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//===-- VPlanHCFGBuilder.h --------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// This file defines the VPlanHCFGBuilder class which contains the public
/// interface (buildHierarchicalCFG) to build a VPlan-based Hierarchical CFG
/// (H-CFG) for an incoming IR.
/// A H-CFG in VPlan is a control-flow graph whose nodes are VPBasicBlocks
/// and/or VPRegionBlocks (i.e., other H-CFGs). The outermost H-CFG of a VPlan
/// consists of a VPRegionBlock, denoted Top Region, which encloses any other
/// VPBlockBase in the H-CFG. This guarantees that any VPBlockBase in the H-CFG
/// other than the Top Region will have a parent VPRegionBlock and allows us
/// to easily add more nodes before/after the main vector loop (such as the
/// reduction epilogue).
#include "VPlan.h"
#include "VPlanDominatorTree.h"
#include "VPlanVerifier.h"
namespace llvm {
class Loop;
class VPlanTestBase;
/// Main class to build the VPlan H-CFG for an incoming IR.
class VPlanHCFGBuilder {
friend VPlanTestBase;
// The outermost loop of the input loop nest considered for vectorization.
Loop *TheLoop;
// Loop Info analysis.
LoopInfo *LI;
// The VPlan that will contain the H-CFG we are building.
VPlan &Plan;
// VPlan verifier utility.
VPlanVerifier Verifier;
// Dominator analysis for VPlan plain CFG to be used in the
// construction of the H-CFG. This analysis is no longer valid once regions
// are introduced.
VPDominatorTree VPDomTree;
/// Build plain CFG for TheLoop. Return a new VPRegionBlock (TopRegion)
/// enclosing the plain CFG.
VPRegionBlock *buildPlainCFG();
VPlanHCFGBuilder(Loop *Lp, LoopInfo *LI, VPlan &P)
: TheLoop(Lp), LI(LI), Plan(P) {}
/// Build H-CFG for TheLoop and update Plan accordingly.
void buildHierarchicalCFG();
} // namespace llvm