* The number of entries in this Constant Pool */
u16 constant_pool_count;
/* The table of constants */
cp_info *constant_pool;
/* This will parse the input file for a constant pool */
void read(Classfile *c, u16 *imports_count);
/* These methods provide easy access to commonly
used parts of constant pool entries */
cp_info *operator [](u16 i) {
return &(constant_pool[i]);
cp_info *operator ()(u16 i) {
return &(constant_pool[constant_pool[i].i]);
u16 count() {
return constant_pool_count;