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SOLLVE OpenMP Offloading Validation & Verification Suite
This directory contains a CMakeLists.txt for the SOLLVE OpenMP
Offloading Validation and Verification Suite so it can be built as part
of the LLVM test-suite. Its sources are not part of the test-suite but
have to be fetched separately from
The sources are expected either in ${TEST_SUITE_SOLLVEVV_ROOT} or
and TEST_SUITE_EXTERNALS_DIR are CMake configure variables. If none of
them are set, it will look into
${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/test-suite-externals/sollve_vv where
CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR is the root directory of the test-suite sources.
The CMakeLists.txt will search for all C and C++ source files of the
OpenMP V&V suite, compile and run them. That is, running llvm-lit
(or "make check") will require a compatible accelerator on the running
OpenMP support is autodetected by CMake, but clang requires additional
flags to enable offloading. An example run is:
$ cmake ../llvm-test-suite -GNinja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
-DTEST_SUITE_LIT=${HOME}/build/llvm-project/release/bin/llvm-lit \
-DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=${HOME}/install/llvm-project/release/bin/clang \
-DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=${HOME}/install/llvm-project/release/bin/clang++ \
-DTEST_SUITE_SUBDIRS=External/sollve_vv \
-DTEST_SUITE_SOLLVEVV_OFFLOADING_CFLAGS=-fopenmp-targets=nvptx64-nvidia-cuda;--cuda-path=/soft/compilers/cuda/cuda-10.1.243;-Xopenmp-target;-march=sm_70 \
-DTEST_SUITE_SOLLVEVV_OFFLOADING_LDFLAGS=-fopenmp-targets=nvptx64-nvidia-cuda;--cuda-path=/soft/compilers/cuda/cuda-10.1.243;-Xopenmp-target;-march=sm_70;-lopenmptarget \
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${HOME}/install/llvm-project/release/lib ninja check
Clang also needs to be compiled with enabled offloading for the chosen
target. A configuration compatible for the commands above is:
$ cmake ../llvm-project/llvm -GNinja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=${HOME}/install/llvm-project/release \
-DCUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR=/soft/compilers/cuda/cuda-10.1.243 \
$ cmake install
In this example, Clang is not installed into a default search path such
that the paths have to be specified explicitly. The options
select the PTX version to compile to. "-DCUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR" and
"--cuda-path" point to the CUDA SDK to use. The option
"-DTEST_SUITE_LIT_FLAGS=-j1" is required to not run the tests in parallel;
multiple tests may conflict while running on the same GPU and thus fail.