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= The Term Processor Kimwitu++
Kimwitu++ is a system that supports the construction of programs that use
trees or terms as their main data structure.
For the Kimwitu++ web site (including newest version) have a look at
its homepage on
Kimwitu++ is derived from Kimwitu 4.4, see
How is this distribution structured?
The Term Processor was made using itself.
The src directory contains the `real' *.k (Kimwitu++ input) sources.
The src/Gen.boot directory contains the *.{h,cc} kc++-generated files
that you need to bootstrap it.
A src/Gen.* directory, where * is your target architecture, will be
created while kc++ is being made. It will contain (links to) the
kc-generated files used for boot-strapping, the compiled .o files
and the linked binary executable kc++.
Tells you all you need to know to invoke kc++ (Kimwitu++).
The documentation is not yet avaiable. You can use the documentation
for Kimwitu instead, using a short kc->kc++ transition guide.
How do I install Kimwitu?
Please refer to INSTALL.
Which architectures are supported?
Kimwitu++ just reads and writes text files, in principle it should run
on any architecture you can think of.
Development is done mainly on Solaris and GNU/Linux, these will be supported
best. Probably also Windows NT.
Do I need a running Kimwitu++ to install Kimwitu++?
No, you don't. src directory contains everything needed to bootstrap
Why do you bother me with all this non-sense about bootstrapping and all?
If you ever need to apply a patch, you will need to know how to change
Kimwitu++, and you will need the `real' *.k sources of Kimwitu++, not the
generated *.{h,cc} stuff in src.
How do I make changes in Kimwitu++?
You don't want to. You ask us to change Kimwitu++ if you find anything that
needs to be changed.
But, if you need to change anything in the sources of Kimwitu++, you should
make your change in the src directory, *not* in the Gen.* directory, because
the contents of that directory will be overwritten during the making of the
new Kimwitu++.
Note that in this case you will *need* a running Kimwitu++ to build the new
one. After making your changes, execute `make' or `make s1' in the src
directory. If everything is ok, you will find a new binary src/Gen.*/kc++_s1.
Who should I contact if I find anything that needs to be changed?
(Or have other questions related to Kimwitu++.)
For original Kimwitu it is:
Axel Belinfante <> tel. +31/53 4893774
You can contact me for any question related to Kimwitu.
For Kimwitu++, please contact:
Martin von Lรถwis <> or
Michael Piefel <>,
both from Humboldt-University, Berlin
What is the licence?
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the Licence, or
(at your option) any later version.
Please refer to the file GPL containing the GNU General Public License in
version 2. The terms of the licence allow the development of commercial
software with Kimwitu++.