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#include <clc/clc.h>
#include "../../../generic/lib/clcmacro.h"
#include "../../../generic/lib/math/math.h"
_CLC_DEF _CLC_OVERLOAD float fmin(float x, float y)
/* fcanonicalize removes sNaNs and flushes denormals if not enabled.
* Otherwise fmin instruction flushes the values for comparison,
* but outputs original denormal */
x = __clc_flush_denormal_if_not_supported(x);
y = __clc_flush_denormal_if_not_supported(y);
return __builtin_fminf(x, y);
_CLC_BINARY_VECTORIZE(_CLC_OVERLOAD _CLC_DEF, float, fmin, float, float)
#ifdef cl_khr_fp64
#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_fp64 : enable
_CLC_DEF _CLC_OVERLOAD double fmin(double x, double y)
return __builtin_fmin(x, y);
_CLC_BINARY_VECTORIZE(_CLC_OVERLOAD _CLC_DEF, double, fmin, double, double)
#define __CLC_BODY <../../../generic/lib/math/>
#include <clc/math/>